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October 20th 2009 9:39 pm
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To me and my Mom's surprise I have been chosen to be CAT OF THE WEEK!!!

Mom was up very early this morning she woke up with a very bad headache so she fell asleep when she came home this afternoon....Mom wasn't going to get on the computer because she is still tired, but she decided she needed to check her mail...well to me and Mom's surprise I am CAT OF THE WEEK...WOW I don't know what to say...I am meowless. I guess those secret kitties that do the voting decided to honor me because I have survived cancer, little did me and Mom know that I could be honored for putting up such a good fight and the battle of my life. I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR

I am so honored for the kitties that selected me, for all of my friends here on catster for sending me gifts and congrats! You all have made be feel so wonderful and happy, all are the bestest...

Yes I am a survivor and a fighter, so for that I have been honored this week I will always cherish let's celebrate together...after all it is my week and it is also breast cancer awareness month for humans, but for Kitties who have fought and won, let's also honor those that haven't won the battle too...Bless you all & thank you....

Queen Tallulah


I have a new guest book please sign

October 16th 2009 9:51 pm
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Well wouldn't you know it Mom is learning to do more things for my page and she deleted my other guest book I had on my page....oops!!!!

Mom is so mad at herself, she can't believe she did that, she was trying to copy my stuff and put it on word for safe keeping and accidently deleted the code....

So Mom and I are asking all of my friends that signed it before to go back and sign again please and anyone else that would love to sign my book we would love you to join me and my friends....

Mom also finally figured out how to put music on my page, she will have to do my cat sisfur and brofurs and our doggies music hopefully this weekend.....Mom is slowly learning but she says some of the things are just to hard for her to figure out...but maybe one of these days....the learning continues.....

love and little kitty kisses to you all....

Queen Tallulah


I am still doing good!

October 15th 2009 5:08 pm
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Well it has been a week since my last chemo treatment and I am still doing good....this time I didn't get sick or stop eating that has made Mom so happy...she checks me everyday for lumps, I keep telling her Mom do you have to do that everyday, Mom says yes she is worried.

Yummy my tummy is getting more food and it sure is tasting good. I even ask Mom for more food when she is home...

Hooray I am dancing and dancing, drinking catnip champagne with my friend Meriadoc he is my sweet love and friend....

Love to you all and we are praying & purring for all of the kitties in need of purrs and prayers.


Queen Tallulah


Halloween Tagged

October 11th 2009 9:53 pm
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I got tagged by Chloe

All you have to do is name 5 things you like about Halloween and tag 6 friends to play along with you:

1) Treats- Mom makes us special treat for dinner

2) When the doorbell rings I get to my sisfur & brofur run and hide heehee!

3) All of the decorations

4) Seeing the doggies dress in their costumes

5) Best of all know that Mom, Mia & Milo raise money to help the animal shelter and go on their walk every year.

I'm Tagging

Crazy Dazy


Hooray My Final Chemo & I am Cancer Free

October 8th 2009 4:02 pm
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Hooray, Hooray I am jumping a happy jig and we are so happy my chemo is over with and my chest & lungs have no signs of cancer.....I am in recession...

My Specialist Vet talked to Mom while I was waiting to get my Chemo today, he told Mom that I my lungs and chest are free of cancer with no signs of that nasty cancer anywhere....dancing the jig again....Mom smiles and cries because the chemo worked I am OK and Mom will have me around for more years to come...

On my way home Mom got scared I was drooling, she guesses I was getting sick from my treatment and motion of the car wasn't helping...I ran out of my crate and was circling around the house, Mom doesn't know what to think. She lets me settle down, gave me my can food and you know I did eat so I made Mom happy again.



Love, purrs and best wishes to all of you!!!!

Queen Tallulah and Mom (Peggy)


My 3rd Chemo Treatment today

September 17th 2009 4:03 pm
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Oh Oh here we go again, I didn't get to eat this morning so I know something is going down...I hide in my bed on the chair hoping Mom doesn't see me, didn't work. She came over grabbed me and out into the garage and into my carrier which by the way had my pink trankie blankie in it for comforting it I am going into the car...I know I am in for it and off we go.

Mom took me in to that place that I know has the lady vampires waiting for me to take more they come, no no don't shave my leg again, why do you keep doing that just when my hair is growing back in again... they are putting me in a larger cage, but I also have my carrier in there with my comfy trankie blankie, oh so happy to be laying on my blankie with special healing powers....

