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Kitty's Mews

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Stuffs and stuffs

April 26th 2016 4:31 pm
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Hi diary!

I have nothing special happening right now, but just wanted ta says hi and stuffs. Things have been good fur me at my house with my mommy and brofur Jack. He just had an annipurrrsary fur his Gotcha Day. I can't believes he has been gotted fur like, 3 years! I have been gotted fur like, a lot longer! My purrday is coming up soon too-it's in May, and I'm gonna be like, 8 I thinks. I can't believe it! I has been inside since I was an itty bitty so don't remember what it was like before then, since I was just teeny tiny when I was brought inside. Jack was outside fur like, over a year, at least. I wonder if he remembers that stuffs.

I remember mommy telling me one time how it was all cold and rainy outside and Jack hadn't come fur yum yums fur a couple of days and she was worried. Then, one night, she went out there with yum yums just in case, and they were all warm and gooey (she gave him wet stuffs instead of dry since it was cold) and he showed up and was all wets from the rain! I don't know what I woulda done if that were me. Poor Jack Jack. I'm glad he is inside now and happy and loved. We love him so so much!

Mommy saw a show this past weekend called the Amazing Acrocats and they have a kitty that looks just like me names Tuna!!! Tuna could do cool stuff like ring a bell with her paw and she also pawed at an applause sign too so the audience could applaud. Evfurrytime she did something she got a yum yum. Ah, that must be the best! Getting yum yums on command from tha hoooooman! MOL!



Chill in the air

November 5th 2015 3:57 pm
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It's starting ta gets cooler here in my house. We'z had so much hot hot that I likes ta stand in front of the air conditioner and I don't wants ta cuddles that much when it's bedtime. Buuuuut, in the last few days it's gotten much cooler and I am so happy fur that! I know Mommy is too because last night we had a cuddle puddle of me, Jack and Mommy all on the bed, underneath the soft and fuzzy kitty blankies.

It's almost time fur tha day when I gets a special nibble of turkey that Mommy brings me fur Thanksgiving and after that we gets ta put up the Christmas tree! I always look forward ta that because then we get ta has all the pretty lights up and Mommy has off'a works fur a few days and spends it with us.

Jack is being such a good brofur lately. He ushally is good, but sometimes he likes ta nibbles on me when I am tryin ta cuddles with Mommy. He only did it twice this week and Mommy caught him once by putting her hand in front of evfurry place he tried ta nibbles MOL!

I had some chin acne again lately. Mommy's furriends recommended this stuffs a long time ago called Duoxo and it's really helped my chin ta looks all pretty and clean! It's just I gotsta hide and be careful in case Mommy is sneaking up ta clean me. I know her trick now though and I can escapes. When I see her tryin ta close the bedroom door then I know it's time ta hide under the bed in a place she can't reach MOL!!! She does evenshully gets me so maybe I shouldn't hide, but it's so funny ta watch her try ta reach me and sweet talk me with treats and stuffs! MOL!

I guess that's awl fur nows. Purrrlease purrrr for our angel furriends, new and old, because their pawrents need some purrs.



it's fall time

September 24th 2015 11:34 am
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I can believes another summer has gone by! It's sapossta be fall but it's still so very hots at my house! But we gots a new air conditioner and I loves it! I have been hangin out in front of it sometimes when it is on! Mommy laughs when I does that!

I know that the fall brings lots of stuffs. That means we are gonna put up a Christmas tree in a few months and get prezzies!!! Mommy may even try ta dress me up because Halloween is coming too, very soon, and she always buys a costume, even if I don't wear it.

It's been a sad day though since yesterday. One of our furrriends has made her journey to tha Bridge. Margo RNK gots sick and her mommy helped her ta not feels sick anymore. Lately it seems that more furrriends are crossing the Bridge and it is so sad and I see mommy getting all teary and stuffs. She hugs me a little tighter too.

Jack is good! He has the sweetest face Mommy says. Lately he's been wanting more closeness so he sits next to Mommy all the times and even likes to lay next ta her when it's bedtimes, but once I start playin with my favfurite toy he wants ta come watch!

I am hoping Mommy gives me good yum yums tonight! This morning they was okay, but I wants ta good stuffs!



the mews

July 7th 2015 12:30 pm
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I am a little frustrated! I lost my baby! My baby is my favfurite toy evfur! It's a green and white ball and it has a pebble inside that rattles. I love to sing to my baby every night and I like to carry her around. I can't find her anywhere!!! Mom has looked wif me too and she can't find it eithfur! I has no idea where it could be! I know sometimes mom wonders how it gets inta certain places, like behind the tv cabinet 'cause she blocked off the part underneath specifically so my baby wouldn't go under there, but we checked all those places like bunches of times! Mommy knows she didn't throw it out! I've been a little sad because I don't has my baby.

