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A Day In Lukey's Life

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So Long Catster

July 7th 2016 2:48 pm
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Wow. It seems so final this time. We heard that Catster will be gone in the next week or two.

Sad, but not surprised, we had hoped and prayed for a miracle that this pawsome site would somehow be saved, but it's not to be...

No more diaries, no more Cat of the Day, Cat of the Week, rosettes, stars, special gifts, pawmails, groups, forums, or photos. It's sad to think we won't be able to come here ever again and see the pages of our dear furiends, and be able to send them gifts and messages on their special days.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories Catster. Purrs of love and gratitude to all the great furiends we made here ~ we will miss you all.

Luke, Tully, Sammy, Natasha, and Mama K


Gotcha Day Memories

October 19th 2015 12:15 pm
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Our Meowmy remembers October 18, 2008 like it was yesterday.

She picked me and Tully up from an adoption fair at the local Pet Food Express store just a couple of miles from our house where we live now. She initially saw our photo on the Internet on Pet Finder and was amazed to find out that we had been attending adoption fairs in her neighborhood for several months even though we were living with our foster Meowmy at the time nearly 25 miles away! We hid underneath Meowmy's bed that first night because we were scared, but once we realized we were going to be safe, and that this was our forever home, we came out and have never left her side since then. We love our Daddy, too, but Meowmy will always be #1, MOL!

Thank you to Rory & Family, the Birthday and Gotcha Day Club, and all our pawsome furiends who stopped by to celebrate our special day! We wanted to post our special pics here since we still can't upload photos to our pages - hoping this changes someday soon;)

Thank you Rory and Family

Thank you Birthday and Gotcha Day Club



Thanks Everybuddy!

March 23rd 2015 7:27 pm
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Tully and I are catabrating our 7th birthday today - thank you to everyfur who stopped by to pawty with us. Mewow!

We received some pawsome birthday pics from Callie Rose and Rory and Furmily (thank you guys). Wish we could share them with you, but the Photo Manager won't let us upload the pics right now...we will try again later.

Love you all. Thanks for thinking of us on our special day!

Luke and Tully


Thanks for the Gotcha Day Wishes!

October 19th 2014 4:15 pm
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Thank you to all our sweet furiends who stopped by to remember me and Tully on our Gotcha Day on October 18th. We were very touched to receive so many nice pictures, gifts, and messages.

We're not too sure who is still around on Catster; there's not as much activity here as there used to be, so we are always thrilled when we hear from a furiend. We're not here as much as we used to be, but we still try and peek in every now and then and see who has pawed a diary or celebrated a special occasion.

We are hopeful that the new owners will get this site working again and are disappointed that the log in issue is still not fixed. Tully's page will only display 10 photos even though we are Plus members, so unfurtunately we are unable to upload any new pictures - bummer. Mom wrote HQ a couple of times about it, but all they could say was "the problem you're having with being recognized for over 10 photos as a Plus member is related to the log in issue, which the Techno Cats are busy working on. They believe they are getting close to a solution. Let's hope they find it soon. Thanks for your continued patience."

We hope everypawdy is doing well. It's still furry hot and dry here in Catifornia so we are purring like crazy that we get some rain soon.

Thanks again for the Gotcha Day wishes!

Luke & Tully


Six Years Old Today!

March 23rd 2014 7:45 am
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Yahoo, today is my 6th Birthday! Tully's Birthday, too! We are hanging out and chilling with our peeps today and fur sibs, Sammy and Natasha, receiving lots of attention and treats. Thanks to all our pals who have stopped by with birthday wishes, presents, and treats, we love you all ♥

If you get a chance, please stop by our pal Fuzz's page - she is Catster's Cat of the Day! Concats to Fuzz !




March 3rd 2014 6:08 am
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The Community is still here.

Our friends are still here.

Catster selected me as a Daily Diary Pick today.

Life is good!



Snowflakes in March

March 2nd 2014 11:55 am
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Here we are in March and we still have our snowflake backgrounds up. Ever since the bio field flea attack last December when Catster backgrounds were getting eaten up and disappearing, we haven't dared to touch our bio fields. Better to have some snowflakes up than nothing at all.

Usually we have our St. Paddy's Day backgrounds up by now, but it's okay, we can live with snowflakes for awhile. It seems appropriate to have snowflakes in March given the wild and crazy winter weather we have had. Catifornia is having the hottest driest winter Mom can ever remember. They say our state is in the worst drought in 100 years. It seems the rest of the country is freezing and buried under huge amounts of snow. We did get a pretty good storm this past week, but not enough to ease the drought. We need lots more rain.

Tomorrow is March 3rd and we still don't know what will become of Catster. We hope it will still be here, but we are prepared for anything to happen. It seems awfully quiet here, we're not sure if anyfur is still around.

Hope everycat is having a great Sunday.



So Many Happy Memories

January 19th 2014 12:05 pm
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Mom began the painstaking task of saving all our Catster stuff early this morning. She had been thinking for a long time that she needed to make memory photo books for each cat in our family, and today she started to organize all our pictures to get the photo books started.

