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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Taking care of Mom

May 8th 2009 8:38 am
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Last night felt like it went on forever. Mom is sick. Last night she got home and I was so happy to see her, but she couldn't play wif me or Kitty, so Kitty and I just lay with her on the couch and she went to sleep after she gave us dinner (I ate some of Kitty's chicken and some of my fish! I guess I like the chicken after all!) Anyway, even when Mom got up to go get something or to go to her bafroom, I went wif her to make sure she was ok and I put my paw on her face to let her know I was there for her when we were lying down. I think it helped her feel a little better.
So when Mom finally went to the bed, me and Kitty decided we would take turns wif her and when I wasn't sleeping wif her, Kitty was. I know she promised to play wif us a lot last night, but I didn't mind so much because I know when I had the sickness in my eyes and a tummy ache, she stayed wif me and carried me like her little baby all over the place.
She is gonna stay wif us today again and me and Kitty have been so good and not chasing each other at all because it gets loud sometimes. I hope she feel better soon so that way I can maybe go sit outside wif her like I did at Uncle Ben's, even tho she said no way little man!
I think it's my turn to sit wif her again. I feel so grown up helping Mom like this!


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