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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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Angel thank yous for all my gifts

August 31st 2016 9:04 pm
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Flying to earth to help Mom write in my diary tonight so we can thank our friends for all of my gifts and pictures for my rainbow bridge day. We are sorry we weren't here earlier, Mom had a busy week and again too hard to be here on the day I made my journey.

Mom says she can't believe it has been 6 years since I made my journey, where did the days go they sure did fly by, Mom feels like it happened yesterday, she remembers everything and how hard it was for her, she still has the hole in her heart, still cries and thinks of me everyday, she just has learned to live without me on earth with her. She knows I am always with her, now I have my brofur Zeke here with me, we are always together and we always visit Mom.

I am having to help Mom with her taking care of Mia cause she is still sick, it takes a lot of time to feed her 3 times a day and sometimes Mom gets really tired, so I give her strength to continue on.

Mom has had a lot of trouble with her left foot, she hasn't been able to go on her walks, she finally got in to see a foot doctor and we are so happy she doesn't have to have surgery, but she has to wear arch supports and shoes all day, even if it is hot and at night has to wear a splint. She goes back in 3 weeks. So Mom has been busy and we are always there with her she feels us and knows we will always be there, we will never leave her even if she can't see us she feels us and sees the butterflies we send to her.

Here at the rainbow bridge we are all keeping our paws crossed that our beloved Catster will stay here, we can't imagine it not being here, in the meantime Mom and us are on another site, yeah we know someone bad mouthed United Cats, but we have to tell you it is not true, yes it is different, not Catster, but Mom likes it because of what we get to do there, putting images in diaries, in comments and even pictures, very easy, the more we do things the more treats we get to give gifts to our friends. We don't have to buy treats to give out gifts.

We have found out that a lot of the new kitties and doggies are nominated to be COTW/DOTW, some are for other countries. We get lots of gifts that Mom puts on our profile, we get lots of pictures it isn't so bad as someone made it out to be. No it isn't Catster, but it is somewhere Mom can go to have fun while we wait to hear about Catster....everyone is very nice, don't have anyone bad mouthing others either, well not of the ladies we know is working on trying to get rainbow bridge days mentioned, she has started a forum so we can let others know, we hope in time they can have something to let others know when us angels made our journey, Mom makes sure she puts it in our profile, putting images there too and writing in our blog....

So another year has come and gone since I left earth, I still continue to spread the word about kitty breast cancer. Still hard on Mom, we miss each other but we still have that special bond, one that will always be there.

Well I gotta head back to the rainbow bridge, we always have so much to do there.

We send you all hugs and butterfly kisses
QT and Mom


United Cats/dogs

July 7th 2016 2:00 pm
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Hello my special wonderful friends today i come to visit on a special mission. There is a site that is close to our beloved site.
It has diaries and yes you can comment, you can also put pictures and other images on there even in diaries. They have cat/dog of the week, groups, forum, can even start a group.
You can pay for membership if you like, earn treats so you can send gifts, the more you do the more you earn. They have backgrounds you can use, on profile you can put images, pictures too, not like catster but close enough.

There are member monerators that keep things going and not letting things on that should not be there.
So much more to do!

Now with this information it sounds close to CATSTER
/ DOGSTER so give it a try and give the site a chance, the more of us go on we can make it better and have lots of fun again and not have to be on FB.


If not I guess this will good bye to so many wonderful friends, we thank you for your love, support, friendships. We hope this is not good bye, but welcome to United Cats/Dogs. Hope to see you all there.


Mommy & I thank you for remembering me

August 26th 2015 4:10 pm
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We want to thank you for remembering me on my Rainbow Bridge Day.

Mom will read all your messages very soon, my family has had so much going on with my doggie sisfur Mia and then my brofur Zeke...things are just now getting back to normal...well sort of....

You can read about Zeke, Mom posted in his diary today!!!!I am with my brofur, Mom knows I am watching out for him cause he is Moms last kitty that loves to sleep with her and be on her lap...Tu and Kody like to be out roaming around the house doing cats things....

"Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear."
This Mom knows is real, she always feels me close and near! I still fell missed and very dear to my Mom...

