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WOW we are finally here!

July 9th 2014 9:30 pm
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As we all know there are so many issues with getting on catster, Mom really hasn't too much trouble until today, something about cookies today, Mom didn't understand so she looked it up thank goodness for the web. She isn't sure what she did right, but guess she did, she left the computer for a while, did other things, but left catster on, then before she was going to turn if off she decided to try one more time and MOL here we are.

Not many of us around anymore because of the problems, we sure wish they would fix things and let us have fun again before Catster becomes a ghost town. After all it sure has been long enough for them to get things settled and let us have fun again.

Catster is the best place to be, we sure miss it all and all of our friends. So many have left and probably won't be back they are having fun elsewhere. We must admit we do go to another site just so we can see our friends to know how they are doing, but we always come back to our catster.

We hope you all are out there, we just wanted to say hi to you all, we are around but can't always get on or Mom is too busy getting our house settled here in Arizona.

You know we are now desert kitties, we are learning to love our new home and so is Mom, it has been hard for her because she gave up so much to move and retire. She knows in time she will love living here. It has been so hot here, it really bothers Mom, thank goodness for air conditioning. Mom has been getting plants again for all of her pots she brought here, she has to give most of her plants away, it sadden her, but there were some on our kitties graves that she was not leaving in San Diego. So now we have lots of new succulents on our patio and Mom is growing grass for us since we don't have grass anymore, well we do but it is artificial.

We are in the monsoon season now and boy can the weather change fast, one minute it is sunny out and then all of a sudden Mom sees the dark clouds roll in and she can even see the rains coming, it rains hard and fast then floods streets, we have areas where it floods and you can't get to where you want to go. There is a lot of thunder and lightening too, it woke Mom up last night what a light show it was, she couldn't sleep because it was flashing so much and it came through our shades. Guess we all have to get used to a lot of things here that we didn't have in San Diego. We all miss our other home, but we are learning to love it here now especially since I have my own area which I love and spend more time out of my bed waiting for Mom to brush me and love me...

By the way I am doing well, I have to go in soon to our new vet to have blood drawn for my Kidneys...sure hope I am doing good with my numbers too.

Well we sure hope some of you are here to read to hear how we are doing. I have to tell you Kody has a new place he wants to hang out can you believe he loves to go out in the garage as hot as it is and roll on the concrete, then lay there and take a now he is the garage kitty, but Mom doesn't let him stay in there too long way too hot.

We miss you all, we think of you all and we are here just not as much...

hugs and love from us all

Xena and family


Thank you Friends and update

June 10th 2014 7:45 pm
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Thank you my wonderpurr friends for the pictures and gifts for me being DDP over the weekend. Mom was unable to let me on so we are catching up. Things are finally settling down here, so much was going on since we moved..

I have just been hanging out in my new area Mom made up just for me, her big closet, I am so happy and more relaxed. Tu Two hasn't been bothering me and I even get on the bench in the closet to get loved, scritched and brushed. Mom even put one of my fuzzies on the bench just for me so I can lay on it and wait to have Mom & Dad pay attention to me. This is the life I have to say I am so much happier and loving the attention.

Last week Mom and Dad took me to meet my new vet and have blood taken so they could check my thyroid. My vet and the vet tech's couldn't believe I am 16, they said I look really good and I am doing great for my age. My blood work came back, they called Mom and said it is right where it should be, so I continue to get my 1/4 pill 2 times a day. Next I will have to go to have my blood work for my CRF...that will be another month.

I am eating well, drinking lots of water, Mom tells me I have to drink more now that we live in the desert.

I haven't wondered around the house much too big, the first few times I was out and heading back to my closet I couldn't remember where to go, finally with Moms helps and guidance I remember my way now. Mom will hold me and let me look out the patio door, what happened to my pretty yard that I loved so much, I am not sure about this yard yet and I even got to go out with Mom of course she had me in her arms and let me tell you it was hot and I mean is cook so I think I will stay inside.

Well it is time for me to head back to my special closet, it is like I have my room back and I am so happy...

Hugs and love to you all


We can't change our backgrounds, now we can't add anymore- pictures, what is next!

June 6th 2014 9:06 pm
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Well we are here we are not leaving, but really first we can't decorate our backgrounds, make any changes or the backgrounds Mom tried to put pictures of us since we moved to Arizona and it won't let us, it says we have downloaded our max, if we want to add more become a catster plus member, well we all know that isn't possible. We have lost the catster plus, can't add pictures and we wonder what is next.

This is so sad, there are others out there that this is happening to, does anyone know what is happening....

We can delete some of the pictures but Mom doesn't want to until we know what is going on...yes she has them saved, but we ask why do we have to do isn't fair and we are sad...there just may be no point to be here and Mom wonders how long we can do our diaries...

So sad!!!!

