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Lilith the Demon Godess

Hacker kitty!!!

April 1st 2011 2:27 pm
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Mommy had the door to the bedroom I like closed last night so that she could get a pee-pee sample from Mouse. She had to make sure it was Mouse's pee, so no other cats could go in there.

So the rest of us cats that like that room were just hanging around in the hallway looking for something to do. Then I found it! Mommy's MacBook computer! I made the keys make all kinds of fun noises! Mommy and Daddy heard all my noises and came up to find me pressing all the buttons with my tiny little fur-hands.

They laughed, but then Mommy's smile turned to a furrowed brow when she realized I had actually been HACKING her computer. I bet you did not know I am professional hacker kitty! I opened all kinds of stuff that she could not figure out how to close, and then I launched iTunes so we could have some music for our hallway party!

I bet someone will be remembering to lock their computer from now on!


One out of seven cats recommend the Litter Robot

January 26th 2011 7:14 pm
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Last Christmas, Santy Paws brought Mommy a brand new Litter Robot. Calvin's family has one too, and they think it looks like a big spaceship. I do too!

I am the most curious and smart and brave girl, so I tried it right away. It's like having my own private bathroom because no other cats will use it. Castiel is too big to use it, even if he wanted to.

Daddy suggested returning the spaceship to Santa'a workshop for a refund, but Mommy says she does not have the heart to take my bathroom away.


Can I be naughty now?

October 27th 2010 4:31 am
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Mommy just selected one of my photos to enter into the World's Coolest Contest! Check it out, and if you like it, please vote for me!

Thanks, pals!

Vote for Lilith in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info


Almost two years later, Mommy can finally pet me...sort of!

June 6th 2010 2:11 pm
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In October I will have been in my house for two years. Every day when Mommy puts our Fancy Feast in our dishes, I would venture closer and closer to her. Now when I see her come over to the dishes, I give her head bonks and leg rubs and then I turn by body around so my butt is facing her, and she pets me. I mean real pets, not just one or two little finger pets. But then I look over my shoulder and see her touching me and then I get scared. It's like I can't reconcile the nice feeling of being fed and pet with the human being putting her hands on me.

Once I start eating, the petting is over. The only scenario in which I allow pets, and only from Mommy, is when my dinner is being served and I am not facing Mommy. At all other times I run away very fast at even the mere hint of a hand.

The other new and brave thing I do is sleep on the bed sometimes. If Daddy is there I won't sleep there, but I will sleep with only Mommy there (or just cats) and I will go as far as to snuggle up against her legs.

Sometimes I feel like I am not getting any better around people, but if you look at where I was a year ago, there is definite progress. Slow, but definitely there. Mommy tells Daddy his patience will be rewarded if he just feeds us instead of her and then he can pet me too, but Daddy and I both know that he is never going to pet me!


Lost and Found

February 27th 2010 7:16 pm
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Today I was both lost and found! I was not really lost, but Mommy and Daddy thought I was.

We had men coming over today to install a new fireplace insert thingy. Mommy left to go get her hair done and left Daddy in charge of the fireplace man and making sure that no cats got lost.

In all the commotion, I ended up in the basement. When I banged on the door to get out, Daddy would not let me out. How come? I did not know. There were strange voices and lots of noise. I got scared. So I hid.

Mommy came home and took cat attendance first thing. She could not find me. She thought I was in the basement but could not find me there. Then she and Daddy looked up at the ceiling and saw the hole Daddy covered up was open again. Yup, I just moved those boards right out of my way and got into the ceiling. I would not come out.

Later Mommy heard me crying and ran down to rescue me. I was not in the ceiling anymore, but on a shelf. I would not come and just sat there crying. This went on for hours. Finally Mommy and Daddy were able to herd me back upstairs.

Later Daddy said he was so relieved that I was ok. He was terrified that I might have gotten lost for outside somehow. He tried to keep his panic hidden but he was really scared. But I was just being a really good hider!

Now I am happy to be back in my house, but I am still recovering from the scary day in the basement. This happened one other time...I got scared and hid and would not eat and just cried. Mommy feels bad that I panic like that, but probably by tomorrow I will be ok.

The other cats waited out the fireplace man thing under the bed covers or on top of them. Dang! I should have done that too!


Only One Shrimp

February 24th 2010 6:23 pm
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My Daddy read my last diary entry about how I ate some shrimp he gave me and then immediately threw it up. He said I made it sound as if he feed me a LOT of shrimp, when really he only gave me one. He insists that the vomit was mostly cat food with a little bit of shrimp thrown in too.

So I agreed to update my diary to make sure everycat knows that my Daddy did not try to stuff me full of shrimps. He only gave me one shrimp, but it was cut up into small pieces, so to me it looked like a lot! I hope everyone is clear on that now. ;-)


A Super Bowl Shrimp Pawty!

February 8th 2010 7:48 pm
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We have a tradition at my house. When Daddy wants to watch a football game, he makes a bunch of shrimp and we share it. He thinks that this will make me want to let him pet me someday. Ha!

Last night he delivered my shrimp to my bedroom where I sleep on the dresser. He seemed disappointed that I did not want it. But after he left, I ate it all up. After all, I could not let some other cat get my shrimpies!

But suddenly I did not feel well. There was no time to get off the dresser. All the shrimps came out of my tummy and on to Mommy's dresser. She was reading in bed and then she yelled, "DADDY!!!! Lily just hurled all over my dresser!!!!!!" and then Daddy came and cleaned it all up. Oooops, sorry Daddy! I guess I kind of ruined our Pawty!


So worried!

October 22nd 2009 4:18 am
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My mommy keeps looking at me and saying, "Oh, Lilith! I am so worried about you?"

I don't know what is up with all this worrying. Yesterday morning I was fine, shredding paper, boxing with Hazel, chasing mousies, etc.

But when the people came home from work, they found me hiding and cowering under a dresser. I would not come out, not even to eat. They kept looking at me and asking me if I was ok and if I needed any help.

At first Daddy did not think anything was wrong, but even he agreed that there was almost certainly bothering me. But I just did not feel like telling them what it was!

Mommy closed the door to the room and brought my food and water up so she could see if I was eating. I did not eat. She went to sleep but kept waking up to check on me.

Today I got up when Mommy got up and wanted to go downstairs to eat with the other cats. Mommy was relieved, but still wonders if I am sick.

I certainly do not miss Mouse, but maybe I feel upset about the balance of things being thrown off. Hazel has gone to other extreme since he has been gone and is being super-happy! I have seen more of her in the past two days than I have in the last year!

Please purr that I am ok and just wanted some alone time and that I am not sick. Hopefully today will be better.


Locked Up!

August 26th 2009 7:14 pm
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Today I had to endure the most grueling hardship. I was trying to hide from Mouse the Meanie in Mommy's clothes closet. Someone closed the door. Fine with me! I love having a way to prevent Mouse from accessing me!

But then I wanted to get out later. I couldn't. I figured someone would come and open the door, but no one did.

Finally after FOREVER I heard my Mommy's voice when she was talking to Daddy after work. I started to cry my biggest cry. I was so hungry! I needed to use the bathroom! I was lonely!

At first no one came because they thought I was just talking. I have become quite vocal lately. But as my cries became more desperate, Mommy started to look for me. She opened the closet door and I sprang out!

Mommy left for work very early this morning to go to NYC and is not sure whether I was trapped since last night or only for today. Either way, she felt TERRIBLE, as she should, for not realizing I was trapped.

Daddy said he was just glad because he is pretty sure he is not the one who closed the door on me! He is not in trouble...this time.

I am so glad to be out now.

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