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Sorry we haven't been around

April 25th 2015 4:27 pm
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Hello friends, we sure miss you all!

We have to say we are sorry we haven't been around but as some of you know we lost our Kandi on the 12th of April suddenly, we found out her kidneys were failing and less than a week later she made her journey to the bridge. Mom is still trying to get over the shock of it all and is grieving her loss...

We have missed so much by not being here we want to send our belated birthday/gotcha day wishes...and our sympathies to our friends that made their journeys to the bridge. Know we think of you all and we hope Mom will feel like being here again real soon....

Before I take my leave and go take my nap I have to let you know I am doing OK, I have lost a little weight which of course concerns Mom. I have been checked by my Vet she put me on food stimulant, I was taking one that made me crazy, Mom didn't leave me, I was all over the place couldn't be still for long, my meow changed, so when Mom picked up Kandi's ashes last week she asked about giving me the pills Kandi was getting to help her eat, the vet said it was OK and to give me the same amount. It is better, I am not as crazy but I do want to eat and eat...but still not gaining weight...Mom is hopeful. Everyone else is doing good, enjoying our beautiful spring weather we are having, but not the winds, so windy every afternoon....and oh yeah the beautiful desert in bloom, it is a sea of yellow where we live and the cactus are blooming too...

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the spring weather like we are, be well and bless you all

Xena and Mom



March 31st 2015 3:10 pm
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Hello everyone!

Again we are sorry we are not around as so many others, but we are sitting here waiting for the day we get our catster back and we can all have fun. Right now Mom says she finds it boring and sad that no one is around. We loved reading our friends diaries so we knew what is happening, hoping we will have our diaries like now but we can make comments again.

Ok now for me, I went to the vet yesterday my 6 month check up for my kidneys.

Mom bought a baby scale to weight all of us especially me and Tu. Anyway I have lost about a pound since my vet visit in September. Trying to figure out why!

My heart was racing so they decided to take my blood pressure, this was a first, Mom let me go back into my carrier where I felt safe, she was petting and scritching me to help me relax and it worked. My blood pressure was OK.

My blood work for my kidneys about the same, they are a little high but no change for the most part, my white blood cell count is a little high.

Mom talked to the vet about my weight lose which is a concern for all, they figured out that even though I am eating I am not eating enough. So I now get a pill every 3 days to help my appetite and Forti flora to help my tummy and to help me not have the poops that I do have sometimes.

It is tuff being old, Mom agrees....I really am doing good besides loosing weight, I am out more, spend more time with Mom I even get on the bed to lay on Mom.

This kitty is still hanging in there and everyday it amazes Mom how well I am doing. She still worries about me and sometimes she cries because she knows that I will not get better and one day it will be time to let me go, but until then we are enjoying each and everyday, getting lots of love...



I am doing well

January 27th 2015 3:19 pm
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Hi friends, wanted to let you all know I am still doing well and maintaining my weight....Mom got us a scale so she doesn't have to take me every month to the vet to get weighed too stressful for me, Mom just calls the vet and tells her. They have to make sure I am not losing too much weight actually keeping my weight, if I do then they have to change my thyroid medication, right now I am getting 1/4 of a pill daily.

Mom is feeding me can food during the day to help me keep on the weight, I am also getting some kitten food to help as well, yes I know I am not a kitten for from it but she thinks it will help me, Zeke likes it too and he is getting feed can through out the day too because he doesn't eat enough.

I am loving my area, I am a lot happier and no Tu Two chasing me through the house like she did in San Diego it stressed me out. Mom brushes me every day, sometimes she has to use the combs to get mats out because now my fur is more sucks getting older, but mom has to do it so I don't get all matted. I have to say I don't like it when she does that and then I hide in my bed.

Enjoying life and a happy kitty!



Merry Catmus to all

December 21st 2014 3:27 pm
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Hello to all of our friends,

Sorry we haven't been around we have to say that it has been hard on Mom being here,she is working on getting used to living here instead of our hometown San Diego. First the weather is so different, we are out in a rural area so everything is miles away. At first in our cul de sac there were only us and our lady neighbor that lived here, now we have another that lives here full time they are from San Diego...2 others still haven't moved in full time one will as soon as he sells his house in California and the other will retire next October and they will then move here full time, the only house that the owners won't be full time only come during the cooler months like lots of others in our community.

