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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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My 7th Purrrday

August 12th 2015 8:14 am
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It is my 7th purrrday today. Even though I am at the Bridge, we still gets ta celebrates! I know Mom said she was going to do something special maybe, even though I am not there with her and my sisfur and brofur.

I went to the Bridge just too soon Mom says. I was almost 3, but Heaven needed me. I still get to visit though! I come sometimes and I think Kitty sees me because she likes to look up and around sometimes. I know Jack nevfur mets me, but he knows I am his angel brofur. I sent him to live with them afturall. I even gave him my little nose freckle to remind Mom that I am always with her, in her heart and in Jack too.

I miss my furmily lots and lots. I miss playin' with my favfurite ball-Mom put it with my ashes and my collar so it could be safe and with me. I know she had my blankie and didn't use it furevfur, but now she does and Jack likes ta sleeps on it.

It's pretty good up here! I has so many angel buddies and tons of new angels come in evfurryday. It makes me sad when we has new ones, but happy too because they are going to be free from sickness and any earthly problems they may have had. You see, at the Bridge we all are healthy and free. And we have tons of yum yums and 'nip and the sun ta naps in, trees to nap under, and clouds to jump on and play. Of course we has the Rainbow too. It's so beautiful.

Mom always says she misses me so much. I know today she has tha weepies, she has been thinkin' of me all morning and yesterday. She goes ta this grief group fur her mommy and I am glad she has it tonight because she can get loves and support from her furrriends there too.

Mom always said she was so lucky to have me to love. And even though we are not aparts in body, we are aparts in spirit and inside our hearts.

Love and Bonks,


Anothfur Angel in tha Furmily

April 30th 2014 12:55 pm
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Oh furrriends. Thank goodness Catster is workin again! Mommy was worried, and I know so many furriends were too. And tha funny part was that we gots notificashuns fur events, but couldn't log in ta sees them!

But, that's old mews at least, fur now.

I needed ta writes about something furry importants. And I need my angel buddies ta helps me out. I know lotsa my furrriends and meowmie's furrriends know through facebook, that Mommy's mommy, my grandmaw, came over the Rainbow Bridge this month. It was so sudden, so sad, and so heartbreaking fur evfurryone.

But, thankfully, Grandmaw wasn't alone, 'cause I was there ta meets her. I nevfur ackshully mets her in real life anyways, but I know she thought a me a lot, 'cause she did call me her grandcat! Plus I used ta send cards ta my mini kiddies, Mommy's brofurs, who are 8 yrs old now. But I was there and it made me being an Angel even that much more importants! Because Mommy was so worried that her mom would be lonely and lost.

I know ish still sad evfurry day though. Wanna know something kinda weird? When I went to tha Rainbow Bridge, Grandmaw left Mommy a voice message and to this day Mommy still has that message from Grandmaw saved on her phone. It's like a reminder that now she has two angels ta watch ovfur her.

I know my Bridge Day is coming up in May. I can't believe it's been so long now. But I am soooo furry gratefur for all my dear furrriends, angels, and on earffths, 'cause they helps me and my furmily each day with so many things. With smiles, with sorrows-because we has ta sorrow the loss of our furrriends and sometimes their furmilies too, and most importantly, with Furrrriendship!

I can nevfur furget the importance of furrriendship, now and back when I went to tha Bridge. And Mommy cannot eithfur.

My dear furrriend, Angel QT, well, she told my mommy that when an angel visits, you see a Butterfly. So I reminded Mommy of that (and thank you dear Angel QT fur sharing your secret with us) and Mommy was able to remind her little brofurs and nieces, who are young too, that whenevfur a butterfly is near, so is Grandmaw, and me too.

I love my furrriends so much. Thank mew fur always being here when we, Mommy, Kitty, Jack, even Harrison in his new home, and I, need you so much.

Love, bonks and high Paws,
Angel Indiana



March 20th 2014 10:10 am
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Oh cats! I am a DDP all the way from tha Bridge!
Thanks to my furriends who are celebratin with me.

Thank you Buddie and all your furmily fur the pawmail and the message from Friday too (and there's something specials on facebook fur my special honor!)
Thank mew to Angel Hooch and his furmily fur the heart-I love you guys!
and Thank mew to Buddy and Friday and furmily fur the Shrimpie!

My 3rd Bridge day is coming soon. I can't believe it's almost been 3 years! I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many furrriends here, even though we all miss our pawrents so much. But we are safe evfurryone! And we visit, like my good furrriend QT says-as butterflies, in dreams, in feathers like Samoa.

We loves and send you guys lotsa love too and bonks from heaven. So if you evfur feels like you catch something on the side, like when you are looking at something and see something dash-it's one of us visiting.

Actually, I visited the other day-and made Furbie talks MOL! Kitty and Jack stay away from Furbie, and she got moved to under the table, 'cause every place she was at, she would wake up! and Mommy woke up to hear her talking, but no cat was nearby! MOL! It was me!!!

