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May 19th 2009 9:25 pm
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I am so happy to be DDP again! I am also very happy to know my diary gets read :) I do like to ramble to myself around the house because I like to hear myself talk, but knowing that someone is listening means that much more :)

Thank you Catster!
Floppa Doodle


The great outdoors :)

May 18th 2009 1:42 pm
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I had another fun day out on the porch :) except today I rolled around in the pigeon poop and got all dirty. Meowmy is so mad at me she won't pet me. She says she will pet me once she gives me a bath in a few minutes. MEOW!!!!!!!!! NO BATH!! Then she made me come inside.

Sigh. Oh how I love the outdoors and how I long to go roll around in the grass and chase pigeons. Oh ya, I saw a doggy down in the grass and I was really interested. I haven't seen one of those things in a long time!



Food Stuffs

May 15th 2009 10:39 pm
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I am very sad to inform you that meowmy has officially weened me off of Science Diet. She was mixing it half and half with my new food (Wellness CORE). For a while before I got used to that I would pick out the Science Diet one by one and make a pile on the floor! Eventually all the CORE (that nasty stuff is made of MEAT EEWW) would be in the bowl and I could eat my nice little pile on the floor :)

Well meowmy recently switched my whole bowl to being CORE. I am so sad :( It took me a while to start eating. I guess I can't be stubborn all the time. I am slowly getting used to it, I still fling my food all over the place hoping to find some Science Diet hiding underneath...

I never find it. I miss Science Diet :(



Fun times

May 13th 2009 8:19 pm
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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the prezzies I have recently gotten! They really make my day :) I would be giving out more, but I am currently out of zealies :( I love all of my Catster friends so much!

Thank you Josie for the rosette! I hope you enjoyed your day as dogster diary pick, those days are quite special :) and thank you Loki for being such a great friend!
Thank you family of Samantha, Eddy, Freddy, and Chevy for the world! and Forrest Grump for another prezzie! I love all you furs so much!

I had a very good day today because it was so nice outside! Meowmy opened up the window to let the breeze in and I had a blast sitting by the window and smelling the smells outside. Getting to hear the birds chirp is nice too :) Meowmy also opened up the porch door for me so I got to hang out on the porch a little. I love being able to go outside it always makes my day. I hope Meowmy lets me do more of this during the summer.

Sergeant Flopper


Sticky Kitty!

May 10th 2009 11:00 am
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Meowmy accidentally spilled her soda last night. Well... I was standing right there and it went all over ME instead of the carpet. I guess I saved the carpet? Anyway, Meowmy tried to wash it all off of me but I am still a little sticky! I am SODA CAT!

Today is Mother's Day and I would like to wish my Meowmy a happy day :) She does so many ridiculous things for me like cleaning my butt and insisting on feeding me good food even though I hate it, and she also spills soda on me (MOL jk). Meowmy wishes she had a harness for me so we could all go out and have a picnic together as a family. That would be nice :) It is a little rainy today but it looks like the sun is starting to come out. We will see about that Mother's Day picnic.

I would also like to wish all the other cat moms out there a happy Mother's Day. It makes me so happy to see so many caring mothers out there doing all they can for their furs. I only wish we could give a home and loving to all the homeless kitties out there. It makes me very sad.

Floppa nooner


Swirly Chairs

May 4th 2009 9:40 pm
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Swirly Chairs are THE BEST!!! My Catster friends, if you have not tried spinning around and around and around in a swirly chair that your human may own, you are truly missing out. If your human does not have one, beg! Beg and beg and beg! If you want unlimited entertainment when the humans are gone for the day, you need a swirly chair!

If the chair is positioned just right where it faces the door of the bedroom, I can start at the front door, and sprint all the way to the chair and take a bounding leap into it!!!! It's SOOO fun!!! If I run fast enough, the chair will spin when I jump into and I will swirl around and around! Wheeeee it's so fun!!!