Xena and family


I am settling in my closet and met my new Vet

May 30th 2014 8:30 pm
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Hi my friends it has been a while since I have updated you of me myself.

Well it certainly was a long drive to our new home, scarey for all of us and then having to spend time in Moms walk in closet by the way is where I stay mostly.

I am settling down in my new place, Mom has fixed up her closet for me I sure love hanging out in there. I have part of the closet all to myself with 2 beds and a cubicle for kitties I sleep inside it a lot. I can get on the padded bench Mon has in there, that is where I get brushed and scritched, kisses too. I can now get on Dads dresser he has it there, I like sitting in one of the beds watching the fur family come in and out and finally I have built in shelves that I can jump into and sleep on warm blankets. Mom has all of my things in there like my food, water and potty box.

I haven't really ventured out, it is scarey this house is so different and it echos cause now we have mostly wood and tile floors. Moms room and closet has carpet..after I get my fluids sometimes I am not sure which door to go into, but eventually I find my way....4 door/doorways....pick one you may or maynot be right....

Today Mom got me out of my safe cubicle and put me into my carrier, I knew what was coming the dreaded Vet visit. I usually ride in the front with Mom but since Mom sold her car, I get to ride in our new car, but in the back cause Dad is driving and Mom is in the seat I would ride in...well guess that is OK as long as Mom is with me...

So I met my new vet, she is very nice, we are still figuring out if we like her, it is hard because we had a great and wonderpurr vet in San Diego...Mom says she likes her, but needs to make sure she is the right fit for all of us. I went in for a check up, not that I needed it I had one before we left and blood work, but the new Vet wanted to see me and get to know me. Anyway I being so good, I have to tell you they took my picture, yes my picture, they are the first vet that has ever done that...I had to have blood drawn so they could check to see how my thyroid is doing since I haven't been taking medication for that very long.

She was very impressed with me, couldn't believe I am 16 and thinks I am so very sweet and cute. Well of course I am, I have always been!

So we will hear from the vet tomorrow to see how I am doing, see if they will change the dosage of my medication.

Well that is all for me now you are up to date, soon I will be ready to venture out, but I sure love my own little space in Moms closet, it is all mine, mine. Mom has been taking pictures she is hoping to have time this weekend to put them on our pages.

hugs from me to you in Arizona


12 days and the countdown to our move

April 17th 2014 5:01 pm
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Ok as the oldest I have been chosen to check in and let our friends know what is going on. It is now 12 days until we all head to our new home in Arizona...countdown time.....

Mom and Dad have been busting their you know whats to get everything packed, of course Mom did most of the things before Dad even started, now he thinks she has to help too...she is because she wants to get it done so they last few days they can relax. They have finally finished cleaning out the garage, lots to donate, junk and take to their daughters. Lots of stuff in there and just think most of it was there for years and years...not anymore, Mom says no more. Been taking things to be recycled, Dad took 2 car loads of electronics, next will be paint and shredding places.

Our house is full of boxes now, not much room for the monsters to run around, I just stay in the closet, Mom says it is better for me so I don't get upset or stressed.

I went to the vet on Monday for my blood work one last time to check on how my thyroid and kidneys are doing and we are happy to report my numbers are right where they are suppose to be, so I am doing good.

As for Kody so far he seems to be doing OK, Mom has been letting him spend time on his leash in the morning before they get busy, them in the afternoon and early evening he is in the cage.

Well that is about it for now from all of us, we will check in before we leave, but Mom says we can't be here to play until we move.

Soon we will be reporting on our new adventure in our new house..guess you all can't wait to hear how it went...soon we will be putting Arizona pictures of us in our house.

Wishing you all a HAPPY EASTER! we send our love and lots of hugs

Xena, rest of us kitties and Mom


Our new house

March 25th 2014 4:30 pm
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Hello friends well I have to tell you that Mom and Dad left us once again to go to Arizona, but we did fine except the dogs got out of their corrals in the kitchen...bad dogs

Mom and Dad went over to see our new house now that it is completed, to sign papers not sure what that means but that is what they did.

Mom was so excited to see the house, she loves it, of course they picked it out and all of the things that went into it, but wait she doesn't see the refrigerator very important item to have...builder was upset that it wasn't there, it is arriving today...oh thank goodness!

Mom came home told me she saw my special walk in closet that I will have my bed in to be out of the way of all the others. It is big she told me like another room and it even has shelves just for me if I want.

We also have a big bay window in Moms room that we will all get to hang out on our cat trees and beds, it looks in the back yard not the front like here. Everything is so different, Mom wants to make it as easy for us to get used to.

Mom took lots of pictures she will put a few on my page for you all to see. Mom and Dad have to go back on 4/6 to the 10th to get some things done before we all move in and find painters to paint a better paint, water softener because water is very hard there.

