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Ember's Life

I'm losing weight!

March 27th 2009 9:27 pm
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I'm losing weight! Finally!

It's hard though. I put on a lot of weight when I came here from the shelter, but then again I was sooo skinny before - too skinny! Well, finally after I hit about 13 lb, Mom decided I was going on a diet.

It took a month to change my food to an indoor cat food from the food the shelter had been feeding me, so I didn't get sick. That was alright. I like the new food, and it looks like little shark teeth! Rawr!

Anyway, I'm eating the new food and it's hard. Mom and a roommate are feeding me 3/4 cup of food per day, three times a day like always. But here's the thing -- I want to eat so much more food! I eat all my food right away! Mom checked with the vet, and they are feeding me the right amount. Unfortunately.

Even though it's been so hard having to wait for food, I'm getting back down to my trim 10 lb! I look purrfect. I will have some new photos to show off soon!


Spring Break is over!

March 10th 2009 6:41 pm
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Spring break is over, and everyone's back home!

I spent a week with just Mom, who gets up in the morning for her internship and gets home at 5. She plays with me a lot, but not near as much as when there are all kinds of people here, and friends!

Everyone came back smelling like my cousins, so I was a little standoffish. My cousins include other cats, dogs, and even some rodents. All the new smells were so confusing! But everyone is clean and properly inventoried now. I saw to that.

I have to say, Mom's new schedule confuses me. Mom didn't go to bed on time or get up on time because it was the weekend, so I tried to make her go to bed and got her up at 7:30 like she always wants -- but she just got aggravated and pushed me away. Silly humans. This will take some getting used to.



March 3rd 2009 8:39 pm
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I was tagged by Patches!

(Note to those that I tag...Just copy the questions and delete my answers. Then tag four furriends to play along!)

Have fun!!!!

1)-What color is your collar? It's red -- but I only wear it when I am going on trips!

2)-What kind of food do you eat? I mostly eat dry food, but mom feeds me a can or two of wet food every week.

3)-What are your favorite treats? I looove seafood! My regular food tastes like chicken, so I'll always run for any kind of fish in my wet food!

4)-Do you have a Valentine or significant other? I tread alone, but all of my roommates are my friends, especially mom!

5)-Do you get table scraps? Sometimes they're put in my food bowl, but I eat around them. Human food is for humans only! Who wants cooked meat?!

6)-What is your favorite toy? It's half-mouse, half-bird! I destroy them so quickly that Mom keeps a couple extra in stock -- and I know where she hides them!

7)-When is your birthday? I don't know! I was turned in to the Humane Society took me in on December 1, so I call that my birthday. It's the start of my new life!

8)-How many times a day do you get to eat? 8:00 AM, 5:30 PM, and 11:30 PM. I am VERY particular about this!

9)-Do you have a favorite color? My house is all in browns, but there are blue, green, and red stripes too.

10)-Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Sure! This was fun to fill out.

My turn to tag!!! I will invite these kitties to play:

I'm going to follow Patches' lead and invite some other new kittens to play! I hope you guys feel welcome here at Catster, I sure do!

Heidi - 964852
Radley - 964846
Blacky - 964841
Kabuki - 964829


Overview/First Post

March 1st 2009 5:00 pm
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As some background, Ember lives in a spacious college apartment with four college students (three friends and her mom). She was adopted a few months after moving into the apartment by three apartment members, but is cared for and fed by her mom -- though everyone else helps out by playing with her, making sure she's doing well, and giving her lots of love and attention.

She's very outgoing and loving -- always curious to meet the new people who come into the apartment or watch our crazy projects. If she wants to calm down, she can just go sleep on her mom's bed, but she really enjoys sleeping in her "cat hutch" in the living room, so she can rest, but also watch everything that happens.

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