After the first of the year Mom will be getting involved in a group that makes cards to send to the troops overseas, a functional fitness glass and both Mom & Dad will go to their Friday social to hopefully meet more people. So we are hoping Mom will get out and meet other ladies because we know she has been sad leaving so much behind...don't get us wrong yeah Mom is sad but as the same time she is happy too...she loves our house and she knows that it will take at least a year maybe even more to get used to being here.

Mom went to a cookie exchange yesterday and met some more ladies that live here, she had fun and really enjoyed herself, we are all so happy to hear she did, she even brought lots of goodies home, darn none for us kitties. This is where Mom found out about the card group 2 ladies invited her to come and also about the fitness classes. WOW we are so happy Mom went and met ladies and now she feels a little better about being here, she has been so lonely & sad which makes us sad for her.

We are doing fine, love having Mom and Dad home all day, we are getting even more spoiled and we have them wrapped around our paws, yes we do!

As this week is coming with Christmas we wanted to make sure we wish all of our friends a Merry Christmas...excuse me Meowy Catmus from all of us, we hope all kitties will have a nice warm place with lots of food and loving humans to be with.

We all send you our love, lots of hugs and butterfly kisses


Belated Happy Thanksgiving, thank you Birthday etc.

November 29th 2014 3:28 pm
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First we hope you all had a pawtastic Thanksgiving, sorry we were not around will get to that later.

Thank you for all of our Thanksgiving gifts, my birthday wishes and pictures.

We are all doing good, we are enjoying the beautiful weather we are having, we are loving it because Mom opens the windows for us as long as it isn't too windy (our wind around here is known as the Vail gail) It gets very windy here and when it is cold it makes it colder....some mornings it is in the low 30's, but after the hot summer months we love it and we are not complaining.

Now for other things, Mom just hasn't felt like getting on the computer even if we want to get on....there are times when her lap top runs very slow not due to the lap top mind you because it is wireless there are times when it runs slow. Mom thinks it is because we are in a rural area who knows...we sure don't know why!

Moms friends came over for the Thanksgiving week, Mom met them at the San Diego Zoo, they told Mom before we moved that they were planning on visiting Tucson and wanted to make sure they got together.

So the first day Mom and Dad met them at the Sonora
Desert Museum about 30 miles away from us up in the mountains. This place has all the animals that live here in the desert. Don't know why they wanted to see animals that live here we see them where we live.

They got to watch the raptors free flying Mom says it was amazing, but she knows they have to always be on the watch for the raptors flying around. They saw coyotes up close too, javelina's ( wild desert pigs) big cats, bats and so many more...Mom was interested about them she wanted to learn as much as she can because they are out there and one never knows when she will see one near our house. Yes we do have to be careful and we can't go outside like we did in San Diego. It is 21 acres with 2 miles of walking paths. They did a lot of walking and boy were they tired when they came home. While there they had lunch in one of their restaurants yum! Mom luckily got memberships for her and Dad so they can go back and see more. It was a great day, our visitors, Mom & Dad sure enjoyed themselves.

Getting there Mom and Dad had to go up and up on a curvy road, but coming back they tried a different way that was easier. They are still learning how to get to places around here sure hope they don't get lost thank goodness they have GPS in their car and phones.

Then they went to the Tucson zoo, unlike San Diego Zoo it is very small but nice, they spent a few hours there, they got too see elephants from San Diego Safari Park and Arizona's first baby born elephant, she is so cute and funny. Also a female lion from there too with her cubs, they sure are getting big.

Mom wanted her friends to come to our house to see where we all live so they said yes and followed, but first Mom wanted to go to a Holistic pet shoppe to exchange something and get more holistic items for us. They wanted to go and see this place. Then off to our house, they loved it and thought is was a beautiful place with the view we have.

I must say Mom and Dad sure have been gone and have left us allot lately. We miss them when they are gone, I don't get my can food during the day. Mom has been giving me food every hour or 2 now because I really don't eat enough dry and she wants to make sure I am getting enough food. She has to make sure I don't loose any weight.

Tomorrow Mom & Dad are leaving us again for a little while they are going to a tree trimming meet & greet party at the lodge this is the first time they will be going to anything at the lodge...Mom got a pretty ornament to put on the tree and she make yummy brownies to take.

I am doing well, Mom finally pulled out my heating pad, I sure love having it again, even though our house doesn't get cold but because I am thin I am cold and need the heat. Mom put 2 others out in her room on the cat trees if my furblings want to lay on them.