They also have to pick up their new crossover they ordered, they will drive Daddy's car over filled with our stuff for when we first get there until the movers arrive. They will leave Dads car there and drive back in their new Escape, just think we will have a new car to ride in. Mom is going to sell her car since it has the most miles on it..she is sad not to have her own car, but life will be different there, she will have to learn to drive the new car...Dad will eventually trade in his car and they will get a smaller car to get around in like go to the vet or run to the store.

So lots is going on here, Mom has so much on her mind and lots to do so as it gets closer to our move the less time she will have to let us on here.

We are sorry we have missed so much, we are saying our prayers for those in need, sad to hear of those that have made their journeys, wishing all happy birthdays, gotcha days and concats to all that we have missed and will miss...Mom says she will try to let us on to see what is up, but it will be hard until after we move!

I go to the vet on Monday more blood will taken so they can see how my thyroid is doing and if they will have to adjust my far I am doing OK with it.

Hugs to all from all of us....

Xena, Mom and family


My yearly Sr. check up

March 13th 2014 3:14 pm
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Hi my friends it has been awhile, so many things going on here at our house we don't get much time if any lately...

OK reason for coming here today Moms letting me tell you about my vet visit and check up. Of course as most of us don't like going to the vet I am no different. But I got to ride in my new carrier, on side it opens and folds out so I can see more and get more air. What a nice new carrier it is for our long ride over to our new home Mom wanted me to get used to it, I do like it especially after I saw my vet.

I lost almost 2 lbs, Mom was concerned, but thought it is because I am loosing my muscle mass not sure what that is or means. Dr. Kathy thought it might me my thyroid, I had to give more blood so they could check my thyroid and see how my kidneys are doing. Well I now have hyperthyroid along with CRF...boy is this ol lady starting to fall about, don't think so, I am doing well other wise, my kidney numbers are good right where they should be that is good news. I still have my heart murmur but it hasn't changed so no worry there, just have to have it checked once a year unless Mom notices any changes in me.

It was an expensive visit, but worth it Mom says and as always she is happy she has insurance on me...I am beginning to be an expensive kitty.

But wait it isn't over, I don't get to go home, no I don't I have to go with Mom to a paint store so she could get some paint samples they can take them over to our new house, they want to have someone paint inside with a better paint before we move over there. Then on to her dog clients house so she could walk the doggies. I got to go in and had to stay there while Mom went out to walk the doggies, one tried to sniff my carrier. Hiss hiss!!!!! then to the bank, Mom ran it and right back out! She parked right where she could see the car, she usually doesn't leave me in the car, but it was not busy and just a deposit.

Finally I got to go home, happy that I had the bigger carrier I could see out and feel the air, but more happy to be home. The rest of the day I was in my safe place in Moms closet.

Today Mom had her dr. appt. and on the way back before walking dogs and taking care of cats Mom wonderpurr Mom went to my vet and got my medication. I haven't got my pill yet Mom will give it to me this evening. I have to go back in on the 31st to give them more blood so they can see how my thyroid is doing, they may have to adjust my medication.

Moms says great just as we are getting ready to move and get a new vet we have to deal with this too, we just hope I will be OK after the next visit until Mom can get me to my new vet...

By the way Mom found one and our Vet here is from Arizona, called her vet friend and she told her that our new Vet is really good so that is one worry off of Moms mind...but she has to see for herself..

Well that is it from here, sorry it is long, but we want you to know how I am doing...Next week Mom and Dad go to Arizona to see our house for the first time, Mom is so excited, then sign all the will be ours! Time is flying by and soon we will be Arizona kitties...

wishing you all the best, purring and praying for those in need and know we do check in and read the diaries to see how our friends are doing. One day soon Mom will have more time to let us back on here and lets hope by then we all will know something about our beloved catster



Update on our new home and leaving California

February 13th 2014 4:20 pm
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Hi friends, what a special time here on catster, one minute we are all sad and saying our good byes and the next we are all thankful that our voices were heard and our beloved catster/dogster will be saved! keeping all of our paws crossed!

So now that the mood is different here for us we wanted to update you all on our new home and us leaving here goes

We sold our house here last weekend and just in time too! we actually had several offers so Mom and Dad decided on the one that was the easiest not the most money because the time was running out. They chose 2 guys that come in will be doing some upgrades and then will resale makes Mom sad but she knows that it is time to move on and let someone else live in this house. Since Mom and Dad paid off this house they needed the money by the time our new house is finished so they can pay cash for it and not have the house payment...that was the plan from the beginning.. now our house is in escrow, will close on March 17th...

