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Princess Xena's Diary

News from the Cat Show

January 26th 2014 3:38 pm
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Hi everyone

We have to tell you about Moms day yesterday. She went to the Cat Fanciers Cat Show yesterday. She was walking around looking for new toys for us after we move to Arizona.

Well she came open a lady that writes books on cat behavior etc. and was signing them, you guessed it Mom bought 2 of her it goes Mom was talking to her, she rescued at kitty that had been mistreated, she is now all better, she is a therapy cat and helps with teaching pet first aid.

Her Moms name is Arden Moore, she is a animal behavior consultant, lecturer, and of course author.

Mom enjoyed her talk with her and they were talking about how people can be so mean to animals and hurt them. Then Mom told her what was happening to Catster and Dogster..she told Mom that she was featured on catster so she knows about the site she thought it's horrible what Say Media is doing, she is going to check into what is going on, see what she can do and possibly contact others. Not sure what she will do, but she gets around, talks to a lot of people, She even has her own radio show, goes on Pet Life Radio to talk, goes on talk shows as well.

She is an animal lover so Mom is hopeful that this lady will be able to help.

Here is the life radio web site she talks on, her web site and another if you would like to check it out.


If you would like to contact her:

CONTACT Arden Moore and Four Legged Life®

Snail mail:
Four Legged Life
PO Box 2727
Oceanside, CA 92051
Phone: 760-433-3480
Tune in to Arden’s Oh Behave show on Pet Life Radio
Sign up for the Arden Moore Knows Pets e-newsletter – it’s free and fun!
Catch Arden on:
Like to party…like a pup? Visit Arden’s National Dog Party Day™ website.
Arden’s Books on Amazon

She has a lot of contacts that may be willing to help us...We just hope she can help in some way. She can't believe that this company is taking our catster away from us...Let's hope something good can come from Mom meeting Arden Moore...

We have our paws crossed!!!

We got new toys and some really really good catnip, we all went crazy over this nip....

Mom had a nice time at the cat show, had time to not think about all that is going on...besides see so many wonderpurr kitties all in the same place..

Well time to go, we all love you and just hope we all can find a way to save our beloved catster.


Purred by: Arya (Catster Member)

January 26th 2014 at 4:39 pm

Keeping our paws crossed!
Purred by: Mugsy (Catster Member)

January 26th 2014 at 6:39 pm

Wow, you know mommy believes that everything happens fur a reason, and maybe this was no coincidence! I think the powers that be are on our side. Paws crossed!
Purred by: Calísta (Catster Member)

January 26th 2014 at 7:24 pm

Paws crossed here too! Glad your momma had fun at the show!
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

January 26th 2014 at 7:26 pm

Glad your momma had fun at the show!
Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

January 26th 2014 at 10:52 pm

WOW! That was a great meeting to have.
Concats on your DDP, too!

Purred by: KIBBLES (Catster Member)

January 27th 2014 at 7:47 am

Sound like your mom had a great time.
Purred by: ♥Friday DB #170♥ (Catster Member)

January 27th 2014 at 9:14 am

*Friday is reading and reading and den ~ eyes get really beeg*

OH MAI CATTTTT!!! Dis is soo wonnerfur!! *jumping up and down* We believe too that everyfing happens fur a reason!!

OMC!! is alla I can say, and we believe too~keeping paws crossed and praying up a storm

So Glad your Meomw got away and had a nice time :)
Purred by: Mac (Catster Member)

January 27th 2014 at 1:06 pm

We have our paws crossed too. Concats on your DDP yesterday.
Purred by: Paisan =^..^= Angel (Catster Member)

January 27th 2014 at 2:52 pm

Very interesting!
Purred by: Humphrey Lee Haunted (Catster Member)

January 27th 2014 at 8:02 pm

Gosh, that ish sho catastic yew Mom had a nice day and that yew and yer furblings gots some new toys too - wonderpurr news! That lady she met sounds furry ineresting and nice, and we does wish so furry much that somepawdy in the news media would coFUR thsh shtory and expose Slay Media fur the terrible peoples they truly ish. I hopes yer Meowmy gots the pdf files my Meowmy mades of both Mia and Milo's pages - we sended it to her a couple of days ago but we knows how busy she hash been - we just wanted to let yew know we sent it so they ish all saved. Yay!


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