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Piglet's "Tails"


July 27th 2009 7:40 am
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Oh yeah...I forgot to add this in my last diary entry, but Meowmy and I had our first animal assisted therapy pre-screening yesterday last Friday at the American Humane Association in Denver. This is basically to see if I'm fit for the job. Well, I was a little nervous but my meowmy says I did a fabulous job! I just concentrated on being my usual charming and happy self so that the evaluators could see what I have to offer. I like meeting and being around new people and I even like dogs (there are lots of therapy dogs I'll probably have to work with), so it was really a piece of cake for me!

The prospective therapy cats like me in the Pet Partners program will be exposed to more challenging scenarios during the final evaluation (which will be in August); this was just the initial one to see if I had "the right stuff". Next step is the in-class training meowmy have to do the week after next....glad I don't have to do that one!


Denver Pet Partners Animal-Assisted soon-to-be- new job!

July 27th 2009 7:27 am
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My meowmy and I have just been chosen by the Denver Pet Partners program (part of the American Humane Association and the Delta Society) to start training on becoming a Therapy Team to conduct animal assisted therapy (AAT) in the Denver and Colorado Springs area!

Pet therapy teams visit hospitals, schools, acute care, long-term care facilities, hospice care, etc., to assist patients and clients with their recovery and facilitate improved physical, mental, and social skills. Most therapy animals are dogs, but cats, horses, and other animals are also used in the program. Animals who are chosen for this work are required to have exceptional social skills and patience with all types of people. Meowmy says I was chosen because of my friendly, outgoing, yet sweet and calm personality. I like people in general, but I know how to be especially patient with little kids and the older humans.

Meowmy's part of the training with Denver Pet Partners will start in Aug 09, then both she and I will get evaluated later in the month to determine our readiness to be a pet therapy team. We will also work with an experienced therapy team facilitator for awhile until we are ready to visit facilities on our own.

Needless to say, if we pass and get certified, my meowmy and I will be the first sphynx cat/person therapy team in Colorado! Please wish us luck!!


Wow...I'm the Honorary Engineer of the Month at Meezer- Junction!

April 1st 2009 12:00 pm
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That's really cool, considering I haven't been a member of that group very long. I have a lot to learn about the railroad engineering gig, but there are a lot of really smart kitties at Meezer Junction who'll help guide me in my new positiion.

I also need to start planning the trip for April....I wonder where we all should go this month??? There are SO many neat places to go and see!

If you are reading this and are not yet a member of Meezer Junction, you should check it out! It's such a fun place....Sydney, Reno, and I are really enjoying ourselves there. It helps if you have a meezer relative, but I don't think that's a necessity to join. :-)


What to do with Reno....

March 30th 2009 1:00 pm
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Hi all, this is my very first diary entry. I can't write or use a computer, so my mommy is helping me get my words on "paper", so to speak.

Anyway, I've been living in my new home now for about two months now and I really like it! I get lots and lots of attention from my people every day, I get the best quality kibble to eat, a saucer of (kitty) milk to drink every day, lots of kitty toys to play with, and a nice warm bed with cozy blankies all to myself (when I'm not sleeping with my new mommy). Yep, I also get the weekly baths, ear cleanings, and nail clippings, too, but that comes with the territory when you're a sphynx like me.

Along with my new home comes two new kitty siblings, two Siamese cats named Sydney and Reno. At first neither Sydney nor Reno liked me much and they hissed a lot at me, but then they both calmed down around me after about a week or so (thanks to my natural sphynx charm ;-). Sydney, the female Siamese, is now really nice to me; she'll let me play with her toys and she shares mommy's lap with me. When I'm cold, she'll sit close to me to keep me warm. Sydney was sick for a while so to return the favor, I'd keep her company on the days she was feeling really bad. We've become pretty good pals, Sydney and I. :-)

Reno, on the other hand, is not nice to me at all...he's kinda a bully. I don't know if he's mean to me because he's jealous of my friendship with Sydney or because he thinks I'm a pushover, but lately he's been bopping me on the head with his paw for NO reason whatsoever! Sometimes he hits me so hard, he scratches my head...ouch! That especially hurts because I don't have any fur to protect me.

Well, one day, mommy came home with some new kitty toys for all of us...they were the good kind with catnip! Well, needless to say, we ALL like catnip! Although mommy had enough toys for all of us, Reno kept hogging all of the toys; he took Sydney's toy away from her and he tried to take mine too by bopping me on the head again. Well, I had enough of this...I got so mad at him, I hit him back not just once, but several times. Reno's a lot bigger than me, but I didn't let up. Like most bullies, Reno backed down when he got a taste of his own medicine. So I managed to hang onto my toy without Reno stealing it.

You know, since that incident, I've noticed that Reno doesn't bop me on the head anymore...hmmmm, I wonder why...hehehe....

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