Yesterday was a happy day hearing we won and catster will be saved and happy for us because a lady called from the title company to let Mom know our house will be completed on March 20th, now Mom and Dad have to drive over to Arizona on the 20th, they have to do the walk through with the builder on the 21st in the morning, then the afternoon they have to go to the title company to sign all the papers. The bad part is not only do we have to stay here and the pet sitter will come to take care of us, but Mom and Dad won't get the keys to the house until the 26th...well now guess what Mom and Dad will be home with us again, now we have to find out how we can get the keys.They wanted to spend time in the house and they wanted to take things over especially for us while we wait for the movers to bring our things to us. Not sure what they will do now.

We have to be out of our this house by April 30th, so the crunch is on for Mom and Dad, well Dad more than Mom because Mom has been doing things for a few months now but not Dad he is waiting to the last minute...Not a happy Mom!!!!

As the time gets closer for us to leave we may not be around, we sure hope we don't miss anything...once our things are packed we won't be on computer at all, not until we get connected once again.

Mom sure hopes we all will be OK once again with them being gone but Mom told me because I am the oldest that they will leave the 20th and return on the trip so we won't be alone for too long. I will just hang out in Moms closet in her room with Zeke. The others will be in the rest of the house. So much stress so much to do, but in the end we can all get used to living in a new house and surroundings, soon we will all be able to relax....that will be a good day...sigh!!!

so that is the update from here, we sure hope all of our friends are staying warm and safe with it snowing in the south and east...

Hugs to all of our friends, we are so happy to be here, we never left!

Xena and family


News from the Cat Show

January 26th 2014 3:38 pm
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Hi everyone

We have to tell you about Moms day yesterday. She went to the Cat Fanciers Cat Show yesterday. She was walking around looking for new toys for us after we move to Arizona.

Well she came open a lady that writes books on cat behavior etc. and was signing them, you guessed it Mom bought 2 of her it goes Mom was talking to her, she rescued at kitty that had been mistreated, she is now all better, she is a therapy cat and helps with teaching pet first aid.

Her Moms name is Arden Moore, she is a animal behavior consultant, lecturer, and of course author.

Mom enjoyed her talk with her and they were talking about how people can be so mean to animals and hurt them. Then Mom told her what was happening to Catster and Dogster..she told Mom that she was featured on catster so she knows about the site she thought it's horrible what Say Media is doing, she is going to check into what is going on, see what she can do and possibly contact others. Not sure what she will do, but she gets around, talks to a lot of people, She even has her own radio show, goes on Pet Life Radio to talk, goes on talk shows as well.

She is an animal lover so Mom is hopeful that this lady will be able to help.

Here is the life radio web site she talks on, her web site and another if you would like to check it out.


If you would like to contact her:

CONTACT Arden Moore and Four Legged Life®

Snail mail:
Four Legged Life
PO Box 2727
Oceanside, CA 92051
Phone: 760-433-3480
Tune in to Arden’s Oh Behave show on Pet Life Radio
Sign up for the Arden Moore Knows Pets e-newsletter – it’s free and fun!
Catch Arden on:
Like to party…like a pup? Visit Arden’s National Dog Party Day™ website.
Arden’s Books on Amazon

She has a lot of contacts that may be willing to help us...We just hope she can help in some way. She can't believe that this company is taking our catster away from us...Let's hope something good can come from Mom meeting Arden Moore...

We have our paws crossed!!!

We got new toys and some really really good catnip, we all went crazy over this nip....

Mom had a nice time at the cat show, had time to not think about all that is going on...besides see so many wonderpurr kitties all in the same place..

Well time to go, we all love you and just hope we all can find a way to save our beloved catster.



Keeping in touch & What is important

January 23rd 2014 4:22 pm
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Hello to all of our friends,

What a sad time around here, it just doesn't feel the same, but one thing we are realizing with this happening is not the site, don't get us wrong we love Catster/Dogster we wish this wasn't happening, but what is important is our friendship, yes our friendship...we are all rushing around trying to get each others email addresses so we can keep in touch so this is letting us all know that staying friends and keeping in touch is the most important things...

Mom has been crying like so many other Moms around here, she is so sick at heart over this from what is happening and thinking she is loosing so much here, the love, support and with that said


We are now on CatHugger and Furry Families....hope to see you there! lots of our friends are there already and more sign up everyday...

We are not sure if we will do any more diaries everything is up in the air around here and this is the worst time for this to be happening with all that Mom has on her plate with us trying to sell our house, having open house, people calling to look at the house all the time, trying to go through things, packing, Mom still doing pet sitting and dog walks, telling her clients bye and their precious furry babies and finally closing her business the end of March...and us moving between May 1st and the 15th.

Oh yes this is a sad time for us all, but there is hope around the corner cause we have our friends and we are sticking together one way or another....we will not go down without a fight!

We love you all, cherish your friendships, support and love....

Xena, Zeke, Tu Two, Kody, Kandi and our special angel QT and lastly Mom Peggy

We send hugs and butterfly kisses to all

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