Love and bonks,
Angel Dreamboat!!! Indiana!



March 16th 2014 11:31 pm
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One thing I learned about being an Angel kitty is that although we are far away, but not really when we visits, is that we get to miss all the bad weather! I feel fur my kitty furrriends who have to deal with the cold weather and snows while here we have butterflies, bees, rainbows and soft clouds to sleep on. So many new furrriends have come here and that is one secret we tells them, that we miss the scary stuffs. But another kewl thing about being an Angel is that you can be a Dreamboat too, and I gots dreamboat status from tha Diva Angel herself, Samoa!

I feel like such a cool kitty and a'course I am dreamy fur sure. We read the list and didn't realize that not only my earth brofur, who made tha list and we knew right away, but I didn't see I was on there too! And so I'm just so happy. My bridge day is coming up soon and I feel like this third year now, I am even more specials.

I was trying ta send meowmy ideas in her dreams fur how ta celebrates my bridge day this year and i feel like cause of my new status, it will be even more special.

Anyways, that was just what I was thinkin tonight. And I haven't written in awhile, so I wanted to say hi to my furrriends.

Love and paws,



February 7th 2014 1:01 pm
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It's Indiana's meowmy here. I was just overcome with incredible sadness and grief of the loss of Indy. And all of my recent Angel furrriends. I was reading an article on about how a woman was on a ship when her sweet kitty went to the Bridge, and how some passengers around her, didn't "get it" and made comments like-"she was probably feeling so sick she didn't even know who she was with"(she was with a beloved cat sitter) and "Oh, it's just a cat, you'll get over it in a couple of days"

I mean, come on. REALLY??!!? Really.

Until Catster, I never knew that my love was ok, that it wasn't too much, that it was just purrrfect the way it was. And we are not crazy cat people, being goofy over "just a cat" or dog over on dogster. These babies are our family, our children, our children's sisfurs and brofurs, my parent's grandkitties, as they call them. What gives? I mean really?

I guess I am still processing this whole thing. Losing the pages, losing contact with some furrriends after March 3rd, losing another part of Indiana.

His page is the page I still have yet to start saving on Chrome.

His is the most dear to me and most special.

And I can't bring myself to do it just yet, because to be honest, I still don't fully forgive myself for not being in the room with him when he gasped that final breath and meow (yes, I was there when they gave him that final dose to help him Cross Over the Bridge because it was clear he wasn't going to come back to me)

I still wish I took him to the vet Sunday when he started acting off, not Tuesday night. I don't blame the vet who I was working with those two days (ok maybe a little because she said he was just adjusting to the slippery elm helping his digestion and to wait) This is the one time that I did not trust my instincts and I failed him.

And I just don't want to not be able to log in and look at his page. I don't want to lose this. I am so angry. And so sad. And then both of those things at myself for not being kinder to myself because I really did my best at that time.

I don't mean to write this to get any sympathy about how good of a meowmy I was, I just need to vent and deal with the fact that I am losing another part of myself that will leave another hole that no one but Indy can fill. But I so cherish all the memories I have with him, and am so blessed with the Love from Kitty Pryde and even little Jack.
Jack truly was a gift, for both Kitty and me. I really do believe that.

I just feel so blue today.

Kristin, Angel Indy's Meowmy


Happy Birthday Indiana!

August 12th 2013 4:19 pm
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Dear Indiana,
It's been just over two years since you have been gone and the feelings from that day still come rushing to me like it just happened. I didn't expect to feel so much grief for you today, but my heart is very very heavy and I am feeling very blue.

You were born today, in the year 2008. You would've been five today on earth!!! That's definitely mancat age! Oh, my sweet little loverboy.

Some days I am afraid that I won't remember the smell of your fur or your little nose kissies when it was bedtime. I really miss how you would nurse your blankie on my lap. =)

You would be so proud of little Jack if you were here, and I know you two would've been friends-he likes to play just as much as you did! I know he kind of looks like you, but he is not a replacement at all-there is no other being that could ever replace you.

You would be so proud of Kitty too!!! She has been so brave and also so sweet with Jack. She is even more beautiful than she ever was too! I remember one day a long time ago when you were watching a man and a little boy out of the window, and they were watching you. And then Kitty came and the daddy said, "look at the white kitty! She is beautiful!" and I got so mad because you are just as handsome as Kitty is beautiful! But what do they know anyway!

I miss you so much. I know that I made mistakes when you and Kitty were kittens. I could've done things better and I am sorry. I did my best.

No matter what, my heart will always have this huge, special place for you that will never be filled. A place that is all yours and full of our memories. And that makes me so happy and lucky!

Sending you lots of love on your birthday Indy. I miss you very much.

PS from Indy:
Thank you so much fur the messages and presents for my birthday! I is partying with Angel Sugar right now, Natasha, Alex, Jasper and all of my dear Angel furrrriends, new and old!!

Thanks to Angel Crystal (a doggie!) fur the cake and fur helping to throw me a party with my other Bridge birthday kitties in the Rainbow Bridge group!

