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Mazie's Hiding Spot (Hazel Mazel)

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Busy as a Bee, that's me!

June 8th 2013 5:48 pm
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Who knew working could be so much fun!
I test, I approve, I watch mom's every stitch (when I'm not napping that is), and
I sniff the packages when they are ready to go out the door. And every time I do
my job I get a nickel for the piggy. I still haven't seen a piggy running loose around
here but mom says it's "virtual."

Should I save my nickels for a rainy day? For special treats, or some primo catnip?
Decisions, Decisions. Maybe HAZEL LUCY will send me a sign about what to do.

Mom's making all kinds of stuff. Blankets and scarves for humans. Where are the
HL Hats for Cats I wanna know? I have seen pictures on the Website

Life is good. Really good. In about 2 weeks I get my teeth cleaned. It's a secret,
I'm not supposed to know. Just thinking about it makes me tired so I'm heading
for my bed for another nap!

happy tester Mazie


Testing and Approving!

June 5th 2013 2:43 pm
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I sure am happy to have a great job like Tester and Approver!
First I test the yarn before mom makes the stitches, and then I test the blanket when it's finished. Hey, someone has to do it, and HL whispered to me that it's my job.

My picture is even on the business cards now, right up there with Hazel Lucy's picture. What an honor. I mean, she, she's the one who started it all. And mom put my picture on the Tranquility website too. I feel so lucky to have my home, my mom, a job with a title and my own piggy bank. I don't see any piggies running around but mom keeps showing me nickels and says all the spare change is mine for doing my job.

It's a busy summer for me but I've never ever been more content. Some day I might even let mom trim my nails....

happy Mazie


I'm Busy Testing and Approving Blankets!

June 1st 2013 6:54 pm
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Oh my! I've been busy testing and approving!
I love playing with, um, I mean, testing the yarn!
Simon has a picture of himself on his new Tranquility Blanket!
He even wrote a diary. Thank you SIMON!
Simon's blanket is 2 kinds of green. It passed with flying colors!

happy tester,


Something New is on My Page!

May 28th 2013 10:46 am
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Oh boy! I'm sooo excited!
My new job and now HAZEL LUCY put the thing on my page!
Could life get any better?
I have a job, a title, a bank account, and now that thing on my page!
It will take you straight to where I work. It's on the right side of my
page about halfway down.

Never thought when I moved to Purrsville that I would ever ever have
such big responsibility. I'm up to the job. I have Hazel Lucy and all her
pals watching over me. I'm a lucky girl and I know it.

I even kneaded mom for the first time last night!

happy happy


My New Job at HL's Tranquility Blankets!

May 24th 2013 4:29 pm
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I have my own bank account! And a job! And a title!
Never thought when I moved to Purrsville that I would be a truly independent lady kitty
with my own bank account, let alone a job!

I'm the new "tester and approver" at Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets, Hats & Scarves.
Gosh, I know HAZEL LUCY had the job for a long time. I have so much to learn. Hope I'm
up to it. I've already tasted, um, I mean tested some yarn, even before it went into a blanket!

Anyhow, I'm excited, mom's excited and I hope you are too

On the Job Mazie


The Vet Stole My Blood!

May 21st 2013 9:41 am
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Halp! Mom locked me in the bathroom. You know what that means?
It means the vet and her manly assistant Rob are coming here.
I cower in the bathroom but they put the towel over me and give me a shot.
Then I really don't remember much, everything goes fuzzy.
They have that aluminum table and a butterfly!
A butterfly? (for taking my blood)
They steal my blood and then they leave!
I'll doze much of the day and tonight I'll eat food.
Anyhow, that's my fuzzy news.
The dental cleaning is in June.

I'll write more when I wake up!

woozy Mazie


Woweeeee! COTD!

May 15th 2013 3:53 am
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Mom! Wake Up!
Hurry! Look! Look!
They made me Cat of the Day!
Does this mean I can have anything I want?
I can do anything I want?

Oh and thank you everycat for friend requests, and gifts and rosettes!

Happy Happy


More Free Mother's Day Gifts!

May 13th 2013 3:24 pm
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I heard that Mother's Day gift file was corrupt and displayed the Passover Cup gift instead of a Mother's Day gift.

So from today, through Wednesday, the Vase of Flowers is FREE in the Catster Gift Store

happy Mazie


My First Video!

May 6th 2013 4:59 am
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Mom put up a video of me playing with the yarn while she was crocheting a collar.
What do you think of my video? She says if I would floss with the yarn I wouldn't
need a teeth cleaning! Silly mom! Crocheting was painful but if she paces herself
it may be quite possible to make Tranquility Blankets even!

silly Mazie


The Day's News!

May 2nd 2013 1:35 am
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If you or your doggie pals have "issues", you might try a "Calming Collar", made with herbs. Here are just a few things they can help:

*Separation Anxiety, *Fear of Thunderstorms and other bad weather, *Fireworks or other loud noises, and in most stressful situations like a *Trip to the groomer or to the vet. There are *Anti- motion sickness collars. These will help stop your pet from getting motion sickness when traveling in a car or other moving vehicle. *Barking (dogs) and over-excitemen, *General Anxiety, *
Hey! Ellen Degeneres mentioned them on her talk show!
You can check out the FB page and the separate website:

And please thing about taking over as Manager of the Get Well Purr List. (Boxie Brown needs to retire. Takes about 2-1/2 hours per week. If you are interested please contact BOXIE BROWN. Here is the link for the List in the Forums: Hazel Lucy's List for Kitties in Need of Purrs (Boxie renamed it for HL who started the List in 2006)

AND.... please keep SAMOA in your purrs. The vet found a mass in her abdomen and we're upset and worried. Samoa's mom has helped a lot of kitties through the years with fundraisers and auctions and has really cool ideas about everything! She's also helping with the auction for my toofies!

So, this is one super-long diary and I hope you read it!

Mazel (Mazie)

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