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A Day in the Life by Sukah

Today is my Birthday - ta da da da da da da da!!!

May 15th 2007 7:30 am
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Well I can't believe that I haven't written anything for a whole entire year. I've been very busy - there is always so much to do and look at, in between answering the calls from my various napping spots throughout the day. Mom was away and left me with her sister who's visiting so I had the task of trying to bond with my cousin Harry and my auntie for a few days without her ( pssst, by the way, Harry's Mom fed me lots of yummy food that I don't normally get, but it will be our little secret). It took a little doing since Harry is a doggie and a puppy to boot, but after a few hisses and growls to set him straight as to who's the boss, we're doing OK. Mom brought me back some fun toys too - and I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of my Birthday - I'll let you know.

winks and purrs,


Birthday Box Fun!!!

May 10th 2006 11:26 am
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Wow, it has been a while since I've written, you see I have such a busy schedule with all the stretching, and sleeping, and prowling and greeting that I do all day. . . But anyway, I'm excited because my birthday is coming up on the 15th (I'll be 4) and I already got my birthday present. The loud buzzer sounded one night late last week and startled me, and when Mom went out she came back in with a really big box that was delivered to our home. Of course, the first thing that I did was to leap on top of it, 'cause it had to be for me (isn't everything?!). So then Mom saw me up on the big box and decided to show me what was inside - it was a great new tree to hang out on. Mom pulled it out and I of course immediately went to check out the space that it left inside the big box. Mom was calling me over to try out the tree but to tell ya the truth I was still really enjoying my facinating big brown box - can you blame me?

Purrs and winks,


Purrrfect Friends

June 21st 2005 1:41 pm
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Last night, there I was in my window enjoying the view when I heared Mom calling. I didn't respond, but you see what she didn't realize is that I had company and I was busy being a good host. Just outside my window was a most lovely creature - fluffy white and with some golden brown - very cute - with a beautifully full tail. She came by to visit and we were just hangin' . Mom found me in the window with my tail batting excitedly from side to side, and so she poked her head near mine to see what I was looking at . My feline friend stayed a little longer and then had to go home - she just lives across the street - and I watched every graceful movement as she traveled back there. After that, Mom kept calling her my "girlfriend" PULEEZ - Moms can be so embarrassing sometimes - but I do hope my little friend comes by again real soon.


Laser Light Flight - ummm - yeah Right!

June 13th 2005 9:26 am
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So Mom was all excited the other night 'cause she brought home some goodies that she couldn't wait to share with me. I had, of course, already done my investigation of her bag and sniffed out some catnip ball treats. I was in the process of removing them from her bag, but Mom seemed to think that she should help, so I let her. I had fun playing soccer with the ball and carrying it around in my mouth - so tasty. Then she took out this little iron thing, and when she pressed it gave off this bright red light. She was moving that light thing around and apparently expecting me to be excited about running after the red dot, but I just looked at her like "what's the fun in that." I could totally tell that Mom was holding it and moving it around, and I was much more interested in getting it out of her hand, and I told her that if she wanted me to have it then just give it over and then I can press the little button for her, especailly since she seemed quite facinated with it. I'm such a helpful guy - 'til next time all


Sukah of the Jungle

June 1st 2005 10:23 pm
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So after days and weeks of all that rain -- the good thing is that it certainly grew me lots of green to play in and chew on. I was King of the Jungle and I had sooo much fun!!!


Cat Trees and Birthday Celebrations!!!

May 15th 2005 3:31 pm
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Wow, I can't believe it but, it has been exactly a whole year since Mom and I found each other and so we're celebrating my Birthday today - I'm 3!!! Mom got me a really great, and tall, "tree" for my special day (you can see me on it in some of the pictures) - it doesn't really look like a tree but it has lots of places to play and hang out and I've been having so much fun exploring it!!! I get to have some cake later as a special birthday treat and I can't wait (wish it could be more often but Mom says that sugar is bad for me and I guess she's right) !!! Anywho as I sit chillin' at the top of my tall tree and gazing out the window - I'm just really happy - what a great day - life is good and I feel really lucky, or as Mom would say sooo very Blessed!!!


