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The Adventures of Indiana Jones


July 1st 2009 9:41 am
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so, Mom has been trying to give me medicines fur two days now. How do you give a kitty medicines that has to be sprinkled onto food if I don't like the wet stuff much, and won't eat the baby food like the vet doc suggested? Well, it means that I had some and Kitty ended up tasting a little bit. I guess it's ok since it isn't that othfur one that Mom needs to squirt in my mouth, but still.

So I am not sure yet how I am feelin. Mom says my feet one minute look straight and the next are crooked, but I keep trying to play anyway. She cleared off some stuff from this table so I can jump on my dresser easier and it is pretty cool. She showed me the way to do it, like when she showed me how to get in the window sill in the sleey room.

Mom got us a movie fur kitties. It's not really my thing, but Kitty is looving it! She watched it until she saw Mom taking a video. Hopefully Mom can figure out how to get that stuffs on here.

That's all fur now akshually. I am gonna go sit on my dresser fur a while. It's been hot so Mom has that loud machine thing on, even though she isn't home.


PS-guess what?! A girly kitty thinks I'm cute! Her name is SusyQ and she is a member of the itty bitty kitty committee, but if I could hang out with her, we would be furrriends fur sure! Mom would adopt her fur sure if we could have more in our place.


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