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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

roaring like the mancat from tha jungle that i is!

September 14th 2010 11:26 pm
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Oh boy, I am soooooo sad tnight, and confused too! So many diaries were there and now are gone! What's going on? I don't understand what this kenneled stuffs is 'cause I don't think I read any badness from anyfur. I heart catster and my furrrriends and don't wanna see any fur going away or being kenneled, we is all mostly from furmilies where our pawrents care so much that we akshully has catster pages in tha furrrst place MOL! Meowmie only shares our stuffs with special people.
Purrrrplease let us know what's going on. I miss my furrrriends and their updates.
Paws not kennels,

Ps: my furrriend skippy is home and verrrry hungry! Yah! Plus, meowmie saw this hungry siamese kit in the alley/parking lot by our bldg once, well last night she saw the kit again so kitty and I agreed we would pawwt with one of our cans a'tiki cat sardines since we don't likes it anyway, and some kibble too, and mommy fed that kit! It mewed at her, but hid but came and mewed again, but hid, so mommy wonders if kit had a furmily, but kit was so small! But kit ate tha food and mommy kept an eye out ta makes sure of it too! We let her put some more kibbles out...she didn't see kit but is hoping the food gets eated-up! Mommy said kit seems lonely cause when she said "hey sweetie pie" (like she does ta me but shhhhh cuz I is tuffffs!) Kit mewed at her, even tho he/she ran away if mommy got too close. We hope kit trusssssts mommy soon!
Pss....we, kitty and I, know now what it would be like ta has flooofy pants turned ta poopy fairs!

Purred by: Skippy

September 15th 2010 at 8:01 am

Thanks Indy for writing in your diary about me.
Your pawsome!
I hope the little kit finds a home.


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