Spring time and the lickin' is easy

May 2nd 2005 4:02 pm
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Hey cat buddies, it's "Sukster" here - OK alright, Mom doesn't like that - Sukah here!!! Mom decided to add a new photo of me and I just had to explain it before anyone gets any bright ideas. You see in the morning when Mom leaves she raps on the front window and I hop up so we can say our last goodbyes - parting is such sweet sorrow and all o' that stuff. . . she leans her head to the side and I lean to the same side and that usually leads me to a bit of rolling around on the windowsill - I sometimes hope that Mom will think that I'm just too cute to leave for for the day and she'll come back in. So today Mom had her camera with her and snapped a picture of me rolling and pressing my paw to the window, with my tongue ready to start licking. . . and I bet she showed the photo to everyone at work (Mom loves to embarrass me).

It has been a while since I pawed an entry and boy have I been busy. It was a looong winter and we had so much snow. One day Mom came home and one of my neighborhood friends had written my name in the snow that collected on the ledge below my window. Mom thought that it was so sweet - and I just tried to tell her that that's what friends are for.

I've been so excited with springtime and the warmer weather, 'cause you know what that means, Mom takes me out and lets me romp around in the park. But to tell ya the truth, every time we go out I have my fun, but I really can't wait to get back inside. I have to get used to all the outside activity again.

My newest game is to jump into the tub, hide and then attack whatever lurks behind the curtain. Mom usually plays along - she'll poke at the curtain and I'll grab at what's moving - it is sooo much fun - you should try it.

Mom says that I've gotten much more affectionate, and she seems really happy that I decided to listen more when she tells me that it isn't OK to share my love bites. So I find myself giving her lots of Love squints but, don't get me wrong, I'm still a tough guy - just sharing my softer side.


Morning rubs , Good food and Friends

December 18th 2004 5:52 am
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So Mom fell asleep on the couch again, but I'm not complaining because I just Love lying down on the back of the couch near her to catch up on my 18 hrs of zzzz s and that way I'm also within easy reach for my morning rubs. . . it’s the one time of day when I'll linger for longer and even brush my paws against her face to ask for more- (it’s OK ‘cause it’s our morning bonding time and so it doesn’t detract from my tough guy image – I’m still a playa’ – cat in charge – top cat - need I continue? ) . . . . Today's breakfast was pretty tasty - so I decided not to pretend to cover it up with the imaginary kitty litter around my bowl . . . aaah Love that freshly opened taste of Petguard - well OK sometimes - but hey if Mom has so much variety in her diet why can't I, I mean you gotta take a stand somewhere. . . but of course Mom tells me that it's good for me (she likes to add some extra vitamins and stuff - yuck!) and that she'll pick up the food and put it away if I don't eat it, so I usually make my point and then I'll dig in just under the wire . . . and she'll usually try to make my evening meal more interesting, I know she tries but hey if you can't tell it like it is to the ones you Love then who can you tell. . . Mom was in a bit of a rush and I just lay there in the middle of the hallway and let her run around me, and I'd only occasionally grab her pant leg for good measure. . . Mom found out that I'm a hit in the neighborhood, she told me that the other day one of the neighbors was raving about me and our visits at the front window and that my reputation had preceded me - what can I say, I'm a people catson - I Love visiting with all the friendly folks I meet while I'm relaxing into the day and enjoying the view at the window!!! Well, gotta run, another day to explore, sleep, groom, roll around, enjoy the window view, chase springy hairbands . . . oh the list is endless - until next time - Peace out!!!

P.S. Love all the new friends that I'm making on Catster - mom showed me all the pictures - sending everyone winks and licks. - Sukster (hey I just made that up - but I'm sure that mom won't call me it - you can though)

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