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Little Brothers

October 15th 2012 2:10 pm
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Okay now I have to tell you I was not prepared for Mom to bring in this little orange furball and tell me Xena you have a new little brofur. What! What did you say! I just got Tu Two to where she is grown to a young kitty and now I have another kitten running around like a crazy orange boy, he is wild & crazy. I am not sure I like him, the verdict is still out on this one.

He is cute and funny, he keeps us entertained I must say, but I don't like him when he jumps on or at me. Mom says he just wants to play, I must say he gets into trouble when he does that; but please doesn't he know I am the #1 cat in this house, I am getting too old to play with a wild crazy orange kitten.

I will have to think about this new kitten in our house, this Kody the purring machine that runs all over the house.

So now I have 2 in my house that chase after me, stalk me and drive me crazy. What is this #1 cat of my house to do, I think the verdict is still out on my new brofur...Mom I love my brofur Zeke and only brofur, till Kody came into my domain. The only good thing I can say is Kody & Tu Two do play with one another they leave me alone most of the time.

I will have to think about all of this... I will take a nap and decide later.



We are still here Mom has been super tired so taking a break

September 28th 2012 7:26 pm
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Hello to all of our friends,

We just stopped by to let you all know we are still here, Mom has been super tired lately from all the driving and taking care of her clients pets, dealing with her Mom that has dementia that she is has been taking a break from even turning on the computer.

This week has been especially tiring for her, she has been out of the house before 6 to take care of 2 clients ones, one that has to have her insulin 2 times a day. Mom has to leave early because we live by 2 schools and if Mom doesn't get back to our house by 6:45 she will be in school traffic...she hates that!

Then she comes home takes care of all of us, then out again to walk 2 clients dogs, back home for a while...this is when she sits down and falls asleep....then out again before work traffic begins so she can return home to get our dinner ready...

So she has no energy to get on the computer, tonight she decided to check her mail and then get off...we will be back maybe this weekend....she has been having fun with Kody he is doing well...

Well I gotta go Mom says time to get off now...We miss our friends, we send love to you all and know we are purring & praying for all in need.

Xena, Mom and family


Pirate flag gift we thank you

September 19th 2012 5:08 pm
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Thank you to all of our friends that sent us our great pirate day flags and wishing us well...
We all have gotten so many Mom and us can't begin to thank you all...we decided not to send any out because there are so many that have....besides today is Tu Two's Gotcha day and we are celebrating the day she adopted is a special day here at our house...

But I do have to ask one question...does that mean Tu Two is a pirate? Well I don't think she is...


Xena, Tu Two and Zeke


I am hiding, Mom finally knows why

September 17th 2012 8:01 pm
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I have to tell you all that I have been hiding on the dining room chair for a while now. I haven't told Mom why, but she finally figured out why...TU TWO!!!!yes the BIG BEAST, she is stalking me every time I walk around. I have had enough so I hide under the table on the chair.

Mom finally caught THE BEAST TU TWO run after me and jump on me. I think she thinks I am her pray or her toy...TU TWO YOU BEAST don't you know I am the oldest cat and you don't bother me. Now I have done the smacky paw but she isn't getting the message....any suggestions friends.....

Mom is worried because I don't get up, I need to be drinking water, going to the ladies box.....when Mom is home she makes sure THE BEAST TU TWO doesn't chase me or bother me, but I am always on the look out for her. The stress isn't good for me, Mom worries I can't have that!

First it was Kandi the meanie when she came here, Mom tired to have a temporary screen up in front of the room, I refused to go to the ladies this...

What can I do, I just want to be left alone, I am too old to be messing with this BEAST TU I know she is part of our family & yes I do love her, but really do I have to put up with her chasing me every time I want to walk around, drink water, eat, use the ladies box...Now Mom has to watch all the time.

When Mom leaves to do her pet sits and dog walks we all go to sleep, so she doesn't bother me, but how do I know if she will come out of no where and ponce on way am I taking that chance....Mom worries about the night time I am up at night and so is TU TWO...THE BEAST...

