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Our Pages are decorated to honor our Angel Tallulah

August 15th 2013 3:54 pm
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Hello everyone ,

It has been a while since I have written in my diary, first we all want to wish everyone a good week, happy birthday to those we have missed, ConCats to those that have been honored and know that we all purr and pray for those that are sick and those that have had to make their journey to the rainbow bridge....

Speaking of Rainbow Bridge: in a week it will be 3 years since our sisfur Tallulah also known as Queen Tallulah (QT) made her journey after her battle and fight with breast cancer!

We all have been busy picking out our backgrounds with butterflies, rainbows etc. to honor our beautiful took Mom & us days and hours to find things, then we all had to gather around and choose what we wanted on our pages...finally they are all done, we all have our angel on our top banner our way of remembering her and honoring the week for her family to honor Tallulah will begin....

We are asking that we all honor all the kitty angels this it forward as they say.....give someone an extra little love, kiss, a nice comment, purrs and prayers...we all know that nothing is forever and we all need to cherish each and everyone of us every moment and day....Mom says us kitties are Gods gifts to us and we are precious.

Also let others know that pets do get breast cancer and many other cancers, way too many are getting that nasty C and are making their journeys way too soon...

We know as the week begins our Tallulah is helping others, spreading angel dust, holding sick kitties paws and watching over them. We know she has her beautiful butterfly garden and always sending butterflies to Moms and Dads. Our Mom see butterflies all the time, most of the time they are white, yes white like the one that came to her the day Tallulah made her journey...Mom knows it is Tallulah checking on her.

We also ask that we receive no gifts this week please give them to others in need or transfer some to Angel Buddy #62740 he is always bestowing upon those sick kitties special gifts to help them....We know this is what our Tallulah would want and we want that too...Hope you will honor our request this week!!! and help others in some small way!

Thank you to you all our very special wonderpurr loving friends, always here and always ready to support one another!

Hugs from all of us
Xena, Mom and family


I am doing good

July 10th 2013 2:54 pm
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Hi my friends,

Well yesterday Mom took me in to the vet it was time for me to give blood and urine again to see how my kidneys are doing! I have to tell you I meowed all the way there, I didn't want to go, no I didn't Mom even had to push me into my carrier. Once there I was very very quite, hoping if I was quite they would forget I was there, but not so!

The vet tech came out to get me and take me in the back while Mom waited for me, I watched my Mom as I leave with the tech thinking no no is Mom leaving me here for the day...thank goodness no

Finally after them taking my blood and after mortifying me by taking my urine I saw my vet she came over to see me, she weighed me too...I got to return to Mom who was waiting for me. Vet Tech told Mom I was a purrfect girl and I even gave her a hug! OK now Mom lets get out of here before they take something else from me..

We are happy to report that I have gained a little I am now 12.63 pounds...

My kidneys are stable my Vet is really happy and so is Mom...I don't have to change my fluids still getting them 3 times a week and I go back for blood work in 3 or 4 months.

Bun was 3.5 it is now 4.4- vet told Mom that she isn't worried about this
because it depends on my water intake before
I came in

Creatinine was 3.1 it is now 3.3- not much change, not enough to worry

So I am stable and doing well....Mom is so very happy she always worries about how I am doing. If you saw me in person you would never know I have CRF and I am 15...

I am just hanging out, love to stay in Moms closet to get away from my furblings, Mom put a bed in there for me so I am comfy.

Not much else going on, just sleeping because of the warm humid weather we are having.

Have a great rest of the week my friends!!!!



I love my freedom. I love my America

July 3rd 2013 1:21 pm
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I love my freedom. I love my America!

Yes my fellow cat friends, I love America...we are the land of the free do be us!

WE catmericans are so lucky to live in our country, we have a chance to voice our opinions where others can't, us that are lucky to have wonderpurr homes get loved, fed and we are many other cats don't in other countries...

I am proud to be American and free to be me!!!!!


Basking in the sun

June 24th 2013 3:12 pm
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Hi my friends summer is finally here and that means to me basking in the sun on our patio.

I love spending time outside the smell of fresh air, the sun beating down on me to warm my aching body, it makes me feel so good! I love to go roll on the grass, but wait Mom & Dad let it dry out, I ask why they say water is costly here where we live and we have droughts & water shortages, sometimes rationing too, Mom wants water for drinking, washing clothes and cleaning....not watering the sad, but this is what we go through during the I roll on the patio.......we only have a few spots that are green for us to eat.

Enjoying time outside is so relaxing, I fall asleep listening to the birdies and all of the outside wait a minute my time alone outside is interrupted by my orange brothers, they love being outside too. So I get up and watch how they rap themselves around everything,dumb brothers don't they know about being careful not to get rapped up...guess it takes me the older wiser one to know that, but wait Zeke is older too, but he loves to wrap himself around things so he can get out of his leash..then wanders around the yard.

Oh how this girl loves being out on the patio basking in the sun, even if I have to share with my orange brothers...all I have to say is I am glad Tu Two doesn't like to be out on her leash, then I would not be out!


