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Lucky Lady Bugs and My Chemo Treatment

April 15th 2010 2:47 pm
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Yeah yeah you are asking what does lady Bugs have to do with chemo treatment.

Well as you know last week when I went to the Vet Specialist to see about my next treatment my white cell count was down & I couldn't have my chemo...another week and I had to go in today...all the lady bugs I got from friends wishing me well...guess what it worked, I got the OK from the Doc to have my chemo....

Mom waited 2 hours for me, they took my blood right away, but they were busy with other kitties and doggies this morning, they had to wait for the Doc to talk to Mom to let her know it was a go for my chemo and the Tech who does the chemo to be able to do mine, they have 2 that do the chemo and one is on vacation.

Today they did my chemo without sedation, they were having a hard time with my veins, especially my front paws. I was not being cooperative today, so they will have to sedate me next time...the Vet is concerned about my veins they actually had to put the chemo in my back leg today. I got all bruised from them trying to get the needle in my veins. What do they expect when they are holding me and sticking me with needles, who would be happy or cooperative!!!!

It was a lucky day, but not....I at least got my treatment today, but my leg is all sore now and we will have to see how it goes on my next visit. Let's hope and purr my veins will be a little more cooperative next chemo treatment, if not they will have to try something different, not sure what that means..

So now Mom has to watch over me and make sure I am doing's to the next 4 weeks, may I be happy, hungry and OK with all of those nasty bugs in me go away....

I am a fighter, I am the pink Queen and I will be fine....& I love my lady bugs!!!!!




OMC What a surprise for today

April 12th 2010 8:57 am
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OMC and MOL I have been chosen as one of the Diaries of the day....Mom doesn't always have time to get on in the mornings, but this day she decided to get on and low and behold she notices lots of gifties for me and she found out the honor that has been bestowed upon me once again....I can't believe it......I am doing the happy dance!!!!

So Mom and I want to thank HQ's for choosing me again and for all of my special and wonderful friends & their Mom's for sending me gifties today....Mom will be gone for a while and won't be back until early afternoon, I will be sleeping while Mom is gone, but before she leaves she will say a prayer for me and ask all of my kitty angels to come watch over me....

WOW I am very honored and think they picked the one diary that I kept a secret from Mom about not keeping my pill down.....

QT the survivor and the pink Queen


I Fooled Mom This Morning

April 9th 2010 5:44 pm
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Don't tell Mom but I fooled her this morning!!!!

I spit my antibiotic out this morning and Mom didn't know it or see it...after she rudely stuck her finger down my throat I jumped over the back of the chair and behind it I spit it out...Mom was telling me I was a good girl. So the day went on and on and she still didn't know I didn't swallow it.

At 4:30ish this afternoon Dad came in to Mom's room where she was sitting and said I just found a half of a purple color pill behind the chair...Mom knew immediately that I didn't swallow my pill this morning... she told me I was a stinker, you know what came next the mouth was opened and once again Mom put her fingers in my mouth and down the pill went...yuck yuck and yuck...but it didn't come out this time Mom stuck around to make sure it stayed in.

So I did fool Mom, but it didn't stay a secret I was busted!!!!! here I thought I was going to get away with it....I told Mom I was sorry, but she said I have to make sure I swallow the pill cause this will help me, help me with what I ask....!!!!! I say it doesn't pay to fool Mom she will just give it to you again and this time she won't let you get away with not swallowing the yucky pill...



I had a good day with lots of sleep

April 8th 2010 10:31 pm
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My day started with me getting lots of scratching, loving and petting from my Mom...then I got my breakfast of can food, yummie it was good...

As I watched Mom go about the house doing things Mom do for us kitties and doggies this morning I didn't take my eyes off of her, I wanted to make sure I was not going in the prison cage again and leaving the house. Mom reassured me today I was going to be home all day so I could relax, sleep and get well.....

