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Got my chemo treatment today!!!!

August 6th 2009 4:17 pm
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Well my friends, Mom did it she took me this morning in my new small carrier to the Vet to have the blood vampire get more blood from me to see if my white blood count was up and it was, so Mom had to leave me there in that awful place and in another prison room. They shaved my other front paw, why couldn't they just use my paw that was already shaved. So now I have two bare legs. The vampire lady came and got me out of my hiding place in my prison and they put more needles in my arm and soon I was asleep so they could put the nasty stuff in me. When I woke up it was done and they put me back into my prison and I went right into my very own little carrier, I did have my trankie blankie with me but I had an accident in it before they got me settled, so Mom had to wash it, I need it to help me sleep...I had my medal on Mom told them not to take it off because it was blessed and it was helping me to stay safe and get well....

I heard them talking to Mommy and told her I did good and I was still a little groggie, but doing fine. Finally Mom came and got me, but we didn't go home right away she had to go take care of a little doggie and a kitty smaller than me before she brought me home.

I actually ate some dry food and a little tuna with my special herb supplements and colostrum that will boost my immune system while I am going through chemo.

They told Mom to make sure she keeps an eye on me to make sure I am doing OK, I am eating: I could get sick and more within 5 to 7 days...

Well I am home now I won't have to see the vet hopefully until the next chemo treatment on the 27th...I am going to go sleep now I am tired...Bye my friends I will let you know how I am doing tomorrow, Oh I have been able to sleep on my Mommy the last 2 nights and it was the best sleep I have had in a long time, just love my Mom and getting to sleep with her...there is nothing better!!!

Love and purrs to all of you


My Vet visit today and Chemo Thursday

August 4th 2009 4:43 pm
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Oh man Mom put me in the little carrier and off we went in the car!!!!I am not happy in there cause I am not only in the carrier I am still wearing that collar, how embarrassing!!! At least I have my pretty pink collar on with my very special medal to keep me safe...

Well the Vet tech has to weigh me I did loose just a little weight, Mom worries about that cause I don't weigh much to begin with. Then the dreaded temp up the you know what is done, that is fine, not running a fever....

Now the Vet comes in to check my stitches and good news, they are out even in the area that Mom wasn't sure of, they said it was just in the fold of my belly whenI sit. So I only have to wear the collar for a couple more days and then I am done with it and I will be out of the my bathroom prison....I have to wear it just to make sure all of the scabs are heal up. I have my collar off now and I am washing my whole body boy does that feel good to be able to get all of the hospital stuff off of me. So I am happy happy not to have my collar after 2 more days....

Now for the other news, I will be having chemo starting on thursday, Mom is very worried, but we don't have a choice we have to do this. They did see a very small spot on my lung that they will be watching to see if it gets smaller if it does that means the cancer is in my lungs, if it doesn't it isn't cancer.

The Vet says my prognoses is good and I should do well with the chemo...but every cat reacts differently so we will see how I do.

They may have to sedate me to give me the chemo cause they have to make sure it doesn't get on my skin if it does, it will be bad for me, they said the skin dies and it may not heal from the sore, so I have to be really good and not move. More needles and blood vampire coming to check my blood....on thursday...

The Vet also said it was Ok for my Mom to get supplements from the Vet we are going to go see tomorrow to help me through my chemo, Mom and the Vet agree anything to help me will be good.
Well I need to go I have to finish washing my face, boy it feels so good to be clean again after waiting 2 weeks to get cleaned up.
Love you all and thanks for all of your concern, prayers and presents...



Mom isn't happy with me

August 3rd 2009 3:15 pm
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Oh Oh, Mom isn't happy with me!!!!

During the night on Saturday I figured out how to moved my softy collar and I was just a licking away at my incision by my back legs. It is now not looking so good and Mom said I was a bad girl cause now she thinks I won't be getting all of my stitches out tomorrow or I will have to take more medicine so I don't get an infection...and keep wearing this collar

So I am bad and now I have to wear the plastic collar, the one from the Vet is too big it came off so Mom had an old one from her other kitties, I am now wearing that and I can't have it off unless Mom is right there with me. I am not happy either....MOL I can't do anything with this collar on I guess I will learn the hard way not to lick when Mom tells me I can't

I have another Vet appointment to see a new Vet that offers supplements to help me and she has worked with cats mostly so Mom is happy...Mom is trying to find out what other options there are out there besides the awful dreaded chemo...gotta go get Mom to take the collar off so I can get a drink of water and eat talk to you later my very special friends...Tallulah

One more thing I got a special medal to protect me and keep me safe in the mail today from Dusty Miller and it has been blessed. Mom already put it on me and won't take it off cause now I have a pretty that has special powers besides my trankie blankie....Thank you Dusty Miller and Mom


My Recovery

July 29th 2009 8:21 pm
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I am doing so well I don't want to be in my bathroom prison anymore...Mommy please let me out of there....

MOL falls on deaf ears, cause I still have to be in that prison at night and when Mom is gone during the day....I sit and cry at the door it has a small gate so I don't make a mad dash for freedom, yah right like I can run with those stitches all over my belly and this stupid funny looking thing around my neck, I would for sure step on it and take a tumble...

Mom told me today that my incision looks really good I am healing nicely, I am eating again, but not a lot still...When Mom lets me out I just walk around and around aimlessly. Then I go to the back sliding door crying to go out, I want to eat grasss, but Mom says Doc said no outside not even on the patio so I can eat grass....MOL why can't I go outside.