She has literally thousands of digital cat photos saved on her computer and on CDs, but had not organized any of our stuff by individual cat until today. She made folders for each one of us and started saving all our birthday, Gotcha Day, DDP, COTD, and other important life events in the folders so she can make hard copies of everything.

Daddy keeps walking in the room while she is working on saving our Catster pages and asks what the tears are all about. He doesn't understand how heartbreaking it is for us to be losing our Community. We have made friends with some of you on Facebook and we are grateful that we will have that connection with some of you, but there are still many of you who have no intention of joining FB, and we respect that decision. I think that is what hurts the most, losing that connection. The Catster Community has always been a very unique and special place for us, there's no other place like it in our opinion.

Well, better get back to saving more photos. How are all our Catster pals doing today?

Love, Luke


Dear Catster Furiends

January 17th 2014 3:56 pm
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Like many of you, we are heartbroken that our beloved Catster Community will soon be going away. This March would have marked 5 years for us on Catster, and in that time we have been so very fortunate to meet the most awesome pawsome kitties and their humans we could ever possibly imagine - all of you. It's hard for us to believe that we won't be able to come here anymore to play, laugh, socialize, and support each other.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the love and support you have shown us over the years. We have laughed and cried with so many of you and will miss seeing your new photos, reading your diaries, visiting our groups, and celebrating all the Birthdays, Gotcha Days, Bridge Anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions.

If you are not already friends with us on Facebook, please either post a comment here or pawmail us and we'll give you our FB info. We don't go to FB nearly as much as Catster, but sadly that will have to change when our beloved Catster goes away.

Because Catster keeps getting invaded by spammers, we don't want to post too much personal info here, but we would love to exchange email addresses with our furiends so we can keep in touch - please let us know so we can send you our contact info.

Much love,
Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha, and Mom Kelly


Happiness Is...Being Gotcha'd

October 18th 2013 6:20 pm
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The happiest day in a kitty’s life is our Gotcha Day, don’t you think? It’s kind of a bittersweet day for our Mom because it also reminds her of the kitty she lost just before she adopted us, our angel brofur Carlos. He was a handsome tuxie like me, black and white, with beautiful green eyes. Dad named him Carlos, after guitarist Carlos Santana, one of Mom and Dad’s favorite musicians who is also from the Bay Area where we live.

Carlos stopped eating one day and Mom was heartbroken to find out that he had a large mass in his belly that turned out to be lymphoma. It was far too advanced to do anything to prolong his life, and he went to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks later at the young age of nine. Mom cried and cried everyday for several weeks. She started thinking that she better find another cat soon because it was just too painful to be inside the house and not have a cat sleeping, eating, or playing somewhere close by. “Kitties make a house a home” our Mom likes to say.

She started looking on the Internet for cats to adopt through local rescue groups and the SPCA. A picture popped up one day of two black and white cats. I have to admit that Tully and I were pretty darn cute as kittens and it was hard not to stop and take a second look at our photo. Mom got on her email right away and sent a message to the rescue group – “are Lucas (my original name) and Tully still available for adoption”? Within a few minutes a reply came back. Mom’s heart skipped a beat. “Yes, they are. If you are interested in adopting them, please fill out the attached application.” Mom filled it out immediately and sent it right back. It was quite lengthy and asked a lot of questions, but Mom knew they were just trying to screen people and find out if she was really serious about adopting us. Mom passed the first step. Next, our foster Mom wanted to bring us by the house to meet if that was okay. Of course Mom said yes. We came over one evening after Mom and Dad got home from work. Foster Mom brought our carrier inside the house and out popped me and Tully. I immediately started roaming around the living room sniffing and exploring every nook and cranny. Dad thought I was a cool looking cat. He loved my markings, especially the big black spots near my nose and under my chin. I acted very confident and it was no surprise to my pawrents that I turned out to be the alpha cat and later king of the house. Dad still calls me “The King,” MOL.

Tully hid underneath the TV console where the DVD player and other electronic stuff are. He stared at Mom long and hard with eyes that looked a little frightened but also inquisitive as if asking “well, lady, are you going to adopt us?” That’s when Mom knew in her heart that we were "the ones."

The rescue groups in our area don’t normally like to adopt right on the spot, they like you to wait at least a day or two after you meet so you can think about it decide if it’s a good match. Mom and Dad were planning to go away on vacation in the next few days so Mom asked if we could stay with foster Mom until they returned. Foster Mom said she would bring us to the adoption fair near our house the following Saturday, and if Mom still wanted us, we would be waiting for her.

You can read Tully’s diary and find out about our first few nights in our forever home, but we adapted to our new home and bonded pretty quickly with Mom and with Dad. We always remember and thank our guardian angel, Carlos, on our Gotcha Day because without him, we would never have found this forever home.

Thank you to all our friends who stopped by to celepurrate this happy day with us!

Love, Luke

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