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My 4-Year Anniversary in Purrsville!

April 22nd 2015 3:56 am
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Yep! Today's the Day!
Four years ago I arrived in Purrsville from New England!
I cried as I slinked into the tent in my new home with Hazel Lucy's mom.
Today I'm a happy girl!
Let's celebrate!

Happy Mazie


Do you know what Tomorrow is?

April 21st 2015 3:30 pm
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April 22nd.



Doing Well

April 19th 2015 10:24 am
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Hi Everycat!
I'm eating my food mixed with the Royal Canin prescription urinary food. So far so good. I am relaxed and happy. Mom ordered the Cornsilk Tea and the D-Mannose to use in my food. You can read about it on the IBD KITTIES website. Lots of good info that is useful for many ailments, including urinary stuff.

The antibiotic shot, Convenia, lasts 2 weeks. So we'll see how I am after that.
Thanks for your kind words, suggestions and Rosettes, Stars and Gifts.



Feeling Better!

April 17th 2015 6:47 pm
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Oh Boy! I went from not eating for 24 hours to four small meals today. There is a smile on my face and if I could upload the photo, you'd see it too!
Mom ordered the Royal Canin SO prescription food. We expect it to dissolve the nasty crystals.

happier Mazie


The Vet called with my Test Results

April 16th 2015 4:25 pm
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I can't believe it.
What did I get for my 7th Birthday? Crystals. Ugh.
I have a UTI and CRYSTALS. NO! It can't be!
Struvite Crystals. Me!
We'll handle it I'm sure.
Meantime, please purr that mom can calm down.
Thanks for all your purrs, prayers, Rosettes and Gifts.
Means a lot.



Wednesday, April 15th!

April 15th 2015 5:46 am
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Hi Everycat!
Well here I am, still loopy from the sedation the Vet gave me Monday evening. My pupils are as big as saucers! Fewer trips to the litter box, so that's good, but I still look at the bathroom a lot. Expecting tests results any day. My appetite sure is good!

Mom's crocheting, and she is even making a sweater for a chicken! I'm not kidding!
Last year she made the tiniest Tranquility Blanket for a bird! She's supposed to learn how to make dog sweaters, well we shall see if she can master that! I'm still the tester and approver over at Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets, Scarves & Hats!

And thank you for all the lovely and tasty Star, Rosettes and Gifts!
That's it for now, hope you have a great day!



The Vet is coming over for my Birthday?

April 13th 2015 4:40 am
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What gives mom?
This is not how I want to celebrate my 7th Birthday!

But yes, I do need to see the vet. The litter box sure is getting a workout!
Had a big breakfast with tons more Cranimals (cranberry). No food the rest of the day because they have to knock me out to treat me. I heard mom say they are going to steal my blood! And do other things that a proper girlcat will not mention. I sure hope this thing goes away soon because it's very uncomfortable if not downright painful.

So all I want on this, my 7th Birthday, is for the vet to figure out what's wrong and make it right.

And a big Hello to Catsy Angel Princess who is part of my first family way up in New England!
It's Catsy's birthday today too!

And don't forget my siblings Lilith, Gilmore and our dad (we think) Butters!
We are the ESPN kitties because we were found in the ESPN parking lot! We all have the same Birthday! MOL!

And thank you to my pals who sent Birthday photos! I'm having trouble uploading any photos but will as soon as it works for me again.

Mazie, 7 years old today


Mazie could use some Purrs

April 11th 2015 8:50 pm
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Hi Everycat!
I'm not happy.
I have been visiting the litter box much too much and there is some blood in there too. The vet will be coming in a day or two. We don't like waiting but there is only one vet in the area who can do my home visits. No one can get me into a carrier. Mom is a wreck with worry.
So maybe it's nothing terribly serious and that's what I hope.
Purrs appreciated.



Merry Merry Christmas Catsters!

December 24th 2014 10:04 pm
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Another Christmas in catsterland!
Wishing all Catsters a great 2015!



My Tranquility Modeling Job!

December 4th 2014 4:07 pm
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As you can see from my main photo, I'm learning the art of modeling HL Hats! But there are so many! All different colors and shapes! I'm a bit fearful but mom says I'm doing great! Hazel Lucy was really good at it though, maybe I will be good at it some day. Take a look at all the cool stuff I get to sniff and test!
Hazel Lucy's Tranquility stuff!
I hope every cat is doing well and happy and getting tons of skritches and giving lots of headbonks! Mom says my headbonks are more like body slams, I'm real strong!

happy Mazie

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