I knew I still had to get my herbs and antibiotics so I continued to watch her put things together for me and I made a quick exit to Mom's room onto the night stand near the window so I couldn't be seen by Mom, it didn't work she found me and then pop the pill into my mouth, oh nasty and boy I am not happy Mom surprised me so I hiss ...I didn't mean anything by it Mom really I didn't. Then came the syringe for my herbs...nasty nasty nasty is all I can say....

Mom tells me good girl my sweetie, you are such a good girl Lulu...of course I am a good girl what does she think I am a bad girl, not me no way! especially after all that I go through. I just hope this doesn't mean I am going again in the prison cage and off to the Vampires...

Mom gets ready to leave tells me I am not going, asks all of her angel guardians, my angel guardians, her kitty & doggie angels to surround me with warmth and healing powers, and especially to watch over me while she is gone...she does that every day; she is always worried about leaving me alone...she is only gone a few hours but she still worries...

Now I can settle down and take a needed rest and sleep on my nice warm heating pad in my bed...oh so warm and cozy, I settle down and have dreams of all of my angels protecting me and watching over me...I hear the door open oh boy Mom is home time for a little more can food...yummy food time...meow meow Mom I want more food...back to my warm place for another nap...

I am getting lots of rest so my WBC will go up and I will be Ok...I am being a good girl!!!

I had my dinner, my herbs again...yes I am ready for my night time sleep with my Mom my favorite person in the whole world...

Night my friends time to sleep and heal....

cuddles and hug

QT the pink queen


No Chemo for Me Today!!!

April 7th 2010 3:39 pm
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This morning I knew there was something up when Mom started getting dressed and talking to Dad...She mentioned the word V E T....on NO does that mean I have to go into the prison cage again and go for a ride to end up at the VET again....

I went into Mom's room and tried to make myself didn't work, Mom saw me but she tried to act like she didn't see me....

Well off into the prison cage I went trying to make myself very small hoping no one would see me inside...didn't work, when I got to the Vet Specialist the Vampire lady came to get me, she asked Mom how I was doing, of course Mom told her I have been doing really good.

While they were preparing for the Vampire to take my blood they had an emergency come in....another kitty wasn't doing very good, they were trying to save the kitty, but it didn't work, the poor kitty went to rainbow bridge, renal failure they said whatever that is....I hid the whole time I didn't want to know another kitty was going to the and Mommy were very sad when we left today and so were the Vet ladies working in the office, not a good way to start the day....

Well back to me, the news was my white cell count is too low for me to have my chemo today, so I am now on antibiotics for a week, then I have to go back on the 15th and try again....I was happy I didn't have to go through that and get another Ugg boot and that awful stuff in my body, but Mom wasn't happy and she is worried again...I am on the antibiotics to make sure I don't get an infection....

Doc told Mom after next weeks chemo treatment we will go 4 weeks again instead of the 3 he wanted to do and I don't have to go in after ten days to have my blood checked...he thinks 4 weeks will give my body time to get the white cell count back up to where it is suppose to be....

We came home, happy cat I am...I ran around the house, got on my chair with my bed and heating pad to settle in for a nap while Mom was wait for her to come home again and get more food. Mom is off to walk her clients doggies and go to Petco to get us more food....
I am now full with getting my little snack, laying on Mom's legs with a blanket and I will be going to sleep to let my blood get back to where it is suppose to be....
Bye from the sleeping little QT til next time....



We had a rockin rollin Easter

April 4th 2010 4:30 pm
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WOW MOL did we have a rockin rollin day today, at 3:40 pm we had a earthquake. Mom and family were eating dinner when all of a sudden we were rollin. I was looking out the patio door and I went a running with my ears back, Mom got up to move Grandma to a safe place....Mom says she feel sick from the was scary but we are all fine, no damage to our house....but dinner was interrupted and the mood changed in our house....poor Zeke got scared and looked very frightened, Xena just stay in her hammock bedbed and Kandi was up and moving....

So that was our rocking rollin Easter day....a 6.9 earthquake...on my I am still scared and Mom keeps checking on me....but we wanted all of our friends that know we live in San Diego that we are OK....

QT and Mom


My King Simba wonderful video of me...

