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July 7th 2011 9:48 pm
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Look we all have our pages decorated with butterflies and we are all honoring our ANGEL SISFUR TALLULAH! This month on the 22nd it would have been her 12th birthday Mom decided that we will all have different butterflies on our pages…
Next month will be a hard and sad month for us, it will be Tallulah’s first anniversary going to the rainbow bridge and we will continue to honor her with more butterflies…Tallulah is all about her butterfly garden in heaven and she let Mom know she was Ok with a beautiful white butterfly…how else can we honor her but with butterflies…
Reminding all of our friends that you still need to have your Mom check you for any lumps, you just never know, we found that out! Never assume it is nothing, we didn’t and it saved Xena….

Remember Tallulah’s kitty breast cancer awareness is all year around every year…to many kitties are getting breast cancer and other cancers and we need to make sure our pawrents check us….
So help us honor our Tallulah on the 22nd of this month by decorating your page with butterflies or having a graphic of a butterfly on your page….we hope you will do this!

Tallulah is sending all butterflies from heaven!
Love, hugs and angel kitty kisses
Xena, Zeke, Tu Two and Kandi



May 7th 2011 5:54 pm
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Mom this is for you cause I love you!!!

Mommy, I Love You
Mommy, I know you love me
By the way you show you care.
You hug me and talk to me softly;
When I need you, you’re always there.
Mommy, I’ll love you always
From my heart, I want to say
I’m so glad you are my mommy;
Happy Mother’s Day!




Thank you all!

February 22nd 2011 3:05 pm
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Thank you my friends and HQ for honoring me today for being one of the DDP'S.

We never expect to be honored at all, we are here for the love from our friends, of course our friends, their support.

We always try to remember why we came here and how all of our friends and their Moms have been here for my family...that to us is what is important...and if by some chance we get chosen to be honored that is one wonderful honor...but not something we have to have...

Mom says that has little to do with why we are here and continue to be here...when we were faced with that nasty cancer in our sweet Tallulah who so bravely fought and then all of the love & support we got from all of our cat friends and their Moms is why we keep coming back...

We have felt so much love, caring and support from all of you and being here for all of you...this honor is just a very small part for us..

Thank you again my friends for helping me celebrate today and a special thank you to HQ

Oh yeah one more thing....please say some prayers tomorrow for my Mom to get through the day & for our sweet Tallulah, it will be very hard for her it will be 6 months since Tallulah made her journey...I know that Mom is having a hard I found her sitting by Tallulah's grave crying and talking to Tallulah..Mom says it still feels like it was yesterday.




February 14th 2011 9:06 am
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We have so many friends and we want to make sure you all know how much we love you and love having you as our friends.

Yes this is the day of love, a day to tell all of our friends how much we love them and to thank you all for your love, gifts and support. There is no other place we would want to be than here on Catster because of each of make it a special place not just today on this day of love and hearts but everyday.


Zeke and family


My Sweet Boy will be 9 soon

January 19th 2011 4:35 pm
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WOW where has the time gone my sweet mellow boy ZEKE will be 9 soon on the 26th....

It seems just like yesterday that I was at the cat show and decided to adopt him. where has the time gone.

We had to teach him so many things because he was taken away from his Mom too soon, left in a box on the side of the road to survive on his along with his siblings...where has the time gone.

I am the lucky one to have found him, of course he is lucky I came that day and he won my heart. He had a ruff start, getting very sick after I brought him home, not knowing he got sick from getting his upper respiratory shots, getting fixed and dewormed all in the same day...stupid Vet didn't he know this poor kitty was not well and was very stressed...the Vet should have known better to not do all of that in one my sweet boy has breathing issues.

Where has the time gone....once I learned he had upper respiratory infection I nursed him back to health, getting more into holistic was a long month in the bathroom for my sweet boy, but finally he was out and learning about the house and his sisfurs.

My poor boy did not know how to do things other kitties do naturally, we actually had to teach him how to jump one step at a time. sometimes he is a goof and his back legs look funny when he walks, he isn't the best jumper, but he is the lover and sweet mellow boy. Where has the time gone...I sure don't know because he is going to be 9 soon.

He gets along with our dogs, when he and Mia were little they loved to play with each other, they still do but not as much because now we have Tu Two he likes to play with...he is the big brother so loving and mellow...oh where has the time gone.

He loved his angel sisfur Tallulah, he loved chasing her and playing pray and predator of course our Tallulah did not like the game as much as he did, but they loved each other. Once Tallulah was sick we had to keep Zeke from wanting to play with her, but in the end when she was gone he suffered and he got sick...where has the time gone...I sure don't know it just flies by

Now we know that Zeke's breathing issues have developed into asthma and he can still get upper respiratory infections, so we try to keep his life stress free...he is a good boy he doesn't fight when he has to have his asthma treatment and have the mask on his face...he is a good boy. He is my sweet mellow lover boy I am so happy we found each other and I am his Mom...I still can't believe he will be 9...where has the time gone.

Zeke's Mom Peggy


Little sisfurs fun and pain

January 10th 2011 2:17 pm
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Oh my my little sisfur Princess Tu Two she sure can be fun and then again she can be a pain.

Here I am minding my own business or sleeping when all of a sudden there is this bundle of energy on my back I am the prey...guess I am getting pay back now because I used to do that to Tallulah before she got sick.

