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The Queen's Journal

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My Last Entry

January 4th 2011 5:16 pm
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My dear furrends of Catster I am writing to you tonight as my last diary entry here on earth. I will be journeying to the bridge because my body can no longer sustain me. My spirit is still wanting to be free but my body is holding it captive. I know I can be free at the bridge. I told Meowmy not to cry for me, but be happy for me. I will be free from pain. I will be able to climb trees higher than I have even been able to. And if I get wings, I will be able to fly with the birds I wished I could have caught while here on earth. I will be able to eat tuna, salmon, anything I want and be able to enjoy it without the sickness that follows. Meowmy will no longer see me waste away. She will no longer wish she could hold me in her lap and feel guilty that she is in school. She will no longer see me turn away from my food or stagger from weakness when I come to greet her at the door when she comes home from school.

My furrends at Catster I loved readiing everyfurs diary, I loved baseball, movies and golf at Tigger's, I loved the cruises and furrends at C&D and Tabbies...and gave me so much joy when I was your secret pal...I gave you my heart when I traveled the world to find the perfect secret gift. Jack I will always love you. gave me such joy and I will take these thoughts...these gifts you have given me...better than any material gift...that is your love and the bridge with me furever. This is not good-bye..for I will be seeing you all once again.

I love each and every one of you...Thank you all...

Love Miss Kitty


I'm Finally Home

December 27th 2010 6:02 pm
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Today Meowmy brought me home after boarding at the vet for 10 days. While I was there I became sicker and the vet performed blood work and an ultra sound. He found that I have hepatitis. It isn't the kind that I can give to my sisters, and he has given me 3 prescriptions-an anti inflamatory, an antibiotic, and a steroid. I took the last stomach pill to settle my stomach, tonight before I came home. Even though I eat constantly, I lost 1 pound during my stay. The vet thinks he can cure the hepatitis, but the reason I have hepatitis, he thinks may only become worse with time. The lining of my intestines is getting thinner and my white blood count is very high. The C word came up which brought tears to Meowmy's eyes. She needent cry.

She has given me such a good life. A warm home, blinds I can climb on, trees I can scurry up and a warm waterbed for me to sleep on when I was a kitten...that is before I put a hole in it. She has given me more love than most stray cats can stand, but I am a lap cat and Meowmy is cold all of the time, so I oblige her by laying in her lap and keeping her warm. We just spent several hours together, me in her lap helping to keep her warm on this cold night.

When I got home I found gifts waiting for me from my furrends...Jack, my best furrend, Cat Girl, and someone named Anonymous who I would like to thank as well. You all have been such good furrends during the time I have been on Catster.

There are no furrends like the furrends at Catster. I love you all and wish everyfur and their furmalies a Happy New Year.


On the subject of getting older....

August 8th 2010 8:26 pm
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This entry is dedicated to all of us over 9 years old. Once you hit the big 1-0 its straight down hill. On the subject of getting older.....Let me tell you...Because I have a stomach problem I have been placed on a type of canned something the vet tries to push off as 'food.' Well one label says venison another says duck and the 3rd tastes so bad I don't even know what it is called. The first two cans mentioned taste so far from their labels and the third can I won't mention what it tastes like. One day I got so tired of the 'watered cardboard in a can, I sneaked upstairs into the room where Meowmy puts what used to be 'our' food, (now it is 'their' food). Well, I looked both ways before crossing into the room Meowmy. So I found the plastic container, opened the lid and dipped my paw into it to pull out the good stuff. I felt so good about myself. I got the real thing and didn't get caught. Now for my gettaway. Butttt... after a second time, I was caught red-pawed by Meowmy's hidden camera. Then to make matters worse, she posted the video on my page. I understand we are supposed to get wiser with age, well I made a terrible decision to get into 'their' food. My stomach rebelled and I was sick as a dog. Why there is such a saying as that, I don't know because cats can get terribly sick too. Anyway, I got sick as a cat. Got lots of attention from Meowmy, but stll sick as a cat. There are good things about getting older. Such as the duty of guarding the house is now passed to my sister and I can sleep as long as I want. Also, Meowmy lets me walk all over the table and counters, eat at the table. Meowmy thinks I have kitty demensia so I can get away with anything. But the joke's on her. Don't tell her that I have all of my faculties and I just act decrepid. Its our secret..O.K....So those are a few things I have to say on the subject of getting older.


