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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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Guardian Angel

August 17th 2013 7:53 pm
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We all have a GUARDIAN ANGEL

Who is loving, kind and caring,
who'll be there when we need someone
to share the load we're bearing

We have guardian angels, our Tallulah, grandma and so many kitty angel friends.....

Huggie Bear



Good Friends

August 16th 2013 9:40 pm
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Good friends are like stars.....
you don't always see them,
But you know they are always there!

We don't see our catster friends, but we know you are always there for us....we are all here for one another in times of need, in times of love, in times of loss...we are all here for our friends...We are Blessed!

Huggie Bear


Heartwarming Thank You

August 9th 2013 3:10 pm
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Huggie Bear heartwarming thank you from me to you today for picking my diary to be one of many DDP's. It is so touching for my friends to send me gifts, beautiful pictures and comments, kindness & your love warm my heart!

It is so touching and furbulus to have the diary lady to pick me I am honor for sure.

This huggie bear is still having asthma attacks, Mom thinks it is the weather and all the things in the air. I have at least one a day and I am getting my inhaler 2 times a day....if I continue to have these attacks Mom says she will call my vet and see if she thinks I need to go in and be checked, maybe something has changed...who knows!

My thanks again for your generosity and love you all have showed me today and all the days!

Friends are the best!

Bear Hugs


Thank you my Friends

August 2nd 2013 2:43 pm
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Huggy Bear Zeke here the day after my birthday! I have to tell you all thank you for your loving concern for me, my birthday gifts and was a wonderpurr day even if I had a bad start!

I slept most of the day, I even was hiding cause the doorbell ran and some stranger came into the house, Mom told us the man was here to check our water softner and change the filters so we all can have good water. We always run when we here the doorbell ring. After the man left Mom came looking for me, but she didn't see me hiding under the printer table, she keeps walking past me, calling me, I kept saying I am right here. Finally she remembers that I used to hide there sometimes so she looked and there I was...she laughed and said oh look you have been there all the time you silly boy...guess I am a good hider!

I finally came out, Mom got on the computer I sat on the chair arm while she was working, but Mom got too sleepy and decided to stop and I immediately climbed into her lap and we both took a nap...oh the wonders of sleeping on Mom the best I must say!

I got my tuna dinner, so good I licked it all...none for that little brother of mine...

I went to bed with Mom and we both had a better night sleeping, but around 6:45 Mom heard me again having my asthma attack so you all know what happened next, that's right on with the mask and so went the puff! I am feeling better now. Mom isn't sure why I am having these attacks all of a sudden, I have been doing really good, so keeps track of my attacks, puffs and times, so if this continues she will be in touch with my vet. I think it is because I turned 12 letting me & Mom know I am getting older...

Thanks again, love you all and send you all bear hugs


Quite Birthday!

August 1st 2013 2:23 pm
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Being 12 today doesn't feel any different, but Mom says I have slowed down some, what does she expect! she is slowing down too....

Ok well my day started out not so well, I was sleeping with Mom above her pillow all of a sudden she hears me having my coughing asthma attack, then I stop and start up again, so she gets up and rudely puts my mask on my face and gives me a puff of my inhaler. Now I am doing better, but now Mom is worried, so she keeps waking me up and then she can't go back to sleep. Just a we both go back to sleep, Dad comes into bed, soon I am coughing again and again, so Mom gets up again, get my inhaler and mask...she has a small flashlight above her bed, somehow it feel behind the headboard and she couldn't find it, so out to the family room to get Dads light...again I get the mask on my face and a puff of my inhaler.

Now Mom is really worried she had never known me to have 2 attaches within 2 hours of each attach, she keeps petting me & loving me, now I don't mind that at all, but I know she is very tired and needs sleep...I keep moving telling Mom I am OK just go to sleep...but Mom can't!

So finally after some time Mom goes to sleep only to have Dads radio come on and now she knows she won't get back to sleep...time to get up to take care of us.

Once up and I got my breakfast, Mom told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET ZEKE, MY HUGGY BEAR, listen my sweet boy after the night you had we are going to keep a low key today and not have a big celebration for your birthday. I have to leave for a while so please be OK and I will return home. Tallulah is here watching over you for me while I am gone.

I have been sleeping and just hanging out with Mom. I will be getting my favorite fishy dinner tonight, I can't wait!

What a bummer my birthday started out so bad, but I am happy I have my wonderpurr family and especially my Mom to make sure I am OK I know she loves me and will always be there for me..

One last thing Thank you my friends for sending me gifts and messages, love you all!



July 31st 2013 3:31 pm
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Birthday Thanks
Another year has come and gone;
The sands of time keep trickling away.
Your birthday reminds me to let you know
I'm thankful for you each and every day.

My precious huggy bear Zeke, my mellow yellow boy I am so blessed & thankful you came into my life and we can celebrate another year with you. My sweet Mama's boy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

With all my Love


My patriotic heart beats red, white, and blue

July 3rd 2013 1:27 pm
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My patriotic heart beats red, white, and blue this day we celebrate our countries birthday so we can be free! yes my heart beats red, white, and blue!

