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We are featured on CAT IN THE CLOVER today

February 13th 2011 9:41 pm
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WOW we are surprised Calvin Knead On's Mom has featured us on her web site CAT IN THE CLOVER because we all have our Calvin Valentine Collars on....check it out....

Thank you for putting us on your site and we are honored to be on there and thrilled we have our collars on...we sure love them and wear them proudly...Mom says she will get us more now that she knows we will wear them, even Tu Two wears hers after she had to check it out.

These are very special collars made by hand and with love! speaking of love that is what catster is all about love! yes love for one another and being there for each is special and so is our friends and our new collars.




Almost 2 years on Caster

January 24th 2011 10:25 pm
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January 27th me and my family will be on Catster for 2 years. We don't know where the time went, but we know that Catster has been a blessing to our family.

Mom put all of us on Catster and then asked herself why did I do that, I am not into all of these reality sites and roll playing...but then she realized why in July of 2009 why she was guided to be on here with us...

Our Tallulah....Mom needed to have her here to help Mom and our Angel while she fought cancer and she fought for 13 months...most important is the Love and Support all of our friends gave Tallulah and Mom. It still amazes Mom that Moms we have never met have given so much to Tallulah and Mom...we are so blessed to have you all as our friends & in our lives.


Now you are helping Mom spread the word about Kitty breast cancer, our Tallulah is all over the world. No where else could this happen, Mom is still in shock at how much Tallulah touched others and how much she was loved. it makes Moms heart happy and bring tears to her eyes.

Each of us have sweethearts and wonderful special friends, rxcept mean Kandi and Princess Tu Two, she is too little right now, know we all love you and we are here for you as you have been here for all of us.

Mom is still learning how to do things on Catster, some of our friends have sent information on how to do things Mom wants to learn, know that Mom still has the information and hopefully as it gets easier for all of us to be here she will try to learn; that is Moms goal for this year....hope she will be able to reach her goal.

No matter what happens on catster Mom knows that there will always be those that will be here to give one another love and support, that is what Catster is all about.

We have had lots of fun on Catster too, not just that sadness, but at times the sadness is too much to bare for Mom, but she always returns because she knows that other kitty Moms will be here to help and support Mom as we will support and love others Mom Catster has been healing for her. Friends outside of Catster don't always understand how Mom feels and why she is so sad, but she knows that Catster Moms do understand as a lot of you have gone through the same thing losing your beloved kitties...

Now as we start our 3rd year we hope to be able to support and love friends as you all have done for us this past year, learn more and just have some fun.


As we begin another year we hope it will be a happier!

Snuggles and hugs to our friends!

Xena, Mom and family


I am better now

January 10th 2011 2:04 pm
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Resting with Mom this weekend sure made a difference, I am feeling so much better.

I know I worried my Mom, she worries so especially when out of the blue I was sick and we still have no idea why I got sick...infection what kind of infection. Mom called the Vet but she is off today so hoping she will call Mom tomorrow afternoon when Mom is home to talk about about me why Mom what can you possibly talk about, I am fine now. Oh oh I think I know she wants the Vet to get some blood and urine to make sure there is nothing going on with me...not good when they talk about taking my blood and urine...but I guess I will be OK with it if Mom will feel better to know I am OK, just loves me so.

I just slept this weekend in my heated bed, I ate my can food and Mom kept giving me Immuno.

This morning I finally got up on the couch to get brushed with my zoom groom and it felt so good. Once done I got lots of love from Mom, she took me to my bed at the bay window and told me to be a good girl while she was gone, to watch the house, take care of my sisfur and brofur...

Oh and yeah Moms hand is feeling better but she still is resting her hand and wraps it when she has to do work.

Thank you all again for your comments of well wishes for me and Mom. I love my friends you all are the best...and so does Mom.




January 6th 2011 3:12 pm
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Thank you my friends for your prayers, POTP, heart from my sweet heart Tully! they all worked, I am feeling better today, but Mom is still watching over me.

Biggest Surprise is I got on Moms bed last night and slept with her for a while, she was surprised and happy. Then when she came to fed me this morning I got out of my bed and got my can food.
Mom tried getting me to come to the couch like I do when I want to be brushed, I got out of my warm bed and sat on the bay window, but didn't go to the couch, Mom came to me. I got brushed a little really didn't want to be bothered today. So Mom gave me loves and told me it is OK just go back to bed and sleep to get well completely.

