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Princess Xena's Diary

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Princess Warrior Condo

May 23rd 2012 5:20 pm
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I want to share with you my new condo, the Princess Warrior condo! they are so fun and each of us have one, mine of course is the best cause I am the oldest. Zeke has his, I think his should be the orangie boy condo hee hee!!1 Tu Two's is the princess condo with butterflies cause she is helping Tallulah be the watcher of the earth butterflies....

Mom got these for us and we are having so much fun in them...we climb up and down, we sleep and eat in them...and we even play peek a boo.

This warrior will only let others in if they ask nicely and they bow to this Princess Warrior...heehee...

Sure hope Mom gets us more so we can climb up high and go in and out, up and down...this is fun....weeeee....

Welcome to my condo, the Princess Warrior Condo come on in my friends and check it out!



May 9th 2012 3:57 pm
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We know that all of us love our Moms and we honor them on Mother's day, I will be giving my Mom lots of kisses and purrs...cause she will be brushing me, loving me and feeding me, even if it is her day cause that is what Mother's do...

Thank you all of my friends for my gifts, my picture from Big Harry!

Now the best part is me and my family want to wish all of our friends Momcats....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

Xena Mom's sweet princess warrior


Mother's Day

May 8th 2012 3:31 pm
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Mommy, I Love You

Mommy, I know you love me
By the way you show you care.
You hug me and talk to me softly;
When I need you, you’re always there.
Mommy, I’ll love you always
From my heart, I want to say
I’m so glad you are my mommy;
Happy Mother’s Day!

wishing all of our friends Moms a wonderpurr, funtastic MOTHER'S DAY!

Xena Mom's sweet girl and princess warrior


For us Cat Lovers!

May 3rd 2012 2:40 pm
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Such devotion should come as not surprise. Human beings are fascinated and beguiled by the mysterious aloofness of cats; their swift prowess as hunters; their sensuous, sculpted bodies; their elegant, acrobatic grace and agility; their kittenish curiosity and mischief: and their regal dignity. Our lives with cats are not only ennobled, they are made longer; studies show that owning a cat alleviates loneliness, anxiety, and depression: reduces stress, high blood pressure, and heart disease: and adds six months to the average person's life....

For us Cat Lovers (ailurophiles, if you prefer a fancy word for that tribe), magical, mystical cats are a blessing to life. They.....

Warm our laps and our hearts

Give us someone to talk to and to spoil

Create a bond with other cat people

Turn common household objects into cat toys

Donate their services as alarm clocks

Are living adornments of our homes

Keep mice on the run

Remind us that there are still wild things in our world

Remind us that life is mysterious

Inspire poets, writers, moviemakers, creators of musical theater, artists, and cartoonists

And hold the purr strings to our hearts

So we can write in our diaries in praise of our kitties and friends....

My Mom says that all of this is true, we warm her lap and heart, we are mysterious to say the least, we can be wild and we do hold the purr strings in her heart....

My Mom loves us and we love her!!!



Me DDP today!!!Thank you

May 2nd 2012 1:20 pm
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Double shocked we were today to find not only me being DDP but Tu Two honored today right with me. Guess Mom and us doing our diaries about cats and Mom and Dads too are cat lovers. We are so happy we made our friends laugh because yes we do know that we all do a lots of those things and our parents are CRAZY!!!CAT CRAZY for sure.

Thank you HQ this is just to let you know
How special your honor made me feel.
I am truly delighted and overwhelmed I was chosen once again;
Your gift to me has brightened my day and we sure hope we brighten our friends day...

Thank you for your comments, gifts and my beautiful picture from Big Harry

purrs and hugs to all of you my wonderpurr loving friends


Day 2 of We Are Cat Lovers

May 1st 2012 9:58 am
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Here we go more reasons why our Moms are cat lovers!

