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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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Outside Today

April 23rd 2010 9:48 pm
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I got to go outside today. I don't get to go out too often you see I manage to get out of my harness and then Mom has to chase me around the yard or she has Mia my dog sis fur get me..I figured out if I wrap my leash around things I can pull and get out of the harness, so when I do that I don't get to go out for a while....

I also don't get to go out on trash days, I am afraid of trucks so when I hear the trucks coming I panic and try to climb the patio door screen....

Today was a nice day, no trucks and I didn't wrap myself around I got to stay out with Xena and QT, we all had fun doing our own thing in the yard...I ate grass too yummie, so glad Dad didn't mow the grass yet, bet he mows it tomorrow before it gets any Dad don't mow it all we need to eat grass don't you understand that !!

So I mostly stayed on the patio, sat in the arm of the cat chair we all like to hang out in...and then it was time to go back in Mom had to get ready to leave...

I had a fun time being out and getting some fresh air and sun...

Thanks Mom for letting me out today!!!had a great time hanging out with you and the kitty girls...SEE MY PICTURES ON MY PAGE



I had fun With Our Laser Light

May 6th 2010 9:29 pm
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Mom was playing with QT today with our laser light, I just couldn't help myself I had to get in on the action....that laser light is so fun and can be annoying too...we always try and try to get it, but we just never seem to be able to get it, I put my paw on it and it disappears...what gives....

So I run around and pounce having fun, that is what it is all about...having fun...Tallulah my sweet little sis fur was watching me going ha ha ha because I couldn't get it either.. this blows I was trying to show up Tallulah I wanted to get that laser but I guess I will have to try again another day.

Mom says we can try again later to see if we can finally get that light...darn where did that light go, has anyone seen it, I wanted to get it...



Memorial Day Thank yous

May 31st 2010 1:00 pm
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WOW MOL I am overwhelmed with all of my special Memorial Day goodies and the wonderpurr wishes for me and my family....

We have been getting so many poor Mommy can't keep up with individual thank we are taking the time to say a

BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR THINKING OF US AND HELPING US ALL CELEBRATE TODAY WITH OUR HAMBURGERS, HOT DOGS, WATERMELON AND ICE CREAM all have sent us....we been having fun eating, playing and soaking up the sun this weekend...

We are all hanging out with Mom and Dad....we love you all and we wish you a wonderful weekend too...




July 1st 2010 10:32 pm
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I am so sad tonight we haven't been on catster for a few days and we were shocked to find out my SWEETHEART NALA SUE passed away suddenly on June 30th...I am crying and so is Mom, Nala Sue was one of my very first friends supporting me when I was having breathing problems and has supported Mom while QT has been sick..we have been sweethearts for a long time...I LOVED HER!



Moms says you just never know when something will happen to us, we all need to make sure you love your fur babies, give them extra kisses and hugs tonight...we are praying for all kitties and send special prayers to all that are sick or missing...




July 26th 2010 9:32 pm
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I've been tagged by my sisfur XENA!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night? YES, all the time, I meow, I jump on the bed and run around and I love to love Mom while she is sleeping

2. Do you ever tear up things? No, I never tear things up

3. What is your favorite treat? I don’t like treats

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so? No

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now? No until I finally was adopted by the best Mom ever and now I have my forever home.

Now as a family we are going to tag our friends Anna & Tabitha, since so many have been tagged already. No need to tag a friend that already has been tagged…Zeke


I am here for my Mom, I am watching over her and Tallulah

August 25th 2010 8:17 pm
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Mommy is letting me on catster tonight because I wanted to let you all know I am being a good boy and being here for Mom, I haven't left her side much, I feel she needs me and Tallulah told me to help Mom I am laying on the back of her chair...watching over her...I have also been sleeping with her, I know she needs me and I am here for her...she is so sad & cries all the time for our Tallulah is gone and so am I....she was my sisfur and we also had a special friendship....

I won't leave Mom she needs me and I have to be a big boy and help her, I tell her no cry Mom, no cry....maybe we can write tonight and think of how pretty Tallulah is she is our angel now...a beautiful white angel and she even has pink wings...her favorite color...

I have also been watching over Tallulah in her casket, I lay on the back of the chair Tallulah was always in near her cat tree she so loved and it was her safe place when she was in their no one could get her or touch her....I have sat there when I am not with Mom and while Mom was gone since Monday..I even go look into the casket when Mom opened it up to check on her. I would look inside and touch her nose...I know she is OK, I see her, but Mom can't she isn't a cat....I won't let anyone, not even the dog Mia get near it I get by it and snarl...that means no you don't leave her alone...Mom told me when she puts it on the ground Mia, Milo and Xena can come to sniff her so they all know she is not alive anymore, but an angel at peace it is time to close the casket and put her in her resting place...where Mom can put pretty flowers on her grave...where we can go visit her whenever Mom lets us.

bye my sweet sisfur I love you, miss you and oh man who am I going to case now and play tiger with....what am I going to one to play with...I am sad too and I weep for my sisfur...a sad sad good boy. Mom don't cry I am here for you!!!!Tallulah is here too, you just can't see her you are not a cat...



