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May 7th 2009 3:19 pm
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So, Mom let me have a turn on the puter. It's been a long week. I am happy it's going to be the weekend. Mommy promised to play all day wif me and my sister and has been home every night cept Tuesday because she's got the snifflies. I sneezed too the other day, but it was right when I was wakin up, so I think it was a sleep sneeze.

So I saw Kitty's diary and she's right. I didn't do nuffin! Mom was wondering how come we started to not play as much and thought I might be pickin on Kitty too much, and I do know that I am a little ruff, but last night I didn't do anything! I peeked up on the window sill Kitty was sittin on and she hissed at me! Mom got a little mad cuz I hadn't even touched Kitty this time. Girls! They are so weird sometimes.

I slept wif Mom last night for a lot of the night, but this week I have kind of been sleepin all over. It's cause she keeps wakin up and coughin and that makes me wake up, so I wanted to sleep in more quiet. Hopefully tonight will be good again.

Oooh! Mom got me this really neat toy! It's like a mouse and has giggly arms and legs, but it bounces when she holds it for me. The last couple times I played wif it, I just took the whole thing and ran-I don't care if there's a string on it. I like that it's my toy! Kitty just wants to watch me play wif it, but when Mom showed it to her, she went to get her feather toy.

Well, that's all for now! Mom's comin home soon so I'm gonna wait in the window to see her! Oh! And I wanna say meows to all the new friends I have! I even got a kite and didn't know how to see it before, but finally figured out how to see my bunny I got from Easter!!! thank you so much and Kitty says thank you too! We feel lucky to have some furrriends


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