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May 10th 2010 9:55 am
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My kitty friend CHAI LATTE and her MOM have asked me to be her teams MASCOT...can you believe it....when Mom read the request she started to cry, me QT being their MASCOT for their 3 day walk in San Francisco in October. Yes yes we said we are so honored I am a SURVIVOR and always will be cause I don't have mammary cancer any more, unfortunately those nasty tumors attacked my lungs...Chai Latte's Mom will let us know how things are going and will be keeping me & Mom posted after all I am their MASCOT....

We have no words to say to Chai and her Mom for thinking of me and wanting to honor me during their walk I am a cat not a human, but I did survive....and we want all breast cancer to go away and for all that have be cured....no one should die from breast cancer or any other cancer for that matter....humans or us loving pets

Mom copied the request so you all can read it....we love you Chai Latte and Mom thank you so much for thinking of me and walking with me being your MASCOT!!



my mom has just signed up for the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for Breast Cancer here in San Francisco in October of this year. She will be on a team with the moms of Jeter Harris


and Skeezix


They would like you to be the mascot of their team. Now you won't have to do a thing other than maybe let them use your picture or be part of a feature story. Mom will check with you on each and every thing they do that involves using your picture or story.

They can't think of a more purrfect mascot for a team of Crazy Cat Moms walking to find a cure for breast cancer than you.




Watching My Laser Light

May 6th 2010 9:20 pm
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I guess you can say I am feeling good right now cause Mom pulled out the laser light and I made a mad dash to get it before Zeke could get it...yes you read it right I was running around trying to catch the laser, Mom even took pictures of me watching the light...it looks like a flying alien. I was intent on getting it and every time I pounced on it the alien disappeared, what gives, I am trying so hard to get it...then Zeke gets in on the fun, so I sit and watch to see if Mr. Smartie pants who thinks he can get it, work at getting it all the while I just sit and watch intently...laughing at him cause he didn't get it either...ha ha Zeke

Oh how I loved trying to get the laser light, but I really loved watching Zeke run around....suddenly it stopped and then it disappeared....Mom said that is enough for today we will play again tomorrow...

Oh I sure had fun playing with my laser....I think this calls for a nap on Moms lap...gotta go and get on Mom's lap...ta ta for now friends....




May 3rd 2010 9:38 am
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My good friend Lucy who also has cancer a tumor in her mouth isn't doing well today. Yesterday the tumor ruptured and her Mom will be taking her to the Vet today...so we are waiting for any news....we are so sad, she just turned 9 and had her wonderful birthday, she is a beautiful orange kitty....we haven't know her very long but the short time we have become good friends, knowing we both have cancer and the end result will be we both will be going to the rainbow bridge one day...we both live each day getting lots of love and attention from our Mom's especially. We know this is hard on our Mom's and our Mom's are here for each other and us too...

I am sad my friend isn't doing well and is probably at the Vet as Mom and I type this...we are so sad...


Mom and I keep asking ourselves why are so many kitties getting cancer and going to the rainbow bridge way to soon....we just don't understand that they are not doing more to help cure cancer in our beloved babies....

I am sad today!!!!purring for my friend Lucy....



Wandering Day in my Backyard

April 23rd 2010 9:26 pm
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OH WOW I had a great time this morning roaming in the yard...the sun was out, the air was fresh and I am alive feeling good....so way cooool I got to go out in the yard to see want I could do and find...

I was looking for more Lady bugs....darn I didn't find any, but the birds were chirpping and flying. I got to eat grass yummy; I got grass before Dad mows the yard and I can't find the grass...I will have to talk to him about cutting all of the grass...Dad please leave a small area for us to be able to eat grass...

While out on my venture this morning I got in the flower bed---Mom you need to do some major weeding out here...yah yah I know you are busy, but really Mom I cant' see the kitty and doggie memorial stepping stones out here...Oh oh I heard the doggie next door, I don't see him, but I sure hear him...Mom is out here with me, Zeke and Xena so I am not worried yet...I hear his breathing next to the fence I think I will hide in the plants, make myself look like part of the flowerbed...hopefully he can't smell me through the fence..do you think I am hidden enough so he can't find me....

