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Maine Coon/Exotic Shorthair
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Home:Atlanta, GA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 14 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 20 lbs.

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Boo Boo , Riley Cat, Rat Kitty, Cuteness, Snuggle Rat, Fat Rat, Mr. Paintbrush Tail and Riley Baby

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-pound cat-cat rescue

October 11th 2002


For Daddy to rub his nose, Mousie (which is on a string), hiding, to be carried around, drinking cold milk

to be teased and to touch him when it's "Mousie Love" time

Favorite Toy:
Ribbons & String

Favorite Nap Spot:
Under any clean laundry and under the sheets ~ like a person

Favorite Food:
Grilled Chicken

He perfers to drink from a cup, he lets himself in and out of the doors in the house, he uses his paws like human hands to pick things up and he is the official food and beverage inspector


Arrival Story:
We lost our orange soft special kitty Tigger in a very tragic way on April 3, 2004. My husband went away for a weekend and I was home alone- no Tiggy to keep me company and it was awful. I went to the Humane Society to see who was there on April 11. *************** This kitty eyes caught MY eye, I bent down and said "hi" and stuck my finger in his tiny cage. He reached out his hand and grabbed my finger and squeezed. I knew then I had to have him- he needed me too. We went home and had a weekend together- it was not good. ********************************* It turned out that Riley was abused, starved, neglected by human touch and love. He was also very sick with an URI that he developed the next day. After hiding under the bed for 4 days, he became very very sick and had to go to the vet. He was literally on the verge of death, laying on a chair with his head hanging over the side not moving. He was on 4 medications but not getting better- this was week 2. The vet said as long as he eats and drinks he will be okay- we took care of him with lots of love, patience and time. My husband fed him water with an eye dropper because he was so dehydrated- he couldn't lift his little head. ******************After 2 days of the "water treatment" he started to get up and eat some treats, but no real food becasue he couldn't smell it. We still had to feed him water, give him his meds and take him in the bathroom for "steam sessions" to loosen the stuff in his lungs so he could breathe. After about 1 month of being sick, he finaly pulled through. ***************************** Then it REALLY started. He would run from us, hide under the bed, hiss, scratch and bite if you tried to pet him- I had a nice "war wound" on my head to prove that. He didn't know what being petted was, didn't know that humans could also be nice and touch in a way that feels good. I did A LOT of reading on how to work with an abused animal, poor Riley didn't even know how to play! With lots of love, kindness and positive reinforcement after 4 months he started to show some signs of becoming a really good little kitty. It took a lot, and each week was better than the last. *************** Riley Cat will run to the door and be waiting to greet us when we get home- making cute little happy grunting sounds the whole time. He asks for treats, loves to watch tv, goes outside each morning to snack on his kitty grass that is kept on the balcony and he loves to cuddle and will search us out for attention and love. He's much heavier now that he is healthy and when he jumps on your chest you know it...guess that's the Maine Coon in him ! ********************************** We love our Rat Kitty dearly, he loves to play and will play with anything and everything- it's all a game to him. When he stands up on his legs and puts his hands on the door knobs and actually opens the doors. I have to keep tehm all locked or he will just do as he pleases- we laugh so hard, nothing is safe from him. He's very smart, picks up quickly on how things are done and tries them himself. He's such a happy little boy now, it's hard to believe he's the same kitty I brough home that easter weekend in 2004. ********************************** ******* He loves chicken, he uses his hand to grab your arm and pull it to him when you are getting "his chicken" ready because he is so excited. He loves to play with his mousey and play "chase hide-n-go-seek" - especially with his Dad. They are buddies, it took a while, but they love each other greatly. Riley will leap from wherever he's is at to run to him when he hears the key turn in the door.

Riley is part Geoffrey Cat so his hands & feet are webbed for swimming and his outter markings are along the lines of a Geoffery Cat. His tail is SUPER LONG measureing a little over 12", His belly is the typical Maine Coon-ish longer hair and coloring and some "wild" long hairs have sprouted on his arms and legs.

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I have a girlfriend, her name is Tabitha

a white belly with white tipped hands and feet- the rest depends on the lighting.

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December 9th 2004 More than 12 years!

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It's a Rat-tastic Life !

It's been a while...and for good reason too.

October 27th 2008 7:04 am
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Sorry Gang. Life has been rough for me latley and I haven't had the time to come by and visit. I was really sick for about a month, Mommy had to take lots of time off work to be with me and take me to the vet. I wasn't eating, or drinking very much, didn't got potty and I threw up 17 times in 3 days.

I experienced going to the vet and being left alone for the first time. I hated it, I was really scared. Mommy had never left me before- EVER in my whole little life. I got an initial a bad diagnosis from the emergency vet at 5AM who was on staff when I started peeing bright red blood. She gave me some antibiotics, but no tests, and sent me home. A week alter I had to go back b/c the blood was there again- 3 times in 45 minutes, pure blood.

I got a new vet wrong diagnosis. He also changed my food "in order to save my life". Mommy did it because she thought it was best, but it only made me worse. I didn't want to eat or drink and what was worse is that I didn't got potty in over six days. Mommy was giving me water with a syringe to keep my hydrated.

Finally another week later I got a really nice lady vet who understood me. She gave me kitty valium the minute I got there and kept me sedated while I had to stay at the vet, it's really stressed me out. I don't like being left alone. So anyway...turns out I was internalizing stress.