What is this elder girl to do...I think I need to request Tallulah to come to earth and give this girl a talking to....

Well back to my hiding place!!!!talk later



My Blood Work Results

August 29th 2012 2:52 pm
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As Mom and I are sitting here relaxing and trying to stay cool my Vet Dr. Kathy called with my results from the blood they had the nerve to take from me yesterday.

Hooray my numbers went down which is what we want.....

BUN number
4 Months ago today 8/29
41 to 38


3.7 to 3.0

Both Mom and Dr. Kathy are very happy with the results, so I will continue getting my 100ml 3 times a week. I will go back in for another visit in December so they can steal more blood from me.

Dr. Kathy asked how I was doing and of course Mom told her I am doing really good, eating all the time and enjoying life. Mom also asked about me getting Cosequin again Dr. Kathy said yes, so now I will be getting more no nooooo....can't I just have my can food without meds, in them...What a cat must endure...I also get RX Vitamins for Pet Amino B + K along with my regular Vitamins and Digestive enzymes...

I was not happy to have to go to the Vet yesterday and I let Mom know as I cried while she was driving and when we got inside the Vet front office I was growling....

It didn't take long at all, once Mom paid the bill, ordered more RX Vitamins for me we were on our way home, Mom gave me can food when we got back into the house, oh yummy always ready for can food...she told me I was a good girl even though I meooooowwed in the car and growled in the vet tech said I was good too...but of course!

The rest of the day I just hung out and slept! until dinner time and then I had to get my fluids.

One happy kitty and Mom!!!!




August 21st 2012 2:34 pm
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Well I have been tagged by Tully my sweetheart and my good family freind Anna, Mom wasn't going to do this you see this is a sad and hard week for Mom with Tallulah's bridge day on the 23rd....but she decided to let us have fun!
So here are my answers!

"Who are you really?"

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.
I don't think it is funny but when we were kittens my human sisfurs liked to put bows on our heads and tails to see us run around and get them off.

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?
Under Mom’s bed in the middle, no one finds me there cause they have drawers under their bed.

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?
A fearless kitty warrior…which I might tell you I was until I got bigger

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.
Sleeping and sitting outside in the mornings watching the birdies & butterflies

5) Whats your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?
well this is kinda private but here goes. Whenever I hear someone coming near or in the potty room I jump out and I drop poopies on the floor, the side of the box or washer/dryer...

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Someplace where it is cooler and greener

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?
Getting to eat tuna

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.
I don’t have a favorite

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guests....what is your dread?
With being the oldest Mom always tells me to take care of the house and my furblings while she is gone, I don’t get it why me…I just want to sleep

10) I’m not so sure if Zach and Zoe are going to have coed ships this year or not, but in any case, which ship would you want to be on: Zach’s, or Zoe’s?
Since I am a girl I will be on Zoe’s us girls have to stick together, sorry guys!!!!


Not Happy with Mom

August 15th 2012 4:17 pm
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I must tell you all that I am not happy with Mom right now. You see she is opening up the door where the mean cat lives, lets see her name is Kandi. I am afraid of her and because Mom has been opening the door, putting a funny looking temporary screen at the door I can see and hear that cat. She is near the laundry room where we have our potty boxes...I hate to go down that hall and see her so I am staying in the dining room on a chair all day.

I am not sleeping during the day in my favorite bunk bed and I don't go in that part of the house. Mom finally realized it has to be because she is letting Kandi see us and keeping her from being in the stuffy room. Mom says poor Kandi, I say poor me.

I am not happy and now Mom has to figure out that she can't have that door open and have Kandi watching every move I make...I am a nice sweet kitty and I don't fight, never ever have been in a fight....but boy Kandi sure can, she has fought with Zeke once the fur was flying and I was hiding and she fights with our doggie Mia...they hate each other...and that is another story.

