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Only The Good Die Young

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A Note From Jezebel's Typist

March 27th 2014 10:45 am
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Jezebel passed away in my arms this morning. As some of you may know, I've had Jezebel since I was 6 years old - she has been a major part of my life. I was the one who picked her out - I couldn't resist the crazy kitten that was literally climbing the cage to get me to notice her.

I slept on the floor in the living room so I could be near her - I didn't want to have her up in a bed in case she tried to go anywhere and fell. I kept waking up every couple of hours to check on her. She was so still and she felt cool, but she was still breathing. When I woke up for good around 7, I wrapped her up in my arms and held her for hours.

She seemed like she was beginning to struggle, so my mom and I decided we were going to take her to the vet. But she passed away in my arms before we had the chance. We buried her in the backyard, near where we buried Hank's ashes and Charlie last summer.

I feel like my heart is breaking. Thank you for your friendship.



March 26th 2014 3:50 pm
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I'm tired. The human slaves have been really good - they even got me my favoritest food of all - cheesy Fancy Feast. But I just took the tiniest nibble - I didn't really want to eat it. But at least they knew to get it for me. I didn't want to drink any water either - I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep.

I'm really tired. But at least I have a nice warm lap to lie on right now. Thank you for all the purrs and prayers. They're appreciated.


Not Doing Too Good

March 25th 2014 6:27 pm
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I know I haven't written lately, what with Catster saying they were closing down, then not closing down, and no one really knowing what is going on. But I wanted to give y'all an update.

Well pals, I'm not doing too good. I went to the vet today because I've been having diarrhea for a while. I got some drops to help firm that stuff up. The vet said he heard an extra heartbeat.

My feet have also swollen up, which is making it hard for me to walk. The humans could run a whole lot of tests and all that, but I'm almost 21 years old and they don't want to make me go through all that. I did some get some fluids, along with some vitamins and steroids to help me feel a little better.

But I've had a real hard time walking this afternoon and tonight. I've been dragging my back legs and mainly I'm just sitting in the typist's lap. She seems sad, I don't know what her problem is - her legs are working just fine.

I also got to go out in the backyard. I haven't been out in the backyard for years! A long long time ago, I used to get to go outside and kill birds and lizards and all kinds of things. When I was about 18, my momma thought she could let me out some because I wouldn't to do anything, like climb the fence. Well, I proved her wrong and was on that fence in no time. Not today. I just played with the plants a little and sat by the pool. Well, it figures that the slaves would finally let me back outside when I am too decrepit to do much of anything. It was nice to be back outside though.

I'm back to sleeping on the typist's lap again. I did eat a little bit of food tonight, which made the humans happy. They're really easily pleased I guess.


More Awards!!!

February 12th 2014 2:17 pm
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So me and Travis are back in business after we gots a very generous zealie donation. Thanks a lot!

This past month here on Catster has really stank. More than one of Travis' poops, and that is VERY stinky! But there has been a silver (or maybe I should say "blue" and "black and white") lining to all of this. We made some new pals. I'd seen these kitties around before and thought we were pals, but it turned out we were never official. Anyways, they started a blog like we did - they're doing a pawsome job with it. You can check it out here. We're happy to have them as pals and happy they're over on the blogs!

Roger Bleu and Humphrey Lee Haunted, you win our FUSM Best New Pals award!

Congrats Humphrey!

Congrats Roger Bleu!

We'll be back with more awards tomorrow!


Today's Award!

February 7th 2014 2:54 pm
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Today we has an award for a gorgeous ladycat! And like me, she knows about having to deal with those goofy black and white boys. We're still trying to figure out why they're so huge . . . Anyways, this pretty tabby has a thing for flowers - in fact she even started a group for garden loving kitties called GreenPaws!

Zoe, you win our FUSM Garden Kitty Award!

Congrats Zoe!


Today's Award

February 6th 2014 12:36 pm
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Today we has an award for fluffies. There's lotsa fluffy kitties out there, you handsome long-haired guys and pretty long-haired ladies. I've got short hair, but Maurice has got that long silky hair that just seems to make the humans go "awww . . . " It's kinda nauseating. Anyways, this handsome orange dude has floofers that make Maurice look downright non-fluffy! All that pretty hair must come in handy up there in cold New Hampshire . . .

Finney, you win our FUSM Fluffiest Award!

Congrats Finney!

More awards are on the way - we'll keep going until we run outta zealies!


Today's Award

February 5th 2014 9:54 am
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There's a lotta reasons that this pretty kitty angel from Purrsville deserves to win an FUSM award. It could be because of her beautiful hats and scarves. It could be because of her fun games she had for kitties to play where we looked for her. It could be because of her Get Well purr list. But we are giving her an award for being the WatchCat - taking the time to warn all of us here of the dangers of the Nutro food dat Catster were advertising. She got in some trouble for being such a helpful and informative pal, so we think there are no better reason to award her the FUSM award . . .

Hazel Lucy, you win our FUSM Watchcat Award!

Congrats Hazel Lucy!

More awards are on da way - we'll keep going until we run outta zealies!


Today's Award

February 4th 2014 10:46 am
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Getting a DDP or other award are always a lot of fun. Even if I didn't get all the DDPs I deserved, which would be one for every entry, MOL! One of the best things about it is seeing the badges that our talented pals make us to celebrate. We's already given awards to Pipo and Minko, but they were just two of the pals dat made us cool keepsake photos.

Friday, you win our FUSM Badgemaker Award!

Congrats Friday!

More awards are on the way - we'll keep going until we run outta zealies!


Today's Award

February 3rd 2014 12:48 pm
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Many cats on here write good entries, some even have a poetic bent. My poetry was pretty much confined to my Ring of Pee song (to the tune of Ring of Fire - I might be reposting it soon if you missed it years ago). This kitty wrote some of the sweetest and most inspiring poetry on Catster - we loved reading it . . .

Orange Ruffy, you are our FUSM Poet Laureate!

Congrats Orange Ruffy!


Today's Award Winer Is . . .

February 2nd 2014 3:58 pm
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Most all of us kitties has a cute little fuzzy face. Even us lady cats have facial hair. And on us, it looks good! Some of us have patterns that makes it look like we've got people hair though. There's kitlers, kitties dat look like they got beards, and even kitties with Groucho Marx looking staches. But this kitty has our favorite moustache of all . . .

Sparkman, you win FUSM Best Moustache!

Congrats Sparkman!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

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