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Princess Xena's Diary

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Our Doggie Sisfur Mia is not doing good, may be cancer

August 20th 2015 12:44 pm
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Hello friends, well those of you that are still around we have some sad news, of course Mom is very upset.

Our little doggies Mia hasn't been doing well for some time, she has had all kinds of tests, on medication, not getting better.

This morning Mom saw Mia struggling to stand or walk, then she started throwing up foam and mucus, it was even coming out of her nose. When Mom got to Mia and picked her up Mom knew it wasn't good, Mom said she felt like the light was about to go out and she was loosing her Mia, she wasn't limp, but she felt different. After that Mom cleaned her up and noticed she was having trouble breathing, her mouth was open and there was a lot of congestion and lots of unusual noises coming from her. Mom called our Vet to see if we could bring her in right away. Thankfully they were able to see Mia this morning.

They did blood work to check if anything showed up, nothing, she has lost about a lb. since May. They took x rays, gave her oxygen to relax her so the vet could look down her throat. X rays didn't show anything, so they took another further up into her mouth area. The Vet found a mass under her tongue, doesn't look good for our little doggie. Mom and Dad had to leave her at the vet because the vet wants to give her more oxygen and look further into her mouth. We are all now waiting to hear from her. She is pretty certain it is cancer and because of how bad she is right now she says it doesn't look good. We are not sure what will be next, but my poor mommy has been crying like me Mia is very special because she helped Mom heal after her 17 yr old dog Bo had to make his journey. Mia certainly helped Mom just like I did after she lost her 8 yr old kitty suddenly.

If any of you read this please pray for my sisfur Mia and pray to help my Mom too. With all of us getting older too many things are happening to has been only been a little over 4 months since we lost Kandi suddenly.

Thank you friends
Xena and Mom


Mommy is happy I am doing better

July 31st 2015 1:18 pm
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I am doing better, only had the poops once, Mom made sure I got medication for my poops, it went away.

I am eating good without my pill. Mom says I really look like I am feeling so much better. We just wanted to let you all know. I am hanging in there and feeling OK.



My Vet visit today 7/24/2015

July 24th 2015 2:31 pm
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Me Oh My! that is all I can besides my usual MEOWS!!!!

OK really here is how it went, Mom pulled my carrier out and sprayed FeliWay in it, that was one thing she did before we left. The next was she pulled out the Rescue Remedy for Pets, put it on my ear. Then she brushed me to help me relax and not be stressed.

Guess what it worked, of course I was MEOWING in the car until we started going, I must say like most cats I was not happy cause I knew exactly where we were going, I even MEOWED when we got INto the Vet office. Me and Mom were taken RIGHT to a room, then I stop MEOWING.

We waited a minute before the Vet Tech came in, Mom had to put me on the cold scale, guess what I just laid there, I wasn't stressing out and trying to get away...the Rescue Remedy worked, they couldn't believe how calm I was unlike last time all I did was try to get back into my carrier. Rescue Remedy success!!!!

Got my temp, normal, weight 10lbs 2ozs, lost an once. Vet came in she looked at me, told Mom I am looking so much better, not that I was looking bad mind you, especially for an elder cat. Asked Mom how I was doing, was happy to hear I was eating and doing better. Then the unthinkable blood was taken from me, checking my thyroid. Should hear from the Vet tomorrow, need to make sure my thyroid number came down, it not will have to adjust my medication.

That was my visit today! and just think Mom got out of there with a lower bill under $200, hooray she says. As long as I am doing good, no issues I don't have to go back for a recheck on my kidney or thyroid numbers for 3 months, if Mom sees any changes I have to go in sooner... she is keeping her fingers cross,as I am keeping my paws crossed that I continue to do and feel well.

We know all your messages and POTP, purrs have helped, Mom wasn''t sure what was going to happen, but she is happy with how I am doing so far..THANK YOU FRIENDS.

We send purrs and prayers to friends that are not doing well, special purrs to families that have lost their kitties recently.

Well that is all from this elderly kitty, time to go take a nap, talk soon, will let you know about my thyroid once we know.



Update good & not so good

July 13th 2015 3:54 pm
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I went to my vet appt. on Friday, not very happy I must say, this elder cat just wanted to stay home.

I got to see their new Vet, she is very nice even if I wasn't too happy to be there.

She couldn't believe I am 17 1/2, she said I look really good for my age, but of course me & Mom have taken good care of me, myself.

OK now for the update, the good is my phosphorus number came down, but my Vet said it could & probably will go back up, I gained a little weight, but of course I have been eating really good for a change.

Now for the not so good, my kidney numbers went up slightly, the Vet said more than likely they won't go down only is praying and so am I that it won't be true.

I have to go back in 2 wks. for more blood work to check my thyroid, I have to be taking my medication for a month 2 times a day before they can see a change or not.

