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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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Thank you for your purrs and prayers

October 6th 2015 5:12 pm
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Thank you my sweet friends for all of your purrs and prayers, Mom thinks that are helping me a little.

It is hard to tell if I am doing better without getting blood taken and see if my numbers are lowering. Mom really thinks part of me not feeling well is my teeth.

It all started with Mom taking me in for blood work so I could get my teeth cleaned etc., well that all changed when Mom got the news I have CRF, we had to wait to make sure I am stable with my kidney numbers. The Vet told Mom start my fluids only once a week, Mom questioned her about only once....Then a couple days later they called and wanted Mom to bring me back to have my blood pressure taken, it was high when they check, geez what do they expect I am stressed and again a week later back in for another check, my blood pressure was fine, the third time fine.

Mom feels she should have started me 3 times a week like our vet started Xena on when she was first diagnosed, she should have followed her gut instinct, she trusted her vet in San Diego, not this vet....she thinks things might of been different so from now on gut instinct.....

All this time Mom and Dad are still not trusting our vet, lost the trust after what happened with Mia...anyway Mom starting looking on line again to see if there was another vet she could take us to, she found one 40 mins. away they have a regular vet and a holistic vet they work together....hooray Mom is happy and decides to take me and Mia there first.

They are nice, the vet doesn't like to do anything that is unnecessary like expensive test the vet and ER wanted to do on Mia. Nothing is showing up, hasn't for a year, Mia has regurgitation, she is eating and going potty so no need for all of those tests. She told Mom and Dad how to do her food and all is well mostly.

then I went and she didn't understand why they were so concerned about my blood pressure, so I am fine no high blood pressure for now. But Mom is very concerned that I need my teeth worked on and my kidneys. Because they did my blood work again and in about a month my kidney numbers rose very high, I am for the most part in kidney failure. Vet told mom to start my fluids every day, give me my homeopathic kidney medication. Mom noticed I am have a lot of acid in my tummy, making me sick and throwing up white foam. So now I get pepcid 2 times a day and I am feeling somewhat better. I am getting slippery elm to help my tummy and intestines too and Forti flora.

Still not eating like I should, Mom is having to hand feed me and she keeps trying to find something I will eat, not much.

I am up and walking around, Mom says it is kind of walking around aimlessly, sleeping in different places, haven't been spending anytime in moms closet like I used to do, I do run in to the litter box and I do miss so Mom has wee wee pads all over by the box.

I am sleeping more than normal, Mom is always checking on me, petting me and I see her cry, I know she is worried about me, we both hope I can pull through this and feel better soon. Every day I am here and feeling so so, Mom feels it is a good sign, I go back to my new vet next Wednesday in the morning, we will know more then. Vet told Mom I am unable to get my toofies taken care of, if not Mom wants to see if there is anything she can give me to help my toofies feel better....bad part is if I don't get better I may never be able to get my toofies cleaned again. Mom won't risk it and neither will my Vet...thank goodness

So that is about all for now, I am hanging in there, we know all your prayers and purrs are helping, and believe me we are not ready to give up....after all I am my Mom's sweet mellow boy...a mama's boy,

Mom goes to her doctor appt. tomorrow so we won't be around, lets hope they help Mom too...



Zeke is still not feeling well

October 5th 2015 9:44 am
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It has been almost a week since we took Zeke to the vet and we found out his kidney numbers are high. We have been giving him fluids everyday, I am not sure it is helping him. He isn't eating much, he hides in Milo's crate, or under things. He just isn't feeling well at all.

I pray he will pull through this and will feel better, be himself. Just not sure if he has it in him, I feel like I may loose him.
I know not many of our friends are around it really is a shame they gave up on catster. But if any of you see this and go to FB please let our friends know my Zeke needs all of your prayers and POTP. We have another week before we take him back for recheck.

Zekie's mom Peggy


Still not myself, loosing weight

September 30th 2015 3:42 pm
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Sorry I haven't given you all an update on me, I am still not feeling good, still loosing weight and just not eating much. Mom is beside herself as you can imagine.

Mom & Dad took me back to see my new vet 40 mins. away yesterday. Mom really thought it is my teeth, it still could be, but vet was leaning more to my kidneys. They checked me all over, weighed me, 8lbs. 10ozs., in March I was over 10lbs..
They took blood and the vet called Mom this morning,my kidney numbers have gone way up from a month ago.