April 2nd 2010 9:51 pm
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MOL to my surprise this evening I heard from my King Simba, Mom went to his page so we could paw mail him to let him know how happy we were to hear from him again after not hearing from him in a long time....and to our surprise there on his page was a video about me....wishing me to get well soon and some pictures of me....

It brought tears to Mom's eye, she cried because it was a wonderful thing for my King Simba and his sister to make....





Blood work today

March 26th 2010 7:51 pm
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Well Mom went and did it again, she got me into my prison cage the bigger one this time (last time the Vet Techs couldn't get me out of my smaller one). I knew something was up when we got into the car, you see I am on to her now....

The Vet Vampire come to take me to the vampire room to take more of my blood, soon I won't have any more blood it they keep this up, what gives, I need all the blood I can get, not give and give.... I am tired tonight from my ordeal today and loosing more blood.

Well my blood test came back good they are all in the middle range so it is a go for me to have my 2nd chemo treatment on April 7th...on no here we go again, the shaved leg and me getting the Ugg boot.

So far I am doing really good, not vomiting, only after I eat grass, I am eating and asking for extra through out the day when Mom is home, that puts a smile on Mom's face I am so happy to put that smile on her face. I have even been playing and running after the laser light.

I am even taking my herbs and colostrum Mom is giving me to help me fight my cancer....I am a fighter .....and I survivor.....



Candidate for chemo treatments again!!

March 11th 2010 7:44 pm
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Oh Boy MOL this week has been a scary week for me and Mom...Monday I was sleeping so deep and dreaming of all of my special Angels they were there with me and we were having so much fun I didn't want to leave them. It was so beautiful to see my wonderful GUARDIAN ANGELS..They all told me it wasn't my time yet that I needed to go back to be with Mom, but when it is my time they all would be there with me....

I didn't mean to scare Mom and all of my family...sorry Mom.

I kept hearing strange voices calling me, I didn't know who they were so I just didn't want to answer. They were saying Tallulah wake up breath, please Tallulah wake up and breath...then I heard her voice the most wonderful sound to me MY MOM. She was here with me, she came to be with me I heard her crying and saying my sweet Tallulah please come back to me I love you, I felt her love and her petting me, then I felt my fur get wet Mom what are you doing? Then I heard Buddie my sweet Angel friend tell me it is time for me to recover and be with Mom again, so I responded and let my Mom know I was going to be OK.

Even though my eyes were all wide, my mouth open a little when she first saw me and my tongue was out too; finally I saw Mommy and my oxygen intake was better, the vital signs better and I was ready to get out. I kept moving around making the machine ring, but they all knew I would hopefully be able to breath on my own, that was going to be the test.

My Dr. came to talk to Mom, he said he wanted to make sure I could breath on my own for several hours. I am happy to say I did breath on my own and I recovered, but I am sad I scared Mom so much. I am safe at home and doing well.

My Doctor called last night to check on me to make sure I am still doing good, which I must say I am...he told Mom what we already knew that I do have cancer in my lungs and that I am a candidate for chemo treatments again. Hooray MOL

So starting on Tuesday I will be getting chemo again, not sure how many and for how long, but Doc said it will hopefully slow the cancer down and give me a little longer to live, but it was all up to me, so I have to fight and fight harder than I ever have and I am going to, you see it is not my time and I am not ready to leave my Mom...

Mom has asked me to thank everyone who has sent me gifts and well wishes she just hasn't been able to keep up with them all so if we missed anyone please know that we love you all and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping me and being here for me and Mommy...the support is wonderful and it is helping Mom.

Love you all and sending you all kitty kisses



A very scary day yesterday for Tallulah and Me

March 9th 2010 3:02 pm
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Yesterday was a very scary day for Tallulah and Me.

Tallulah had her CT Scan yesterday, I didn't want to do it, but I knew we needed to find out how far the cancer has spread. My gut told me not to it, but I went against my feeling and she did not do well.

