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The Adventures of Indiana Jones


October 31st 2009 12:14 pm
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Aw mans! I am a DDP! I am sooo exitieddd about dis! "specially on dis scarrrey day! All mornin long Mom, Kitty and I been watchin Ghost Hunters on tha tv and honestly I got all sleepies and stuffs, but Kitty and Mom both got all skeerred! Those scarrreedie cats! I guess this means I gotta let Mom put the Frankenstein costume on me tho. I kinda like the bowtie, even tho it's pink, but because it makes me feelz handsomes.

Thanks fur pickin me fur a Diary Pick againz! I alreaddddy gots pawmail fruuum my Buddie Buddie and his furms and a rosette fruuumm Oliver n Dewey MOL and Hootch!!!! Thanks paws!

I hope you all have a scarrriezzz time t'nite. Maybe I can run out the dooor like I did longs time ago and scaaare that neighbor girl who screeeamed when she saw my cutie face...what a weiirrdo!


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