On to more adventures out here, on I see some buggies in the dirt look Mom I see bugs, but no lady bugs....

I walked in the grass again, laid on the walk way to soak in the sun...so warm.

Well here comes Mom she says it is time for me to come in she has to get ready to go again, so my adventure out in the back yard is over for the day....darn...well I guess my adventure outside will have to continue another day....PHOTOS OF MY ADVENTURE ON MY PAGE



We have Rain

April 21st 2010 4:39 pm
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I am happy today we are getting some needed rain here in what they call Sunny San Diego....I love when we get the rain, I can crawl into my heated little bed on the chair and sleep the day away listening to the rain drops all day...we are having wind too...so I spent the day sleeping and being all snuggled into my warm bed...

Xena and Zeke are out in the front in their own heated beds looking out the window watching the raindrops fall on the window...drip drip drip.....I think they both slept the day away too...i didn't hear a word from either one and no movement.

Some say rain rain go away come another day, but we don't we love getting the rain cause we don't get much rain here in Sunny San Diego, in the summer we are like a desert no rain at all and most of the time we are behind in the amount of rain we are suppose to get...Mom is so happy too we are getting rain....

So off I go again to my nice heated bed on the chair and continue to sleep til dinner time....nite....



DOTD Yesterday Many Thanks

April 18th 2010 4:26 pm
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WOW MOL and Lucky Lady bug too....can you believe I was picked again to be DOTD, 2 times this week we are in shock....

Mom was gone most of the day yesterday, she needed to be with friends for a while so she went to the Wild Animal Park to see animals....animals she has some at home why does she go somewhere to see more....oh she told me wild animals like a baby elephant born on Monday....Mom and her friend had lunch there too.....

Mom finally got home and I was waiting for her, meowing at her asking her what took so long, I wanted a snack and she wasn't here, I wanted her lap to take a nap and she wasn't here...what gives Mom.....Mom gives me love and tells me she needed some time away and to be with her friend, but she was home now, she gave me my snack of can Wellness food and the best Mom's lap to sleep on...we both fell asleep....

We woke up and Mom decided she better check her mail and WOW did we get the surprise we were not expected....me being DOTD again & on the home page....and so many gifts and messages we were overwhelmed and excited too....

BOY! my lady bugs are bringing me luck, they are special and I have a special place for them, their very own lady bug house....they are so happy and they are here to bring me luck....I love my lady bugs and they love me.....The house is a A Frame made of glass so they can see out and see me, my friends here on Catster and keep watch over me...who would have thought that getting one lady bug would lead to me having a special house for them and they each would bring me luck...luck that we hope will continue for a long time to come...

Mom and I thank each and everyone of my friends on Catster and HQ for choosing me again to be DOTD...it is an honor that I cherish and my heart is filled with so much love and I feel all the love bestowed upon me from all of you. The support all of you have given to me and Mom we thank you....

Well I better go and check on my lucky lady bugs and give them love too. Oh by the way Mom it is time for a little snack before my dinner and I need another lap time soon....

cuddles and love to all my friends and HQ



Lucky Lady Bugs and My Chemo Treatment

April 15th 2010 2:47 pm
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Yeah yeah you are asking what does lady Bugs have to do with chemo treatment.

Well as you know last week when I went to the Vet Specialist to see about my next treatment my white cell count was down & I couldn't have my chemo...another week and I had to go in today...all the lady bugs I got from friends wishing me well...guess what it worked, I got the OK from the Doc to have my chemo....

Mom waited 2 hours for me, they took my blood right away, but they were busy with other kitties and doggies this morning, they had to wait for the Doc to talk to Mom to let her know it was a go for my chemo and the Tech who does the chemo to be able to do mine, they have 2 that do the chemo and one is on vacation.

Today they did my chemo without sedation, they were having a hard time with my veins, especially my front paws. I was not being cooperative today, so they will have to sedate me next time...the Vet is concerned about my veins they actually had to put the chemo in my back leg today. I got all bruised from them trying to get the needle in my veins. What do they expect when they are holding me and sticking me with needles, who would be happy or cooperative!!!!

It was a lucky day, but not....I at least got my treatment today, but my leg is all sore now and we will have to see how it goes on my next visit. Let's hope and purr my veins will be a little more cooperative next chemo treatment, if not they will have to try something different, not sure what that means..

