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Tyler thank you for my Tankie Blankie

July 22nd 2009 1:10 pm
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Tyler my very special friend,

Mommy and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for my special blankie that has special powers and it does. I didn't sleep too much last night and once Mommy opend the blankie and put my collar on me, I laid on it and out I went. Mommy is typing this for me cause I am now sound to sleep and I have my legs out and my belly hanging out, it feels good to by able to sleep like this now.

My blankie is so special cause it was made with love and given with love from very special kitty friends and their Moms, Tyler and Hazel Lucy.

Hang in there Tyler, I am with you every step of the way, you need to go home and get on your magical blankie too, so we both can sleep and talk to each other in our sleep...Love ya Tallulah....


My first day home

July 22nd 2009 11:24 am
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Mommy finally came to get me and take me home, hooray!!!I am outta there, mind you those ladies were nice, but there is no place like home and having Mommy pamper you.

I have to stay in the bathroom for now, I can't walk around too much, run or play. I don't like being in here it is no fun, I want out, please Mommy please...

I have been eating chicken baby food Mommy is spoon feeding me, I haven't had my regular food yet, I stick my nose up at it. I didn't rest much last night I had to wear the softy collar cause I want to lick and lick my tummy and the itching stitches there are lots of them.

Mommy has been putting warm compresses on my tummy it feels good, but don't let her know cause I hiss and grawl at her when she goes that.

Guess what? I got a special gift in the mail today from Hazel Lucy and her Mom---my very own trankie blankie and collar, it is pink just like my little round bed. Mommy had to open my present, she took pictures of me and my wonderful magical trankie blankie, she put my colllar on and laid my blankie on my bed and now I will be sleeping better. Mommy is setting in here with while I have my softy collar off so I will sleep, she can't let me have the softy collar off cause you know what I will do.
Well I gotta go and try to sleep so I can get better and get out of here, talk to you all later...


Tallulah is doing good and gets to come home this morning

July 21st 2009 9:24 am
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Tallulah's Mom here wanted to let you all know that Tallulah had a good night, she was eating, her tempurature was normal, she was sitting up and looking around this morning when I called at 5:30 am.
They were waiting for the Vet to check to see how she was doing and I will be picking her up at 11:30. I will let all of you know how she is doing after I get her home and settled...Thanks again to all of our friends for all the well wishes, purrs, prayers and kind words...


I made it through my surgery

July 20th 2009 5:14 pm
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I am still at the hospital in my hotel room as my special friend calls it. I wanted to let you all know I made it through my surgery this afternoon.

Mom was not nice this morning she wouldn't feed me, I gave her what for I did. She keep telling me I couldn't eat until later. I just didn't understand why I wasn't getting my breakfast what gives?

Mom was crying and I didn't understand why, she gets so emotional. I watched as Momput one of my favorite little round beds in my carrier so I knew something was up...I am thinking this isn't good another trip in the car to a bad smelling place.
I am having a hard time thinking I am still having weird things going on in my head.

Mom took me in to that building again and told the lady I was here for my surgery, surgery what is that! My had to sign papers and pay, then the lady came around to get me from Mom, I didn't know what was going , here we go again Mom is crying and takes me out of my carrier gives me lots of kisses and hugs, tells me she loves me and she will be with me even if she isn't here and more tears and getting me wet. Then mom puts me back in my carrier and she turns around tells me I will see you tomorrow.What tomorrow what gives, why tomorrow, Mommy I want to go with you wait don't leave without me...

Now I am getting scared my Mommy is leaving me and I don't know what is going on...the nice lady takes me back to my room and tries to make me comfortable.

They came and shaved my paw why are they doing that Mommie i don't what to have no hair on my paw. Now they are sticking me with something,

They told me that Mommie called to see how I was doing and they told her I was fine, a little stressed and I am doing good, the perfect little patient.
All of a sudden they come to get me and that is the last I remember and now I am feeling funny and having weird things going on in my head---I saw my sisfurs and brofur that are no longer here, I saw my catster angel friends and even Buddie was there holding my paw and telling they were all there to help me and keep me safe.

I am back in my room now resting and sleeping so I will say good night I need the rest, oh my I forgot like Tyler I have a naked belly and some funny things all the way down my belly...I am going to have to talk to Mom to see why I have these silver things in my bellly.

