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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Not furry happy

June 26th 2009 9:45 am
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Well, I think I am not feeling so good. At least I am not playin like crazy and you wanna know why!? I ovfurheard my Mom saying that I have to go to that vet doc on Sunday! And so now I don't feel like playin 'cause it makes me nervous. Plus I am like, perfect so whys I gotta go to the vet doc?

Well, this is what Mom said, but I think she is a crazy lady sometimes. I guess when I sit on my back paws, they stick out a little and not all straight like Kitty's do, but hey-I'ma boy so I'm not gonna try to be all purretty like Kitty OK!

And I am kinda clumsy, as I have written befur, and keep missing jumps that Kitty can do, and kinda am wobbly when I try to climb the back of the couch-again-I is a boy Mom!!! And I like advenshures, so being wobbly makes it more exciting!

So that is why Mom thinks I should go to the vet doc. She's crazy right? I know once I get there, the doc is gonna cuddle me if I let her, 'cause last time I was trying to climb the stuff, and she is gonna say go home. And last time at the vet doc I got a shot and it hurt soooo bad! So bad that when the nurse lady brought me back to Mom, I flopped down and that leg wouldn't work fur, like a minute. Mom got real scared like, but the vet doc came to check on me and then I started walkin (to get away!) and even tho I was a little wobbly, she told Mom it was probably because I was surprised and like, got lazy or something and just froze. I guess we will finds out soon enuff!

I want to say happy furiday to my kit furriends. And to all the kitties who don't have furrever homes or good mommies and foster furmalies. Don't give up hope!

Love Indy


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