Mom left to walk the dogs she has to walk during the week so I slept. When she came home I got up went into the dining room, I wanted to go to Moms room and go into her closet, but Mom said no Xena you can't I need to check on you and I have to give you your immuno soon, I got into a chair instead. I am now back in my bed and feeling better...looks like I am on my way to getting better. We still don't know how or why I got an infection and my fever and that does concern Mom.

I do have to go back in soon for another urine test and Mom thinks she will ask them to do blood work again to make sure there is nothing going on with me...

Thank you friends for being here for me and Mom! we love you all!




January 5th 2011 9:17 am
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Xena's Mom here, she looks better this morning, but still isn't herself. She ate her breakfast, but hasn't left her heated bed. I asked her if she wanted to be brushed but she just looked at me. I started brushing her and she seemed to enjoy it again, she also was rubbing her chin on an old brush she loves to rub on while I brush her, that is better than yesterday.

I haven't seen her get up to use the potty box or drink water, not that she hasn't used it during the night or when I haven't been right there with her.

I checked on her all night long I was so worried about her, I know that the antibiotics need time to work so I will not panic yet. I just gave her a natural immuno liquid to help boost her immune system and gave her more water by syringe.

I will be leaving soon so she will sleep while I am gone; when I get home I will get her up and make sure she walks around a little & she isn't limping but walking normal.

We want to thank our friends for your well wishes for our Xena, we know she will be better soon, it is just hard as all of you know to see our fur babies not feeling well.

Peggy and Xena



January 4th 2011 9:05 pm
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Well Mommy's year did not end well, she was walking a clients dog she was taking care of on the 30th and he walked right in front of her because he wanted to pee on a bush...well you will never guess what happened next!

MOMMY FELL, yeah that is right that stupid dog made Mommy fall, she landed on her knees and kept going she put her hand out to roll but she hurt her hand, she hit the side of her face on the sidewalk and her glasses fell off..all the while she is still holding on to the doggies leashes...
Mommy knew immediately that it was bad for her hand, it swelled up immediately, she picked herself up and went back to the doggies house, she immediately left to go home to see how bad she hurt herself...Dad said it looked like it is a sprained hand, the swelling has gone down but her hand still hurts, so Mom is thinking she needs to go to the doctor to make sure it is or isn't broken. Her knees are just scrapped, she is sore, but she will be OK...just not on the computer much because it hurts her hand to type, I would help her but my paws are not made for typing...

Mom also needed some down time after the holidays, she hasn't had any days off since before Thanksgiving,

Now for me..I will let Mom tell you!

Xena hasn't been feeling well since the weekend, she was hiding in my closet, she usually comes out when I tell her it is time to eat, she wasn't coming out. We thought maybe she got scared of Kandi because Kandi isn't always nice. Then yesterday I felt she was not herself there was something not right.

Well this morning she was worse, I had to work to get her to eat, she loves her can food so this was a sign, then she always waits for me on the couch to brush her, she loves her zoom groom. She was in her bed and didn't move I got her and put her down, she was walking with a little limp. Now I thought oh no she has hurt her leg from jumping.

So I called her Vet, they had no openings but I could take her in leave her and when her Vet had time she would check her. I was so concerned and upset that here we go again, I just can't deal with another kitty being sick so soon after Tallulah. I had to leave her and it broke my heart, I was so worried about her not knowing what is going on...I cried driving home and prayed a lot, asked my angel Tallulah to watch over her big sisfur....

Her Vet finally called, she told me it is good I brought Xena in she is running a fever of 105, but she checks out fine, no signs of anything that would cause her fever, so she said fevers indicate an infection, she is fighting the infection. She was given Sub Q fluids and injection of antibiotics.

She is home now finally, she isn't moving around too much, sleeping mostly, she did eat her can food tonight. I have to keep watch to make sure she doesn't get worse or doesn't improve I will have to take her back in...guess who isn't going to get much sleep tonight.

Her Vet said that if she isn't better in a couple days they will run test on her to make sure they are not missing anything. They will do blood work and take some urine and do x rays...I am praying so hard she will be better and not have to go back...I know my angel Tallulah is watching over her and taking care of her.

I will let you know how she is doing but please in the meantime please pray for my Xena, I won't be on as much until my hand isn't hurting like it is now...typing with one hand just doesn't work for me...until I have news, we wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Xena, Mom Peggy and family



December 21st 2010 1:53 pm
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As I am the oldest kitty in our house Mom has asked me to write in my diary today to wish all of our friends here on Catster a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

It is the season of love and friendship, of giving! all of you this past year gave my family so much love and support while our Angel Tallulah was sick and when she went to the bridge.

