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"This was taken on my birthday, Februrary 4th, 2010, I was One year old."

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Age: 8 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 7 lbs.

Quite a change in a year, right?

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"Quite a change in a year, right?"

Hiya Dad!  Need your chair back?  I look just like my brother Stinky in this picture.

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"Hiya Dad! Need your chair back? I look just like my brother Stinky in this picture."

Nappin' on daddy's chair.  It's comfy.

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"Nappin' on daddy's chair. It's comfy."

Mom loves my profile.  (this photo was taken on May 11, 2009, when I was still a baby, hehehe)

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"Mom loves my profile. (this photo was taken on May 11, 2009, when I was still a baby, hehehe)"

~Fisher~ My turn in the bowl!

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"~Fisher~ My turn in the bowl!"

Oh, OK, so I still want to be a baby...what's wrong with that?  (other than this is my BROTHER, Riley!)

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"Oh, OK, so I still want to be a baby...what's wrong with that? (other than this is my BROTHER, Riley!)"

Look Hannah, my legs are longer than yours!  I am going to be tall, like Stinky!

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"Look Hannah, my legs are longer than yours! I am going to be tall, like Stinky!"

My friend, Ivan, asked how I get into a drawer.  This is how I do it:  First make sure no one is in there already...can you see in there. Larke?  (Rest of lesson in pic

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"My friend, Ivan, asked how I get into a drawer. This is how I do it: First make sure no one is in there already...can you see in there. Larke? (Rest of lesson in pic"

Then you climb up using your claws. (note scratches All over the drawers)

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"Then you climb up using your claws. (note scratches All over the drawers)"

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Fisher-kisser, Fishie

Quick Bio:
-mixed breed

February 4th 2009


So far, playing, running and naps

Having to stay in a cage his first few days

Favorite Toy:
Anything, mousies, my Crocs, balls, laser pen! New favorite is an empty toilet paper tube.

Favorite Nap Spot:
His kitten bed, Zack's office bed~Now sleeping beside his daddy until momma comes to bed

Favorite Food:
Yes. :) Right now he's eating Pro Plan Kitten chicken & liver, and Pro Plan kitten dry

Wrestling mania! He's a contender!


Arrival Story:
Where do I begin? Well, on Friday we saw this little guy at PetSmart, at the adoption booth of a shelter we donate to. I held him, he kissed my face, and I put him back. Saturday, we returned to drop off something to that shelter. He was still there, and he kissed my lips, nose, chin, you get the idea. The workers said "He doesn't do that to anyone else, just you"...right...So once more, I put him back. Sunday morning we went back for some cat treats, and, you guessed it, still there. More kisses. A PetSmart employee came up, and held him to her face. No kisses. Hmmm. We left. That evening, a half hour before closing, we went back to see if he got a home. Nope. As I was holding him, a young couple came up and asked, "Is that kitten available?". I swallowed hard and said "Yes", and handed him to her, and her boyfriend said "Let's get the paperwork going". I went to the back of the store, to wait for them to leave with him. After time had passed, I went back up, the couple was gone, but what did I see in the cage, but the tiny black kitten. The other people had not passed the criteria! I glanced at my husband, and he nodded. That is how we became the proud parents of "Fisher".

We learned that Fisher's mom was a gray tabby. Her owners had adopted out the other littermates, but no one wanted the black kitten. So many black cats end up in shelters. He is about 7 weeks old, and weighed 1.8 pounds. Aside from ear mites and fleas, he checked out healthy at the vet, and got started on his kitten shots. His coat is black with dark brown striping underneath. (possibly from the sun?) I expect that will fade now that he is indoors only. Fisher is a funny little fellow, very affectionate. He gives me "fishy kisses" every chance he gets! He loves to run, full gallop, down the hall. He plays hard, then collapses into a power nap. So far the other cats are adjusting well to him. He is cautious, but not afraid of them. He even likes the dog! I will add more, as Fisher grows. Thank you for reading his story!

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Birthday : February 4th, 2009

My Fishies!!!

Have you kissed your fish today?

Oh Boy! Auntie Eva framed my bowl picture!
Do you think I look cute?

More Fishies! These are too fast to catch!

OMC! My first Kimi picture! Thanks sooo much, Uncle Wally!

Oly sent me a fishie, and Wally made them kiss!

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Little Fish(er) in a Big Pond

My New Catster Little Brother!