I stressed out so badly over the packing, moving, new furniture, Tabitha coming to live with us, her eating my food, hitting me etc. I was so stressed out it caused my lower colon and intestines to stop working completely.

I have Psuedo Megacolon & also Ileus which is a gastro intestional thing with an inflamed stomach. It was causing me to howel and throw up immediatley after peeing. Turns out the blood came frm the pressure of my stomach on my bladder which inflamed it and made it swell. I was very uncomfortable. I didn't have crystals like the other bad vet thought when he cahnged my food.

If he would of done proper blood tests he would of known that. He just told Mommy I was spoiled and would eat when I'm hungry enough. What a stupid JERK ! I *may* be spoiled, but I'm sick !!!! My nice vet said that was wrong and a sick kitty WILL NOT eat and to give me the soft food I like the best.

They did icky things to my back end region, just like a person and I was on meds for about a month. At first it was 3 meds, 3 times a day and Mommy had to take time off of work to come home in the afternoon to take care of me. She loves me bunches, I know. I had to eat baby food for a little while, like 3 days. it's good at first but you get tired of it after a while when you eat it 3 times a day.

I also had to be given a full bag of fluids twice and I got sent home with a kitty i.v for Momy & Daddy to give to me. That sucked- BIG TIME.

Then I started to do better and it went to twice a day. After 2 weeks of meds, I got to drop one of them since I was eating and keeping it down. So here I am, 2 months later and doing much better.

I still have some booty issues and Mommy is watching that carefully each day. I'm taking allergy meds because I'm a little congested and my vet dosn't want it to turn into a sinus infection. She understand and dosn't want me to come back in if I don't have to as that's part of the problem.

She said no stress and a calm household. My fave toys, tree and food were moved upstairs away from "Fat Girl". I can eat in peace without being afraid she's going to eat all my food and snack as I want to through the day. I also can sleep upstairs high on the bed or in the closet where she can't find me. Mommy made me a special hiding place behind a dresser and I can go sleep in there too. Sometimes I like to be with Tabby, sometimes I don't. I wish she was nicer to me.

I'm only allowed to eat wet food, soft treats and I have boiled chicken for breakfast (YUM!). Mommy sneaks in a few peebbles of dry food and makes sure I get lots of water. As I's been a rough time for me, but I'm doing good now.

Did you see my cowboy costume? I think I look so suave in the one photo where my hat looks more like a fedora- just like what my Daddy wears haha. So, I hope y'all have a Happy Halloween and get losts of treats.

Riley Cat


Oh WOW !!!

August 11th 2008 5:08 am
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Diary Pick of the Day and I never knew it. I don't go online on the weekends, I'm too busy chasing Tabitha's tail. It's my latest obsession.

One of these days I'm gonna catch it. We did nap together on the couch a lot this weekend, she on her blanket and me on the bed. I even let her sleep on my special bed a while and I took the couch.

Little does she know it's just so I can be closer to her haha. I'm a smart one.

Thanks for everything gang, I'm really honored.


Dear Fat Girl

August 7th 2008 6:01 am
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Tabitha, My Chubby Housemate:

I like you, I really do. I want to be your friend. I especially think it's fun to hide behind doors and jump out at you when you walk by and chase you up the stairs. I even find it amusing and endearing when you growl really low, like a dog, thinking it will scare me away. My need and desire to have you as a friend, running around with me is outweighing the threats you are throwing at me.

I have a dream that one day we can play chase, go get a snack, I'll introduce you to Mousie and we can take a nap. Who is Mousie you ask? Oh, that's my first love, they will always be there, I'll never part from them. Plural? Why yes, there are four to be exact. We go way back to when I was just 1.5 years old. But that's not what this is about.

Fat Girl, please stop hissing at me...and I don't like to be bopped on the head either. I've been tolerating it for months now but it's really getting old. No, it will not stop me from trying to snif your tail which has me's like a piece of string fluttering in the air, so much that I must snif it and make it my own. I see you everyday and think you're interesting. I even noticed you are losing weight and taking better care of yourself. I want to be your playmate.

Tabitha, I have these things called nails that you don't have. These can drawl blood and hurt you greatly. But, I haven't used them, no I haven't. Fat Kitty, you are trying my patience. I love your chubbiness but I'm so very upset by your actions that all I can do is walk away in dismay a disheartned boy. I'm a lover not a fighter, can't you see that by now?

Saturday night I did cute kitty just for you. I pulled myself across the carpet trying to be closer to you while I was doing cute kitty and it didn't even phase you. You just hissed, bopped me on my head and ran away. I just want to be friends, so I chased after you and you still growled at me. I followed you, thinking we could work it out and maybe this was your idea of a game. But no, you wanted nothing to do with me and puffed yourself up and kept growling. What is that anyway, is that suposed to scare me? Obviously, it's not working because I keep coming.

Fat Girl, please be my friend. There are lots of games I can show you. I can teach you how to get treats with the batt of an eye. I can show you how to drink from a cup and be hand fed. I can wrap others around my cute swinging tail and have them doing whatever I want when I want. I have things I can teach you if only you would let me. I'll be six in October and we can have many beautiful years together if you let us. So I implore you, stop hissing at me and hitting me.

I won't give up. You do see that by now. Persistent could be my middle name if it wasn't already Eduardo.


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