Some of you are still giving by helping Mom spread the word about kitty breast cancer, we thank you so much for helping us and those that are helping Mom heal.

As we all celebrate this day think of those that are sick, those that are no longer with us and say a little prayer for our furry friends and their families...our wish is for our friends to be well again and for their families to heal and be OK to not be so sad, we wish for all to be healed and be happy again. Help us remember those that are no longer with us like our Tallulah...honor those that are gone in some way!

Remember tis the season to give!!!so give a little of yourself by helping others even if just stopping by and wishing them a Merry Christmas....God bless you all, stay safe as most of the US is having bad weather, stay warm....


Xena, Mom, Tu Two, Zeke, Angel Tallulah and Kandi


Mommy got my yearly exam tesst results

September 21st 2010 9:52 pm
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MOL Mom got my test results from my yearly exam...

Well most of it is good news for a cat that is getting older...the blood work shows that all is good all of my organs are working and no problems...

Now my urine test result is different....

My urine is a little diluted but not much so Dr. Kathy said that she wants me to come back in around 6 months from now to retest. She told Mom not to panic, panic i think I will panic I have to go back in so soon...after all what cat like to go to the Vet I don't know of any.

She told Mom too that it may not mean anything because my Kidney function is great, but with me being older she wants to make sure it isn't the start of kidney problems, she wants to be on top of this...

Overall I am healthy just need to be recheck to make sure nothing changes...

Mom is praying for good news she just isn't ready to have to deal with another illness...and I am too, I said a little prayer to my sisfur Tallulah to watch over me.




September 16th 2010 4:02 pm
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First I want to say this for all of our friends....we are here to stay, no matter what is going on here....this is a wonderful place for us kitties, we will continue our catster plus Mom loves putting wonderful things on our pages and decorating them, she is still trying to learn how to do things, she is a little slow about computer stuff, but I think she has don't great...we happy to say we are moving on to this new catster and hopefully it will be a happy wonderful place again.

We are here or should I say our Mom because it is a place for her to come to and forget what is going on outside, to not be stressed but to have fun...

This past year has been a difficult year for us especially Mom she found comfort, love and support, that is the bottom line and what catster is all about...not being upset with HQ

Yeah not all like the changes or the ads, but let's face it no one does, but eventually we get used to them and move on, there will be some that just can't and that is fine, we understand them being upset and moving on...we hope one day those that have left will return because we do miss them and love them...

Mom has realized that we need all of our catster friends you know why?

cause our friends understand how she is feeling, what she is going through and have been so supportive of us....others not on catster don't understand how Mom is feeling and with your love she feels a little better, she knows she can come here and she is not alone...




Mom is still grieving for our Tallulah, but it is worth it because of the love she gave to all of us for 10 1/2 years and we her love always and she will be in our hearts forever.

Just as we love all of you, we have made wonderful friends and you all will be in our Moms heart...

Blessing to you all, lets remember those that have left, those that are sick and those that will not be with us much longer, they need us now, let' support them, be here for them and not worry about things we can not change....LIFE IS TOO SHORT....

hugs and love

Xena, Mom and family


I had my yearly check up

September 11th 2010 7:30 pm
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MOL Friday I had to go with Mom just like Zeke on Monday to visit one of her clients Cats...I was very quite, didn't want her to know I was in her I was hiding inside my soft carrier in the corner. She never knew I was there...lucky me.

I got to see Dr. Kathy like Zeke, she is so nice, but I was trying to hide my face in Mom's arms. I weigh 12lbs. 8 oz., the vampires took some of my blood and then they took some we have to wait for the results, Dr. Kathy will call Mom next week...she said I felt and looked healthy we just have to keep our fingers crossed that my blood and urine tests come back great...Zeke's came back & they are all great so he is healthy except for his respiratory infection and him having asthma

When Mom drove me home while in the car she opened my carrier a little so I could look out I was having fun watching everything go by and when Mom pulled into our garage I knew I was finally home.

Mom opened the carrier and the first thing I saw was Kandi, she was out and I ran into the family room to hide from her...I am not too sure about her, sometimes she charges at us and and Zeke don't know what to think or do when Kandi acts that way we are not fighters...

Now I am OK hanging out in my bed with the heating pad and looking out the window, waiting for when Mom will come brush me and check me for any lumps, she worries now that me or Zeke will get sick...

Well I gotta is time to take a nap so I can be up and have the run of the house once everyone goes to bed, Kandi is locked her the room and the doggies are locked in their crates..that is a fun time for me...nite my friends.

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