My bun # was 50 it is now 123
My Creatinine was 3.4 it is now 9.7

My first vet started me on fluids once a week, mom questioned that, our vet in San Diego started Xena on fluids 3 times a week. My new vet said 2 times a week, mom still questioned that. She feels she should have followed her gut and did the fluids 3 times. So now I have to have fluids everyday for 2 weeks, go back to new vet to recheck my kidney numbers.

We are praying the numbers come down and I will feel better.

Just pray for me to help get my kidney numbers down.

Not feeling so good Zeke, sure hope I feel better soon.


I have Chronic Renal Failure

August 26th 2015 3:34 pm
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My vet called and the results are in, I have Chronic Renal Failure just like Xena. Mom thought is might be either kidney or thyroid, she is so glad it isn't the nasty horrible "C". She knows I can live for a long time with kidney now Mom has 2 of us to do fluids.

I got my first fluids this afternoon, after Xena got hers. Mom says I am really a good boy because I did great, I didn't relax completely like Xena is, but I just laid there and then it was over. I get my fluids once a week now, have to be rechecked in 2 weeks to see how I am doing. If I am doing good, no changes and then I will get my appointment to have my toofies cleaned.

I go in on Friday to get my blood pressure taken it will be a quick visit, I don't even have to see the vet.

Mom says it sucks having 3 older pets and all have illnesses, she feels sad, it certainly takes Mom a long time to get medication in us, fix special food and having to hold Mia after she eats to help her with keeping her food down. Oh yeah Mia is doing better, finally ate on her own last night and she is starting to eat her special food Mom makes for her along with FreshPet chicken. Mom also says she is suppose to be retired, but taking care of us is work, too bad she doesn't get paid for all the work she has to do.

I am feeling better, I even pooped this morning, I am eating and eating, now I am sleeping near Mom by our window. I even slept on Moms bed last night, then her recliner, was waiting for her to wake up and give me food.

Thank you for all the POTP'S they worked, and all your messages. You are all the best when it comes to being her for us. We certainly have had a lot going on lately, Mom says she needs a vacation....oh she can't, she can't leave us...



I am home from vet & no answers til tomorrow

August 25th 2015 3:38 pm
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Ok I don't like going to the vet, I try to make myself small & disappear. I haven't lost anymore weight, they invaded me,like take my temp. and felt me up, asked lots of questions. Then they whisked me off to take X rays they wanted to see how my lungs look since I have asthma & respiratory issues. They don't look too bad but signs of bronchial damage nothing to worry about, but that is to be expected. My tummy & intestines look good to, nothing showed up. Blood taken they are sending it out to get better thorough results. Oh yeah they took urine too, so humiliated! So now we wait for the results to come back.

Guess what I came home and I am acting like myself again, ate been out with mom, walking around. Mom thinks me pooping this morning finally helped me feel better again.
If everything checks out mom will make appt. for me to get my toofies cleaned. She worries but knows getting my teeth cleaned will help me.

Well that is it for today once we hear from vet we will let you all know.
Thank you friends for my gifts and your support. Catster is the best!



Not myself, loosing weight

August 24th 2015 11:15 am
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I haven't been myself lately, with all that has been going on with Mia mom didn't realize I have been mopey and not out and about. I am eating, but I have lost a little more weight, can you believe Xena weighs more than me. Mom gave me cat lax because she has noticed I haven't pooped like I do every morning. She saw me straining last night to go a little. This morning I was up looked like I might feel, but I am back under the bench, mom gave me slippery elm to help coat my intestines & Animals Apawthecaey Phytomucil powder, she is hoping it will help me go more than just a little.

Mom made me an appt. to see our vet tomorrow morning. They also want to talk to the vet about what happened with Mia. Let's keep our paws crossed I am ok and it isn't anything serious.



Friends have made my birthday special

August 1st 2015 4:29 pm
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Today my friends, my sweet and special friends you have made my day wonderpurr, yes you have. It is nice to know some of our friends are still around so many are not.

Today has been a quite day around here, it has been just Mom and us furries, Dad was visiting some of his guy friends. Mom stayed home with all of us. So of course I got to spend time on Moms lap getting love, scritches and hugs. I got a good breakfast Sardines, of course Mom has to put it in the food processor to make it smooth. Yam is all I can say!!!!today who knows what I will get, but I can't wait.

