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I ates salmon!!

what a purrfect day

January 16th 2010 3:07 pm
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isn,t it great I cuddled with Mommie today , I am getting brave and coming out of the dining room more and more, I have me a cuby hole kitty thing in the living room but I like my mom,s lap the best, we all just got finished with our treats , and later today We get,s our kitty chronic fun,
Ms Lucy is being her usual grouch catarich self, but momsay,s she has earned it, after all mom say she is almost 19!!!!
Mom has been drawing plans to turn the deck into an enclosed play area for us, she say,s if we close it in and add a roof that even she can be out there cause right now in the summer she has to wait till the sun go, s down to the other side of the house, some one gave mom a cat door for the sliding door daddy has to make it a tad taller to fit, ,
it,s a rainy day her eint he Pacific nw and temps are truly weird mom said her flowers are very confused!!!
last night she felt sad for Cleo the kitty from next door and let her in she has been taking care of cleo feeding her and gave her a place to sleep as her owners tossed her out and the damm unfixed dog is in, poor little cleo she was so happy to come in last night out of the rain she slept on the bed with us!!they tosse dPoor Cleo out during the artic freeze we had and that made mom very very mad,
so I guess Cleo will be living with us she didn,t want to go out today so mom told her it, sokay to stay if she wants


wow it,s almost my gottcha day!!!

December 27th 2009 3:30 pm
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I can,t believe this it,s almost my gottcha day!!!!!
a year ago January!!! some one not nice tossed me out in the country in the snow and cold, Me a senior , and I got found and then I was given the best gift og all my forever home!!!!!
I love my home and it was the best of Christmas , I love to still talk, I have a lot to say


mum,s vacation is back on

September 30th 2009 10:10 am
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Just wanting to let every kat in the house to know Mum,s tripis back on!!!!!
she is leaving next weds,
Mum decided that money could not be an issue to keep her from seeing her family so, she is going,
I am planning a party when she is gone!!!!! so. every body will be invited plenty of sardines and salmon and kitty chronic to be served,
the theme will be ghosts n goblins


mum,s vacation

September 22nd 2009 10:11 am
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Mum has told us dat she and Flipper are going on vacation , seems mum has family she has not seen in many long years m and so she is going to california, she is kinda sad cause I can not go, but dats okay cause my Aunty Chris is going to take care of me and she spoils me rotten!!!!!
I am doing well and always is telling mum what to do, she cuddles me alot she say,s its fun to be hugged by me and I likes to kiss her ear,
I nuzzles her neck a lot,
I,m doing well and have become quite large!! no not fat I is all muscles!!!!!

Mum calls me speedy or crash can you firgure out why!!!


MOL day

May 12th 2009 10:22 am
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it,s a MOLMOL day ,, Hobo flipper and me and the rest of da wrecking crew got a surprise package!!!! mom say,s we have angels whowatchover us, she say,s that the angels wuv us ahnd we get gifts, what a box!!!!
cat nip 2 pounds of day stuff MOL, a big bag of new toys,
sweaters for flipper n Ms Lucy so dey stay warm,,
den when Momoomie went to petsmart to get our litter , the Manager he likes Flipper started putting some bags of kitty food inmom,s basket Poor mom she say,s I didn,t buy that dey manager say,s I,mso tired of throwing this stuff away so dis is yours, it was 2 big bags of real good stuff Ryal canin Urinary so, poor mommie she started bawling, she can,t afford that for us and she knows it,s the good stuff , de manager guy told her day whenever she comes inif it,ms byt he wall she can have,s it , he will just look da other way,, she cause at dis petsmart dey have to toss in the garbage returns cause some ladie sued em one time,
any way,s it,sbeen a good day, and momshe say,s maybe God has someangels whowill sponser us cause she say,s it,s getting hard but nomatter what she say,s she will sell every thng to keep us happy and well


somebodies wuvs me

April 18th 2009 6:56 pm
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many purr thanks to whomeverleftme dat beutiful heart!!
it,s been a good day , nice and sunny we furkids had fun out in the cat enclosure on da deck,
and Mommie took Flipper to the petco today for the Catlink meet and greet, Flipper got a pet pouch carrier and she fits oh so fine but whens Mummie tried to put me in it my butt was too big , what de heck I was too big,
, but dat is okkay cause Flipper needs to be with mommie sometimes as she get,s into all kids of trouble , and mum worries alot,
Mum cleaned the yard and planted catnip and blueberriebushes today andden she BBqued,
we all got Kosher hot dog for dinner ,
Hobo is doing well, I wuvs her she nebber starts any ting, , but she is way cool and I wuvs her cause she was abandoned just likes me and then walla she was scooped up by our mum,
well I off to lounge the deck again,


I ates salmon!!

March 15th 2009 3:27 pm
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Mommie had a huge fresh salmon to cut up today and all us kids got baked salmon for dinner I had never hads dat before and Flipper went nutty and Hobo wow she snarfed it down

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