The first thing I am going to do when I get those stitches out is ask Mom to let me out so I can get to that grass and then I will be happy and Mom can bring me back into my house.

Well I gotta go I see my dog brofurs crate bed is free for the taking so I think I am going to go in and take a to you all again and thanks again for checking in to see how I am doing....we will know more about the chemo on Tuesday. XOXOXO Tallulah


Got the news I will need chemo

July 27th 2009 7:55 pm
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Well we got the news and Mom is pretty upset again, the Vet Specialist says they want me to go have chemo treatments - 4 treatments and the drug Mom looked up and it is nasty stuff.

Mom says we won't know much until we go to the specialist on tuesday August 4th....

Mom and I have been reading up on chemo treatments for cats and the drug they want to use...oh no iT says I may not feel well, loose my whiskers and not feel like eating...what is that do I want to go through all of this,Mom needs help to decide what is best for me...

They just want to make sure there isn't any cancer cells hiding in me they want to get rid of them if they are hiding....Well I have to go Mom wants me to sleep for to you again real soon....



Resting and Sleeping

July 26th 2009 1:29 pm
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Mom told me I need to let all of my furriends know that I am doing well, been resting and sleeping the last 2 days while Mom was out taking care of 4 clients pets this weekend.

In the mornings Mom has let me out of the bathroom, I walk around the house checking everything out. Mom has to follow me around so I won't jump on the furniture or my cat tree that I love so much, I miss being about to sit on my favorite spot and watch what is going on, one day soon I will be able to get back up there. yeppeee I am out of prison bathroom....

Mommy says my incision looks better, I haven't let her see it today yet. I am now eating my wet food no more baby food even though it was yummie.

I am sleeping in my brofurs crate this afternoon, Mom said she will leave me cause I look so peaceful and really resting. when I wake up Mom says she will have to look at my incision and put a warm compress on it again.

We still haven't heard from the Vet to see if I will have to have further treatment, hopefullly we will hear this week.

Well I need to get back to sleep and rest so I can get better, I will write again to let you know how I am doing.....Tallulah XOXOXOXOXO

special purrs and prayers to my special friend Tyler...Hi Tyler hope you are feeling better today and eating you don't want to worry your Mom.....


I am feeling better today

July 23rd 2009 1:35 pm
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I gave my Mom a surprize today when she came to see me this morning...I was up moving around and I MOL at her....gave Mommy smiles and tears she knew I was feeling better than yesterday....

Mommy let me out and I walked around I wanted to check out all of my spots and to see if my house was still here. Of course I had Mommy right behind me to make sure I didn't do anything I am not suppose to do.

I got to go to one of my favorite spots next to Mommy's bed to lay and look out the window for a while, I actually slept there for a while getting to smell fresh air.

Mommy wanted to put me in a different cage she has so I could be out of the bathroom, but I didn't want to be in there, so I climbed up the side, yes I did climb up and I was hanging on for dear life meowing it made Mom jump up and come get me before I hurt myself, of course I had to hiss and grawl at her cause I am hurting. Mommy had to make sure I didn't pull any stitches, so now the cage is gone and I am in the bathroom again Mommy says safer no cage....

I am getting ready to sleep now so long for now...updates later


Tyler thank you for my Tankie Blankie

July 22nd 2009 1:10 pm
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Tyler my very special friend,

Mommy and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for my special blankie that has special powers and it does. I didn't sleep too much last night and once Mommy opend the blankie and put my collar on me, I laid on it and out I went. Mommy is typing this for me cause I am now sound to sleep and I have my legs out and my belly hanging out, it feels good to by able to sleep like this now.

My blankie is so special cause it was made with love and given with love from very special kitty friends and their Moms, Tyler and Hazel Lucy.

Hang in there Tyler, I am with you every step of the way, you need to go home and get on your magical blankie too, so we both can sleep and talk to each other in our sleep...Love ya Tallulah....


My first day home

July 22nd 2009 11:24 am
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Mommy finally came to get me and take me home, hooray!!!I am outta there, mind you those ladies were nice, but there is no place like home and having Mommy pamper you.

I have to stay in the bathroom for now, I can't walk around too much, run or play. I don't like being in here it is no fun, I want out, please Mommy please...

I have been eating chicken baby food Mommy is spoon feeding me, I haven't had my regular food yet, I stick my nose up at it. I didn't rest much last night I had to wear the softy collar cause I want to lick and lick my tummy and the itching stitches there are lots of them.

Mommy has been putting warm compresses on my tummy it feels good, but don't let her know cause I hiss and grawl at her when she goes that.

Guess what? I got a special gift in the mail today from Hazel Lucy and her Mom---my very own trankie blankie and collar, it is pink just like my little round bed. Mommy had to open my present, she took pictures of me and my wonderful magical trankie blankie, she put my colllar on and laid my blankie on my bed and now I will be sleeping better. Mommy is setting in here with while I have my softy collar off so I will sleep, she can't let me have the softy collar off cause you know what I will do.
Well I gotta go and try to sleep so I can get better and get out of here, talk to you all later...


Tallulah is doing good and gets to come home this morning

July 21st 2009 9:24 am
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Tallulah's Mom here wanted to let you all know that Tallulah had a good night, she was eating, her tempurature was normal, she was sitting up and looking around this morning when I called at 5:30 am.
They were waiting for the Vet to check to see how she was doing and I will be picking her up at 11:30. I will let all of you know how she is doing after I get her home and settled...Thanks again to all of our friends for all the well wishes, purrs, prayers and kind words...

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