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It's a New Year!

January 1st 2011 8:40 pm
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It's 2011!!! That means I gets a birthday again!!! Yippppieeees! I am still getting ovfur this Chrisssmasssy! Mommy was home with us fur tha furst time fur Christmas and it was so much fun! Akshully, she was with us a lot since she had tha vacashhhions from works and ended up not going back to grandmaws housie. We have been keeping her busy, Indy chasing me fur attenshions (cause when he chases me, Mommy chases him and a'course he stops when Mommy gets up and starts once she turns away! its fur attenshions I swears!) and keeping her feeling good 'cause she was sicks and had a procedure done at the doc doc fur peoples. It was like when she gots her toothies pulled (our facebook furrriends saw what a good kitty I am at taking care of Mommy!) and so I kept her warms on her heart and indy kept her footsies warm. I'll be realll sad when she has ta go back ta works on Monday, which is her birthday! Shhhh-I hope she doesn't read this, but I is gonna plan a surprise fur her since she isn't gonna has grandmaw here ta celebrates and her furrriends are still gonna be out of town-I am gonna give her sooo many bonks and cuddles! I can't wait! MOL!

Chrissssmasssy was so fun! Indy and I got prezzies from my sweetheart Riley and his brofur Skippy Skipster! One is a mousie that hangs up high and is real furry! the othfur is a small mousie on a pole that we can chase! We also opened our Secret Santa gift from the Pen Paws group and Guido the Italian kitty and Yolo were out secret santas and they sent us so many kewl things like peacock feathurs tha chews and bat around (indy chewed most up already!) and a crinkly ball ta chase, some yeowwww nip toys and even something called Spicy Mice! Indy kept tryin ta attacks tha package so Mommy hid it till Christmas eve.

We even had a huge rain storm here that lasted fur like days! It was cold and wet and even Indy didn't try ta sneaks out when Mommy opened tha door 'cause he was ascared of the worlds outside. Last night too we had ta stay close ta Mommy 'cause of all tha celebratin in tha streets and bangs in tha sky-I got right on my spot on tha beddie and cuddled in my blankie and kept watch fur suspicious stuffs happening.

I can't believes it's a new year! I ate lots a stuffs and worked on my winter coat MOL! And officially tha cat tree Mommy got on Thanksgiving is mine MOL! INdy can scratch it, but it's mine fur sleepies like the one last year became his MOL! I likes having it all to myselfs!

Hope all my furrrriends had a good holiday time and new years! And purlease say special purrrrs and prayers fur the sick kits out there. on Catster and evfurrywhere else. Our special furrriend Hazel Lucy, a celebrity here on Catster that I am so happy ta be furrriends with is not feeling so well lately. She was in charge of tha Get Well Purrr list befur and now she needs so many!

Love and purrrs to all!
Kitty P

Purred by: Lucy Nooner (Catster Member)

January 1st 2011 at 10:16 pm

Happy New Year, Kitty! Purrs that both our annoying little brothers mellow out a little this year and leave their amazingly beautiful diva sisters alone!
Purred by: Riley

January 2nd 2011 at 7:49 am

Happy New Year Kitty! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!
I saw on TV all the storms your having.
Stay safe and well sweetie!

New Year

Love & Kisses,


Kitty Pryde


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