She was fine during her scan and all was going well, until they tried to wake her up. She was not waking up, she was having trouble breathing, her blood pressure was very low and her heart rate was up and down. When I called to check on her because I hadn't heard from them, they were trying to get her awake and stable, it was not going well for Tallulah or the imaging place. The Vet was telling me she was in bad shape and they decided to take her to her Dr. at the specialist facility...The Dr. and 2 Vet Techs took her to her specialists to make sure she was Ok and made it.

They were expecting the worse and I was driving to to be with her of course crying the whole way, not knowing what was happening to my baby or if I would ever see her alive again. I was having anxiety attacks on top of crying...I was not ready to loose my baby because of her not being able to wake up and breath.

I got to the Specialist right after Tallulah arrived, they assured me they were working on her and she was stable. The Vet Techs came out to be with me, I am still crying, and having trouble breathing too. Once they got Tallulah stable enough and she was doing better I was able to be with her. I was so afraid to see what condition she was going to be in, but when I saw her my heart stopped, but then the love and the strength to be with her came...our angels where there for Tallulah and me...She was in a incubator getting oxygen, her body wasn't absorbing enough oxygen, when I got there she was absorbing 80%, her blood pressure was still a little low and heart rate was up...They let me sit with her and I got to pet her and talk to her. her pupils were wide, her mouth open and tongue was out. It was so scary to see her this way...

Before I left my house I got the mail, in the mail came a very special package arrived from Tallulah's and our kitty families friend Dusty Miller , his Mom sent HOLY WATER from her church all the way from couldn't have come at a better time. So I grabbed the HOLY WATER and Tallulah's SPECIAL BLANKIE....

I put the BLANKIE on Tallulah and sprinkled the HOLY WATER on Tallulah...she started doing better, I believe not only having me with my sweet baby and her hearing my voice and feel my love, but the HOLY WATER and BLANKIE helped Tallulah pull through...she eventually started moving around, peed all over herself and was trying to get up.

The Vet Tech had to check on Tallulah and clean up her & the incubator when she was doing that I ran out to my car to get my camera so I could take pictures of my Sweet Girl Tallulah....Mind you she was still not doing well, but I knew she was going to come around because of all the love and her special gifts from special kitties on Catster.

Finally Tallulah was doing better they started reducing the oxygen to see how she would do, they wanted her to be able to breathe on her own, they told me she may not be able to and then I would have to make a decision, I prayed so hard put more HOLY WATER on her and asked for all of her kitty angels to help her breathe on her own...she was doing OK with less oxygen, so they lowered it more and she still was doing good. Now she was moving around more, was sticking her head out of the hole I had my hand in to pet her, when she stuck her head out I was kissing her and kissing her...I knew she was going to pull through this because she is a fighter...

I was with her from 1 to 4:30 because they needed to get her next door to the ER so they could keep her under their watch...I didn't want to leave her, I was so afraid for her, but I knew she was in good hands and I was going to be able to bring her home later in the evening if she didn't take a turn for the worse...

Tallulah's Vet Tech that was with her and me this whole time called my around 6 to let me know my sweet Tallulah was doing really good and she was off of oxygen for about an hour and needed to stay for a while longer to make sure she was stable and doing OK. I called at 8 last night and the ER tech told me the Dr. said she could come home...Tallulah was finally coming home and I couldn't be happier, she finally arrived home at 9. She of course had to check the house out, go potty and finally ate. Her and I finally went to bed after 11 and she slept through the night.

I am happy to say Tallulah is doing good today, she is eating and doing her normal things, like sleeping on her warm heating pad in her bed...she will be sleepy all day today but she is OK and that is the most important thing.

It was a very hard day for Tallulah and Me, needless to say we are both tired today, but she is still here with me and doing good. We are still waiting for the specialist to call on the results and what is next. We are not giving up on Tallulah I will do anything for her...we do know that the cancer is in her lungs that has been confirmed...I am still very devastated, but I am keeping positive as much as I can.

Just a little while ago her Vet Dr. Kathy called to see what happened because she got the report from the ER and I had to tell her, so now she knows and will be with me & Tallulah all the way through this...Dr. Kathy is the best and I am so happy I found her not only for Tallulah but for our Zeke...



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