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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

She kicked me out!!!

May 19th 2009 11:25 am
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Well, out of the bedroom. I can't believe Mom did that! This morning I brought my ball on the bed to play wif her because, well, I wanted to play and then Kitty came and watched me while she sat on top of the hideyhole thing-Mom brings them both in the room every night now so we can both sit on them and last night she attached them to make the tunnel!

Well, back to how she kicked me out! I thought her leg was the ball and I went for it and she said ouch, but found my ball and gave it to me. Then!!! I accidentally scratched her finger and it got cut but it moved and I thought it was the ball again too! Well, Mom still let me stay cause she loves me anywayand she knows she needs to cut my Claws! But then instead of the ball I wanted to play with Kitty, who moved to the window instead and when I jumped to see her, she jumped down onto Mom, then I did too and Mom doesn't mind so much, but I think she got mad that time and she brought us into the other room AND when I saw the hideyholes coming after us I knew it was trouble. AND THEN SHE CLOSED THE DOOR ON ME! I cannot believe it. I scratched and scratched but she didn't get me. We just had so much fun playing last night that I wanted to play before she left us all day and since Kitty will only play for like, a minute, I had to get my time in.

Harumph! Well, tonight I will get some playtime for sure, I'm gonna make it happen =)


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