Today Mom tried to get me out there to get brushed I only stayed for a very short time and right back into the dining room. Mom let me outside this morning and again when she returned home hoping it would make me feel better. Then I hear the door bell ring and I am trying to find a place to hide outside by the door...didn't work. Once that person was gone Mom brought me in and I walked real slow checking the house out to make sure no one is there. MOL finally no one there and no open door to see Kandi.

Mom doesn't want me to be stressed she is always worried about me with my heart murmur and CRF...I need a quite stress free life...

Mom get a clue no Kandi keep tha door shut!!!!!!!from your oldest kitty to you....

hugs from me



July 14th 2012 4:54 pm
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I must admit I was surprised to see that I am one of the DDP's today, not expecting it at all...

Thank you HQ for choosing me today and surprising me and I even got a notice SURPRISE!!!! that was great!!!!! and thank you to all of my sweet and special friends for all of my gifts and comments...and mostly for helping me celebrate and being me and my families friends.



A Message from a Doggie Friend to help get Dogster/Catster- back!!!

July 8th 2012 7:21 pm
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This is from a doggie friend in our group Pen Paws, her name is Minister Misty...we thought we would share with our friends, the fight is on to get dogster/catster back and we all need to help....please read!!!!

as we all know,dogster and catster has fallen silent.
groups are either dead or dying.
founders are struggling to keep their groups alive,but it's so hard.
now i'm gonna fight this...
i want our beloved site's back and i want the spirit back we one had.

first thing i did is start a facebook group called fight for our site's,where facebook site members can talk with me and eichother about the site,the how and why they think it's fallen silent and what we can do as a team to get it back on dogster and catster.
and to get to those that left us to go to facebook and to reason with them to come home.
or at least just play here and there,because i do that and it's not hard at all.

Hugs to you all that are still here!!!!we love you all

Xena and family

i'm also posting about our cause in the dogster and catster flus forum(in the friendly thread)
i would really apreciate it if you would sniff those out and post there.

also we as a group have came up with our first idea.


this means that you enter your groupmail at least once a day(more would be great)
than see what members of the groups your in have posted and than repond to their mesagge.
i see that this is the first paw to make a group feel welcome and open again.
it's a fact if members don't respond to a groupmessage,other members don't want to post in a group no more.
because they will think "what is the point,if no fur responds"
and they are right.
and than...
wham a dead silent group.
it's shame.

i'm doing it in my own group and i see members i havent seen in two years and i see new members post also.
so it is a succes,if we are doing it together!

so who will join this experiment?
are you a dogster and catster true to the soul?

also BITU from C&D cruiselines,who is the creator of C&D newsletter is making an article about our cause.
and from what i heard the group Shih Tzus and Friends United~ » will also make an article in their newspaper thread called THE RAG.
so i hope to get some more furs attention.
thank you bitu and Shih Tzus and Friends United~.

i also made a forum thread in the catster friendly forum,well my brofur baba did.

i also am thinking about a dogster/catster group that is dedicated to how to run your group.
with tips,idea's and other knowledge about how to start a group and make it booming.
but that in the making.
because i need administrators that are either groupfounder of active groups,or administrators that work along in an active group.
are you one of them,please pawmail me.

i hope furs will pawmail me with idea's and get this out to the public,because i can't do this alone.
dogster and catster is a community,so we need eichother to change things.
are you willing to help me.

big wuv,you friend...minister misty!


We heard from HQ

July 5th 2012 12:38 pm
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Well my friends, I must admit that me and Mom have been emailing HQ about the problems we are all having with not getting notifications on comments know what I am saying right!!!well we have gotten several responses saying they are passing it on! Well that really isn't what me and Mom wanted to hear.

But today we got an email and this is what is said

Thanks for your continued patience.

The notification problem has been a very stubborn flea. I've been with the team since 2004 and I can't remember one that has been this hard for the Techno Cats to fix. Very frustrating for everyone. :-(

We just wanted to share their response and we sure hope the techno cats fix it soon.....and I guess we all just need to be patient...I think I will just go take a nap now...

Fleas Fleas go away and don't come back!!!!we have had enough of you messing with out Catster.....


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