So now Mom has to watch over me and make sure I am doing OK....here's to the next 4 weeks, may I be happy, hungry and OK with all of those nasty bugs in me go away....

I am a fighter, I am the pink Queen and I will be fine....& I love my lady bugs!!!!!




OMC What a surprise for today

April 12th 2010 8:57 am
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OMC and MOL I have been chosen as one of the Diaries of the day....Mom doesn't always have time to get on in the mornings, but this day she decided to get on and low and behold she notices lots of gifties for me and she found out the honor that has been bestowed upon me once again....I can't believe it......I am doing the happy dance!!!!

So Mom and I want to thank HQ's for choosing me again and for all of my special and wonderful friends & their Mom's for sending me gifties today....Mom will be gone for a while and won't be back until early afternoon, I will be sleeping while Mom is gone, but before she leaves she will say a prayer for me and ask all of my kitty angels to come watch over me....

WOW I am very honored and think they picked the one diary that I kept a secret from Mom about not keeping my pill down.....

QT the survivor and the pink Queen


I Fooled Mom This Morning

April 9th 2010 5:44 pm
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Don't tell Mom but I fooled her this morning!!!!

I spit my antibiotic out this morning and Mom didn't know it or see it...after she rudely stuck her finger down my throat I jumped over the back of the chair and behind it I spit it out...Mom was telling me I was a good girl. So the day went on and on and she still didn't know I didn't swallow it.

At 4:30ish this afternoon Dad came in to Mom's room where she was sitting and said I just found a half of a purple color pill behind the chair...Mom knew immediately that I didn't swallow my pill this morning... she told me I was a stinker, you know what came next the mouth was opened and once again Mom put her fingers in my mouth and down the pill went...yuck yuck and yuck...but it didn't come out this time Mom stuck around to make sure it stayed in.

So I did fool Mom, but it didn't stay a secret I was busted!!!!! here I thought I was going to get away with it....I told Mom I was sorry, but she said I have to make sure I swallow the pill cause this will help me, help me with what I ask....!!!!! I say it doesn't pay to fool Mom she will just give it to you again and this time she won't let you get away with not swallowing the yucky pill...



I had a good day with lots of sleep

April 8th 2010 10:31 pm
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My day started with me getting lots of scratching, loving and petting from my Mom...then I got my breakfast of can food, yummie it was good...

As I watched Mom go about the house doing things Mom do for us kitties and doggies this morning I didn't take my eyes off of her, I wanted to make sure I was not going in the prison cage again and leaving the house. Mom reassured me today I was going to be home all day so I could relax, sleep and get well.....

I knew I still had to get my herbs and antibiotics so I continued to watch her put things together for me and I made a quick exit to Mom's room onto the night stand near the window so I couldn't be seen by Mom, it didn't work she found me and then pop the pill into my mouth, oh nasty and boy I am not happy Mom surprised me so I hiss ...I didn't mean anything by it Mom really I didn't. Then came the syringe for my herbs...nasty nasty nasty is all I can say....

Mom tells me good girl my sweetie, you are such a good girl Lulu...of course I am a good girl what does she think I am a bad girl, not me no way! especially after all that I go through. I just hope this doesn't mean I am going again in the prison cage and off to the Vampires...

Mom gets ready to leave tells me I am not going, asks all of her angel guardians, my angel guardians, her kitty & doggie angels to surround me with warmth and healing powers, and especially to watch over me while she is gone...she does that every day; she is always worried about leaving me alone...she is only gone a few hours but she still worries...

Now I can settle down and take a needed rest and sleep on my nice warm heating pad in my bed...oh so warm and cozy, I settle down and have dreams of all of my angels protecting me and watching over me...I hear the door open oh boy Mom is home time for a little more can food...yummy food time...meow meow Mom I want more food...back to my warm place for another nap...

I am getting lots of rest so my WBC will go up and I will be Ok...I am being a good girl!!!

I had my dinner, my herbs again...yes again...MOL...now I am ready for my night time sleep with my Mom my favorite person in the whole world...

Night my friends time to sleep and heal....

cuddles and hug

QT the pink queen

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