I Miss my sisfur

September 6th 2010 7:05 pm
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I am missing my sisfur so much it hurts...I miss watching her, chasing her and just sitting with her...

I miss her so much I got sick, Mom thought I was having trouble with my asthma, but Friday I didn't move around and didn't want to eat...out came the fishy food and then Mom hand fed me...

I just wasn't acting like myself, I just stayed in my bed with the heating pad...

Before Mom buried Tallulah I kept watch over her, Mom told me to spend time with her cause soon we wouldn't see her anymore, Mom was crying and I knew something was wrong, but I didn't want to believe that our Tallulah was not here with us...told Mom she is right there why isn't she moving around and wanting to play...Mom cried and told me our sweet Tallulah is an Angel now.

I worried so about my sisfur Tallulah over the last days she was here I kept watch over her as I am watching over Mom now. It was so much for me, I felt the stress and the sadness. I sat on the back of Tallulah's chair, when the dogs got in the chair I snarled at is her chair.

Now I am sick and Mom is taking me to the Vet tomorrow...Mom had some nasty medication she is giving me so I am feeling better but still not myself...

I have mourned my sisfur too, I may not cry like my Mom, but I am sad and I miss her so...I have been sleeping with Mom, she needs me to be with her now, so I want to get well for my Mom I don't want to worry her so...

Mom's sweet orange boy


Went to the Vet Today

September 7th 2010 5:31 pm
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Oh MOL I had to go with Mom today, first she gets me into a carrier and little did I know that not only was I going for a ride with Mom and have to wait while she took care of a kitty before she took me to the Vet. I hate going so I cry the whole time...MOL MOL and I mean MOL big time.

Once Mom was done with her clients kitty off we went to the car and drive to the Vet, it seemed like it was taking so long to get there, but finally we were there. Me Zeke was not a happy cat, Mom gave me calming medication to help it finally took affect, but I still didn't want to be there.

They called my name and back we went to a room, Mom got me out giving me kisses and petting me telling me it was OK. The Vet Tech weighted me I am 12.5 lbs...Mom was surprised cause I don't feel that heavy. She asked Mom questions about how I was feeling, how I am doing with my asthma.

Mom told her that I was having problems with congestion because of losing our sweet Tallulah, I am missing her bunch. Asthma she has been giving me my treatment 2 times a day. Dr. Kathy came in...

She talked to Mom about how I am doing, she checked me and it seems like my lungs are clear, GOOD, my nose is clear, GOOD, but she does hear the way I am breathing sounds like congestion. She says I have a bacterial infection and the stress and me mourning Tallulah brought it on..She is happy Mom gave me my antibiotics over the weekend it kept me from getting worse until she could see me today. OH WHOOPIE!!!!!!

Because it was also for my yearly check up I got the vampire treatment today, they took blood, wanted urine, but I did that just before we left so didn't have that done...yeah...

She brought me back in, told Mom she will give me more of my antibiotic called clindaCure Vedco and Fortiflora to help me with my tummy and pooping so I don't get the runs from the medication. I get the Fortiflora in the middle of the day so I get extra fishy can food. I got that when Mom came home again today.

Mom talked to the ladies in front while waiting for me to go in about Tallulah and her mission for kitty breast cancer awareness she showed Tallulah's breast cancer picture and gave them all the kitty breast cancer ribbon Calvin's Mom made for Mom to pass out. They loved it and thought is was so cute, they are all going to wear them and help get the word out for Vet Kathy also got one, she put it on right away and Mom gave her Tallulah's picture....they are all behind Mom in getting the word out. They told Mom everyday they see doggies and kitties come in with is so sad that so many of our pets are getting cancer.

Mom brought me home and she had to go walk a dog and then she came home, once she was settled down with the doggies I decided I wanted to be with Mom too, so all 4 of us slept for a while..

Such a stressful day for me, but I am happy now that I am home and with Mom....



I am feeling better

September 15th 2010 7:56 pm
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Well it took Mom long enough to let me dictate to her to let all of my friends know that I am better. I finished my antibiotics and I am AOK....

My Vet told Mom that my blood work came back and I am healthy except for my I just have to stay that way.

I am spending more time with Mom and Xena...Xena and I spend a lot of time together during the day while Mom is gone, we both love to lay in our heated beds looking out the bay window and laying in the sun...then at night I get in Mom's chair with her on the arm or up on the back of the chair, then when she goes to bed I sleep with her, I know it isn't the same as Tallulah, but I am helping her feel a little better by being there for her and trying to keep her from crying for our Tallulah.

So my news is good I am a healthy boy..and I am still having to have my treatment each day.




December 24th 2010 4:51 pm
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We wanted to thank all of our wonderful friends for all of our cards and for your pictures you sent to us this year...we love them all.

Mom has put all of our cards and your pictures on our bulletin board so we can look at all of our friends...she can't wait to show our human sisfurs and Grandma all of you....



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