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I am doing so much better and we are back!

July 5th 2011 5:26 pm
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Hello to all of my friends Mom says we are back from our break or lets say we are trying! It has helped Mom feel better, but time will only tell if she can be here without feeling so sad, have her heart ache. Mom knows that she is not the only one that has a hard time after losing one of her babies, but she also has realized that she will never heal completely and their will always be a ache in her heart for our Tallulah! but we are here today and hopefully for many more!

Now up date on me, I am finally healed, my fur is growing back in slowly and to my unhappiness she is checking me all the time...

The fur above my eyes is slowly coming back in too so guess I am not stressed anymore, guess what I am relaxed, back in my special spot at the window in my bed, eating like I should plus more and even asking Mom to let me out in the mornings on my leash. When she is home and doesn't have to leave I am out there for a couple of hours until the sun comes out and it gets hot & muggy....

We thank all of our friends for all of the messages, gifts, your love and support....

Now to our surprise today when we read a pawmail from Big Harry and Pigeon we found out I am Cat of the Week in our group KCK....I am so honored and sure hope I live up to that honor...not sure what I need to do but guess we will find out and just have lots of fun...AFTER ALL GIRLS WANNA HAVE FUN! and that is what I!!!now that I am feeling better

We are send you our love and lots of hugs, we thank you for being our friends too!

Xena and of course Mom


Sorry we have been MIA lately!

June 29th 2011 3:10 pm
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Well my friends Mom told me to tell all of our friends she is sorry we have been MIA lately....she still needs more time to heal and of course she told me she has been so busy, but we are all fine.

I am doing better now, I am not hiding like I was, but my fur above my eyes especially my left side isn't growing back in yet and Mom is still a little worried cause she thinks it has more fur missing, but she is checking everyday. My incision is finally looking like it is all healed I now have some peach fuzz fur growing back in...soon you won't even know I had surgery.

I am hanging out in the bay window in my new bed finally, but still not spending time at night in Moms bed like I was, Mom is hoping I will come back in her bed, she says maybe it is too warm now for night hugs and sleeping next to her...

We just wanted to let you all know we are still here, just taking some down time for now will check in...Mom is doing better and so am I.

We think of all of you, we pray for all and know we all miss you, but Mom still needs time....hugs to you all

Tully I miss you my sweetheart, know that I dream of you.



My Vet visit

June 23rd 2011 12:45 pm
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Well my friends I finally got my stitches taken out on Tuesday. I am all healed now, but now I have peach fuzz on my belly...I just want to know when will my pretty long fur grow back in...

Dr. Kathy told Mom I look good and I am doing good too....the specialists doesn't feel there is any need for further treatment...hooray!!! but Mom needs to check my lymph node on the inside of my back left leg, she showed Mom how to check me...MOL they had me on my side and feeling me all over..I was not happy.

Then Mom questions her about the changes of this coming back and she said that it could come back that is why she has to keep checking me, but more than likely the my prognoses is good....

Mom also wanted to know why the fur above my eyes is very thin and I am getting bald now...Dr. Kathy said that it could be from me being stressed, reaction to something she isn't sure, so she told Mom to watch and see if it gets worse, if it does she has to take me back to see Dr. Kathy and she will take a scrapping of my skin and see what is going on....what is next Mom and I ask!!!

Well next is since Mom took me to the Vet I have been hiding under Moms Grandmas hutch all day, she has to get me out for dinner, in the morning I eat and then ask to go outside, stay out till Mom has to leave, she lets me in and then I go right back under the hutch....I am not hanging out in my bed at the front window like I normally do, and I am not sleeping in Moms room either...If it continues Mom is going to call Dr. Kathy...this is not normal for me, yes I like hanging out by myself, but hiding is not like me.

Mom thinks there is something going on with my skin and she needs to get me on medication, so maybe she will have to take me back in next week....MOL

Thank you all of my friends for all of the comments, gifts and encouraging words these last few weeks, Mom hasn't felt like being on the computer much and we are behind so we apologize to you all...she hopes she will get to them now...if we miss anyone know that we love you all, thank you for your support and love....

Xena and Mom Peggy


I am doing better and better everyday

June 20th 2011 1:59 pm
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Hello my friends

I am doing better and better everyday, tomorrow I go to the Vet to see Dr. Kathy to get my stitches out and hopefully Mom will find out it there is anything else she needs to know about my benign tumor...cause Dr. Kathy sent the report to the onocologist and hopefully it will not be anything bad....Mom is always checking me and loving me...

Today Mom let me go outside the first time since I had my surgery and she even took off the collar. Oh I so enjoyed getting out, the air felt so good and the grass tasted so good...but Mom caught me licking my incision so in I had to go and get my collar back on...tomorrow it will be off I can't wait.