You keep a mental list of people you would like to spay or neuter. You like people who like your cat and despise people who don't.
You sleep in the same position all night because if annoys your cat when you move.
You pet off making the bed until the kitty wakes up.
You absentmindedly pat people on the head or scratch them behind their ears.
You cringe at the rising price of food in the grocery store but think nothing of the cost of cat food or treats.
You carry cat treats in your pocket or purse at all times.
You have more than for opened but rejected cans of cat food in the refrigerator.
You watch bad TV because your cat is sleeping on the remote.
You spend more time shopping at the pet store than you do at the clothes store.
In your photo album, there is scarcely a picture of anybody with tow legs.
Your cat is the start of your web site.
Garfield is your favorite comic strip and Tom & Jerry your favorite movie short subject.
Your cat's name is featured on your license plate or license-plate holder.
You love bring home cats bags. You never completely finish a piece of chicken or fish so your cat gets a taste, too.
You leave the sock drawer open so your cat can sleep in it.
You stand at an open door indefinitely in the freezing rain while your cat sniffs the door, deciding whether to go out or come in.
The first question you ask when on a date is:"So, do you like cats?"
Every chance you get, you lecture people on responsible cat ownership.
You type using no capital letters because there's a cat on you arm preventing you from using the shift key.
You believe that every life should have nine cats.
When you leave home, you pat your spouse on the head and kiss you cat goodbye.
If you're an author, you dedicate your books to you cats.


Well this is the end of our list....hope you all enjoyed and got a good laugh...we know all of you can relate to some, most or all of these reasons our Moms are Cat Lovers.



Cat Lovers!

April 30th 2012 2:57 pm
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Mom is a cat lover, is your Mom!!!!

Cat lovers have a special attraction to those purring lapfuls of fur who sometimes deign to cohabit with them. Cat people are a special breed not recognized by the Cat Fanncier' association. You know you're a cat lover if....
You can't go more than a half hour without craving to pat a furry head.
There is no sweeter sound to your ears than a feline purring.
All of your clothes have cat hair on them,even when they come pback for the laundromat or dry cleaner. Cat hair is everywhere-on your rug, your bedspread, your packing tap, and in your sinks. When you find a cat hair in your food, you remove it and blithely go on eating.
Lint rollers are on your shopping list every week.
Your floors are littered with cat toys
You have no small children at home, but you refer to yourself as Mommy or Daddy.
Your parents refer to your pets as their grandcat
You often talk in a goofy high voice
The rolls of toilet paper in your bathrooms are partially shredded
Your vet's receptionist recognizes your voice, that's because when you and your cat get sick, you take the cat to the vet's but settle for an over the-counter remedy for you
The instructions to the cat kennel or pet sitter are longer than the instructions to the house sitter
you get birthday cards for you cat from family, friends, and the vet. When you send them cards, you sign for your cat

Tomorrow there will be more reasons we are all cat lovers!

I know my Mom is a cat lover because the above list refers to my Mom that is for sure....



Missed my DDP yesterday thanks to Mom

April 29th 2012 7:39 pm
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Good evening my friends...I am mad at Mom and sad because we missed me being DDP yesterday...I was home yesterday waiting for Moms return watching out the bay window but no Mom till the afternoon, by then I was ready to take my long afternoon nap.

You see Mom was at the Zoo, she goes every month for a Sunrise Stroll except for July & August....she started going to these 7 years ago, she has to pay for this, but the neat thing is she goes into the zoo with an educator and about 30 other people @ 7:30 before the zoo opens, they walk around go behind the scenes to see all kinds of animals up close, she learns about them and so much more. She always comes home and tells us all about the lions, tigers & bears oh my and so many more.Mom says that is the best time to be in the zoo it is quite, you see all the animals just coming out, waking up...

Well yesterday just happened to be her April months day to go and she was so excited when she got home to tell us about the Amur Leopard.The Amur leopard is considered to be one of the most critically endangered big cats in the world, with just 35 remaining in the wild, all in the Russia’s Far East.

