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One of the Daily Diary Picks today Oh My!

April 24th 2010 9:29 am
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Oh My! MOL and OMC I can't believe I have been chosen as one of the daily diary picks today...I am so surprised this is my first time being chosen for anything...I and doing the happy dance I am!

Well usually Mom is gone on Saturdays in the mornings, but today she doesn't have to leave as early so here I am checking my paw mail and getting ready to pawty at Pen Paws for their 2nd birthday and what do I see is lots of messages, I MEOW at Mom...Mom come here look look I am DDP today...can you believe it, Mom grabs me and gives me lots of hugs and kisses, tells me this calls for a ZOOM GROOM brushing and lots of extra treats none of us eat treats......

So here I am to thank all of you that have stopped by today to give me CONRATS! and gifties too....Mom still has to help me read all of my messages....we will be here on and off today Mom has a busy day and now I have a busy day too...answering my key at a time, I am not the typist Mom is.....




The Princess Warrior Wandering today

April 23rd 2010 9:39 pm
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I am the Princess Warrior and today I went out on an adventure into the back yard to see what I could find....

Well I started out looking for birdies, when the birdies heard the doggie next door they flew away...bad dog no barking I wanted to watch the birdies....

I saw the buggies that QT saw too...oh boy look Mom buggies oh and there goes a I don't want a lizard they are too fast....

On to the flowerbed, yah Mom I agree with QT you need to do some weeding...but then again if you do the weeding I will have no place to hide...

Look Mom I am hiding in the bushes, can you see me, I am suppose to be hiding and you are not suppose to see me so I can pounce on you if you get close....On come on Mom I want to play the brave warrior and capture you.....

Oh the sun feels so good and after the rain the air is so fresh and the plants are so happy to have gotten a drink they are all blooming...

OK I think I will eat a little grass before I go back in.... Mom can I come back in now...won't you please take my harness off so I can come back in....

Oh I had fun being out in the yard today with my sis fur and bro fur, we all had fun and did our own things...




Won't you Sign My Guestbook

April 21st 2010 4:32 pm
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I am sad today, Mom and I made me a guest book and we have had it for a while and no one has come by and signed it...

Well Mom figured out that maybe it was too far down on my page so she moved it up today....SO WON'T YOU ALL PLEASE SIGN MY GUEST BOOK.....I WILL BE SO HAPPY IF YOU STOP BY....THEN I CAN DO THE KITTY HAPPY DANCE AND PURR....

Mommy told me to be patient time will bring your friends to your page and they will sign your guest book...don't be sad Xena, I will help, so she got to work, then she gave me a good brushing with my ZOOM GROOM now I am happy, but still waiting for friends to come by.

Hope you all have a great day!!!!

Hugs and love

Xena the princess worrior


OH! my Zoom Groom

April 12th 2010 2:44 pm
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My ZOOM GROOM is the best, Tully my sweetheart you were right I love my ZOOM GROOM, it feels soooo goood I even ask Mom to groom me feels like heaven having it go down the length of my body it makes me purr and purr, then I rub my chin on it giving my Mom loves & meows while she gives me the groom of the day...

I have my own spot I go to and no one gets there while Mom ZOOM GROOMS me...heaven I say is my ZOOM even gets a lot of hair off of me, that makes Mom happy and my ZOOM GROOM makes me happy....




Kandi got out and we got into a fight

February 23rd 2010 9:49 pm
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You would not believe this but Kandi jumped over a fence Mom put in front of the bedroom door and out she came to explore. But she saw me and we got into a fight.

Mom was in another room and didn't realize Kandi was out, but I saw her and we got into it. Mom heard a strange noise and she came running out into the front part of the I am minding my own business and this strange cat comes out of no where and she picks a fight with me, mind you I don't know how to fight, I have never been in a fight. Kandi is mean and now Mom knows she can't let her out and may never be able to let her out. Mom doesn't want us to get hurt or herself get hurt...this just may not work out and Mom is sad that Kandi just doesn't feel safe and happy to be here...

Mom had to chase down Kandi as she ran when Mom tried to get her with a towel, there is no way Mom is going to pick Kandi up without a towel to protect herself from scratches. She gets Kandi to run back into the room closes the door and checks on me first...

I am OK just scared I didn't understand what happened, I know I don't like this fight thing, I am a big scaredy cat and I always hide when I feel threatened or I hear noises...
Mom made sure I was OK, no cuts or punctures...thank goodness Mom says....

Then she goes into the room where Kandi is and she immediately hisses at Mom and growls at her, I can here from my bunk bed, I get scared again but I am hiding...

Kandi is OK too, Mom says we both are OK, just a little frightened.

Mom just doesn't know what to do, I guess Kandi will have to live her life in that room and if it gets bad she may have to figure out something different, it may not work out...Mom can't risk one of getting hurt...Mom is keeping her fingers crossed that things will get better...

I am a lover not a fighter....



We have my Grandma's Kitty living with us

February 16th 2010 5:06 pm
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Since I am the oldest furkid in our family I would like to announce to all of our friends here on Catster that we have a new sisfur in our house.

Her name is KANDI and she is our Grandma's kitty, you see her Mom wasn't doing well living alone anymore, she had to have emergency surgery, went into a Skilled Nursing home what ever that is and now she is living in a board and care home near us....none of us know what all of this means, we just know there is a strange cat living in our house actually in my room.

KANDI came to live with us because our Mom promised her Mom a long time ago that KANDI would always have a home with us...None of Mom's sisters wanted her cause she isn't always nice, she likes to hiss and swat at us and even humans.

