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I slept with Mommy and Indy!

May 29th 2009 3:05 pm
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It happened again! I jumped on the bed and slept with Mommy and Indy for a little while. I stopped doing that, but now I feel maybe I want to again. I like to lay right on top of Mommy's chest and so I bonked her with my paw to roll over 'cause she was on her side and then yes! I had my bed made out of Mommy. And that was only once because later on in the night, Indiana was laying in Mommy's arm on the side of her and I saw him, but jumped up anyway and took my spot. Then I purrrred and purrrred and purrrrred. Mommy told me she loved me a lot too and when she tried to stop petting me, I touched her hand with my nose and she started again. She's not gettin off that easy! I want full lovins.

Other than that, not much happened. Indiana has been funny lately, and not in the meoh-hoh-hoh-hoh way. I need to play with him more, I know that, it's just sometimes he is so rough and Mommy says I am a dainty lady, so I guess that means that rough and dainty don't play so good? I don't know!

She is gonna come home soon and said she is trying to fix the place up-That's 'cause grandpaw is coming and she wants it to look nice. I can't wait for grandpaw by the way! I nevfur met any of my family so it will be nice!

Kitty Pryde



May 28th 2009 10:11 am
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Last night was a long night it seems. Indiana was running around like a crazy kitty! Mommy got upset, but then she feels sad if she's upset because, we is just beatiful kitties after all! But I am not the troublemaker. Indiana is getting so wild sometimes. I think its usually the days when Mommy has the most to do. I tells her, "Mommy, we need you home, " and she knows that, but she still leaves sometimes. At least she leaves us the good stuffs to eat before, but still. Even if I am just sitting and watching Mommy and not playing, it's better for her to be home. I don't even know why Mommy has to be gone all day at her silly job-yes we needs food, so I get that, but it doesn't make Mommy happy. She is happiest when she does her stuff fur class, and I can tell because she comes home happiest then.

I think I need to help Mommy to get a new job. Hai! Did you know that while Indy and I can purrr(and we do a lot akshually) Lions and Tigers cannot? Take that big guys! We are little house kitties =)

Well, anyways, I am going to go see my brofur. I feel bads 'cause he tried to play with me more today and I got annoyed. But before Mommy left she left the musics on so now I feel more relaxed



So much fun!

May 27th 2009 9:09 am
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Last night was so much for fur me and my brofur. We played with our flying birdie toy and even the laser light! Mommy gave me lots of cuddles too because I let her =)

Then, Mommy brought our hideyhole things into the room where we sleep and put on a movie and I liked it a lot! It was Indiana Jones! Well, you would think my brofur would want to watch since he has that same name, but no. He sat in the window instead so jumped into the bed and I watched with Mommy and gave her some headbonks.
She tried to be a little sneaky though when she thought I was all relaxed and she tried to cut my nails! I need them things to survive MOM! She got Indy before, but he didn't even know 'cause he was sleeping on her lap when she did. I suspect she will try again, but I think I can get away first!

Oh, and Uncle Jeremy wrote Mommy a message on the 'puter today. He lives really far away in some place that Mommy says is dangerous 'cause there's fighting happening. Well, he thinks Mommy should send me or Indiana to come hang out with him at work and be mascot, whatevfur that is. I think I would rather stay here, even if sometimes the house gets shaky and I have a silly brofur.

I am going to go claim my window fur now! I just saw Indiana heading that way.


It's a new day

May 26th 2009 8:06 pm
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It's Tuesday. Mommy had no work yesterday and no class stuff tonight, so she is home again! I know tho tomorrow Mommy has a class so she will be gone a lot again. We played with Da Birdie every day this weekend! And check it out, last night me and Indy slept in the bed again with Mommy! I know she got up and didn't see us when it was still dark, but then she came back to bed and there we were! And I even let Indiana clean my ears for a minute and I cleaned his too. I stopped doing that for awhile but it was nice to do it again.

I feel so sad because I read some of my furriends diaries and they are sad 'cause their friends were going to the Rainbow Bridge. I asked Mommy if we could pray for them and hope they love the bridge like they loved their homes here and Mommy said ok.

Be safe kitties.


Da Bird!

May 24th 2009 11:00 am
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Wowwwwie! Mommy got us a new toy called Da Bird! It flies and flies and I love to chase it and Indiana does too, so we can play together! Mommy is so happy about that! Indiana even got so excited that when he went to catch it, he missed by a lot and landed in the fountain!!! Meeh-eh-eh-eh-eh!

