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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

I'm hurting

June 28th 2009 1:44 pm
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So Mom took me to the vet doc today. Mom actually got upset and cried and I felt sooo bad, but I was mad too and I think that is why she was crying, since she doesn't want me to be mad, or hurting.

So, my legs in the back have been looking a little crooked but Mom wasn't sure that that wasn't normal until her furrriend noticed it, so Mom thought finally that she should take me to the doc. Especially since I can't jump so good still and I am almost a year old. Well, I freaked out at the vet doc! I was all hissy and evfurry thing, even though Mom and the doc cuddled me and held me nice.

Well, so the vet doc said that I have a lot of inflammation in my back and that it probably is an old injury from when I was a baby kit. And so then I had to get two needles! And they had to have three people with Mom's help comfort me to get the needles in. Mom was so upset and I felt so bad, but I was so upset to. And even though I was crying and fighting, I wasn't biting and scratching, although I did bonk the one guy with the needle, but like I said, I didn't have my claws out.

So, next week I needs an xray, whatefur that is. But, since I am so feisty, the vet doc said that I need to get sedated or something to do it. In the meantime, I gotta take some medicines and some vitamins to see if the inflammations goes down-that's what Mom told me-I was too upset to listen to the vet doc.

The vet doc also said that it is probably from when I was little, like I said before, just like how all my whiskers were fallin out when I was a baby too. Mom knows the shelter lady took good cares of me, and that most likely it all got started from when I was really little and found on the streets, before I got into my shelter, and that's what vet doc thinks too.

So, hopefully I will be ok! Kitty has been nice akshually to me-no hissing at me when I got back and smelled funny. She akshually tried to give me a bath, which she never does these days, so I guess she is being a good big sister.

Looks like I gotta pick my advenshures a little better! And vet doc told Mom go get some kitty stairs so I don't have to jump so high to my favorite spots.


Purred by: Kira (Catster Member)

June 28th 2009 at 4:21 pm

Oh poor Indy!! I hope that your Mommy and the vet doc fix you up good so you don't have to go back no more. I was sick for a while and I had to go to the doctor all of the time for a while but I'm ok now. I even tried being really nice and purring a lot for them but that just made them want to see me more. I even had to stay overnight so whatever you do....don't purr for them. MOL Hope you get better soon.


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