They have to go tell Mom who is waiting for me that I will be getting my chemo treamtnet today....Mom waits patiently out front for me and also in her car going through all of her catster stuff....she is praying too that I will be OK....of course I will be OK I am an old pro at getting this treatment and after all I am the Queen....

Vet techs keep talking to me telling me I am being so good and I am such a beautiful queen....I am still wearing my pink collar with my medal that was blessed just for me, Mom reminded them not to take my collar off she wants my medal with me at all times.

Now they come get me again, I try to look mean but they know I am a little sweetie so that doesn't work, darn I was hoping they would not get me and put another needle in me...

I went to sleep again and saw all of my special angel friends today: Tyler, Buddie, Belle just to name a few besides my Mommies special angel pets Sidney, Dartie, Bobby-Lynn, Chunk, Star and all were there holding my paw and praying, such beautiful angels and all of you with your wings, I felt safe loved and new I was in good hands, I am going to be OK. My angels thank you for being there with me today keeping me safe....

Oh I am being awakened, no not now I want to spend more time with my angels they make me feel so wonderful, happy and safe...don't go no don't go, but they are gone and I am opening my eyes and the ladies are calling my name, telling me it is OK, of course it is OK, but you made my dreams stop....they tell my Mom is waiting for me so I need to wake up and get ready to go home...Home on boy I finally get to go home...

They had a lot of dogs in there today and they were barking so it will be nice to get out of here.

Hooray I see Mom and she has a happy smile on her face as I have a happy smile on mine too, we are back together again and we can finally go home....

They told Mom I was a good girl and I am doing good, maintained my weight again, Mom sure was happy to hear that she was worried that I might have lost some weight cause I didn't want to eat my can food with my immuno in it, she gives it to me by mouth now, so I will get my food...
I am finally home now and I must say I am so happy to be able to get up walk around, get some food since Mom wouldn't let me eat this morning and finally I am laying on my bed with my blankie to heal some more and to get some dreams in....nite nite my friends time for me to get some Z's in before dinner....thank you friends for all of your prayers and best is working


I am Simba's Queen

August 30th 2009 3:03 pm
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I have the great honor of being Simba's Queen...he asked me to be his Queen...I even got a picture of him and me together with crowns today....check out me and my King together on my page....

Now I am a real Queen, when I was at the vet during my surgery, recovery and when I go to have my chemo I am treated just like a queen, they love me...every time I go in all of the Vet Techs have to come see me and talk to Mom to see how I am doing they said I am special and so does I am the queen and I am special.....

My King Simba lives in the UK and he is so handsome, my tiger boy Simba.....

I can't believe he wants me to be his Queen, I have never been a Queen before I feel so honored....I was cat of the week at 4 the love of cats this past week and now I am Queen....happy happy me I know I have to get better I am the Queen and Simba is my King.....purrs to you all from Queen Tallulah


My Second Chemo Treatment

August 27th 2009 9:01 pm
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Oh my I did have to go to the dreaded Vet again today. As soon as I got up and Mom didn't feed me again I knew something was up, then she put me in the carrier & into the car...As soon as we walked into the Specialist Vet office I knew the place from the smell...very familiar it was, I new this day wasn't going to be a fun day for me.

All of the vet tech ladies heard I was there for my treatment they all came out to see me and ask my Mom how I was doing, Mom was happy to tell them that I had done great after my 1st chemo treatment. They all called me the princess and all love me, I know that makes Mom feel good cause she knows I am being treated with loving care.

The blood lady came she shaved my paw again and stuck the needle in me took blood, as I sat there I was wondering how Mom was handling the wait. My blood test came back good and it was a go for my chemo treatment, another round of poison going in my body. It really worries my Mom and I try to tell her I will be fine.

So I have to stay and wait for the other needle to come to make me go into dreamy land for a little while, when I was in dream land I saw all of my families furangels & catster angel friends, Buddie was there holding my hand, Tyler was there too holding my other paw carefullly cause that had the needle in it but he was so gentle....They were all there purring and whispering prayers into my ears..telling me I was going to be Ok. They made me feel safe and loved. Then I had to say bye to them for now...thank you my angels for being there today with me. My medal from Dusty was with me the whole time too and Mom believes my blessed medal is helping me too.
Before I knew it I was done and back into my cage where my safety carrier was waiting for me.