We are free to be us from sea to sea, mountain to mountain and everywhere in between...we are lucky cause we are free to be raise your catnip drink and honor those who fought so we could be free!



Playing with the Cat's Meow!!!

June 24th 2013 2:33 pm
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OH what fun we have had with our new toy the Cat's here Mom wasn't sure I would come and watch it, but boy did I surprise her, I love trying to get the tail...not sure what is at the other end, but it sure is fun trying to figure it goes round n I have figured out that I can put my paw under the yellow mat and stop the tail, bite bit and pull, but nothing comes out, I lay on my side and look under but I don't see anything but a tail...

what fun we have watching it go round n round trying to catch the tail.

Do you know what is under the mat, besides the tail?....we wonder, but then again just watching the tail go around is fun...

We have the Cat's Meow!!!!thank you Mom for a fun toy


Feeling Better

June 5th 2013 1:48 pm
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Now that I am out of the groggy, wobbly stage of me getting my toofies cleaned yesterday I am feeling so much better...but now I won't leave Mom's side, I want to be all over her and getting my very fine soft fur all over she cough from it getting into her mouth and throat....she says Zeke really I am not going anywhere and neither are I am getting in her lap and telling her she must pay attention to me. I think she owes me this time after all I went through yesterday.

I have to tell you I have never been so hungry as I was last night. Mom forgot to pick up one of the bowls with a little dry food in it, so I wobbly went over to it and tried to eat, but it hurt so I just spit it out all over...Mom saw me and told me oh Zeke you are so hungry let me get you some can food. So she picked me up and she got me some yummy food. I must say I have never eaten like that in my whole life, Mom was amazed to see me eating like I had never eaten before...well yeah it was hours and hours and hours since I had anything in my tummy....what does she expect, gosh Mom I was starved, had my front paw shaved, needles stuck in me and who knows what they did in my mouth...and to make it worse I slept all day and missed everything.

So after getting a little food, Mom kept checking on me to make sure I wasn't going to throw up my food, glad to report I didn't, I was too hungry to do that.

So with a full tummy I went to sleep and didn't move most of the night. Mom got up to check on me, she had the flask light looking for me, she couldn't find me, then she walked back into her room and there I was on top of the doggie cage where we have one of our special places to sleep a kitty cube...sound asleep minding my own business when the light shined right into my eyes...what??????

Then Mom found me on the bed with her and this morning I was back to sleep above her pillow like I always do.

So today my mission is to stay with Mom and not let her out of my site...I just hate to not be home and not have Mom with me...after all guys I am a mama's boy and proud of it....I just loves my Mom she is the best Mom I could ever ask for...she saved me, nursed me back to health, fought vets and didn't give up till she found our Vet that took that extra test and interest in finding out why I was having breathing problems and always getting yes I am the lucky loving kitty boy because of my Mom...and she paid lots and lots of money to have my toofies cleaned so I wouldn't get sick from bad toofies and gums..

Sending lots of hugs and love to all of our friends who were here for me, purring and praying for me...thank goodness for friends!



I am home!!!

June 4th 2013 3:57 pm
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Well Mom says I can't be here long I am doing good, but wobbly and sleepy. Mom and I thank you all for your purrs and prayers cause it worked it really worked.

To my Vet, me and Moms surprise I didn't have to have any toofies pulled, yeah right none, can you believe it at my age and with the gingivitis I had Dr. kathy really expected that I would have several pulled. I do have a couple that she will have to check when I go back in next year that might have to be pulled. Let's hope not one of them is my fang!

I have to have OraZn pet Oral Care put on my gums soon everyday or as much as Mom can & remembers....

So I came out of being under fine, but I must admit I am wobbly, I explored the house while Mom watched, I am in the front part of the house now in one of my favorite places to hang out. Mom took some pictures she will put on my page after she downloads them.

I am so hungry I actually ate a little, I wasn't suppose to but Mom gave me a little can just for now and she will give me more later.

So thank you all of my friends for being here for me and of course Mom she was stressing out I know all day until I was safely back at home.

Zeke's Mom, my sweet boy did great, he was very stressed they put a blanket in his cage and a towel to cover the front so he couldn't see out and be more stressed.

I heard from the Vet Tech around 11 or so, when I didn't hear early I got really worried, but prayed that every thing was going well. I knew he was in good hands, I had faith that he would be OK. All morning I prayed and asked Tallulah to watch over her brother.

I got the word that he didn't have any teeth pulled much to everyone's surprise, we expected he would have to have some pulled, so his teeth were in better condition that all knew, he got an antibiotic shot as well. They told me I could pick him up at 2, I couldn't wait to get him back and home again.

After seeing pictures of his before teeth cleaning and his x rays & talking to Dr. Kathy I got my boy, he was alert but groggy. Finally home he is sleeping on the floor in the front part of the house with Xena so the others can't bother him until I know he is more stable on his paws.....he was a trooper today and I am so proud on him.

I know many kitty angels including my Tallulah were there watching over him, we felt the love, purrs and prayers for Zeke today.

We both thank you for your love and support today we know it helped both of us get through this day, now he is home and resting on his way to feeling better.

Hugs to you all

Zeke and Peggy

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