Tallulah's Mom here, she did fine, the Vet Specialist said the lumps were very tiny and there were no signs of the cancer anywhere, they did remove her whole right side mammary glands and they were able to close well enough that they decided not to use the drainage tube, but she will have to be confined and kept quite, no jumping, running or playing for a couple of weeks.
They are sendng out the lump tissue for tests and we will get the results in a day or so, and we will go from there.
It was a very difficult and hard day for me, I had anxiety attacks and cried a lot. Once I knew my precious Tallulah was OK & came through her surgery I felt better and then the tears came knowing my baby was going to be Ok and I will get to bring her home tomorrow as long as she does good tonight, I will be calling to see how she is doing soon and again before I go to bed.
Thank you all that sent power of the paws, candles and special gifts to my Tallulah, you all have been so kind and I have felt the love and care from you all...we will keep in posted on Tallulah's home coming and recovery.....Love, purrs, hugs to you all...Tallulah and Mom


Mammary cancer surgery

July 17th 2009 9:57 pm
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Last week Meowmy discovered lumps on my belly right side, she called my Vet to see if she could get me in, she told me not good having lumps, I said what lumps....

Mom put me in a carrier, boy I not like carriers not good when you are put in a carrier. The Vet checked me out, even the dreaded thing up my bottom.. Vet said I needed to have fluid drawn out of all 3 lumps so I had to go home and return the next day so they could shave me around the lumps. Meowmy had to leave me and as she left she had tears in her eyes, she knew is wasn't going to be good.

Now was the hard part to wait for the result, with it being Friday we had to wait all weekend long. Monday came, the phone rang and what do you know the Vet was calling....Mom was very upset when she got off the phone and she started crying she came over to me and cried on me, I didn't know what was going on except she was getting me wet with tears.

She started making calls and cried at every call she made. Finally she was a little better and she called the specialist the Vet wanted me to go to. I had an appointment for Wednesday.

Again I was put in that carrier...not good..the last time I had to go in that Meowmy left me....she drove me to the specialist and we waited with Mom's good friend, she was there to help Meowmy as she was really having a hard time and was afraid she would loose it when the Vet talked to her....

Finally is was my turn to go in and again the stick up my bottom and got to sit on a table. Meowmy kept petting me and telling me it was Ok and she loved me...I still don't know what is going on why I am here and what are they going to do next...OhOh the Vet walked in...told Meowmy the lumps were small good news...for me....He said I needed to get my xray so off I went again with 2 ladies, not my Meowmy....

All of those machines and them making me lay on my back making me stay still, and then on my side....finally I was returned to my Meowmy.....then they brought up something on the puter it was meeeee.....

Vet came back in showing Meowmy and her friend meee on the puter. he told Meowmy it hasn't spread to my lungs....good news.....and he didn't see any signs of spreading....good news.....

So with all of that now he tells Meowmy I need surgery and I have to go out front so they can schedule it....He told Moewmy about the surgery and what he will do, he will also check my left mammary glands to make sure there are no signs of Cancer and check all over. I will get shaved and have a drainage tube for a while. Now Meowmy is really scared thinking of all that will be done to me and how bad it will be....the vet tech came back in with the cost for Meowmy to see and she too explained what was going to be done to me. Now I am getting scared.

Mewomy made the arrangements for me to have my surgery on Monday July 20th, I have to go in around 9/9:30 so they can get me ready for the dreaded surgery. I have to stay in the hospital over night and if I am doing well I get to go home on Tuesday...I am making sure I am doing good I want to go home....Meowmy take me home.....

So now we wait for Monday to come and I know Meowmy is going to be having a hard time taking me and then having to leave without me. It is going to be a long day for Meowmy and me too. I won't know what is going on, but Meowmy is tellling me I have to go to get better, what I didn't know I have to get better, I feel fine, I am eating and playing like I always do...I think Meowmy is pulling one over me, but then I have all of these special Angels coming to me telling me I am going to be fine and they are with me all the way, so maybe there is something wrong...Thank you angels you are helping me and hope you can help my Meowmy too....

Meowmy says she wants to thank all of our friends on Catster for helping both of us and sending all of your love, power of the paws and candles for me....Thanks for helping my Tallulah get through this it is turly a blessing we found catster when we did, little did we know that we would find so much love and comfort from other Meowmies...thank you from the bottom of my heart....love Tallulah and Mom

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