Thank you to Jezebel DG (yep!!!) fur the lovely message =)

Thank you to Smiley Cassanova fur the Beachball and to Monster fur the Beachball as well!

Thank you to Teebo, Callie and Rose fur the Kite!

Thank you to Bear, Angel Onyx, Jasper, my new angel furrriend, and their furmily fur the Lemonade with a twist of Nip!
and Thank you to Angel Sugar fur the yummy Ice Cream Cone.

Bridge furrriends are the best. To all the meowmies and daddies, we all just wants you to know, we are far away, but are never gone and we all have each other until you get here to be with us too!

Angel Indiana


DDP =0) and remembering a special kitty

June 18th 2013 4:31 pm
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Yesterday I was a DDP! Thank mew to my furriends who helped me to celebrates, both new furriends and old. I will give proper thank mews, pawromise!

I has something so much more important on my mind right now, and Mom does too. All us furrriends have been on Catster fur awhile, mostly. And if you has been on fur long, you all would be furmiliar with a very special kitty. This special kitty was called Skeezix. He also wrotes a very kewl thing on Catster, befur Catster got all "fancy...and I use that word furseeeshusly" and this Kewl thing was called The Cat's Meow Blog.

Skeezix ungraciously was told no longer would he write fur Catster. It was a very sad sad day fur all of us furrriends.

Well, today Skeezix made the biggest journey yet-he came to us here up at the Rainbow Bridge. I know all us kitties are super special, and Skeezix was no excepshun to that.

If ya didn't knows Skeezix, and even if ya did, would you send a purrr up to the Bridge and to his furmily? They are so sad right now, as is so many of our furrriends.

Angel Indiana


My Bridge Day

June 13th 2013 9:12 am
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My bridge day came and went last month. Mom had been checking my page that day, but was sad too, but is so thankful fur all the furriends to celebrated my memory. I even got some Rosettes too! I have some thank mews to say!
Thank mew to Crystal fur the lovely PMail. =)
Thank mew to Angel Taag, Nuk, and their furmily fur the lovely Golden heart!
Thank mew to Gunnarr T, and his furmily fur the Angel star!
Thank mew to Felix (Honey Angel); Luke, Tully, Sammy and Natasha; Angel Rebby and Angel Hazel Lucy fur the Hearts!
Thank mew to Mia, Milo, Xena Princess Warrior and my Angel furriend Queen Tallulah and furmily; Angel Hooch and furmily; Finney, Lacey and Angel Alex; Bear, Angel Onyx, Jasper and furmily; and Molly Angel fur the Rainbows!

It's such a strange thing to has another Rainbow Bridge Day. I watched over Mom extra careful that day and helped to dry her wet eyes with my Angel paw. I whispered in Kitty's ear to give extra loves too-even though she already does. And even little Jack too-I asked to to purlease be a good boy and trust Mom a little more, and he is listening. He even is gettin a little freckle on his nosie like I had MOL!

Evfurry pawrent knows how hard it is when we have to say good bye and even though time is s'posed to heals the wounds, some never close up.

I am so lucky and happy to have such wonderful furrriends here that I have met. I love you all.



Coming around too soon

May 22nd 2013 3:00 pm
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My Rainbow Bridge Day is coming again, fur the second time. Another year apart, another day of tears that I can't paw away.

It makes me so sad to see Mommy (even with Kitty and little Jack there fur comfurts) feel so alone sometimes without me, even though she will always have the Love Button that I left on her heart.

There is something some hoooomans say, and this is my version of it-You will never know true love until you've known the love from a furbaby.

I don't know about any other fur, but I know fur me, and fur my sisfur, we wouldn't have known true love if we didn't have our mommy and all our good furrriends.

I led Mom onto the internets ta find something special to say fur me, 'cause sometimes it's still too hard to find the words's one thing that was nice, I thought, since I was homeless, and this sounds like my half-brofur Jack that was homeless too, and Kitty who was homeless too:

To Love Again

Oh what unhappy twist of fate
Has brought you homeless to my gate,
The gate where once another stood
To beg for shelter, warmth and food

For from that day I ceased to be
The master of my destiny,
While he, with purr and velvet paw
Became within my house the law.

He scratched the furniture and shed
And claimed the middle of my bed,
He ruled in arrogance and pride
And broke my heart the day he died.

So if you really think, Oh Cat!
I'd willingly relive all that,
Because you come forlorn and thin
Well don't just stand there - come on in!

Author unknown

Angel Indiana


Zealies from heaven

April 2nd 2013 3:20 pm
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Hi furrriends!
Happy Easter! I got so many wishes of goodness, thank mew! I has to do something good in return. You see, since I went to the Bridge, and Harrison found a new furmily, Mom hasn't been on Catster as much (I tell her she is silly!) and so I have lots of zealies to share. Does anyone know of a little kitty or a few who might need some extra so I can shares?
Thanks fur the halps!

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