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Princess Xena's Diary

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Xena is not well

December 16th 2015 7:19 pm
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Oh here we going again, I have to say I feel like we just don't get a break and we are cursed.
We came home this evening from being with Kody at the vet ER, I noticed Xena kept going into the box again. Went to get dinner started and to feed the babies when I noticed watery blood on the floor. Checked Xena's backend and sure enough she is swollen again but this time she has the watery blood dripping from her.
So I will be up most of the night watching over her and in morning I will call the vet, if I can't get her in I will call our other vet in hopes we can get her in. I am very worried about her, it has only been 1 1/2 months since she had the e coli bacterial infection.

What is going on, not sure 2 at the same time getting urinary issues.
Please pray for both my Xena & kody, me too I feel sad and depessed from worry & always having to deal with my babies being sick and the loss of kandi & zeke.
Xena's mom


It's my Birthday I am 18

November 28th 2015 3:55 pm
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Oh yeah it is my birthday today, I am 18 now, Mom can't believe it. She has never had any cat or dog live this long, only a doggie lived to be 17, everyone else 15, 14, 13, 10 and 8. She always gets worried when we get close to 13 cause most of her kitties don't make it past that now she has me Xena her princess warrior that has lived to be 18 and we hope I will live many more years, but God only knows.

I am doing good for an old lady kitty, besides me having my infection, we actually found out that I have e coli bacterial infection, so I have to stay on my medication for another week, then go back for a recheck. Mom says she wants them to do blood work to make sure I am still good with all my numbers.

I am enjoying my life, Mom is spending lots of time with me, she brushes me all the time sure love getting brushed and scritched, I do miss having my brushing buddy Zeke come in and want to get brushed too, but Kody is now coming in, he isn't into getting brushed too much, he is even eating with my now...he is keeping me company.

Mom didn't get me anything for my birthday, now don't think bad of Mom she says we have plenty none of us needs anything except for her love, our warm beds, home and that is what we all get cause Mom loves us.

I am sure I will get something really good for dinner like tuna...yum

Thank you all for all my gifts today, Many Toes for my picture, Mom will put it on here later.

Well that is it from me today, gotta go see if Mom is getting my special yummy dinner...hugs and love to all of you.



Feeling a little better

November 25th 2015 11:05 am
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I am feeling a little better today, I am eating more once again, my back end isn't swollen that makes mom happy and me too, it was hard to sit.

I am getting lots of brushings, loves and hugs from mom.

Kody is hanging out with me and mom, he is a good brother. He is making sure we are not alone,he's stepping in were our Zeke used to be. Mom even put another bed in the closet with a pet heating pad to keep him warm.

We know Zeke is smiling and watching over us. I miss my brofur zeke, but Kody is making it easier for me.

I have to go back to my vet next week to make sure I am all better. Keeping my paws crossed I am.

Thank you to all our friends for being here for me.



I was at the vet all day

November 23rd 2015 7:22 pm
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I had to stay at the vet all day and you must know I was not happy I was out of my comfort zone.

I lost a little weight because I haven't been eating as much with me not feeling well.
My vet checked me all over, no temp, that's good, she checked my back end how humiliated I was, told mom it is from me licking, I also had some leakage with blood, it was on my blanket.Vet felt like mom I have a bad infection. Bladder was empty, so I had to stay until they got some urine.

By time mom & dad got home the vet had called, mom called back thinking hooray I peed & I can come home NOT!!!!!

Vet wanted Mom to know my anal glands were very full so she took care of it and we all know what that meant, humiliated again. She felt that might have been my problem, but mom said she wanted to do the urine culture it was her gut feeling that was what was wrong, especially since I was very warm Saturday night and I wasn't peeing a lot. Luckily mom insisted because I have a bad urinary infection. So I had to get fluids to help me pee, finally I did and I got to come home after 5.

They are sending out to have it tested to see if the medication will work or if I need another medication. I am taking Cefpodoxime for a week, then I go back for recheck.

My vet can't believe how great I look she said if she didn't know I was almost 18 she wouldn't believe it.

It was a stressful, humiliating day for me, I am so happy to be home. Vet tech said I was very very good & so sweet.

I am tired from being gone all day think it is time to go to sleep now. Will let you all know how I am doing in a few days. Thank you my friends for all the messages, POTP, prayers we know they worked.


