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I am in my new home and loving it

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Its my birthday and thankyou

August 26th 2011 11:04 am
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Hello friends,today is my birthday and i am having a wonderful day, i have received lovely p.mails and gifts from my very special friends and i really want to thank you all, i am sharing my big day with Toby my brother so its a double celebration here,mommy has a very busy time this weekend with it being a bank holiday here in the uk but she has promised me she will Thankyou all personally early next week when things have calmed down,hoping you all have a lovely weekend
((hugs)) and love Taffy xxxx


Shelly Sue needs your help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

March 28th 2011 12:05 pm
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Hello all my friends i have a huge favour to ask of you,could you please please join in a purr circle for my sweet friend ShellySue,she suffers from asthma and her lovely mommy has to find her a new forever home.This is her catster I.d she is such a little sweetheart please go visit her page and read her diary it explains everything,and if anyone out there could give Shelly the new forever home she needs please P.mail her mommy as soon as you can
Much Love and Many Thanks Taffyxx


Happy Christmas

December 24th 2010 8:14 am
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We just wanted to stop by on this very busy day and wish all of our friends the happiest of christmas's and hope that you all get what you wish for, we are thinking of all our wonderful friends and remembering sadley all those that we have lost this year,
Love, peace and happiness to you all
((hugs)) Taffyxx


Heart felt ((hugs)) and Thankyou's

December 5th 2010 10:00 am
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My family and i would like to say a very heartfelt thankyou to all our wonderful Catster friends for the love and support you have shown us this weekend,The messages, diary comments,gifts and love have been overwhelming for us, we are hoping by late tomorrow to have our heating back on.
Without the support of our wonderful friends things would have been a whole lot worse.
We realy do thankyou from the bottom of our hearts
((hugs)) and Much Love Taffy and familyxxx


We have all been terrified today

December 4th 2010 12:31 pm
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My whole family have been terrified today,there was a bad chimney fire in the house with smoke pooring into the loft we were so scared we thought the roof of the house was gonna burn,mommy got the fire brigade and we had 20 fireman helping to save our home and get us safe again,they couldn't get to the fire at first because it was in the walls,after 2 hours they finaly managed to calm it and put it out,mommy is now on fire watch every 20 minutes checking the wall temperature,we are very shaken up but safe although we have no heating because our fire heats our radiators and we are not allowed to use it until repairs are carried out but rather be cold and safe than what could have happened,mommy can't stop shaking and wont sleep tonight so if you have any spare purrs we could sure use sone tonight thankyou
((hugs)) a very shaken up Taffyxx


DDP Today

August 31st 2010 11:21 am
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Oh my gosh today i am DDP and this is my very first time i am furry excited,thankyou diary lady for picking me,can i please say a big thankyou for all the wonderful p.mails and gifts i have received today mommy will thankyou all personaly as soon as she has finished her work tomorrow,concats to all the other DDP,S today i hope you are all having a lovely day,Love and ((hugs)) to all my wonderful friends
Love Taffy (mrs. Chef Rooster))and a big MWAH to my wonderful Husbandxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


5 Today

August 26th 2010 1:11 pm
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Hello i am 5today and would like to say thankyou so much to everyone who has p.mail me, sent lovely gifts and diary comments, mommy has promised to try to send out thankyous over the weekend to everyone, i will be watching her to make sure she does.
I am having a lovely time with my Chef, he is wonderful so romantic and Rose and Toby are here too and being quite good surprisingly.
have a lovely day my friends and thankyou for making my day so special
Love Taffyxx


5 Tomorrow

August 25th 2010 9:56 am
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Tomorrow will be my Birthday/gotcha day and i will be 5,i share my special day with my brofur Toby who will be 4 and at the moment we are on holiday in Spain with my husband Chef and his sisfur Miz Rose,we are having just the best time and chef has cooked some lovely meals for us. Toby and Rose are actualy behaving therselves at the moment but i have my doubts about tomorrow.
Pharoah i hope you are enjoying the quality time away from those 2 little pests mol.
Have a lovely day my friends
Love Taffy (mrs. chef rooster)xx



August 22nd 2010 10:12 am
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My wonderful husband Chef has surprised me with yet another wonderful trip,this time its to SPAIN,we leave tomorrow and i am so excited,i am all packed and ready to go,there is one or should i say two small problems though TOBEE and ROSE, they will be travelling with us ,i am not sure what Chef was thinking when he said they could join us but i think TOBEE did some serious creeping to get invited, they have been told they have to behave so i can omly hope they do but at least Pharoah will have some peace from them while we are away and thats something he so deserves
((hugs)) Taffy(mrs. Chef Rooster))xx


Calling all chefs

June 13th 2010 12:15 pm
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Gosh i am so excited and honoured today, my wonderful husband Chef Rooster has made ME an admin of his wonderful group Calling All Chefs,i am so proud and now i have to go sort out my recipie books so that i can cook something realy yummy,please if you get the chance call in and visit us at the group and see some of the wonderful recipies that the group cooks up.
Love Taffy (mrs. Chef Rooster)x

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