I Helped A Fur to the Bridge Today

May 22nd 2010 5:31 pm
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Today Meowmy and I helped a fur to the bridge. We didn't know who he was, just that he was blind, sick and frightened. It happened like this. It was time for my yearly checkup and shots so Pretty Girl and I were with Meowmy at the vet's. Somehow Meowmy is drawn to and wants to help those in need, be it furs or humans... and as Dad was paying the bill, we notice a poor old dog acting as if he is trying to dive into the floor. We watch carefully and the dog's human companion looks so sad.

Meowmy and I walked over to them and set me down in front of the old dog. I could see he was blind and he was shivering. He was scared I looked him in the eyes and let him know he would feel better soon. I meowed softer than I had in a long time. I can get pretty loud when I want to. But I purred softly to him that the bridge was a good place. He seemed to understand what I was trying to say because even though he was blind, he put his nose up to my carrier and stretched out his trembling left paw toward me. I moved closer to the door of my carrier so I could be closer to him.

I saw that Meowmy was stroking him which calmed him and she gently told him it would be alright. She told him we all loved him and he was a good boy. And she told him what I tried to tell him, that he would feel so much better soon. Somehow Meowmy knew what was happening that day without even speaking to the dog's human companion about what was going to take place. She could tell by the look in his eyes and the saddness in his soul.

The human told Meowmy that he rescued his dog furrend when he was 5 years old and soon afterward his furrend became blind. I saw that as I looked in the old dog's eyes, Meowmy looked deeply into the human's eyes like she was seeing into his soul and I could see into the soul of the old dog. Moments later, Meowmy patted the human on the hand and I meowed softly to the dog and we left. Meowmy and the dog's human's eyes were tear filled yet the old dog's soul was consoled.

We didn't know the 16 year old dog that was blind. But we felt his spirit. We felt he needed to know that it was OK to let go. That the bridge was a good place to go.
I told him I had a Cocker sister and Cocker brother at the bridge and they were happy.

We didn't know the 16 year old dog that was blind. But tonight he is no longer lame and blind, but free to see and run and play. For you see...I helped a fur to the bridge today.

~~Miss Kitty


Construction Frustrations

July 23rd 2009 2:11 pm
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July 23, 2009

Well, I am just about sick of the banging, the clanging, the sawing, the bumping, the hammering... It has gone for over 3 months. Oh, I am sorry you don't know what I am talking about. Ever since I lived in the house as a kitten, I lived pretty much in the finished area of the basement with Meowmy's son; until he got married about 8 years ago.

Of course Baby and I had the run of the entire house, but that place was 'MINE'; all 'MINE' with Baby wandering in from the bedroom level from time to time. When Pretty Girl arrived over 2 years ago, she never wanted to go downstairs, and the baby Bastet, never has wanted to either. I am locked out. I mean locked out... door lock on the door...everything. Locked out of my domain. I have been so desperate to see what they are doing to my 'DOMAIN' that I went outside to try to sneak in the basement door, but the construction guys caught me. I sneaked down one day, the construction guy ran me back upstairs.

My nerves are shattered with the clanging, the banging, the sawing...Oh I said that already. Back the first part of June I was getting sick all of time, wouldn't eat or drink and Meowmy thought I was working myself into a frenzy over this construction and took me to the vet.

Well that wasn't the case however, but I feel I need KITTY PROZAK. EEEKKK!!!! I hear the banging..the clanging in my sleep. I scratch the rolled up rugs until my feet hurt. When the construction guys are here, I try to escape outside. And I don't want to come back inside. (You see I am angry at Mewomy for doing this so I will show her). Anything to get away from the noise. I think this is why Meowmy booked Baby and I on the C & D CRUISE tomorrow.