We are sorry we haven't been here, Mom was very busy and when she was home didn't even get on the computer for 3 days....bad Mom you see we missed my being DOTD again....

Thank you all for your messages and gifts...we are shocked that I was DDP again and we missed it....bad Mom...but Mom told me she needed the time to rest and relax, it has been so very stressful for her the last several weeks...Now she is only walking 2 clients dogs this week.

I am blessed to have my wonderpurr Mom, family and my wonderpurr friends here on catster....THANK YOU AGAIN!

Feeling better


One Week Now

June 13th 2011 7:25 pm
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Hello my friends, well it has been one week since I had my surgery and we are happy to report that I am doing incision Mom says is looking good and I am healing...but I still have to wear my collar cause Mom caught me licking!

I am still sleeping and resting but doing so much better...I go next week Monday to have my stitches removed. Hopefully Mom will find out anything she needs to know about my tumor removal, what to expect and if this will return...etc.....

This weekend Mom and I just took it easy, we didn't even get on the computer cause Mom needed down time too just like me...we slept a lot...

We want to take the time to thank all of our friends for all of the gifties you sent to me, my wishes of feeling better and during my surgery...cause Mom is so far behind we don't want anyone to think we don't care or won't thank all of will take Mom some time to thank you all but she will...this week Mom is kind of busy and won't be home as much...


Well I gotta go rest now!

Will get back to you all again, nite nite to all



What a week!

June 10th 2011 1:54 pm
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MOL friends....this has been a hard and hectic week for me and Mom....the best thing is my news of my tumor being benign....we are still in shock and so happy we finally got some good news...

On top of Mommy worrying about me she has been having to take her Mom who has dementia to her doctors appointment, go get medication, take to her board and care home for her Mom....making her Mom more doctor between taking care of others she is taking care of kitties and walking 3 doggies for their mid day walks.....

Now today she comes home thinking she will be able to rest this afternoon with me before she has to go out to check on one of the kitties and give him his dinner...she walks into the garage and hears watering guessed it the water heater is leaking all over the we are getting a new tankless water heater so we never have to go through having water all over the garage is a mess....

Now for me....I am feeling so much better, still taking my medication, still no poop, but I am eating and I am being so good....Mom let me out of the room and you know what I ran right back into the bathroom...I don't want to be out you blame me when there are strange men in the garage making noise...what does a girl gotta do around here to get some peace and quite...not happening today....but honestly I am feeling so much better today...

Mom will get to all of my gifts this weekend & send thanks you, today too much going on and she needs to too for that matter...

We send you all our love and a BIG HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

Xena Warrior Princess and Mom


We are on cloud nine

June 9th 2011 7:38 pm
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We are on cloud nine at our house tonight, you want to know why!!!


My angel sisfur and Mom saved my life, if Mom hadn't found my lump when she did it would have been a different story it just shows that checking all of us for lumps does save lives....thank you Tallulah you did not die in vain, you saved me...little did we know when she started her mission to save other kitties by spreading the word about kitty breast cancer that it would be me her older sisfur that she are a special Angel Tallulah....we love you!

This is some of the report: Mammary Papillary Cystadenoma with moderate Atypia...I know a lot of hard words...but that is what the tumor was....close to being mammary cancer! the pathologist said; it is a precancerous neoplasm thus this animal is at an increased risk for development of de novo and invasive mammary neoplasia.

The prognosis is favorable....we have to be alert for any possibility of nodal metastasis, such as regional lymph node enlargement and/or firmness.

Hooray! I will be OK, no further treatment as of now, my Dr. Kathy said she will send the report to the onocologest to review...

When Mom hung up the phone after talking to Dr. Kathy she cried from happiness knowing that I am OK and now she can relax with me in her lap....



Xena and Mom Peggy


I am feeling better

June 8th 2011 2:55 pm
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Hello my special wonderful friends I am feeling better, now mind you I am still very sore but I feel better....I am finally eating my can food, can't eat dry because of loosing 2 more of my teeth...soon I won't have any left in my mouth, but now the ones I have left are pearly food takes so good after not eating on Monday and a little yesterday.

I want Mom to give me lots of pets, loves and I just have to work on getting out of this bathroom...Mom says once she knows I am a little better and I poop she will let me out for a little while.

I got to be out last night with Mom in her room, she put me in one of our kitty beds at the window, I looked out at the night and soon I was sleeping...then when Mom wanted to go to bed I had to go back in to the lonely bathroom for the night, but I was not alone my angels were there.

Mom kept checking on me so she hasn't been getting much sleep, but we both are hanging in there, taking one day at a time and we continue to pray for the best results of the tests....

