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April 11th 2009 12:21 am
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What a long day! Mommy brought us to Uncle Ben's house and he actually let me use the puter for a few min. I didn't wanna go at first, so kept hiding from Mommy when she tried to get me and my brofur in the carrier, but finally I said ok, and went in. Once I got to Uncle's, Mommy gave us food and lots of kisses. I think she almost cried but that's silly cuz she's not going away too long and Uncle is awesome. I wish I could sleep with Mommy tonight though and I think she wishes she could cuddle with me too and my brofur. Oh well! Uncle's house has so many more places I can hide!!! Well, I think he wants the puter back, but I hope he lets me come back on it later. meow!


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