I should be mad but Mom tells me this is for the best that KANDI stays in my room, yes I was pushed out of my room bunk bed and all, even my warm bed with my very own heating pad and my spot at the is hard on me, but this is harder on KANDI.

I am out in the front room yes I have my bunk bed, heating pad bed and I have a wonderful window with a seat to look out day and night. I am dealing with this move and we are getting used to KANDI being here.

KANDI is doing well considering what she has been through, she has never known any other home and it has been only her and her Mom. Now she is in a new home with all of us. What she must be thinking and how she must be feeling.

We are all praying that KANDI will be happy here, learn to love us and be part of our family, but for now she has to stay in my room.

Catster has helped my family in so many ways the biggest is helping Tallulah and Mom when QT was going through cancer, her surgery and Mom's have helped our Mom, so we are hoping you will help our newest member of our family KANDI GIRL...

Xena and family


Hiss Hiss not happy!!!

January 24th 2010 9:01 pm
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Hiss Hiss I am not happy!!!!

You see my Mom took out my cat bunk bed and my soft round bed with my heating pad out of my room (known as Xena's room) yesterday, then she put another cats things in there...the nerve of my Mom what is she thinking.

I just don't know what to do my room is my haven from everyone, I love to be left alone a lot of the time and I love to sleep on my soft round warm heating pad bed and look out the window...what is a girl to do!!!I am wandering around the front part of the house trying to figure out why my Mom took my room away, what did I do to make Mom take my room away....

Today Mom put my soft round warm heated bed on our front window seat so I could lay in my bed, be warm and look out the front window, I didn't want to do it, I ran and asked Mom to let me in her closet, you see sometimes I like to hide in there and sleep where no one can find there I stayed all day til dinner time.

I am finally out and after I ate, Mom picked me up, gave me lots of kisses and hugs, MOL she put me in my soft round heated bed gave me loves, scratches and told me I wasn't being punished and I just have to be patient, I will get my room back oh yea right, I ask when...she doesn't know.

There are strange smells in here and I hear a cat meowing that I have never heard before and Mom goes in there and shuts the door, she won't let me in what is a girl to do and what do I have to do to get my room back!!!!I must think about this but not today!!!!

The cat that has taken over my room is my Mommy's Mom's cat...her Mom had to go into a skilled nursing home on Friday so the cats Mom can't have her anymore. Mom has her here to love and give her a new home....she has never been around other kitties or doggies either, this ought to be very interesting...what is a girl to do...her name is Kandi she is persian Mom says I don't know what that means, but I don't care as long as she gets out of my room after all the room is called Xena's room. How dare this cat come into my room named after me....what is a girl to do...

Mom tells me I have to help make Kandi feel like she is loved and belongs here, this isn't after all her fault she doesn't understand what is going on and why she is here in a strange place....Well I guess a girl named Xena that's me has to be patient and be nice after all I have a new cat sisfur named Kandi and she is here to stay cause her Mom can't care for her anymore....the saga of what is a girl to do will continue until I get my room back....hiss hiss I am not happy...



My Sunday brushing and loves

January 10th 2010 4:15 pm
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OH MOL & MOL Mom came in my room this morning with the dreaded furminater to brush me!

Run run as fast as you can I say to myself, but Mom caught me on the I have to endure the dreaded brushing with that contraption she uses on me...I have been leaving clumps of fur on the bed and floor so Mom knew it was time this morning to sit with me and give me a good brushing & lot of love and cuddles.

I meow the whole time and try to get out of that contraptions way and you should see how much hair Mom pulled out of me. Meow meow meowing all the she takes a comb to me much better but the damage is done I still meow meow....Mom gives me the old plastic brush so I can settle down and rub rub and rub my chin oh it feels so good I am purring purring purring happy day! Mom has finally finished.
I am purring, purring and purring rolling on the bed...don't tell Mom but I do feel better and I am so pretty with all of my fur brushed.

OH MOL MOL MLWO I am beautifur again

Here comes my reward for being a good girl...oh my catnip!!!!CATNIP CATNIP I am loaded and having a good time on the bed sticking my face in my Christmas catnip I got from my secret santa paws Rosie, Thanks Rosie it is so good....Mom put some of our toys in the catnip now Zeke is on the bed having a good time rolling around in the catnip too we both are having a good ol time in the catnip...

Happy Sunday morning and lots love



Deck the Hawls

December 1st 2009 8:23 pm
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Deck the hawls with tails of Mousies!
Tra Lala la la lala lala
Tis the seesun to eat pouncies
Tra lala la la lala lala....


Today is my Birthday

November 28th 2009 2:42 pm
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I am 12 now, I say were did the time go, I remember the day I saw my Mom come back in to get me and take me seems just like yesterday....I am a lot older now, here on catster I am an olde furt!!!Old Furt well I am not sure about that I still feel like I am a younster!

It has been a nice quite day today, Mom was gone this morning so no celebrating til later....I know Mom will let me eat something special tonight hope it is tuna....she has a gift for me, but told me I will get it later when we are celebrating tonight....Mom says I will have to wear a birthday hat so she can take my picture, oh I am not so sure about that we will just have o wait and see....

I sure hope I get a new toy with catnip I just love catnip don't you! Mom has a bag of catnip that I love to stick my head in and sniff then I get absolutely crazy....I can smell catnip a mile away and come running....

Mom says she will help me write in my dairy tomorrow about my celebration tonight....

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