Oh my I almost forgot they did an xray of my lungs and chest today too. They said no change and they are still keeping an eye on me to make sure there is no cancer in my lungs, there was an area that the Vet isn't sure about so we have to pray I will be fine...

My Vet went to talk to Mom while I was still tryng to wake up more, he told Mom I was doing good and my prognoses is still good and he is happy I maintained my weight, I didn't have any side affects and I am eating...yah I get Mom to feed me my can food with my supplements in it 3 or 4 times a day cause I only nibble at food and Mom wants me to eat whenever I want food.
The girls came out to say bye to me and wish me well until they see me at my next treatment.
Mom was off today so she coould be with me while I was getting my chemo, she was happy to be there for me even if she couldn't be in the room while I was getting my treatment.
I finally got to get out of there I just wanted to go home, get something to eat and sleep. Mom let me out of my carrier and off I went to see and check out the house thinking that maybe things changed but they hadn't changed at all it was exactly like we left it. Mom gave me my can food with my supplements in them, boy it tasted good I ate it all and Mom was so happy she was smiling and telling me I was a good girl. Of course I am I thought what else would I be! I washed my face and climbed into one of my beds with my trankie blankie and slept most of the afternoon...

So today was an eventful day, a good day for we got good news and I am home with my Mom and family. Now I have to rest and have a good nights sleep on my Mom the best medicine of all!!! Nite to you all and bless each of you, we are all purring & praying for all of the other kitties that are sick...Tallulah


Another good day and my new Vet

August 11th 2009 7:35 pm
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Well Mom had me get up early this morning I was not happy I wanted to stay in bed...I am pretty tired lately......MOL Mom leave me be to sleep would you.

Mom was being sneaky she put something in my food and I smell my food first and there was no way I was going to eat this morning, scared Mom she thought I was refusing to eat and that is one of the side affects, but Mom knows I won't eat when she puts strange things in my food, it was only my herbal supplements that will help my immune system. So I got the yummy chicken baby food and no surprises in my babyfood....

I do sleep allot more, I am only up for a short time and then I go find a place to sleep. I sleep while Mom is gone, she came home and I was hungry again so she gave me can food with no surprises this time, I ate it all made Mom so happy.

Mom decided to call my new Vet this morning cause I refuse to eat my food with the supplements in them. Mom is so happy with my new vet because she believes in the same things as my Mom, she loves me and loves working with Cats....Mom talked to her and my Vet said she would be talking to the holistic vet to see what they could find that is liquid form of my supplements and goes with colostrum...she called this evening to tell Mom they found a liquid form for me and Mom will have to go pick it up tomorrow morning and take the powder back for a credit...

I have been running around a little and this evening I took Mom by surprise I jumped to the floor from the top on a chair....Mom was concerned but I assured her I was you see my friends I am doing well my special angels on catster are helping me through this all along with all of my special cat friends too...Mom and I wouldn't know what to do without all of you....well I am getting sleepy again so I gotta go find a nice warm place to sleep.


I am still feeling good after chemo

August 10th 2009 2:59 pm
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Hi to all of my special friends here on catster....

Sorry Mom and I haven't been on the computer much these last few days, Mom has really been super busy and very tired.

We wanted to let you know that I am doing really good so far, no side affects, Mom is so proud of me...

I am finally out of my bathroom prison now and hopefully I won't have to go back in there. I even get to sleep on my Mom at night pure delight for me to be on my Mom again.

We want to thank my friends and their Moms for all of the support, love and careing while I had my surgery and recovery. A special thanks for my special friend Tyler Boombastic and his Mom for sending me my blankie & fir his Mom helping me Mom while I was getting ready to have my surgery and after all the while she was dealing with Tyler being very sick and having surgery too, you are a very special Mom -we just found out that he is now an Angel and we are so sad to have lost a very special kitty friend....we love you Tyler....and to Sky and Mom for my special personal towel with my Name on it and Dusty Miller & Mom for my blessed medal...

Mom and I feel so much love from all of our friends on catster it was a blessing to have found catster and Mom knows she found it for a reason and now she knows it was because I was going to have the fight of my life and all of you are helping Mom and me in so many ways....


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