I know she is a kitten and she wants to play but please can you wait to do that when I am awake or when I am ready to play...but once she does that then I get her back. I am on her and biting her making all kinds of noises I am, sometimes Mom thinks one of us is hurting the other, but we are only playing.

Princess Tu Two is fun to play with she is so funny when she plays, jumps and runs around. I love playing with her we have so much fun, I finally have someone to play with so I guess I can't complain if she can be a pain sometimes..

I think it is nice that I have a sweet little sisfur whom by the way I love, to hang out with me and play, just not when I am sleep please Princess Tu Two...

I think she is more fun than a Princess Tu Two lets go have some fun...



January 6th 2011 4:46 pm
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We haven't been on much but we did notice as all of you that Sassy's page is gone. We are also sadden that she isn't here. Well Mom emailed her last night and she got a answer.

Sassy's Mom said it was OK for us to let her friends on Catster know that they are OK, over the holidays some family things happened and they are going through a rough time right now. She is taking care of her parents, had to hire a nurse to take care of her Dad. So she had to cut back on things for now one being her internet, she is working 12 hour days and spending the rest of the time with her parents, she said she wouldn't have the time to spend on Catster right now anyway. She hopes sometime in the future she will be back.

Mom has asked her to let her know how her and Sassy are doing. I think we all need to pray for Wendy Sassy's Mom and her parents and hope she will be back soon...we all miss her lots and we told her, we also told her that her friends were writing in their diaries asking where she was...

So hope you all will keep them in your prayers!

Zeke and Mom Peggy



December 24th 2010 4:51 pm
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We wanted to thank all of our wonderful friends for all of our cards and for your pictures you sent to us this year...we love them all.

Mom has put all of our cards and your pictures on our bulletin board so we can look at all of our friends...she can't wait to show our human sisfurs and Grandma all of you....



Zeke, Xena, Angel Tallulah, Tu Two, Kandi and our Doggies


I am feeling better

September 15th 2010 7:56 pm
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Well it took Mom long enough to let me dictate to her to let all of my friends know that I am better. I finished my antibiotics and I am AOK....

My Vet told Mom that my blood work came back and I am healthy except for my I just have to stay that way.

I am spending more time with Mom and Xena...Xena and I spend a lot of time together during the day while Mom is gone, we both love to lay in our heated beds looking out the bay window and laying in the sun...then at night I get in Mom's chair with her on the arm or up on the back of the chair, then when she goes to bed I sleep with her, I know it isn't the same as Tallulah, but I am helping her feel a little better by being there for her and trying to keep her from crying for our Tallulah.

So my news is good I am a healthy boy..and I am still having to have my treatment each day.



Went to the Vet Today

September 7th 2010 5:31 pm
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Oh MOL I had to go with Mom today, first she gets me into a carrier and little did I know that not only was I going for a ride with Mom and have to wait while she took care of a kitty before she took me to the Vet. I hate going so I cry the whole time...MOL MOL and I mean MOL big time.

Once Mom was done with her clients kitty off we went to the car and drive to the Vet, it seemed like it was taking so long to get there, but finally we were there. Me Zeke was not a happy cat, Mom gave me calming medication to help it finally took affect, but I still didn't want to be there.

They called my name and back we went to a room, Mom got me out giving me kisses and petting me telling me it was OK. The Vet Tech weighted me I am 12.5 lbs...Mom was surprised cause I don't feel that heavy. She asked Mom questions about how I was feeling, how I am doing with my asthma.

Mom told her that I was having problems with congestion because of losing our sweet Tallulah, I am missing her bunch. Asthma she has been giving me my treatment 2 times a day. Dr. Kathy came in...

She talked to Mom about how I am doing, she checked me and it seems like my lungs are clear, GOOD, my nose is clear, GOOD, but she does hear the way I am breathing sounds like congestion. She says I have a bacterial infection and the stress and me mourning Tallulah brought it on..She is happy Mom gave me my antibiotics over the weekend it kept me from getting worse until she could see me today. OH WHOOPIE!!!!!!

Because it was also for my yearly check up I got the vampire treatment today, they took blood, wanted urine, but I did that just before we left so didn't have that done...yeah...

She brought me back in, told Mom she will give me more of my antibiotic called clindaCure Vedco and Fortiflora to help me with my tummy and pooping so I don't get the runs from the medication. I get the Fortiflora in the middle of the day so I get extra fishy can food. I got that when Mom came home again today.

Mom talked to the ladies in front while waiting for me to go in about Tallulah and her mission for kitty breast cancer awareness she showed Tallulah's breast cancer picture and gave them all the kitty breast cancer ribbon Calvin's Mom made for Mom to pass out. They loved it and thought is was so cute, they are all going to wear them and help get the word out for Vet Kathy also got one, she put it on right away and Mom gave her Tallulah's picture....they are all behind Mom in getting the word out. They told Mom everyday they see doggies and kitties come in with is so sad that so many of our pets are getting cancer.

Mom brought me home and she had to go walk a dog and then she came home, once she was settled down with the doggies I decided I wanted to be with Mom too, so all 4 of us slept for a while..

Such a stressful day for me, but I am happy now that I am home and with Mom....


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