Sending you all heavenly hugs and butterfly kisses
QT Moms angel warrior in pink


5 Years my special angel in pink, my warrior

August 22nd 2015 8:15 pm
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If my heart had wings
I would fly to you
and lay beside you

My sweet precious Tallulah you have been gone 5 years, I am writing now because I know it will be too hard for me to be here and read all the messages you will receive.

I want to thank you my precious angel for your love and the happiness you gave me. I miss you so and think of you everyday. There really isn't a day go by that I don't, you are always in my heart and I know you are with me.

You were special, helped me deal with so much and I have had to learn to let your cat siblings help me like you did, but none are like you, we had that special bond our bond is still strong.

We will always be connected by your paw prints you left in my heart and I have all your memories with me. Till we meet again know I love you and always will.



Heavenly thank yous

July 22nd 2015 12:02 pm
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Today is a hard day for Mom it always is, we both have beautiful memories from the 11 years we had together. We both were so blessed to have had that time together and that we found each other that very special day 16 yrs ago....she remembers it like it was yesterday and so do I . Mom knows I will always be there for her and will come to visit her, I send her butterflies everyday,she sees them all the time, she thinks of me fondly.

Even though both of our hearts were broken, we have the memories they will never go away, she thinks of me everyday, but today it is a hard day for her. We have a bond, yes a bond that can never be broken because we both love each other to heaven and back.

I send heavenly thank yous to all my wonderpurr and special friends for all my gifts and wishes. Now I must go and join in the celebration with all my angel friends cause we are having one special celebration, there are butterflies everywhere and everything is pink of course.

I have one wish, the wish is for you all to give your kitties a big hug and tell them how much you love them everyday because one never knows what tomorrow for any of us will bring. My hope is that soon we will have our beloved Catster back and working so we all can and will be here for one another like we all used to be.

Sending angel hugs and butterfly kisses

Queen Tallulah


Where has my profile page gone

October 2nd 2014 3:54 pm
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Mom is beside herself and to tell you the through so am I. Mom hasn't been able to get my profile page, she has tried everything, even looking up on search, on the web and nothing. In our account she had to click on diary, she can she my pictures but when she tried to get my page it is blank...

We ask if any of you read this diary she if you can get my profile page to come up and let mom know. She has emailed support, they answered her back with some questions, Mom answered as best she could, waiting for an answer or results.

Mom says why my page of all the kitties, not that she wants to lose any of them but why mine...I am her special angel...

Before she realized she couldn't get my page at all yesterday when she tried Tu Two it kept taking her to the same doggie and not Tu Two. Finally she was able to get her page after being on Zeke's page, she clicked on Tu Two's picture under family. She has tried that on all of our families pages and nothing for me...

Let's hope and please pray Mom can get to my page again.....has anyone else had this problem?

Sending Butterfly Kisses
QT and Mom


Thank you for remebering me today!

August 23rd 2014 10:14 pm
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As this day comes to a close this day 4 years ago I made my journey to the rainbow bridge in the loving arms of God I come to say thank you to you all for remembering me so lovingly. Mom still can't believe that I have been gone 4 years. But she does have so many loving memories of me, today she kept talking to me and looking at my pictures she has near her.

Most important I we are working on thanking each of you, but tonight Mom is tired and will continue sometime tomorrow to help me thank each of you for your gifts.

Two things happened yesterday: one that makes us happy and the other sad. The first hooray we can decorate our pages finally and just in time so mom could put my beautiful page back for my anniversary our special sweet friends Anna's Mom did for me. Sadly Anna's Mom lost one of her kitties Stormy last night. Her Mom was there for my Mom when I was sick & left earth and who would have known that 4 years later she lost her has made Mom sad and heartbroken....but we know she is here in heaven with all of us..and will always be with her Mom.

So in leaving now I send you all butterflies and know that they are sent from heaven to you all from my butterfly garden.

Angel love, hugs and butterfly kisses, know that I love you all and me & Mom thank you



I feel a tug

August 22nd 2014 7:44 pm
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My angel is all around me and with love she does surround me.
When my heart is sore in need my angel comes, my soul to feed.