Those 3 cubs 2 boys and a girl ran around, chased each other, played in water....Mom got some great pictures of them and we want to share them with our friends....we know you all will go gaga over them...cause we are...just think those big kitties are just like us, we play with each other too...but I must admit I don't like to play in water. They roar, but don't purr...we purr and meow...Oh my I think they are pretty to look at, but I don't think I want to play with them...

Now that Mom had a good reason to not get on Catster yesterday I am still sad that I didn't get to be here and thank all of you before today.
Thank you HQ for choosing me yesterday even if I missed it, I am honored beyond belief...thank you friends for all of the gifts and comments...friends are what makes all of this so special so I thank you my friends....I love you all

Miss Xena the warrior princess


Test Results

April 26th 2012 5:54 pm
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Xena here as you all know I had to go in to the Vet to have blood work and gave urine to make sure there is no bacteria in it..

Dr. Kathy called Mom today with all of my results. My urine is good no signs of bacteria like the last time, but still diluted which is to be expected with me having CRF...

Now for the blood work results most of it is good...

My numbers for the kidneys is:

Bun was 40 now 41

Creactinine was 3.3 now 3.7

The creactinine is the one that Dr. Kathy is a little concerned about.

Talking with Mom she told Mom to increase the fluids to 150mil...with talking to Mom she asked Dr. Kathy were is the line for that amount...will to let you know Mom was giving my only 50mil she was following the Vet Techs instructions and it wasn't I will be getting 100mil now and see how I do in 4 months until Mom thinks I need to go in sooner...Mom feels bad that she was giving me the wrong amount, but she knows what the Vet Tech told her...well it is corrected now and this kitty just has to sit on the counter longer and get more fluids...

We are hoping with me getting the right amount of fluids 3 times a week my numbers will go down instead of up.

I think this calls for even more cam food after the fluids...I will insist..

But all in all I am doing good, eating good, drinking lots of water and when the weather is good Mom lets me outside in the morning on my leash for a short time...and of course I do sleep a lot but after all I am 14.

Thank you my friends for all of your comments on my diary and for all of your purrs...

Mom is calling me to come eat my dinner so I better go...



My Vet Visit Today!

April 20th 2012 4:49 pm
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Well I must say it was a day to remember! I got pushed into my carrier and I must say I protected for sure...this warrior did not want to go I knew what it meant....THE VAMPIRE LADY!!!!

I must say a certain sisfur who thinks she is a princess was not good in the will have to read her dairy to see what she did....I have never seen any of us act they way she did....I am not sure she should be called a princess anymore...maybe bad princess!!!!

We finally arrived at the Vet office and was soon on our way to our room...once Tu Two was out of the way Dr. Kathy weighed me I actually gained a little weight...hooray!!!!

I am doing good everything is fine, the VAMPIRE LADY took my blood and they also took a urine sample....MOL that was not fun having someone push on you to make you pee where you don't want to.

Dr. Kathy talked to Mom about my echo cardiogram and said I was actually doing good but I do have to go back in for a check up with the specialist in February....So we will have to wait til next week for the results. Hopefully I am doing good. So for right now there are no changes in me and no changes for my fluids, but it could change after Dr. Kathy calls Momcat next week.

I was the good kitty, didn't really want to be there, but I was good, I couldn't wait to get back into my carrier so I could hide and hope they didn't see me.

Then came the bill, Momcats heart skipped a beat she was not expecting it to be almost $500 for the 2 of us....Momcat has to keep working stay to pay for our Vet bills...but Momcat said it is worth it to have a good Vet and she really likes Dr. Kathy.

Now it is time for us to head home and I must say the ride home was so much better and some princess cat was quite, but we were both so happy to be home again and we got to be left alone to take a well deserved nap in the windows enjoying the warm sun.

Thanks for all of your purrs and well wishes we will let you know how I am doing once we get the results. Have a nice weekend!!!

OH yeah don't forget to read Tu Two's Diary!

hugs and love

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