The pawrents say I am loud when I run (they like to make fun of how fat I am). I guess all they hear is BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and all of the sudden they look up to see a swirling chair.

I love to keep myself entertained :)


P.S. I am now a superhero! Meowmy caught me in my superhero pose on the floor, so she gave me a cape and a helmet so I can fly in space. What do you think?


More sad news :(

April 27th 2009 10:20 pm
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Midnight made her trip to the bridge this past Thursday, 4/23/09. I would just like to take a minute to remember Midnight so that we will never forget what a special kitty she was in our family. Midnight was Meowmy's first furbaby. Meowmy adopted Midnight when she was very young at the age of 7. Midnight was just a little black furry kitten (whose birthday was the day before Meowmy's also). We wish we had pictures of her as a kitten. Midnight's favorite thing when she got older was to sneak outside and roll around in the dirt. She LOVED DIRT!!!! She was supposed to be an indoor kitty but she would occasionally slip to the backyard and Meowmy would always find her under the porch... and brown. MOL. She also loved to eat grass. She was a very dainty girly kitty, who still loved to enjoy the outdoors every now and then when she could manage. Meowmy would often times bring grass in to her to eat for herself (one of her photos shows her with a bowl of grass), and Meowmy would also dress her up as a princess because she really was. She was definitely very particular and liked to have everything her way.

Meowmy started calling her Pudder pretty early on, and that name pretty much stuck within the family.

When Tabby came into the picture (Midnight was about 6), Tabby was very aggressive and Meowmy had to do kitty separation around the house. This was sad because they couldn't just have one big, happy family where everyone got along. But, nevertheless, the kitties stayed fairly happy as long as they didn't see each other. When Meowmy moved out of her parents she couldn't take Midnight with her, so Midnight stayed with my grandmeow. Midnight was very happy here with Grandmeow, because grandmeow was Midnight's favorite human afterall. Midnight did lots of bonding with the rest of the new stepfamily here and really learned to love a lot of people (she was kind of a hermit in the old house). Meowmy would bring her her favorite treats like tuna every now and then. Midnight could smell tuna 50 miles away! You could open up a can of tuna for her and bazooom!!!!!! Midnight is there. Right next to you. With her face in the can even though its not open yet. Meowmy and I have never seen a cat love tuna more!!!

Since last January she has been sick and thinning, from an unknown illness. We are happy she did not seem to suffer at all. She was very happy and still running around and purring till the end. I hope she is happy at the bridge with her little princess wings, and I hope she is surrounded by tuna.

Pudder~ 7/23/96-4/23/09



April 27th 2009 9:45 pm
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I can't believe I missed it on Saturday! Meowmy has not let me log in again for a while and I missed celebrating my being diary pick on Saturday! I am so sad, but Mommy will make it up to me. I am purring all over her right now in front of the fire place :). I am going to have to tell her to let me on every day from now on! Thank you Catster!!!!!

Floppin Puss



April 21st 2009 5:19 pm
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I am finally back on Catster to update my diary! Meowmy has been a little too busy to help me get online.

In the meanwhile, I have found a new sleeping place! I have started to sleep ON TOP of my meowmy and daddy instead of on the edge of the bed next to them at night. It's very warm and cuddly. Even if they are laying on their side, I still try to fit on top. I fall off a lot, but its comfy while I can stay on!!! The key is to be persistent even when they roll over or push you off. Just keep getting right back on. It works even better if I lay on BOTH mommy and daddy at the same time!!!

WOOHOO!!! I love meowmy and pawpaw!!!!

Boris the pussins


More Pigeons!

April 11th 2009 12:31 pm
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I thought I heard Mommy say something the other day about how she would like to put a birdhouse on the porch to attract the pigeons for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! tehehehehehehe meow meow meow meow!!! Please Mommy Please!!!!

My new nickname is also Pussins, pronounced like Puss-in-boots except no boots. I'm not sure if I like it.


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