It's so nice today that I've been sitting in my window all morning. Mommy opened them all up and Indiana hasn't even tried to climb the screen (but he did last night)

I thnk that's all I'm going to write for now. There's some interesting things happening outside and I wanna watch!



PS Diary

May 22nd 2009 1:11 pm
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ps diary:
Mommy told a secret to her friend and she thought I was sleeping 'cause I was pretending. I feel like I need to tell you because it makes Mommy sad still, and that makes me sad because I know she didn't mean all the secret stuff to happen at all.

When she was little, she wanted a kitty so bad it made her sick and one kitty, my distant sister, loved Mommy. She met her at the store and every week Mommy would say hi and no one ever took my distant sister home. She would reach out and touch Mommy and talk to her so finally my Grandma and Grandpa let Mommy get her. Mommy named her Jingles 'cause she had a jingley collar.

Well, Mommy was such a young kitty mommy at that time, that she didn't really know how to take care of a kitty. Plus, Grandma made Jingles get the horrible thing called declawed...ew! Sometimes Mommy would forget to give Jingles her dinner or forget to clean her potty, so Jingles would get mad and go potty on other stuff. Grandma thought Jingles was getting mad on purpose, but really, who can blame her! I would get mad too!
Then, Mommy and her family moved from NYC to NJ and for some reason Grandma decided it was ok for Jingles to go outside, no claws and all!!! Bad Idea Grandma!
Jingles got into some trouble when she was allowed outside and lost part of her tail somehow. Mommy doesn't remember if Grandma even took her to the doctor! Grandma should have, but Mommy really thinks she didn't. After all that stuff though, Grandma and Grandpa decided Jingles might like to go live with Grandpa's work friend on a farm, so there she went. I know Mommy got so sad and made lots of fountains on her face.

This is why Mommy was so scared for me to let her take me home. What if something bad happened again? Mommy secretly told her friend that maybe something bad happened to Jingles, like maybe she went to the Rainbow Bridge and Grandma and Grandpa just said she went to a farm. Mommy asked Grandma and Grandma said no, Jingles really did go to the farm 'cause she would've been happier there, but Mommy's still not so sure and it made her get fountains again on her face.

Mommy would be so upset if she knew I heard the story about my distant-sister Jingles. I wish she knew how much I know she is sorry and I am sure Jingles knows too somehow. Mommy almost thought she didn't like kitties because I think the Jingle stuff made her afraid of taking care of them.
Diary, do you think Jingles can forgive Mommy if she asks? I just want Mommy to forgive herself. I think being the best Mommy she is to me and Indiana is her way of doing that, but I hope she realizes that too.

Well, I am going to take a nap on my tunnel. Maybe I'll see if I can talk to Jingles somehow on the Bridge and tell her sorry for Mommy. Oh boy! My eyes are going to make fountains too!



May 22nd 2009 12:55 pm
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MOL!!! I signed Mommy up for a Catster plus account today! Boy will she be suprised when she finds out! That means she is going to have to put more pictures up!!! MOL!

Last night Mommy was with my Auntie Stephanie, who is the one who helped Mommy to take me home. They were at a going away party for my Auntie Jillian and Uncle Tony, but that's not the important part. What IS the important part is that I know more about where I came from now! And, I think I might have been younger that Mommy thought when I made her take me home, though Auntie Stephanie celebrated my brofuer and sister's birthdays only two days after Mommy celebrated mine...I hope dis means that we have a real party for the day I got to my new home =P

So, I found out that my fur-Mom was found in Auntie Stephanie's friend's backyard and I was one of 5! Sadly though, two of my fur-family didn't get lucky like me and de ones living with Auntie S and they didn't make it. I have those little angels watching me that I know helped me to find Mommy. So anyway, Mommy just thought that my fur-Mom left us there, and she still isn't so sure about that detail, but I know now fur sure that Auntie S took my brofuer and sister but left me with fur-Mom in the wild. Then when my Mom said (after soooo much thoughts in her mind-can you believe she almost said NO! can you believe she thought she would be a bad kitty-mommy?!?!) she really did want a kitty, Auntie S got me and brought me home. Mommy thought I was inside Auntie S' friend's house, not outside! Plus, Mommy didn't know, but when Auntie S took my fur-bro and sis home, they weren't eating food food for a few days, so she had to give 'em some milk stuff. I know when Mommy brought me home, I ate the hard kibbles (and a lot of them too!) but I wasn't really eating at Auntie S's house the few days I was there.