Mommy did play with me with a string this weekend though! I does a funny dance she said! I like to pounce on the string and then pounce away and then scoot really close and try ta catch it! I think it's fun ta run away from the toys at furst because then it's like I am tricking it into believing that I am going away! MOL! It's just fun too ta bounce around and have some fun 'cause usually I just like to take naps, get cuddles and watch out the window.

OOOh and I got some brushins this weekend! I love tha brushins! I like Mommy to kiss my forehead when I'm getting brushed. Mom can't find her furminator so we has this other brush but it's a pretty good one. Jack still isn't into it so much yet, but I know he will be soon.

Ooh and this weekend! There were booms and I was scared! I decided I was safer under tha bed and so that's where I went. It was ok when Mommy got home at least. She gave me extra yum yums and cuddles.



7th Gotcha Day!

June 29th 2015 8:57 am
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It is my 7th Gotcha day today!!! Thank mew fur the pawmails and rosettes! I can't believes I has had a mommy fur so long and all that good stuff that comes with it! I was such an itty bitty when I was brought home. I shared my story befur, but I was an outside kitten with no meowmy that the purrrson who took me inside saw, so I went inside. And I was so tiny and hungry and at the purrson's house that I was in, she gave me a bath and Mommy came ovfur to meet my brofur, but he wasn't interested in her really, but I was! All wets aftur a bath, I ran to her and climbed up onto her shoulder and cuddled there, so Mommy aksed if she could have me insteads.
A couple days later I was in the new place. Mommy had to make sure she went shopping furst, and this nice woman at tha store helped her pick an itty bitty litter box and some clay litter. I gots lots a foods, but my tummy was a bit round, so when I went to my furst vet doc docs apt they gave me medicines.
Every time Mommy came home she said, "Kitty Kitty! (cause that's what I answered to MOL!) and she would pick me up and give me a big giant hug. That was the best time evfur.
She got my brofur Indiana about 5 months later and boy was I mad! But I gots used to him eventually, but he gots a little aggressive as he gots older, and one day he got really sick and 2 days later he was at the Bridge.

I am so happy to be insides. Sometime I get curious and look out the front door when Mommy is there. She has let me go out once, but only right in front of the door. When she let me do that it was 'cause my Jack-a boo brofur was still an outside Kitty and I would check him out, but not befur I made sure ta eats some of the yum yums Mommy put out fur him.

Isn't bein' a cat wonderfur!!!



cuddles and catnip!

June 8th 2015 3:05 pm
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oooh I love the 'nip! I loves it so much! It doesn't make me all goofy like some other furs, but it makes me so relaxed. Mommy put some into my crinkle pad and put it on the cat blankie on the bed and I just like ta lay next to it and take naps and stuffs. She got some new 'nip this weekend too, but I haven't tried it yet!

OOOH! and something awful happened ta me, which affected my cuddles! I had a stinky booty. I nevfur has one of those, but this weekend I did. Mommy chased me all around with a wet washcloth ta cleans it and I ran, fast. But she caught me and cleaned me up. I was afraid to cuddles, but then I remembered how cuddles make me and Mommy feel good, so I went ta cuddles. and no stinky bum of mine cuddled with us!

I like to cuddles with Jack too. We like to help each other wash each other's ears and stuff. I always start but that is 'cause I want him to give me some washin'! And it always works! He is a good cuddler though too. And I get to eat all his yum yums, even though Mommy tries ta feeds us separate from each other. I get to have the leftovers when she does that. Sometimes I try ta gets his food before the leftovers are leftover and Mommy always has to move me away so he can finish his yum yums by himself.

You know what I like ta do!? I like ta take naps in my carrier. But don't tell mom ta trick me into going to the vet doc doc. I think if that happened I would not likes ta take naps in there at awl! It's purrrfect fur naps though-it is pink, and pink looks very good on me! and it has a fuzzy bed inside and I can smoosh myself up into a ball if I want or I can stretch out all my paws too.

That's awl I have ta write fur today. It feels good when I come on my diary-it helps ta clear my thoughts out so hopefully I will be able ta do it more. Sometimes when I am on my page and go to the drop down section to pick add a diary entry, it doesn't work. so I am happy it did today!

Love and bonks,


Nuffin much

May 6th 2015 2:57 pm
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Hey furrriends,
It feels so nice ta writes a diary today. Nothin new has been happening tho, but I just felts like writing a little. I has a boo-boo on my head! I scratched it and mom mentioned something abouts a cone a'shames....whatevfur that is, it sounds scaaarrryyy!