Most important is you all, thanks for making my day special and wonderpurr.



Tomorrow is my 14th Birthday

July 31st 2015 12:00 pm
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MOL! tomorrow I will be 14, we sure can't believe it, it seems like yesterday Mom saw me at the cat show in San Diego and fell in love with me and my cuteness, even though she didn't know I was sick.

With lots of love and care I finally got well enough to be out of the bathroom and meet my fur family. I am a Mommies boy, I love my Mom, I am with her a lot, love sleeping on her in her chair and on the bed by her feet.

Mom says she has noticed I am aging, but I am doing good. Since we have moved here to Arizona I don't have many asthma attacks, I only sneeze now. Mom is happy for that. I am taking Cosequin even though I am not having problems, Mom says it is to help me so I don't have issues.

I still love to play, get brushed and brushed, get catnip. I spend a lot of time with Xena too, her and I have Moms walk in closet for our room and we love it, Mom has it all fixed with beds, food, water and of course the unmentionable box. I am doing well, I have to go in soon for my check up, Mom says she will make arrangements for me to have my toofies cleaned in September.

Now for my birthday, Mom says it will be a good day, she already told me I will get tuna, can't wait!!!! as for special presents no presents we have plenty of toys, catnip, I don't like treats so none of that. Just lots of love and hugs for me...and that is all I ever want anyway, get love from my Mom is the best present any Mama's boy could want.

We hope you are all enjoying your summer, staying cool, we sure are, we pray for all that are sick and not doing well, for those who have had to cross over we pray for them and their families.

Sending our love, hugs and of course butterfly kisses from heaven


Thank you and update from Me

January 27th 2015 12:22 pm
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WOW it has been a long time since we all have been here, well that isn't true Mom checks Catster from her phone, but not on her laptop. I want to thank all my friends for remembering me and sending me gifts for my gotcha day. Mom forgot it was my gotcha day can you believe it her Mama's boy she forgot. She was busy rearranging things in our closet and room.

Now for updates, we started the New Year with snow, that's right snow here in the desert. Mom got up to see snow covering our backyard, what a sight it was to see our yard all white and she has the nerve to put me out in it, she wanted to see what I would do, I hated it wanted nothing to do with this weird very cold stuff on the ground, Kody was another story. It was beautiful to see the cactus with snow, Mom knew we would get snow, once they decided to move she told Dad, it will be hotter than normal, check, the monsoons would be worse, check, and we would get snow, check....she said it was because we were from sunny San Diego...and she was right.

So far our new year has been uneventful until she decided it was time for me to have my yearly check up and see my new vet. Because I am considered a senior kitty I got the Sr. check up with all the blood work. I am doing really good, eventually I will need my teeth cleaned but not now, nothing is showing up to be concerned about. Mom is so happy because she was worried about me. Hooray great news for me and Moms pocket!!!!

We haven't been around because there isn't much we can do, we love doing our diaries and reading our friends, commenting and we can't even do the comments. It makes Mom so sad that this place the place we love is so dead now, we are still here not going anywhere like so many others we wait and wait for nothing to happen, we sure hope one day very very soon we will have our catster back, but until then just know we are here waiting in the background.

Now for the reason we are not on the lap top, for some reason our wireless gets very slow most of the time, mom can't do much, Dad has talked to Cox and they keep telling Dad that this is the way it is here, but Dad said no it isn't, they need to fix it, so Dad is calling them again to have someone come out to make sure everything is OK at our house...sorry Mom doesn't understand all of this stuff....she just wants her lap top to work faster like it used to, so she doesn't even get on it, she uses her phone but doesn't like to.

I am just hanging out with Mom, she has our heating pads out all over so we can sleep in warmth, she even rearranged things so me, Tu Two and Kody have warm places so we can look out her bay window. She got us a new cat tree it is smaller it has a hammock between our scratching posts to sleep in, we loves it of course it has a heating pad in it. So we all spend our days sleeping in the sun and warmth, not much going on, we are retired!

Well it is time for me to take my afternoon nap now the sun is shining in on our beds talk soon....hugs to all!!!


Wishes for our friends

December 21st 2014 6:23 pm
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Hello from Huggie Bear Zeke and another of the desert kitties, wishing our friends to have a blessed and wonderpurr Holiday. Hope all of your wishes come true.


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