Vet also told Mom I have to go in more often now to check on my kidney, phosphorus and thyroid.

I got more ID prescription food, but i have to tell you I don't eat it much, but Mom keeps trying, it is a hit and miss! So I get whatever I will eat, Mom says she is opening way too many cans of food and some no one else wants so she is throwing it out, makes her upset and sad wasting food.

Mom has to shut the door so I won't hide under the bed when I need my fluids and medication now, I just don't want to be bothered, getting to much down my throat,yuk!!!!

I am now getting Nutri-Cal supplement to help me, especially when I don't want to eat much. Mom is trying not to give me my pill to help me eat.

I am still getting lots of scritches, brushing and loves. So my friends the good and not so good visit went well, but Mom knows in her heart this elder cat is hanging in there, but she has the dread, the dread of not knowing what tomorrow will bring for me. We just don't know, but we are not giving up, Mom will do whatever to keep me feeling well and doing well...We do believe I will keep on going and hopefully will be here for a long time....only God knows!!!!

Sending our love and lots of hugs to you all
Xena Moms elder cat


Happy 4th of July and thank you

July 4th 2015 4:22 pm
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Happy 4th of July to all of our friends and thank you for all the gifts for the 4th we are all receiving.

We will be safe, because we live in a rural area we won't hear all the big booms....they have them further from us, they have a mountain, called A Mountain that they do the big booms....

We sent all of our friends the free gifties, hope we didn't miss any one....

Well I gotta go Mom wants to give me my prescription food for my tummy and I do like it, I have even been eating a little of my kidney prescription food....

Again have a very safe evening

Xena and family


My Update

June 30th 2015 3:46 pm
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Hello to my loyal catster friends, here is my weekly update on how I am doing.

It has been a hard week for me and Mom, it has stressed me out to be getting syringes in my mouth to get my medication and with that Mom gets upset because of how much medication she has to give me. Yes all of us cats know we don't like medication and especially having syringes put down our throats.

I have to have my thyroid, my phosphorus binder 2 times a day and I just started on liquid arthritis medication another syringe full of meds only once a day and I am still getting my pill to help me eat, some days I don't get it because I want and do eat. This week not so much Mom felt I needed to just get used to all the new times of getting medication. I usually only get meds. in the morning. I am also getting my fluids every other day, I hate it, but I behave myself always have, to me it isn't as bad as syringe.

Mom knowing I was very stressed, actually running out of the room right under the bed, she felt she needed to do something to help me not be stresed, then she remembered the Feliway she has, she got it out and sprays my bed, my cube I like to be in and of course the bench where I get my medication, brushed and loved. She also has been putting catnip on the bench to help. It is helping, I am not running and hiding, sometimes I go into my bed, but mostly not.

My new food I am actually eating, Surprise Mom!!!!, Mom has to make it pate for me of course, I like eating out of the cans too. Mom thinks I am doing that because I am associating first my plate and now a bowl with me not feeling well and maybe it is making my tummy hurt, guess she will never know cause I won't tell her she asks, but no answer from me. Mom will be going to the vet tomorrow to get me more of my can food. She will still give me food that I like, but now she looks to make sure there is no or very little phosphorus in the food...this will be fun for Mom....she is at we wits end trying to get food for me that I will even eat and now she has to worry about something else. Oh Dear!!!!!Mom says it sucks getting older and I must agree with her!!!!

Mom says I am looking like I feel better and my poops are even better too, not laying or sitting in the box like I was. Mom is praying I am on the mends and when I go back to the Vet on the 10th my numbers will be down...poor Mom she is so worried about me, she hasn't been sleeping well because she gets up gives me food during the night and she just wants to check on me to make sure I am doing well. What our Moms do for us with so much love and concern.

Thank you all my friends for your prayers, POTP they do work and all your well wishes. We will give you an update if anything changes, if not it will be after I go back to the vet, lets hope Catster is still around so I can let you all know.

keeping our paws crossed that our beloved Catster will get fixed soon.



Blood work results

June 24th 2015 3:39 pm
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OK here it is, my blood work results are in and they are not good. My thyroid numbers are very high, because I also have the CRF it is very hard to deal with both and not cause issues with the other. The phosphorus is also high. My kidney numbers are elevated too, but not by much, my Vet is more concern about my thyroid & phosphorus.

My vet wants me to get my thyroid medication 2x's a day instead of the once a day, I have to get my fluids every other day now instead of the 3x's a week. I will also have to take phosphorus binder to help with that issue.