And the funny thing that Mommy told me too and reminds me all the time, which is why I know we were meant to be, was that only a few weeks before she was lucky enough to bring me home (she's the lucky one diary!) she told one of her other friends that she might want a kitty and one that was gray and white. See-Like I said before-the angels were watching out for me! So when Auntie S text messaged Mommy (and a few other people) asking if she wanted a kitty, she was like, HuH! I just was thinking about it after all!

So you see! I was meant to be with Mommy all along. Mommy gets nerdy sometimes and makes a fountain on her face because she can't believe how much she loves me and almost didn't have me. I just bonk her when she does =)



May 21st 2009 9:34 am
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Oh yeah, and the spot on top of my head looks like the old Bat symbol! Can you tell =) Mommy loved that when I decided she was taking me home with her =)



May 21st 2009 9:25 am
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Firstly, I would like to thank my fuuriend Ivan for the awesome brussel ball!!!! I love to play with them! they are my favorite to chase =)

Well, things are good. I am loving laying on my hideyhole thing-So much akshually that I stopped sleepin with Mommy! She came and got me and tried to cuddle me (and i let her for like a min) but then I jumped away and back onto my thing! She keeps them separate now so I guess it's not really a tunnel so much, but I like to jump back and forth from one to the other and OOOOOOH!!!! Mommy put some NIPS on it!!!! I go crazy for that stuff! We had a real live plant once, but that didn't last too long.

Oh man-last night Indiana tried to climb the screen window again. Mommy just doesn't want it to pop out and then him fall below! I was akshually cuddling with Mommy when he tried and so she sat up really fast to pull him down, which meant no more cuddles for me! It was ok though. This morning I gave Mommy some paw pats and not just a headbonk, but an entire face bonk!!! She looooved it! I bonked her and then moved my head all the way on her cheek to her mouth and she gave me a kiss =) I loved it too, but don't tell her!

I think the flower stuff she's puttin on my ears is making me want to play a lot again. When Mommy took me in, it was just her and me. And when Indy came I liked him after a couple days, but then Mommy decided to have me get surgery-she said fixed, but I never felt broken! Since then I don't play with my toys so much or Indy after he bugs me a lot, so Mommy wasn't sure if I was just growing up, or maybe so many changes happened at once that I was not happy. But I think I am feeling pretty happy right now!


Boy it's hot out!

May 18th 2009 3:35 pm
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Whew! Well, it's pretty hot in my house today. Mommy left a fan on, but sometimes I think she doesn't know what it feels like to have fur all over. I pretty much sayed under the bed this weekend and in my corner I like 'cause the breeze feels nice (I like it there too 'cause sometimes Mommy likes to give me lots of kisses but it's kind of small back there so I can escape MOL)

My birthday was good! I got lots of catnip treats but Mommy waited to give me the good stuff like chicken cause she was still sick on my b-day and wasn't really eating anything I liked AT ALL! Can you believe it! But, Indy got to have a cracker with her-he likes them but I just don't get it. It's so plain. She did promise to get me a good treat though when the day I came home happens. That was the happiest day for me and Mommy says all the time how happy it was for her too and how she is grateful to have me.

Sooo, anyway, I got this new tunnely kind of thing that I mentioned on my diary before and I love to sleep on top of it too. Last night Mommy kept trying to get me to cuddle wif her, but naw, I kept sleepin on top of my tunnel instead so she moved it to the bedroom so at least we could all be there.

I played with Indiana too a little bit without telling him no right away, so that was fun too. The only thing I don't like is when I'm in my window and he comes to look out too, but I'm like, bro there's a lot of room for you on the other end, but he always wants to sit by me. Little brofurs. pssht.

Grandma sent me a present Mommy says!!! I can't wait! She said it's a new bowl to replace the one I got on Christmas!!! I never met Grandma yet, but Mommy says I'm gonna meet Grandpa too soon! I think he will spoil me a lot. He lives even farther away than Grandma and is coming from across the world back to his house in America. Grandma only lives on the other side of America Mommy says.

Oh, and Mommy keeps sayin she wants to put more pictures up, but then she doesn't. I hope she does soon though =)

Well, I guess that's it fur now.

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