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Why I am so Big and healthy !

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Ah, Fall is a great time for me!

September 25th 2011 9:29 pm
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Since I am Pumpkin and Cream color, all of these falling, dead leaves are a great way for me to blend in! I love to jump on those mice and rats. I am able to catch them a lot better now! I am a mighty hunter after all!
Meowma tells me so every time I bring her free snake food!
But it could stand to be a bit cooler and less sticky for my taste!


Things I do that Meowma does not like!

August 10th 2011 11:59 pm
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Well it all started off with me catching lizards, and my bringing them into the house. I even caught a legless lizard once or glass snake. Now I am bringing in dead baby and adult rats! Dad found a dove I brought in the other day.Meowma said they will not go to waste as we have 3 snakes to feed here too.So they just bag them up and put them in the big white box, she calls a deep freezer.
They are not happy about me bringing my prizes in the house, but at least I do not put them in there bed!! You can see a picture she snapped of me when I was running in the doggy door, with a dead baby rat in my mouth! I likes to catch some of my own foods some times! Though, I never do eat them...


Meowma Said it is Valentines Day!

February 14th 2011 9:33 pm
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Ha, Soot thinks he is a great hunter.. I am better then he is. I am the one who brings lizards in the house. I even brought in a snake one time. I once grabbed a bird, or 2 and Mom was NOT happy with me at all. But I was happy today as she gave me some Chicken Greenies and my own can of Nutro Max, Savory Venison Chunks in Sauce. Mom said I loves this so much, I makes some cute yum sounds as I eat. I am so big that nobody tries to move me out of the way when I eat.. I just wish there was a mouse flavor...
I, unlike Soot, will share my Cat Nip with any of the 3 dogs.
I just want Mom to play with me more. I LOVES that feather toy with a bell on a stick so much! When I grabbs it I growl and run off with it.
Hope every cat had a great V Day!


Do you know what today is?

February 1st 2011 12:25 am
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My Sisfur,Miss Puff said this;
"Today is Groundhog day! Meowma said it has something to do with one seeing its shadow and more winter or something. I just know that if I were ever to see a Groundhog, I would chase it down and eats it. mol now are those things about the same size as a mouse?
I has never seen one before! But if they run, I will grab it!"
If Miss Puff said she will catch one, I would like to see her try. mol... she is to old to chase one of these!
I on the other hand am strong,young and lean! I would be able to catch on of those mouse size Groundhogs! I would eats it all up and not let anyone have it! Now what is a Groundhog anyways?


Check out what Meowma just found

January 31st 2011 11:46 pm
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I have done this to the other cats in the house before!
If you have any dogs in the house, check this one out; e-blues/

and Meowma says, speaking of dogs, did you know that our favorite food is coming out with 3 different types of Grain Free for dogs? Yes The Natural Choice Dog Team is proud to introduce 3 NEW products to the NATURAL CHOICE Dog family: NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Natural
Turkey Meal & Potato Formula, NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Natural Venison Meal
& Potato Formula, and NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Large Breed Adult Natural
Lamb Meal & Potato Formula.
Meowma wants to let the dogs know that it is not out as of yet, but will be out in ether Feb. or March 2011. She can hardly wait to see how our dogs like. Now go find a box and scare some cat!


UTI'S and how to help prevent

December 15th 2010 4:21 pm
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Meowma was so worried about kitties having uti's and all. I was telling her that I am so glad she had fed me Nutro Max Cat, dry food as it was made to help prevent uti's,kidney,and bladder stones along with crystals. She also checked out the Senior Max Cat and it is also great for preventing theses same things.
Meowma moved that big harry spider out of the bedroom and brought in one of her 3 corn snakes. She said it may be gravid (what ever that means)and wants to keep an eye on her. I just like to sit next to the ceramic heat lamp and warm up. Neaky Nake just looks up at me and flicks her red tongue at me. I sure hope she is not sizing me up to eat... Meowma will post new pictures soon..


Things I Meowma tell me all the time!

November 30th 2010 1:52 pm
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The food I have been eating for 4 years now, is all natural, which is healthier,safer and tastier. It is also fortified with added vitamins and minerals. What I like is the fact that there are no additives such as artificial colors and preservatives. Every thing is naturally preserved. She said it maximizes nutrient delivery through (whole) ingredients. I do not know what that means, but I know I love my food! I can jump and get around because I am not over weight from any whole ground yellow corn. Brest thing is the fact that there are no chicken by products, such can be heads, feet and intestines. Because Mom knows when I jump and catch one of those small birds outside..I leave all that mess on the sidewalk! Like my Sisfur, Miss Puff I like to catch things. I mostly catch and bring in lizards. But since Meowma brought that kitten in the house in July, I have not been bringing much in the house at all. Mac has been doing a lot of that for me.


Meowma told me of a great way to get me to take my pillz!

September 30th 2010 3:03 pm
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Meowma had to give me a pill for worms and I would have nothing to do with it! So she got out a Pill Pocket treat and I loved it! Meowma said I never even knew that a pill was in there! Here is a link she found . It was written buy an independent Woman on Petanim. I do not know any of that. Mol. I just love them and want them all the time.



Food For Heroes! There are a lot of those big- brave,slobbery dogs in Haiti right now.

January 21st 2010 5:26 pm
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Canine Disaster Search Teams Deployed to Earthquake Stricken Haiti
My Meowma has been working hard to get the word out that Nutro has been chosen as the exclusive food to all National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.
Meowma said that every time someone buys Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food, it allows them to do so without cost to the Firefighters/Foundation!
Here are some really good links to check out; tml

All of Meowma's cats and dogs get along very well. I also Love my Lab, Yellow! I give him head butts all the time, we even sleep next to each other on a rug at times! Meowma said he would be a great Search Dog if he was not living with us!



If you have any Dog Friends at home! Look here!!

December 16th 2009 8:49 pm
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Meowma said that Greenies has a BUY one GET one FREE coupon can be gotten here;
All my Meowma had to do was print out the coupon and she can buy a 27 oz tub of her choice and get one free! She said that is a savings of almost $40.00 dollars, or what ever that means... Offer good until Dec. 24th
I just wish this worked for us cats also! I love my Chicken Greenies!
Now if I could just get mine in lizard flavor!

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