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Remebering you today!

July 22nd 2012 7:31 pm
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My sweet Tallulah oh how I remember the first time I saw you, I was working at the cat show for Friends of Cats. At the time I was not looking to adopt another kitty I already had three Chunk, Bobby Lynn and Star! You were from Friends of Cats, Terry who brought you told me the story of how they got you. Someone found you in an apartment complex, you were tiny, pregnant and someone was mistreating you...I asked how can someone hurt this beautiful sweet kitty. It broke my heart, you tugged at my heart and I knew you were meant to come home with me. I promised you that you would always be safe and no one would ever hurt you again.

You didn't really trust anyone but who could blame you after what you had endured in your short life. When I decided to adopt you I didn't have enough money with me, but luckily because I was a volunteer and Terry knew me he let me take you home because he knew I was going to give you the best loving wonderful home. I sent in the rest of the money to Friends of Cats the next day...You were so afraid we were trying to get you in the cardboard container that I had to buy to get you home in and something scared you, you got out of my Moms arms. I was so afraid for you, afraid you would get out, but you ran the other way and into the very large and tall windows...we had to yell escaped cat so they would close the doors til we got you again.I know you remember that too my sweet girl.

One of the other volunteers had rescue remedy, we got to you put a towel around you and she gave you rescue remedy to help you calm down. My Tallulah I still remember that day as if it were today.

We had to work with you to let you know that no one in our home would ever hurt you, with time you trusted us, it took you longer to trust dad, so we think it was a man wearing big shoes because of your fear of your dad and anyone that wore large shoes....but in time you were so sweet and you never let anyone cross you, you stuck up to the other kitties.

As the years went by you became bonded to me and I to you, my sweet slept with me every night, you loved to eat, meowed loud to get my attention to get you food. You were so cute and funny too. You loved to go out and just sit in the grass. If I was not around you slept where I sat or on my robe.

Now as time passes and I remember you today my sweet beautiful angel it is still hard not having you with me, to hold you, smell you, hear your little meows and to have you sleep with me. Oh how I miss you!!!!

Mom was finally able to look at your pictures of when you first came to live with us and some video's I took of I will have to share them with your friends....

My sweet Angel Tallulah you were a special gift from God and you were taken from me too soon, but I know God had others plans for you.

I remember you today Tallulah, you are always in my heart and memories that can't be taken from me. Happy 13th birthday/gotcha day Tallulah I love you always


Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

July 22nd 2012 at 9:10 pm

Hugs to your Mom, QT, Hugs! ♥
Purred by: Orange Ruffy (Catster Member)

July 23rd 2012 at 8:38 am

Dear Tallulahs Mom,
There are magickal cats who come to shed light and grace, and leave them in their wake, like pools of light for our people to step on, and pave the way through effect and love others and bring joy.

We know that our QT was one of those, a Special emmisary who was sent to share love and light with eveyrone who's life she has touched.

We send you today many many purrs, and much love.
Purred by: Rose - beautiful angel (Catster Member)

July 23rd 2012 at 11:37 am

Sending you and your Mom gentle hugs and purrs. We love you all so much.
Purred by: Queen Tallulah Angel Dreamgirl (Catster Member)

July 23rd 2012 at 3:46 pm

Thank you WeBeesSiamese, Orange Ruffy and Rose....little did Mom know I would be a very special kitty and that I have touched so many in different work is never done and neither is Moms...

I am watching over you all, sending angel kisses and hugs to you all
Purred by: Indiana Angel Cat (Catster Member)

July 24th 2012 at 9:38 am

The Special Queen-we remembers her and sees her at the bridge. We are sending you lots of love and butterflies from here. Our mommy knows bout special kitties too-and she is wif your mommy in her thoughts and heart!


Queen Tallulah Angel Dreamgirl


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