Now you know what is going on here, just been busy, well not me, visitors here and slow connection for the lap sure hopes this isn't something she will have to get used to...

We send you all our love and lots of hugs, know we are still here as a lot of us, just not around as much, but we are still waiting for things to get better around here and to waiting for more of our friends return.



It's Tallulah's Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1st 2014 12:52 pm
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Hello my fellow kitties this month once again we are celebrating TALLULAH'S KITTY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS and as well as human breast cancer awareness.

As you all know our sisfur Tallulah had this horrible cancer and we made others aware, even though she did survive and beat this cancer unfortunately the tumors went into her lungs and that is what made her lose her battle. But she never has stopped the battle no she hasn't, she is still making sure other pet owners know that cats and dogs get breast cancer and most kitties even if they fight lose the battle, we still don't know why this happens but it does, we have found out that even other cancers are attacking kitties and doggies (why too many)

So many of our girl kitty friends have gotten breast cancer and they too are in kitty heaven and from there they continue the fight they are PINK of our special friends Sugar also got this horrible cancer and her Mom continues to make others are aware as well as our Mom.

So this month we are honoring all of our friends that got breast cancer that may still be fighting and those like Tallulah are now ANGEL WARRIORS IN PINK....

Mom has decided to decorate all of our pages with breast cancer pink and ribbons another way to help spread the word.

As a reminder we ask that you take a minute and check your kitties for any lumps or bumps, hopefully no one will find any but if you don't, please take your precious fur baby to the vet and have it checked...this is serious and something we should be doing, Mom still checks all of us and she even checks herself...speaking of that Mom has to make an appointment for her yearly mammogram she does it every year in October...

So we will close this now, we pray that no one else gets breast cancer.


Xena and family


My Vet Visit Yesterday

August 27th 2014 5:11 pm
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I went to my new vet yesterday for the second time, this time to have blood work for my kidneys to see how I am doing.

I have to tell you Mom, Dad and me like the one we saw yesterday her name is Engie. She said if she didn't know I am 16 she would not believe it, she told Mom & Dad I look really good for my age.

I still have my heart murmur so she will keep checking my heart. They took my blood those vampires....

Well the numbers have changed because of my thyroid and the medication for it.

The Bun number went from 36 to 39

My creatinine went from 2.6 to 3.3

My vet is worried that the creatinine went up a lot so she consulted with a specialist to see what needs to be changed because my thyroid medication and thyroid has affected this.

My vet called Mom this morning I now have to get my 1/4 of my thyroid pills once a day instead of 2 times a day. Then in 3 to 4 weeks I go back in they will check my numbers again to see if that helped any. If not they may try a compound medication and/or have me get fluids more often for now I get the fluids 3 times a week.

They also gave Mom some new Kidney prescription food for me to try not the Hills Prescription I hate that and guess what? I like it, I actually an eating it...and the best part is Mom got a whole case for free because it is new and the company selling it gave it to the vet & me to see if I like it. Next time Mom will have to pay for it...

Now we have discovered that the lactated Ringers (my fluids) are in very short supply, they limit what you can order and some on line sites our completely out and it looks like this will be going on until 2015 sometime. Mom asked the vet about the shortage and she said yes they are having trouble getting the bags of fluids but they get them, if Mom needs any she can get them from the vet for $30 a bag...WHAT!!!!!

Mom just ordered 4 bags with no problem a week ago, but because of the shortage Mom just ordered 10 more for $7.24 a bag.....not that Mom wanted to order more but she can't take a chance that we will run out or have to pay $30 for a bag...what a rip off Mom says, she didn't say that to the vet...just hope we don't run out and when we need to order more we will be able to.

So I am doing pretty good, love my special area, enjoying my morning brushing, loves and not being in small places. Mom takes for out in back in her arms to let me see where we live, I haven't been in the enclosure, Mom feels it is too hot out for me and she doesn't want me to stress out.

Best part of going to the Vet I rode in style in our nice new car, I didn't like that I was next to Mom because dad drives the car for now, but Mom could reach me and talk to me, loved the ride home because I knew my venture to the vet was over.



Thank you HQ

August 22nd 2014 4:19 pm
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As the eldest kitty in my house I have the honor to say THANK YOU HQ for working so very hard on catster so we can do things again, we know as times goes things will only get better and better.

HOORAY for today we can finally change our backgrounds, no more new year or christmas backgrounds.

