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Why I am such good helth!

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Today is my Birthday!

September 2nd 2013 10:37 pm
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Wow, I am 13 years old today. That is 91 in people years..
Meowma gave me lots of canned food and some of those NEW CatNip Greenies!
I would NOT let anyone else have any!
I would like to thank all of my Fur Friends for the Birthday wishes!
I LOVE the mouse on my page, I may be older but I can still chase a mouse!


A Diary Pick Of The Day

September 13th 2012 7:07 pm
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Thank You for all of the concats Yesterday! Meowma gave me even more of those yummy new Greenies ,Chicken Smartbites! Mewoma just got an email from Petsmart, offering a .50 cents off , printable coupon , to bad our Printer is out of ink... >.< oh well.. That is the way things go sometimes.


Thank You everybody!

September 3rd 2012 1:35 am
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Tks for the GREAT Birthday gifts for my page! I still Love to chase bugs and eat ice cream with my cake! Meowma got me some of the NEW Feline Greenies SmartBites. The ones she got me are for Healthy Skin & FUR!
They are my fav flavor, chicken! I LOVES the soft centers!


COTD! aka, Groundhog day?

February 2nd 2012 1:50 am
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Meowma just told me it is something called Ground Hogs Day????
What is a Groundhog? If it is like a big rat, I would be all over it. But Meowma said we do not have those here in Florida. Just like we never got any Winter this year :( I love it when it is cold outside and I can run and chase things!
If any of you other cats ever see a groundhog, please tell it that is is MY Day Today! But I may share if they are nice and would play tag with me. mol


Cat Of The Day!

February 2nd 2012 12:36 am
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MEOWWWWW! I am Cat Of The Day! Thank you!
Meowma was getting worried about me as she had not seen me in 3 days :( I do this all the time so she does not start getting real
worried if I am gone longer than 2 days. Meowma has been keeping me inside and I wanted to stay out! But when I did cry to be let in, she gave me a bunch of the Chicken Greenies! Those and Beef are my faves!Maybe I should cry for more since I am COTD!


Fall is here!

September 25th 2011 9:13 pm
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Meowma said that is is now. I think she is crazy, because it is still so hot outside and my fur is so sticky still. She said the weather people on that big talking box thing with the moving pictures said so. But I do not believe her or them! I still sit inside most of the day and only want to go out at night, but just for a short time. I will believe it is Fall when my whiskers and fur tell me different!


Meowma Said it is Valentines Day!

February 14th 2011 9:14 pm
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What ever that means! All I know is that she brought home some great Cat Nip and gave us all a great treat called Greenies!
Chicken is my fav.. yum... I do not like to eat around on Brofurs though, so Mom has to give them to me when nobody is around.
Mom also gave me my own can of Nutro Max canned , With Savory Duck Chunks in Sauce.. I just loves this the best!!!
Since I am the oldest, I feel I should get only the best!
I wish it was Valentines Day every day...
Hope everyone had a great day!


Do you know what today is?

February 1st 2011 12:20 am
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Today is Groundhog day! Meowma said it has something to do with one seeing its shadow and more winter or something. I just know that if I were ever to see a Groundhog, I would chase it down and eats it. mol now are those things about the same size as a mouse?
I has never seen one before! But if they run, I will grab it!


Check out what Meowma just found

January 31st 2011 11:44 pm
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I have done this to the other cats in the house before!
If you have any dogs in the house, check this one out; e-blues/

and Meowma says, speaking of dogs, did you know that our favorite food is coming out with 3 different types of Grain Free for dogs? Yes The Natural Choice Dog Team is proud to introduce 3 NEW products to the NATURAL CHOICE Dog family: NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Natural
Turkey Meal & Potato Formula, NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Natural Venison Meal
& Potato Formula, and NATURAL CHOICE Grain Free Large Breed Adult Natural
Lamb Meal & Potato Formula.
Meowma wants to let the dogs know that it is not out as of yet, but will be out in ether Feb. or March 2011. She can hardly wait to see how our dogs like. Now go find a box and scare some cat!


UTI'S and how to help prevent

December 9th 2010 5:31 pm
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Meowma was so worried about kitties having uti's and all. I was telling her that I am so glad she had fed me Nutro Max Cat, dry food as it was made to help prevent uti's,kidney,and bladder stones along with crystals.I'm now 10 years old and I am so glad that all of us cats and even the dogs are currently eating Nutro Max.Meowma also knows that all cats may be fed differently and that all of there pepplz may believe differently, and this is fine. Peace
Miss Puff

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