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Being the LADY in the Fancidots Pride

I've been TAGGED !

May 27th 2007 5:31 pm
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I have been tagged by King Sabu and Mr D

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I like to talk a LOT. I always tell meowmy about our day, when she first gets home from work, and I like to stand on the landing of our stairs, and sing!
(Meowmy sez it is because I sound really LOUD there.)

2. I'm very dainty. I am so light on my feet, meowmy can hardly feel it, when I leap up on the bed, until I go to the sheet and lift it up, so I can lay by her leg and groom her fingers at sleepytime.

3. Raw chicken drumsticks are my FAVORITE treat - and raw turkey necks are my second favorite. Cooked chicken is for BABIES !!!

4. I don't take any guff from the boycat family members. When they try to play rough with me, I swat them GOOD!

5. I love my boyfriend Merlin more than ANYTHING or ANYONE. He is so handsome, and sweet. I dream about him all the time, and sometimes meowmy sez when I'm dreaming about him, my little dainty paws curl in delight.

6. I meow very softly, almost in a whisper when meowmy or daddy pet me, while I lay on the cat tree, to nap.

7. I love my little brother Zenith and our white brother Casper most of all the family members. I even let them bathe me - and I bathe them (especially their ears -- why are boys ears always so DIRTY?)

I think most of my friends have already been tagged. Meowmy has been so bizzy with all the foster kitties, I haven't gotten to visit Catster on the computer much, lately.


Finally *I* have something to talk about!

February 10th 2006 5:34 pm
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Sometimes it's very difficult to have much to say much about myself, living in a house with so many "brothers and sisters". Some are older, some are younger -- and they can sometimes be QUITE a handful.

I LOVE my "real" sister Lightnin, and we will always watch out for one another and take up for each other when play gets a little too rambunctious for us.

But, I like being in a large family, because there is always someone doing something that makes mommy laugh. When Lightnin and I first joined her family, I was a little worried that we would get lost in the crowd. But mom tries to give us each the attention we want and need, and LOVES to play with us and snuggle whoever seems to want her attention most, at any given time.

I've been watching Catster, for a very long time, hoping to find a very special boy, to be friends with, and to grow to have affection for....

And just this week, it HAPPENED !!! This wonderful fellow named Merlin asked me to be his Valentine. My heart almost burst with Joy! It was Love at first sight.

Maybe his parents named him Merlin because there is something MAGICAL about him ???

Mommy and I look at his photos and he is so unique and handsome I simply melt into mommy's lap and purr. His beautiful MARBLE swirls almost make me dizzy with delight. And the very best part, is that HE likes ME !!

We have our "first date" on Valentine's day -- and I'm so excited I keep giving myself baths and looking in the mirror, to try to see how he might see me. And to be very sure every hair is perfectly in place and shiny clean.

I was teasing Mister Zenith, when he asked Merlin's sister Taffy Morgana to be his valentine -- mainly because I was a little jealous, since he is the baby in OUR family.

Then Merlin asked me to be HIS valentine, and suddenly I understood why Mister Zenith was prancing around so happy - purring all day long!

Merlin doesn't even mind that I'm a little older than him. (which is a huge relief)

I can't wait to see him on Valentine's day!

MERLIN -- if you're reading this -- please know you have made me a very happy kitty lady!

Sorry if I've bored anyone with my ramblings... I guess I'm a little GIDDY!

Happy Valentine's to every cat on Catster -- and ESPECIALLY to you, Merlin!
Warm kitty snuggles,

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