March 19th 2010 5:28 pm
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Okay, before you think the Wild Bunch got bigger, I have to tell you that my new little brother is my Catster little brother, not my real brother. I wish he was! Boy, could we wrestle!
His name is ZACK, just like my angel brother Zack.
He is black like me too. We both have white spots to accent our sleek black fur! Plus, he has a cute Tortie litter mate sister named ZOEY.

My real new baby sister (who doesn't have a Catster page yet) formally known as "the Attic kitten in my brother Zack's diary", and then as "Riza", is now called Zoe (Zo-Zo). That's a lot in common, right?
I am so excited to have a little brother because I am the youngest in the house. (Zo-Zo isn't in here with us yet, daddy just decided that they were going to keep her recently.) Mom says she will make her a page as soon as she has time to take some pictures.

But more about ZACK...I am going to watch out for him, and teach him everything I know. He's a great little guy, don't you think?
I'm going to go write to him right now.
See ya later!

Purrs, Fisher


Little Cat In BIG Trouble

February 3rd 2010 10:33 pm
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I'm typing this tonight from Lizzy's doghouse.
I might be here for quite a while...
I did a b-a-a-a-d thing.

I broke "The Bowl".
*hides inside doghouse*
Yes, the famous bowl that most of us have our picture taken in.

Zack's bowl.

Momma cried.
It was in the bathroom, on the counter. It even had one of those gripper pads underneath it. But I came bounding in, jumped into the bowl, and flipped it off the counter. It hit the tile floor, and broke into lots of pieces. I quickly ran for cover before mom arrived to survey the carnage.

(Note from mom: The bowl was made by a friend who has since passed away. It was one of a kind...irreplaceable.)

Tomorrow is my first birthday too. I bet I don't get any special supper in the doghouse. Maybe Lizzy will let me have some of her biscuits. :(
I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to do it.

(Note from mom: We still love you anyway Fisher. I will have to try to find another big bowl to continue the tradition. Don't worry, I have your birthday supper all planned, and two new toys.)

Fisher's School of Thought # 7

Kittenhood...It's good it lasts a year because you can get away with lots of stuff without getting in trouble...well, not too much. But it's nice to be a cat, and now that I'm a grown up one-year old, I can settle down and nap all day like my brofurs.

(Note from mom: yeah, r-i-g-h-t, I'll believe it when I see it.)

Luvs and fishy kisses,
Fisher~One Year Old!


Saturday...Yipee!!! A DP Again!!!

August 22nd 2009 6:36 pm
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In Texas we have a saying to welcome people that weren't born a Texan. It goes something like this:

I wasn't born here, but I got here as soon as I could!

Well, I missed most of Saturday...but I got here as soon as I could!

I didn't even know I was a diary pick today, until our family friend, BUDDIE, wrote to me and said Congratulations!

I also got a beautiful gold star from three beautiful sisters, Chai, Little Bit, and Sugar Bear. Thank you ladies! Fishy kisses x 3!

And there was a blue ribbon from darling Sunflower, too! Thanks Sunny, for the cute picture!
(Don't worry Ravie, she's engaged)

Our dear orangie friends, KIBBLES, FRANCIS, and their angel brother, YODA, sent me an ice cream cone. That was just what I needed today, it was HOT!

Yay! Another treat for a hot day...Mickey, Mr. Fez and Linus sent me lemonade and a nice note. Thanks fella's!
This is turning out to be a swell day!

It's almost Catster midnight, but it's still Saturday in California, so my special friend, Raven sent me a crown to wear.
I told her I will wear it all day Sunday! You're the BEST, Ravie.

I have to tell you about my latest trick. I have decided that slipping between momma's feet, and dashing into the garage. every time she opens the door, is my new favorite game. For some reason, mom and dad don't enjoy it as much as I do! This morning, she was getting ready to leave for work, and I dashed out. "Oh FISHER", she said. I can tell when she says my name in CAPITOL LETTERS, so I hid.
I hid very well. She looked all over, then she went and got dad. Dad looked all over. No Fisher anywhere. Mom got to worrying that maybe I had climbed the cedar fence on the dog kennel. But Lizzy, our pooch, wasn't acting like anything was up. She tells on us if we get on the fence. I know she means it in a nice doggie way, though.
Then mom thought of one place she hadn't looked. She got down on the garage floor, and looked under this big wooden table that has a low shelf. There I was. Busted.
So I am on garage restriction today. No problem, lots of fun places to hide inside. :)

Thanks to my pals, for reading my diary, and thanks Miss Beautiful and KIND Diary Lady.
I will try to live an interesting life, hehehe.

Purrs and lots of fishy-tuna-breath-kisses, Fisher

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