She comes to me from up above and sings in whispers of love.
When in my heart I feel a tug, I know it is my angels tug.

My angel Queen Tallulah always loved and always remembered.

Tomorrow my sweet Angel it will be 4 years since you made your journey to the rainbow bridge, what a sad day it was. This day always makes me sad because I miss you so, I think of you everyday and I know you are with me always.

It still feels like yesterday that you make your journey my sweet angel in pink, but as time has moved on it has been easier for me but you are never far from my thoughts. I wish I could hold you one more time to give you kisses and hugs, I do in my dreams my sweet Tallulah...

Thank you for being my precious kitty and for all the beautiful loving memories. You are always my angel in pink! I love you forever



My Angel's special day

July 22nd 2014 1:00 pm
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WOW I can't believe that my sweet Tallulah would have been 15 today and she would have been in my life for 14 years. I doesn't seem possible that another year has come and gone.

She came into my life not knowing that she would become so special to me and to so many others, but she did. Even though she is not here on earth with me, she is always with me day in and day out, there isn't a day that I don't think of her, she is my special loving angel.

My Tallulah thank you for your love, for being so special and for helping so many. To me you are one of a kind, you blessed me the day I brought you into my life.

God had other plans for you and now you help others to spread the word about Kitty Breast Cancer, you have touched many hearts and continue to do so. Even my heart was touched by you my special angel you are always in my heart.

Hello my friends I fly to earth today to whisper loving words into my Moms ear, she knows I am always with her and I know she thinks of me all the time, but she knows I am healed now, doing my important kitty angel things here at the rainbow bridge. An angels job is never done!

Mom I was so happy and knew the day you adopted me that I was going to have the life I had wished for, to be loved and safe. You gave that to me Mom and so much more. Today as I celebrate my 15th birthday and my gotcha day with all my friends I remember all the love I got on earth and getting support from my friends. I know Mom today you are sad, but know You gave me the best life I could every are the best Mom, I am with you always. So Mom celebrate today with me, no tears or sadness because even though I am not there in body and I with you in spirit, you feel me and you know I am there....

Thank you my catster friends for remembering me today and giving me & Mom love with your comments and love...there is nothing better than love from all of you.

Now my friends it is time for me to return to the rainbow bridge to celebrate my birthday and gotcha day with all our angels.

Sending angel kitty hugs and butterfly kisses.

QT and Mom


Mom is taking all of her angels earthly remains to Arizona

March 27th 2014 5:19 pm
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Hello my friends from the rainbow bridge, it has been a while since I have been able to send a message to you all.

First I must tell you the kitty angels have been welcoming some very special kitties here, we welcome them with our loving open warm wings to comfort them, I send butterflies to their families.

Now the reason I am writing today is to let you know Mom has been digging up our remains and lovingly putting us in a big chest to take over to Arizona when they move next month.

What a hard and difficult thing for her to do, but there is no way she would leave any of us (7 total....4 cats and 3 dogs)no way...even though it was hard for her, she cried when she got us out she knew in her heart she had to do this, we will always be a part of her even in death. She couldn't leave us, have someone else come in and find us and not care.

Mom was very upset when she found me, thinking my beautiful pink box would keep me safe in the ground but no it was falling apart, but my earthly body was still there, well what remained...she didn't look but she knew just knew.

Dad will help Mom with the dogs, it was hard on Mom and very emotional as you all can imagine...Mom has decided that the rest of my fur family will not go in the ground...only reason Mom did it because they never thought they would sell our house and move.

But know we are in a safe and protected place and we will go with Mom always to be near her even if it it just our earthly remains.

I was there with Mom I was sending her butterflies & whispering in her ear, she knew I was there and so were her other kitties & the doggies that went before me.

What a difficult time for Mom, she is so sad with having to get us, saying good bye to her clients, the dogs she walks during the week for the last 7 years and all their furry babies...

I keep whispering to Mom that this is for the best, to learn to relax, have fun and explore is way too short for us all, not just some...time flies by and before you know it loved ones are Mom it is OK that you took us from where we lay, it will be Ok You angel fur babies will always and forever be with you.

Your loving angel fur baby

Angel kitty hugs and butterfly kisses


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