I have been taking care of Meowmy since her surgery, directing my sisters for shift work, and when I am about get to sleep,the banging and clanging begin all over again.

Well...yesterday.... Baby and I decided to pull a fast one on everybody. I got downstairs!!! Na.. na.. na.. na Yep..I did it.!!! The construction guys didn't even notice, Meowmy didn't notice and neither did Bastet. The only one who knew was Baby and she didn't tell. She went upstairs and hid in the closet.

I heard Meowmy call me about 6:00. Me nor Baby answered. I thought Meowmy needed some walking exercise with her cane so I didn't answer her or come upstairs. I made her come to me. But when she did, SHE WAS FURIOUS!!!!!! Then she called Baby and Baby didn't come. When she was about to call the construction guys to come look for Baby in the unfinished storage area of the basement, I decided to find her, which I did, in the upstairs closet where she said she'd be, and tell her to get downstairs.

When Meowmy saw us both together, Meowmy wasn't as angry as she was at first. I think she was just happy we were found not hurt.

So I am looking forward to my cruise tomorrow to chill...which will help get my frustrations out....Oh, and by the way...Captain THUMPER, Please be sure I have a large scratching post in my quarters. I am a nervous wreck.

Anchors Aweigh....

Miss Kitty


Today brought some happiness

July 2nd 2009 10:46 am
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July 2, 2009

Everyone is so sad about Bastet and her bleeding condition, that Meowmy has been crying, Pretty Girl has been crying and Baby has been pacing and has been more talkative than usual. And my night shifts that I set up to help guard Meowmy has fallen apart.

Pretty Girl came downstairs to stay with Meowmy on the bed several times, and I let her stay. Pretty Girl had been crying so much yesterday morning when Bastet left for the vet, and hiding all day long, I thought it was best for her to be with Meowmy.

Baby decided to sleep downstairs most of the night on the big outtoman in the family room. She was so restless and would pace downstairs, then upstairs, then downstairs again. Rest awhile, then pace some more.

But today brought some happiness when Meowmy read that I won C&D Cruise Line COTM for July. I don't know what I did to deserve such an honor, but I thank everyone who voted for me. Meomwy said I could get a nice new gown to celebrate. I am so excited about that.

Meowmy hasn't heard anything from the vet yet on Bastet's bleeding condition, but she will be writing in Bastet's diary as soon as she hears something.

Miss Kitty


Meowmy needs me.

June 24th 2009 12:50 pm
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June 24, 2009

What a terrible night Meowmy had last night! She was in a lot of pain. Even though she tossed and turned most of the night, I refused to leave her side. I kept trying to get to her right leg and hip to lay beside it, but she wouldn't let me. If only I could have gotten there, I could have taken her pain away.

Today Dad had to go to work so I will be by Meowmy's side. I know if I stay with her, she will gain what little strength I have. So I haven't left her side until that Physical Therapist came in this morning. I was hoping to make her mad so she would leave. I thought I had her on the run when she said she really wasn't a cat person.

I sniffed the therapist, her equpiment and I didn't want her to touch Meowmy so I lay between them both until Meowmy moved me. I wasn't happy, so I tried to lay on top of the therapist's laptop. Meowmy moved me again.

I then laid on the therapist's booklet and papers, and tried to run with her pen, but it was attached to the laptop. Again Meomy picked me up. So I laid beside Meowmy on the arm of the sofa and watched carefully, ready to strike if and when I needed to.

I didn't do a very good job in making the therapist mad enough to leave. WHen she was packing up her equipment she told Meowmy even though she is not a cat person, she would take 2 of us home. We were so sweet. Can you believe that!!!!

Anyway--After about 30 minutes, Meowmy and the therapist worked with exercising and she seemed to be happy with her. So I relaxed.