Mom thinks the phosphorus is high because I haven't wanted to eat the Kidney prescription food and we all felt is was better to get me to eat, so I ate other food. Today Mom decided to try again to get me to eat my special food and you know what I ate a lot of the food, I ate it out of the can while Mom held it for me. She is not sure if I will eat it all the time but it is good to try. I got a free sample of another food to eat, it isn't pate so Mom will have to put it in the food processor to get it smooth for me. Keep your fingers crossed that I like it and keep eating it, it will help me in so many ways.

Mom is so worried about me, she knows none of this is good, she will not give up just as I won't and she will try anything for me. I am actually feeling better, just slower. I love getting up on Moms bed at night thank goodness for the steps she has for me and Zeke. I don't stay long but I let her know I am OK and sometimes I tell her it is time for her to get up and give me food. I still like getting brushed all the time, just has to be softly now.

I need your purrs and prayers that we turn this around and we get all my numbers down and I start to feel better. Mom says she cherishes each and everyday she has me here with her and she is happy she is home with me instead of working. We all like it too!!!!

Well that is all from me for now, we will let you all know how I am doing as long as we can get on catster....every day is a guessing game..

Hugs to you all, we love you all and sure miss everyone!



Changes in Me

June 23rd 2015 2:07 pm
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OMC!!!! it has been some time since any of us have given updates on any of us. With Catster the way it is and not knowing when the move will be Mom just doesn't want to do anything on any of us...but I needed to give you an update on me.

I am now 17 1/2 and still going! Mom has been noticing changes in me, enough for her to be concerned and after not knowing just how sick Kandi was and loosing her so very fast she decided I needed to go to the Vet. So off we went this morning for my check up.

I weigh 9.9 lbs, I am on food stimulant still which does help and can you believe Mom even gets up and feeds me during the night, she wants to make sure I am eating and we are trying to keep my weight up.

She has noticed that I have been laying in the litter box, sometimes just sitting in it, so unlike me. Also having poop problems, not in the good way. Little poops in the box, not firm and sometimes I haven't gone in a day or 2. So she has been giving me pumpkin, slippery elm, phytomucil powder and enzymes & probiotics...just trying to make me feel better, oh and pepcid too....I am doing better but the Vet thinks I might have IBD now or food is irritating my intestines.

So now I am on Metronidazole antibiotic for 5 days in hopes it will help, once I am done with that medication Mom has to call the vet to let her know if I am doing better with my poop. Once I am done with that I will be starting on Duralactin for my arthritis it is liquid, I won't eat my food if Mom puts in the cosequin...I will be on this long term...

They also took some of my blood we will get the results hopefully tomorrow. All I have to say is I am so glad to be home again plus it is hard being elderly.

So that is what is going on with me, everyone else is doing good, we all lay around mostly because we are now in the summer heat and soon the monsoons will be coming.

Not sure when we will update with not knowing how Catster will be from one day to the other, we are lucky we can still do things here, Dogster not so much....can't do anything Mom tried to get things off of doggies fun stuff and no can do....

We hope all is well with you all and we can't wait for things to be fixed once again

Hugs to all



May 10th 2015 4:27 pm
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Stopping by to wish all of our wonderpurr friends Moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, we all have the best moms in the world...we are all blessed to have our moms.

Hugs and love from all of us to all of you
Xena and family


We have been here one year

April 29th 2015 4:39 pm
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MOL 1 year ago today we left San Diego for our new home in Arizona. We say were did the time go. Mom says it has certainly been an eventful year for us all. The saddest part is Kandi going to the rainbow bridge suddenly. When we drove over there were 5 kitties and now we are 4....but Kandi is with us always even if we didn't get to know her, well us kitties anyway.

We all love our house, Tu and Kody love running through the house chasing each other, of course I love my area, I have so much room, I come out more and just love sitting on the bench waiting for Mom or Dad to come in to give me love, mom brushes me and of course feeds me whenever I want my food. Zeke and I hang out together allot in the closet it is our safe place. He likes hanging out with Mom too and looking out the window. I come out at night to visit Mom on the bed, especially when I want some food and to get scritched.

Oh how the young ones love sitting at the windows watching all the nature outside, the butterflies are everywhere, especially white ones now, it reminds Mom of our Tallulah, we know she is sending them to Mom.

Mom has finally put out all of the angel kitties and doggies little stepping stones in the backyard & her statues of St. Francis, she is repainting everything and spraying them with sealer to protect them from the sun.

Well we just wanted to let you all know it has been a year and we are all adjusted, oh and for now we are all doing good...Mom cherishes every day she has us because she knows no one knows what tomorrow will bring....she prays that we will continue to be OK and no more health issues...especially for Mia our doggy, she had a echo cardiogram yesterday, we know she has heart issue we are just waiting to see what exactly, next she has to have another test done to see why she is having troubles with her peeing everywhere and not knowing when she has to go....we have to wait to see if she can go under for this test....

Hugs to you all and we loves you too.

Xena and family

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