It's my birthday this month! I'm gonna be 7 years old! Does that makes me an old furt? I can't believe I'm gonna be 7 though. and Mommy can't believes it eithfur. I remember when I furst picked her and she took me home. I was just that poor itty bitty kitty who her furrriend founds outside and I fits into her 2 hands. and the furrriend had given me a bafffs with dishsoap to hopefully get all tha fleas off me. And all wet and all I climbed up Mommy all by myselfs and fell asleep on her shoulder. I just knew she was the one fur me. Now, so much time later, I still loves ta sleeps on her and give her love and cuddles.

Mommy was afraid when she furst took me home 'cause she nevfur had pets growing up and a couple of her furriends told her she would be a good mommy. She didn't even know that kitties need toys ta play wifs. Our auntie Fong sent me a box of toys and from that box I still have my favfurite toy evfur. It's my special green and white fuzzy ball and Mommy has had ta sews that ball and tapes it too so I can keep playin wif it-MOL!

I loves living in a house and with my mommy, mostly 'cause I get lots of yummy yum yums and treats. I know my mommy loves me very much too 'cause she kisses me and tells me all the time too.



Poopie Pants!!!

November 11th 2014 12:12 pm
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Oh furrriends! The most embarrassing thing happened last night! Mommy came home and I had poopie pants! I felts like I coulda been in my furrriend Newman's book! Mommy, of course, tricked me. She had me follow her inta the bathroom and closed the door, and then I saw the washcloth and I tried ta gets away. She got the poopie, thank catness, but my bum was wet. So last night when it was time fur bed, there were towels all over the blankies, just in case. And I needed extra cuddles from Mommy because of my incident.

Everything was so nice, 'cept Mommy couldn't sleep at all. She kept moving, but I kept my spot right next to her, hoping that would help. Then Jack kept bothering me though and Mommy said to him more than once, Jack stop! And he always looks so surprised and I guess like, he was in a daze before me and Mommy say stop. I ended up sleepin on the cat tree fur a bit and gave him some time to sleep with Mommy. Then we switched and when it was time to wake up, I just wanted to keep sleeping. I have a trick too. Whenever Mommy tries to leave us, I get all cute on the bed and want kisses on my forehead and of course Mommy can't say no! MOL!

But she left us today fur works so I guess I gotta wait until later fur more kissies. You wanna know something funny-Jack is like, so much teenier than I am and lately he's been wanting to eat my yum yums and his yum yums too! Usually I eat his leftovers, but lately we has been switchin in the middle of yum yum time and it is sooo funny Mommy says!

Love and bonks,



May 13th 2014 12:55 pm
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It's my purrrday today! I can't believes I has been with my mommy fur so long! I was just an itty bitty when she gave me a home ta lives in. We has had 3 'partments since then, and the one now is by fur tha bestest 'cause it's bigger, we has lotsa windows fur me ta watch out of and I has my brofur, who is really annoying sometimes (He started tryin ta bites me in tha middle of tha nights during sleepies!) but I love him anyways. I has my special furrriend who halped me ta writes Mommy's Cat Mother's Day card...he is my special furriend who I loves ta get tummy rubs from, and I roll all around like I had 'Nip evfurry time I sees him!

I wonder what Mommy is gonna gets me fur my special day? I know she left extra treats out fur me ta try and get from tha treat trap! I always manage ta catches them all!

Thank you Paisan and furmily fur tha beautiful flower! And Angel Natasha and her angel brofur, Alex an Juliette fur the balloons!
And even Walker and furmily and Punkin send furmily fur the rosettes on Mother's Day. This Mother's Day was so hard fur mommy, since grandmaw, mommy's mother, went ta heavens one month ago on Sunday, but the wariness from our furrriend helped so much!
We love our furrriends so much!

Love and bonks,


Grandpaw's coming!

April 3rd 2014 3:14 pm
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Soooo, my grandpaw is coming ta visit this weekend! He is a funny dude. He makes lots of noise when he sleeps. I sniffed him once when he was sleepies and tha nose comes from his nose! I guess he snores like I do when I am sleeping MOL!

I was worried again this past week 'cause Friday we had another earthy shake, but it was small at least. But it's makin me nerrrvfous and my acne (I know gross!) started ta come back and my eye is botherin me, which means I run and hide at lighting speed when Mommy has the eyedrops! She tries ta hides them, but I know what she is up to. I found a good spot to hide-if I go under the bed at this one particular spot, she can't reach me MOL! but then the treats come out and she gets me evfurry time.

sending love to my furrriends fur a happy weekend!

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