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Home:Port Alberni, BC, Canada  
Sex: Female

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Baby Banditt,Princess, Banditto, Pretty Girl,

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Gotcha Date:
November 10th 2001

January 17th 1999

Being brushed with the rubber curry comb,, hot wet hands giving her a body massage

New dogs to deal with, and running out of cat-nip, not being able to catch our Budgies!

Favorite Toy:
A shoe lace that Buggz will pull for her, a ping-pong ball, her new scratch pad

Favorite Nap Spot:
She has a well hidden cubby hole in the linen closet

Favorite Food:
Fancy Feast canned-must be in gravy so she can lick it all off and maybe eat the meat!

She drinks with her paw, dips it in and then licks it off, she can knock on the front door to be let in!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Early one summer [2001], my faithful old cat "Mouse" who was with me for 10 yrs passed away from a stroke, I vowed never to own another cat again, I couldn't stand the heartache. A couple months passed and the weather started turning fowl, and like many trips outside,I headed to our compost pile on the edge of our yard under the plum tree. Crouched in the tall grass was a small waif of a white clump of fur, when I would get close, it would run, so everyday I went out and checked if this small cat was still hanging around, well my husband had seen it a few times and remembering I said "never again!", he chased it away each time! When I found out he was doing that, I made him stop! Well I started to make an attempt to be friends with this little ball of fur, it didn't take long, she was very talkative and just couldn't get enough attention, the poor little thing was covered from head to toe in flea bite scabs and she was also starving. Being a big push over for any animal in need, I started to feed her, made a bed for her in our shed and put a flea collar on her, my husband just shook his head saying he'd never believe anything I said again!! We talked it over and decided to let her sleep in the house and more or less keep her, she was so cute, with those grey spots around her eyes and pure white body and that grey tail, we decided to call her "Banditt" she looked like a Banditt!! We were really surprised that she came to the name so fast, we thought wow, this cat really likes us!! A couple weeks went by and it was a beautiful day out so I let her out and she basically vanished for about 4 hrs. but at dinner time she came running in when I called her, I picked her up and when I did, I noticed there was writting on the flea collar, it read... My name is Banditt, I live @ 1234 Moltin St. please call this number--------! We were flabbergasted, was someone playing a joke on us, how did they know we named her Banditt?? We hadn't told anyone about her! My mind was racing, and my fingers shook when I dialed the number. A man answered the phone, and I told him I was the one that had taken Banditt in, he sounded very sad and started to tell me all about her...She was a pure Hymalayn, he had her from the time she was born, he kept 2 kittens from the litter, the other was a boy, who turned into a very big orange Tom Cat, he also told me when she was only a few months old, she got under the feet of a tennant who lived below them and accidently stepped on her and broke her back, she was taken to the best Vet's on the Island and was told she would heal, and she did so with no visual scaring, he also explained that the breed is a very posessive type that dislikes anything coming between it and it's owner, well Banditt was his fav. and the big tom just wouldn't have it, and kept beating her up and chasing her away, so she found refuge under my plum tree and basically adopted us. This man was so impressed with the care we had given her, he asked if we wanted to keep her, but he wanted her taken to the vet and given a physical and to promise him we'd take good care of her, and we have! When I tell this story people say to! how did you know what her name was?? well we didn't, you just have to look at her and you can tell she's a "Banditt"!!

We added a puppy to our family about 4 yrs after Banditt adopted us, Oh Boy, was the previous owner right about possesivness! She was the Boss and no if's and or Butt sniffin!! Poor Buggz our Shi-itzu puppy, he was constantly getting left hooks from her and being hissed at! It took her a couple months before she would mark him as her own, she tollerated him, but not long after they became fast friends, investigating outside together, playing together, mostly she runs in a silly [ what I call a Halloween Cat pose] tail crooked, sideways prance, begging Buggz to chase her, well he does but if he gets out of line, or too close she'll still swat him! Now that she's 10 yrs old, she seems to be feeling her aching bones and gettin a bit crotchity( grumpy) then we through her for a loop a couple wks ago and brought home a 6 yr old Yorkie named Petey, well Petey ran the show back home and I think he was egged on when it came to teasing and chasing the cats, he had to be told a few times not to go after her( after she swatted him a few times for just sitting there!) Petey wasn't going to take any disapline from a meer cat so he was all teeth and snarls when she smacked him, I think it kind of scared Banditt, she's not use to a dog not doing what she wants! I think thats why they haven't become friends yet, it's more of an avoidence relationship!! Poor Banditt, I feel so bad she has to go through all this! Buggz really needed a buddy to play with and she just didn't cut it!!

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