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Dear Abbie

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Donate!! It's for the kitties!!

September 3rd 2010 6:05 pm
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On September 11 Mummy walk for kitties!! She trying to raise money for VOKRA. VOKRA organisation that rescue me and Heidi and orange boys! Mummy have giving page for donations. Me and Heidi and orange boys hope some nice Catster donate to kitties! Here link to giving page: VOKRA's Walk for the Kitties

If VOKRA not rescue us, me and Heidi still be living on streets and orange boys be dead! Because VOKRA great organisation, we all nice and warm and happy and have yummy food and toys!!


I have Facebook page!!

July 26th 2010 5:57 pm
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I write diary on Facebook page now.

Rainbows and Flying Ponies: The Abbietastic World of Abbie McFlooferson


Bye Catster.

June 9th 2010 4:29 am
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Mummy sad, so I sad. She not like what happening on Catster now. She also upset that she only want to post negative stuff, so she decide to stop all post. Catster not feel like home anymore, and many kitties unhappy about ads. It not feel like Catster here, anymore.

Mummy say she sorry for being negative. Mummy not post any more negative. She not want to upset any kitties. She leave our profiles up, but we not coming here anymore.

Bye, Catster.


Maine Coon a dog??!?

June 1st 2010 1:34 am
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Mummy reading the Maine Coon page on Catster. At bottom of page it say, "If You Like This Dog, You Might Likeā€¦"

DOG??!? Maine Coon not dog!!

Mummy then look at Maine Coon rescue page: Maine Coon Rescue

It say Maine Coon a dog, too!! Now I confused. I thought I a cat, but Mummy say I at least half Maine Coon, so that mean I half dog? Wait...that mean Heidi a dog!! And orange boys dogs, too!! I living with dogs!!




May 29th 2010 7:26 pm
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No, it not snowing in May! Mummy volunteer for kitty rescue organisation called VOKRA. That short for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. That where Mummy find me and Heidi and orange boys!

There kitty living in kitty barn next to orange kitty building (orange boy family live in orange kitty building) name Snowball. Mummy say he really nice and sweet. Snowball all white and he deaf. I not think he know sign language, though.

Mummy say nice couple come to see Snowball today. Nice couple really like Snowball! They say they adopt Snowball!! Mummy really happy because Mummy say Snowball need good home with love.

Snowball Picture!

I happy for Snowball!



May 29th 2010 4:24 am
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Moosie plant garden for me! Moosie so nice and he speak same language as Abbie! Meep!!

American kitties have holiday weekend! Mummy tell me it called Memorial Day weekend. American kitties honour vets. What??!? VETS???

What Mummy? Oh...veterans? Oh, okay, I get it.

Last weekend holiday weekend here in Canada. It Victoria Day weekend. Victoria a queen. She die long time ago. Queen Victoria birthday May 24. Human Canadian celebrate with camping and barbeque. I not invited to barbeque. Mummy work. She say she get paid more because it holiday. I pout. She come home early, though!

Mummy say Americans have barbeque, too!! Some American kitties give me burger and hotdog and ice cream and flag! Yummy! I promise, I not eat flag. I only eat burger and hotdog and ice cream. Thank you American kitties!!

Mummy friend going to Illinois for holiday weekend. Mummy want me say hi to friend. MEEP! That meep mean hi. Heidi really, really like Mummy friend. I think Heidi miss Mummy friend when Mummy friend go home after visit.

I hope all American kitties have good and safe long weekend!! MEEP!!



May 28th 2010 4:21 am
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Mummy bring home Greenies!! I never try Greenies before! Greenies yummy! Heidi not like Greenies. Heidi nuts.

Mummy give Greenies to me and orange boys. Light orange boy come across room to get Greenies!

Dark orange boy bop me in face!! I try to take dark orange boy Greenie. He not let me. He bop me in face, so I not eat his Greenie.

Mummy not give us enough Greenies.


Mummy and me upset

May 26th 2010 4:04 am
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We not like look of page now! It all white! It look yucky! Mummy say she not like new Catster format. She say it seem Catster not care about members anymore!

Mummy say sometimes it say, "Hi Lori," at top of page. Who Lori?? Mummy not know! Mummy name Sharon!!

Only orange boy pictures on community homepage! Where Abbie picture?? Abbie most important kitten!! Not orange boys!! And it call them Seamus and Padraic! That their middle names!!

I not a happy kitten right now.


Daily Diary Pick and stinky orange boy come out!!

May 24th 2010 3:29 am
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Diary lady pick me again!! She like my diary. Before, I give advice. Nobody want Abbie advice anymore. Mummy say it because I tell all kitties to pee on things and other kitties. She tell me to stop telling kitties that.

Dark orange boy come out a lot. Heidi not like that and sometimes Heidi chase dark orange boy back in room.


Yes, Mummy?

His name is Reilly

Okay, Mummy.

Dark orange boy come out and sit with me. He not hiss or anything. I like dark orange boy.

Light orange boy never come out of room...until today!! Light orange boy come a little bit outside door of room! He know Mummy coming with food, so he meet Mummy!!


Yes, Mummy?

His name is Finlay, not "light orange boy".

Okay, Mummy.

Light orange boy still hiss at Mummy because he scared, but he come out a lot more now!! I hope light orange boy come out more and more so I can play with light orange boy!!



We expire

May 21st 2010 1:59 am
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My page look bare! Mummy get e-mail saying Plus expire. That mean there not many pictures and no captions on page anymore. Mummy say she not going to renew right now. I mad at Mummy! Mummy just ask me if I want food or Plus. Hmm. Okay, Mummy. I get point.

Wait...Mummy...boys not need food, right??

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