My Tully

May 20th 2013 4:28 pm
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OH my friends, I am besides myself today, Mom and I just found out my most handsome sweetheart is very sick, he is at the vet hospital in ICU. All I want to do is go to him and hold his paw, tell him how much we all love him. Whisper sweet things in his cute little ear and give him my cute little kitty kisses.

I just wish I could fly and be there for my sweetie, but I know I can't so we are all purring and praying for my Tully his honey bunny has little kitty tears falling, just like Mom has some falling on her face.

So friends please purr and pray for my Tully, we all pull together do the POTP because we believe in it...

We know he has something called Pyothorax, we have never heard of this is an infection in the chest can visit his page and his Mom has written in his dairy about his illness.

Oh what am I to do, I want to be there for my sweetie, I just don't know how except I guess I will keep praying and purring. Hang in there my sweetie and be well soon, so you can go home with your Mom.




My Test Results

April 22nd 2013 4:28 pm
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Well my Vet Dr. Kathy called Mom on Friday and since we haven't been on we wanted to give you my test results for my Kidneys.

I am dong well and holding my own. But I have a E coli UTI, Mom forgot to ask what caused the e coli UTI....she takes Kandi in on Wednesday for her blood work so she can have her toofies cleaned and teeth pulled Mom will ask them then.

Here are my numbers for those that know of these

Bun is 35 stayed the same
Creatinine is 3.3 went up from 3.1

So I am doing OKay!!!! now I just have to get rid of this E coli what ever that is...

and try not to be so stressed out because Tu Two is always stalking me and trying to get me so I hide and Mom has to make sure I use the litter box and drink water!!!Tu Two get a life other than bothering me, I am the older one, I am not the alpha cat so leave me alone.....

Gotta go, Mom needs to get my food so she can give me my medication...



Vet visit today!

April 16th 2013 3:20 pm
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I had to go with Mom today she took me to the Vet so the vampire could take my blood for my CBC blood panel and then they took some of my urine for my urine culture and urinalysis to see how I am doing (kidneys). Mom talked to Dr. Kathy about Tu Two bothering me so she would know if anything is off because I get stressed.

I have to tell you I wasn't the only one that went to the vet today, Zeke had to go too, he will tell you in his own diary.

We were there for an hour cause Mom wanted to talk to Dr. Kathy about us and asked her some questions.

So now we have to wait for my results to come in, I have to tell you Mom is a little worried, she hopes I am still doing good, nothing really has changed except Tu Two is always bothering me & I am always trying to hide...she thinks she is the alpha cat around here.

We were done and ready to go home, but we didn't get to go home yet, Mom had to go take care of her clients cat and then on the way home because she drives right by her clients house that she walks their dogs we had to stop there too...Mom took us into the house the doggies tried to smell us but they couldn't reach us.

Finally I heard the garage door open and I knew we were home and safe. Mom kept me and Zeke in the front part of the house away from Tu and Kody so we could relax, not be bothered by those two young ones. Both Zeke and I had to use the potty box, drink water and we ate, then it was time for us to sleep. Can't blame us after all the we had to endure this morning. Bad enough we have to go to the Vet but to be taken to other animals houses, smell strange smells and be kept in out grates for hours...

Well that is how my day went, but soon I will be asking Mom for a good dinner, think I want tuna back to my later friends.



Another DDP for Me

April 9th 2013 4:48 pm
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OH wow me and Mom can't believe it, today I got another DDP honor...first I need to thank Dairy Lady/HQ for choosing my spring tag I have to say it was nothing special, but guess they liked my answers...

Spring just love spring, everything wakes up from the winter, all the flowers bloom and the air is fresh, sun is out and I get to enjoy basking outside.

Thank you my friends for stopping by and making this day special, it makes mine and Mom's heart warm, puts a smile on our faces...

We certainly didn't expect to be chosen, but here we did and all I can say is thank you to you all...



I got Spring Tagged and now I tag others!

April 3rd 2013 1:55 pm
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If you would like to play the Spring game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your friends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Watching the birdies and dreaming of catching one
2. Sitting at the bay window with the window open
3. Fresh spring air flowing into the house
4. Sitting outside in the sun
5. Soaking up the sun on the patio or by the window

Thank you Tiny Mighty Moe and Sleeper for asking me to play.

I am tagging:


My Catness DDP Today!

April 2nd 2013 3:52 pm
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Yes my catness, we came here just to check on our friends and I have been chosen as one of the DDP'S today. Thank you diary lady for choosing my diary thanking our friends for our eggs and how special all of you are.

We have seen time and time again how all of our friends rally around others when in need even us so yes you are all special and we love you for that. Once again we have experienced this love and support, even for Mom because she lost her Mom....

I am honored and pleased to have been chosen today, thank you friends for your comments and gifts, this is a good day and it has made Mom smile.

Hugs to you all

You Made My Day
I appreciate your kindness
More than words can say;
The very nice thing you did for me & my Mom
Really made our day!


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