We are thankful for all of you for helping me and Mom get through yet another " C" scare....Mom says she can't even type or say the word all of you know there are no words to express how we feel when we read all of the messages, she the special pictures and diary entries....there is only thank yous for being here and helping support my Mom...We know we are not alone and that we are not the only ones having to deal with us ill kitties, but this is the best place to be when one needs support and help...

Mom has been reading all of the messages and diaries, but she just can't at this time answer them much on my Moms plate right now....


Oh Mom has taken some pictures and she will get them on my page soon...

Feeling better, I am the warrior Princess and I won't let this get me down....I expect to be here for a long time with my Mom and all of my friends here on earth and all our angels friends...

I felt you all holding my paw, I saw you surrounding me with your angels wings, so many pretty colors....and you all were praying not only for me & Mom but for my Dr. Kathy special sisfur angel has been with me and hasn't left my side, she whispers special words in my ear, but told me I can't tell Mom yet..

Mom says she is so glad after what she went through with Tallulah and how much money she had to pay she decided that she was getting us on pet insurance, she knows that it will help lots....

Thank you all for loving me!!! MOM THANKS FOR BEING THE BESTEST MOM I COULD HAVE....

Xena the warrior who will fight!!!!



June 7th 2011 2:32 pm
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Xena's Mom here, sorry for the delay on reporting to all of our friends, I have a lot on my plate these last few days with Xena and my Mom....

As all of you know it was very hard for me to take Xena to her Vet and leave her...I have to praise my Vet and the Techs they are super, they know how hard this is for me having to go through the cancer scare again so soon and how hard losing Tallulah has been on me...they were so understanding and caring.

When I got there I just wanted to run right out that door and somehow find a way to have all of this just go away and wake up it was a horrible dream...but it wasn't and somehow I managed to let her go with her Vet Tech....she explained everything to me, reassured me it was going to be OK...

When she came out to talk to me and get Xena I was holding Xena, telling her how much I love her and that all of her catster friends were with her, even our wonderful angels...I made copies of all of your messages, pictures, put them in a page protector and then taped them to her carrier....showed the tech and she was so impressed by all of the love and prayers...they all read them and couldn't believe how much love and support you all were giving to Xena and me.

So I left her with my heart breaking and when I got to my care I sat there, cried and prayed to let my baby be Ok and that the cancer be the skin cancer.

It was hard to concentrate all day, but glad I had dog walks to do and a kitty to take care of, it helped me!


She made it through the surgery, the tumor was about 2-2 1/2 cm and the incision is about 10 cm...she is of course very sore and not very happy...while under her vet took x rays of her mouth and had to remove 2 of her teeth, then cleaned the few she has she has a sore mouth too...

When they called and told me I could pick her up between 3 and 4 and how she was doing i was so happy and relieved.

Got her home after 4:30 and she is not happy about having to be in the bathroom, she wants out...she did get out when I first put her in the bathroom, she ran all over and even jumped up on furniture trying to get away from having to go in the bathroom...she is resting now, she finally ate some chicken baby food this morning and again when I got home this afternoon...she fights me when I have to give her the pain medication, but she is taking it...hopefully she will be out of the bathroom in a few days depends on how she is feeling, but because she is a jumper she may have to stay longer...I was too tired to get on the computer yesterday after the day we both had

Won't know the results on the test from the pathologist until later this week or first of next week...


Xena and Mom Peggy


What's all the fuss

June 5th 2011 3:18 pm
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Hello my friends

I don't know what all of this fuss is all about...

Mom keeps crying and praying for me...she told me my angel sisfur QT is with us right now watching over me, she told me and Mom she will be with me tomorrow holding my paw and wrapping her wings around me...all of our catster angel friends will be with me too, kitties and their Moms are praying for I asked Mom why all the fuse!...

She told me I have to go to the Vet to see Dr. Kathy again and she will be helping by removing my lump....I asked should I be afraid....Mom says we are all afraid, but we know you are in good hands, QT will be with me and my I am OK..

Mom decided to give me a bath today so I will look pretty tomorrow and smell good too....I think it was just to give her something to do..

yesterday she came home with a new red bed for me and a blanket, she gave it to me but she said it was for when I come home tomorrow cause I have to be kept in the bathroom for a little while til I am a little better, better from what? I have to stay in the bathroom,WHAT why? just so much going on and all I want to do is sleep in my bed at the window enjoy the sun, then sleep with Mom at she tells me I have to eat a big dinner, get a snack before she goes to bed because I can't eat tomorrow morning, what gives no food tomorrow?

Well my friends, Mom and I thank you for your love, support, prayers, candle lighting for me and her...this is my last entry till I am feeling better...Mom will let you all know how it went and how I am doing....of course we all will have to wait for the results, Mom says this will be a long wait...we pray that it will be a BASAL tumor!!!

We love you all and this is the best place to be!


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