I am going to take a cat nap to get ready for tonight. Need to watch over Meowmy and Bastet.

~~~~~Miss Kitty



June 23rd 2009 1:06 pm
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June 23, 2009

I didn't get home until Tuesday night. SOME VACATION!!!!!!!!!! and what a turmoil the entire household was in when I got home.

Meowmy was home sleeping in a bed in my room with Bastet on the bed with her. A strange thing was beside the bed, she called a walker. And she wouldn't let me lay on her lap. I wasn't home long when Pretty Girl told me what happened and what my job was.

I am to guard the family room door and take care of Meowmy and Bastet. Bastet is just a baby and is too little to do that. Pretty Girl said she and Baby would patrol the house at night. It was then she told me I was too old and sick to do that. At first I was offended, but I was too tired to argue. I went to my post. Bastet and I take turns. She sleeps with Meowmy at night and I lay on the bed in the day.

Pretty Girl told me Meowmy fell and has her hip pinned and a metal bar in her right leg.

Someone just came in---Dad with groceries--I am going to check on Meowmy~~~~

Miss Kitty


Why Do I Have To Go

June 12th 2009 7:10 pm
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June 12, 2009

On Sunday Meowmy and Dad are going on a trip until Thursday night. Since I have been recovering from a sickness, Meowmy thinks I need the vet to take care of me while she is gone. She told me she feels she needs to do this because I get sick every time the workmen work in the basement. She also said while she will be gone, the workmen will be coming in every day. She told me since she would not be home while they worked, she feared I would get terribly frightened and become sicker. And this might put me back the way I was a few weeks ago.

It is true I have gotten sick when the men were working, but I don't like the vet. The vet shaves my legs and makes me look like a poodle and sticks me with all kinds of needles.

Meowmy assured me that would not happen, providing I don't get sick like I had been, that I eat plenty and drink my water like I have been doing.

So you all will not be hearing from me or from my sisters until Friday next week. My sisters will be here at the house and someone will come in and look after them. Why do I have to go...and they stay home.

Hope to talk with my friends next Friday~~~~~


Thank you friends...

June 4th 2009 5:35 pm
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Thursday-June 4, 2009

I first want to thank all of you for the Paws, treats, gifts, and most of all the PURRS, PURRAYERS and Crossed paws. The treats have given me strength. So much strength that I have been able to write to other friends who I know need purrayers, Purrs and crossed PAWS, then go back to bed.

Mio is one of those friends. His # is 244782. We all love the beautiful Easter Lilys. Well, he did too. SO much so, he ate some. Now he is in the hospital getting blood work and is a very sick kitty. He told me that he is doing better, even has that little catatude like we all get with our Meowmys when we don't get our way. However, he is still in the hospital and still is serious. Please look him up, drop him a paw, PURR for him and cross your paws.

Blizzard is another friend. I don't know his number. But he is an older kitty (Beautiful snowy white) and was adopted at an older age. He is no longer eating and drinking. Tell him you care and love him. Please send him your PAWS, PURRAYERS and thoughts. They work miracles you know.

Oh...... and me. I almost forgot about me. I feel so much better thanks to you- the treats and the 3 Ps-PURRS-PAWS-PURRAYERS. For the first time in a week, I got up this evening, stretched, walked over to the back door and watched the birds. Other than my legs looking like a French Poodle's (shaved in one area because of the I'V's) I look better than when I went in Saturday, and I feel better.

The vet still believes I had Pancreatitis with a good possibility of Pancreatic Cancer. But, you see, there is strength in Power of the PAW, PAWAYERS and friendship. With all of those, I know I will be fine. How can I not be with friends like you. Thanks for being my friend. Me..ow a new CAT on the block.

Now, I need to get back to Pretty Girl and let her know this old girl is still the boss. She's been walking around here like she runs the place-has real Tort-i-tude. Well, I'm a Tabby with TUDE.

~~Miss Kitty~~

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