I am not feeling well, going back to vet

November 22nd 2015 10:23 am
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Yea that's right tomorrow morning I go to the vet again. I am not feeling well, spending time sitting or laying in my box. I have been licking my back end if you know what I mean way too much, I am now swollen and red. Mom says I have to wear the dreaded collar so I won't lick. She has been crying with worry.
Last night I scared mom, she got up to check on me, I was on our bench, she touched me I was hot and I hissed at her, so she stayed up to be with me. I just sat there I didn't ask for food. After awhile mom went back to bed, she checked on me I wasn't hot and I asked for food.
This morning I am a little better but mom's gut is telling her I am not feeling good, she thinKS there is a problem with me going potty and I may have an infection.
Mom is right here with me, we hope this isn't harming my kidneys, she tried to get me in Friday or Saturday but no room, hope it isn't bad because we couldn't get in.
Need some purrs and some prayers, after all I am old almost 18.


I Miss my Zeke

November 16th 2015 2:47 pm
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Oh yes I miss my Zekie he and I where always together, we loved each other, he even used to lick me while we were both on our bench, he loved me so and I loved him.

We always ate together and slept in mom's closet, I sure miss him. We did so much together, it is hard not to have my brother here with me. I knew he was sick, but none of us knew he was going to leave us, I see Mom crying and it makes me to sad. I try to make her smile, she does, but then she tells me she knows we both miss our sweet Zekie.

When Mom comes in to brush me I am always looking for Zekie, we knew he would come in to get brushed too, it was our thing we did together. Mom sometimes cries when she brushes me because she too looks around to see if Zekie is coming in or getting out of one of his beds, no Mom we both know he won't come to get brushed, we both only have memories of us getting brushed together.

I do have to say Kody is stepping up and helping me and Mom it makes us both happy. But we both still miss our Zekie...

Zekie watch over us, we miss you, I miss you, we were there for one another and I love my brother....our handsome angel you sure were one of a kind, there will be on other, you were my special mellow loving brother.

I miss my Zekie!!!! we only have our memories now, no one can take them away



I am doing great

October 28th 2015 1:52 pm
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Well I have to say that Mom has been worrying about me because of my age and with my illnesses, but it was Zeke she should have been worrying about. He is very sick, we all know that he won't be here with us for long, he isn't as healthy and strong as I am. We are all sad that our brofur is sick, we all try to love him, yes even me. I tell him all the time that Mom is doing all of these things to help him feel better.

Monday I went to the vet to have blood work done for my kidneys, my numbers came down and I am doing great.

I am eating all the time, Mom doesn't even have to give me food stimulant pill anymore, I ask for food all the time, even during the night. I have gained weight which makes all of us happy. I am now over 10 lbs. Hooray!!!!!!

Mom is giving me homeopathic medication like Zeke is getting, she really hopes it is helping.

Sorry we are not around right now but Mom sure has her hands full with all of us being sick, she says we are her #1 priority everyday.

Thank you all for your gifts, love and support for all of us. When we can we will update.

hugs from us all


Update on Mia

August 21st 2015 3:56 pm
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Mom is very tired so this will be short, Mia was over medicated at our vet, she is so much better she gets to come home tonight. Mom will post more tomorrow she needs to rest so they can go get her soon.

All of this could have been avoided, it escalated and cause mom and dad thousands not to say stress, crying, worrying and worst of all we could have lost Mia. Right now mom is so upset with the vet and not sure what to do. The trust in them is gone


No news yet

August 21st 2015 11:39 am
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We gaven't gotten any news on our little Mia, called this morning but the Vet's were on rounds so here we wait, the longer we have to wait the worse it is for us. Guess they are doing tests to find out what is exactly wrong with her. We know it won't be good news.

Thank you all for visiting Mia's page and leaving messages with your prayers. One of our catster friends put it on FB and they too are leaving messages so the you friends for your support. Once we hear we will let you know


Update on my doggie sisfur

August 20th 2015 2:55 pm
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Mom just called our Vet to see how Mia is doing, the vet told Mom Mia keeps passing out, they are not sure if this is from her being put under or continuing from this morning, they have a vet tech with her all the time, vet is with her when she doesn't have a client.They will call Mom if anything changes, if it doesn't Mom and Dad will go to either pick her up and bring her home or they will have to take her to the Vet ER so they can monitor her over night.

Radiologist agreed with the Vet that she has chronic bronchitis and had some kind of allergic reaction, didn't find any cancer, thank God.....all tests are coming back fine, lungs are clear, throat area OK, it is just the mucus....and now her passing out! MOL we are still worried about her, but hopeful!

Xena and Mom

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