So me and my family THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OUR ALL OF OUR HEARTS for bringing Catster back to all of us and our friends.

OH and being able to comment on our friends dairies we are so very happy now they won't think no one is around and having to find other ways to let them know we read their diaries...we think diaries are so important because that is how we find out how we are all doing and we help support each other.

We are thrilled and can't wait to have fun fun again....thank you!!!!

Xena and family.


WOW we are finally here!

July 9th 2014 9:30 pm
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As we all know there are so many issues with getting on catster, Mom really hasn't too much trouble until today, something about cookies today, Mom didn't understand so she looked it up thank goodness for the web. She isn't sure what she did right, but guess she did, she left the computer for a while, did other things, but left catster on, then before she was going to turn if off she decided to try one more time and MOL here we are.

Not many of us around anymore because of the problems, we sure wish they would fix things and let us have fun again before Catster becomes a ghost town. After all it sure has been long enough for them to get things settled and let us have fun again.

Catster is the best place to be, we sure miss it all and all of our friends. So many have left and probably won't be back they are having fun elsewhere. We must admit we do go to another site just so we can see our friends to know how they are doing, but we always come back to our catster.

We hope you all are out there, we just wanted to say hi to you all, we are around but can't always get on or Mom is too busy getting our house settled here in Arizona.

You know we are now desert kitties, we are learning to love our new home and so is Mom, it has been hard for her because she gave up so much to move and retire. She knows in time she will love living here. It has been so hot here, it really bothers Mom, thank goodness for air conditioning. Mom has been getting plants again for all of her pots she brought here, she has to give most of her plants away, it sadden her, but there were some on our kitties graves that she was not leaving in San Diego. So now we have lots of new succulents on our patio and Mom is growing grass for us since we don't have grass anymore, well we do but it is artificial.

We are in the monsoon season now and boy can the weather change fast, one minute it is sunny out and then all of a sudden Mom sees the dark clouds roll in and she can even see the rains coming, it rains hard and fast then floods streets, we have areas where it floods and you can't get to where you want to go. There is a lot of thunder and lightening too, it woke Mom up last night what a light show it was, she couldn't sleep because it was flashing so much and it came through our shades. Guess we all have to get used to a lot of things here that we didn't have in San Diego. We all miss our other home, but we are learning to love it here now especially since I have my own area which I love and spend more time out of my bed waiting for Mom to brush me and love me...

By the way I am doing well, I have to go in soon to our new vet to have blood drawn for my Kidneys...sure hope I am doing good with my numbers too.

Well we sure hope some of you are here to read to hear how we are doing. I have to tell you Kody has a new place he wants to hang out can you believe he loves to go out in the garage as hot as it is and roll on the concrete, then lay there and take a now he is the garage kitty, but Mom doesn't let him stay in there too long way too hot.

We miss you all, we think of you all and we are here just not as much...

hugs and love from us all

Xena and family


Thank you Friends and update

June 10th 2014 7:45 pm
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Thank you my wonderpurr friends for the pictures and gifts for me being DDP over the weekend. Mom was unable to let me on so we are catching up. Things are finally settling down here, so much was going on since we moved..

I have just been hanging out in my new area Mom made up just for me, her big closet, I am so happy and more relaxed. Tu Two hasn't been bothering me and I even get on the bench in the closet to get loved, scritched and brushed. Mom even put one of my fuzzies on the bench just for me so I can lay on it and wait to have Mom & Dad pay attention to me. This is the life I have to say I am so much happier and loving the attention.

Last week Mom and Dad took me to meet my new vet and have blood taken so they could check my thyroid. My vet and the vet tech's couldn't believe I am 16, they said I look really good and I am doing great for my age. My blood work came back, they called Mom and said it is right where it should be, so I continue to get my 1/4 pill 2 times a day. Next I will have to go to have my blood work for my CRF...that will be another month.

I am eating well, drinking lots of water, Mom tells me I have to drink more now that we live in the desert.

I haven't wondered around the house much too big, the first few times I was out and heading back to my closet I couldn't remember where to go, finally with Moms helps and guidance I remember my way now. Mom will hold me and let me look out the patio door, what happened to my pretty yard that I loved so much, I am not sure about this yard yet and I even got to go out with Mom of course she had me in her arms and let me tell you it was hot and I mean is cook so I think I will stay inside.

Well it is time for me to head back to my special closet, it is like I have my room back and I am so happy...

Hugs and love to you all

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